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  1. I want cuff on the ear too :p
  2. Omg, did that ship actually sail? @SirGrey @Delacare *.* He stole his first kiss! This is getting weird...
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  3. Haha! That's why the ship started in the first place~
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  4. And yes, yes it is....
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  5. @SirGrey I cannot believe you actually did that. Devdan is such a... a... I have no wurds. Daredevil? *eyebrow wiggle
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  6. (in finnish "cuff on the ear" = korvapuusti = cinnamon roll)
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  7. Little question @SirGrey Was Devdan/Abraxas conversation inside Devdan's head or out loud?

    (answer would concern you @Delacare)
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  9. If i get pointed out that there's mistake in my texts, i would edit it, not only like pointing text. And then there's some who has time like all but forget writing... I hate being stuck in rp because other doesn't answer.
  10. @FrostFire @Geozaki
    When you think that is time to get Fayette home i like to reminder that there's still shopping to do. It's either Sophie or Mei who goes shopping when other helps Fay to safe house.
    Of course one choice is that shopping goes to next day.
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  11. @n.y.c.t.o.
    So if there is conversation, after first posting in it is there need to put more timestamps? and how accurately it should be?
  12. Use your common sense and judgment. As long as there is a timestamp that is reasonably spaced, it's fine. Just remember: no hopping back in time (unless there is good reason to do so), and think about how much time it would take to complete an action in the real world. I would use specific times like 6:32 pm or 10:15 am, for example. That's all! ;)
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  13. Welp time to wait first time stamp post, nobody has wrote on main RP (fast group) yesterday (last post is from Tuesday 8pm and it's Thursday 1am now)
  14. /\ it's not like i am salty (sarcastic)
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  15. *pets*
  16. *purrs*
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  17. Well, some of us have been really busy... :-_-lines:
    @Geozaki is currently really busy with coursework, but she's trying.
    And I try to get at least one reply out every day...
    On that note, I'm going to be a bit inactive this weekend, and next week, I have a lot of travelling to do. But I should still be able to get replies out! ^_^
  18. Alright. Give me half an hour or so.
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  19. Hello. I have been told that you all need a hunter. I will provide this and will finish my character tomorrow. I'm looking forward to meeting all of you in Duermio.
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  20. hai hai! please be gentle :D
  21. To think in CS we have 2 hunters, but in RP none of hunters has even entered into town :/
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