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Fandom Hunt for long term 1x1 Fandom Rp Partner ^^

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  1. Adventure
  2. Harry Potter
  3. Horror
  4. Mystery
  5. Slice of Life
  6. Super Powers
  7. Supernatural
Welcome To My Post! This is my first post so please be kind(:

~About Me~

Heyo, I'm Vivian! I go by the pronouns he/him. I've been roleplaying for about 4 years (on Reddit and Discord previously). I prefer to do MxF roleplay's as im more comfortable with it. I recently had Covid-19 and had to stop for personal reasons but I'm back again (:


2. Please don't give any 1-Liners. It just gives me a headache and then forces me to drop the Rp. I'm fine with 1-2 or more paragraphs.[/SIZE][/COLOR]

3. That's about it (:


In Fandom RP's, I prefer CCxCC more than OCxOC and OCxCC as Canon characters are much easier to know about and just roleplay with so I hope you understand that ^^

(Fandoms marked with '*' are the ones which I desperately want to Rp with)

Fandom RP's
  • Stranger Things***********
  • Harry Potter*******
  • Spider-Man****
  • Cobra-Kai******
'Non'-Fandom RP's
  • Ghostbuster Style Retro RP​
  • RoyaltyxRoyalty RP​
  • Friends to Lovers RP​
  • Enemy to Lovers RP​
  • Superpower RP (MHA like world where people are born with Quirks/Superpowers)​
  • Zombies RP​
Please leave a comment on this post or PM me if you are interested ლ(o◡oლ)
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