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Hunt for the Hero Relics

Jean Otus

Would-Be Prince
At the beginning of time, the world was not a place ruled by humans. Instead, legions of monsters, demons, and all manner of foul creatures roamed the earth, preying on the weak and primitive ancestors of humanity. Humanity very nearly met its end in that earliest era, as mere fodder for the monsters that called the world their playground. It was only when beings recorded as the heroes appeared, armed with powerful magical weapons and artifacts the likes were not seen before or since. These heroes hunted the species of monsters to extinction and drove the most powerful demons into the shadows. Under these auspices, it was possible for humanity to rise up out of the primitive life of mere prey and form civilizations. Their task completed, the heroes laid down their artifacts and disappeared into the annals of history, leaving humans to develop unchecked by such incredible power. As humanity grew in number, though, so to did their vices. Men became violent, greedy, hungry for power and willing to sacrifice the lives of others to achieve their ends. Unlike before, when mankind rose in arms to slaughter itself, there were no heroes to save them. So it was that the world became locked in a perpetual state of struggle and war between the many kingdoms of man, with the people of these lands suffering for the ambitions of their rulers, all the while crying out for someone to save them. Searching for a solution in this world of endless warfare, some scholars pose that if you could sift through the legends and histories of that first pivotal age of mankind, it may be possible to uncover the tools of the ancient heroes. Maybe then, something may be done about the demons that call the human heart their playground... That is, of course, if the stories are to be believed.

This theory was recently discovered by King Sion Estal of Roland, a charismatic and just man beloved by his people. He sympathizes with the desire to eradicate all warfare and likewise despises the power-hungry nobles that thrust people into war. Therefore he has formed several parties of adventurers to scour the lands and recover enough "Hero Relics" so that Roland can lead the world into a new era of peace and prosperity. The first party was made up of the king's trusted friend and confidant, Ryner Lute, the most powerful and handsome mage in the kingdom, as well as his frigid, abusive, and emotionally unstable bodyguard, Ferris Eris, heiress to the Eris family. However, pressed to consider the reputation of the pair by his advisors, King Sion Estal has elected to form a second party of relic hunters. May those poor souls be treated more gently than the two of us ever were.

-Diary of Ryner Lute

Hello everybody, thanks for reading that! This is a meandering, exploration-based fantasy roleplay I've made based on the series Legend of the Legendary Heroes. This focuses more on the core thematic elements of the series as opposed to the actual story, though I will be borrowing some characters and events here and there. One of the main ideas of the story is a parallel for some philosophies that followed the nuclear age, that being that weapons of mass destruction deter war to the point that they ensure world peace. This is translated to a fantasy story with multiple kingdoms hunting for the ancient relics that function as this world's magic "nukes". If you're interested in joining me on an epic fantasy journey that becomes a magical arms race, please drop a comment below or PM me. Questions are also welcomed and encouraged.

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