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Multiple Settings Hunter Women

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Dragoness of the Heavens
So I have a couple characters in my head that want to come out and play lol. I see them in a setting like the Supernatural tv show. We can literally stick them in there, that'd be great and I'd love it, or it can just be a similar world. Preferably I'd like to do both of them in the same story. They don't have to start at the same time. I've got a lot of little scenarios for each of them in my head but no big story plot yet. Let me know your ideas. Send me a DM. Below are the basics of the characters and backstory may be tweaked if we change settings. There's a lot more to them of course but that's what the story is for. You can find a bit more about me and my preferences on my profile.

Ashlyn Macleod: A "retired" K-9 officer. Ashlyn had her first encounter with the supernatural when a pack of werewolves went rampaging through her town. She helped some hunters track them down and take them out. Realizing she could help people even more by protecting them from things like those werewolves, she and her canine partner McLane retired to become hunters. They excel at hunting things that need to be tracked down or chased.

Leta Schwartz: She has the ability to become one with, move through, and somewhat manipulate shadows. As a baby she was taken in and raised by an order of assassins. They're a good group of people and she loves them, but she wanted to do things more on her own terms so she struck out on her own. She takes on contracts to take out bad people, both human and non-human.

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