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Fandom Hunger Games Anyone?

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Hey there all!
I'm 22, Female and have been writings for 10+ years. I can do both Males and Females and MxF or FxF pairings.
~ Be 18+
~ Be able to post once a day
~ Be open to going off site (I like Discord or GDocs)
~ Be able to post at LEAST a paragraph
~ Have good grammar and language
New here and I would love to do a Hunger Games AU Roleplay! Since it would be in an AU none of the events in the book would have happened.
I'm thinking we come up with everything from scratch, from the president to the mentors, and the tributes.
Now we don't have to roleplay all the tributes, we can have some main ones that we roleplay and we can just say how the others die during the course of the games.
I'd like for there to be one victor so maybe so if the pairing is Tribute x Tribute then one of them is going to die.
Some of the pairings we can do are:
Tribute x Tribute
Tribute x Mentor
Tribute x Capital Citizen
Tribute x Stylist
Tribute x Gamemaker
Tribute x President
I'd like for this to be a longterm roleplay so if we get to the point where the games have ended we can continue with the tribute being a mentor for a new tribute and do another game. We can also follow the book storyline and do a rebellion during the second games.
Anyways, I'd love to do this with someone! Please PM me!​

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