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Bean seemed to lose a bit of courage. "Oh, no, no concern. It's just, you were looking at the stars like you didn't recognize them, or, I thought so at least. I could be wrong."
Grub's eyes went wide as the sparks danced across the stormcutter's scales. He straightened out and began to build up fire in his mouth, but when he spat it, it formed a clustered fireball. Bean only had a moment's warning before the flames engulfed them both.
It wasn't enough to hurt him. Not really, but the ends of his hair were black and smoking and his eyebrows were slightly darker than before.
"Grub!" Bean shouted and then began to cough, the smoke tickling his lungs. The dragon looked over his shoulder and then looked slightly ashamed, but only slightly.
Bean considered Calder's request as he wiped soot from his face, making sure to tuck the spyglass back into the saddle bag.
"It'll be impossible without a forge, and the sandbuster glass I traded for was lost in the raid. I'd need to find more, but if I get everything I need, then yes, I could make each of you one of your own."
Grub crooned in awe as Calder's dragon began to glow. Bean grinned, "I guess you'll never be hard to spot in the dark."
He eyed the dark patch of land.
"Do you think it's safe?" He asked the team cautiously.

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Calder frowned as she thought, absentmindedly running her fingertips over Neteylas glowing scales, "I don't know. But I do know that we have each other and our dragons to protect us. I dont know if everyone else feels as positive about that as I do, but I know that even though we all have different strengths, we still have one another and the dragons to depend on. If something comes for us, we can take it." The redhead turned to look at each of her new comrades as she spoke, trying to reassure them all even as her hands gripped tightly at the saddle, though that was for a different reason altogether.

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Alana Moore
Before she could answer, tongues of flame swept Bean's body, singing his hair and eyebrows. She stilled momentarily, then let out a rarely-used laugh. It creaked and stuttered, but amusement shone on her face. "Dragons!" she exclaimed, giving Pep an affectionate pat on the shoulder. She regained her stiff composure as he and Calder discussed finding materials for more of the 'spy-glasses' he had, which she underestimated the effectiveness of. How could a little tube make you see far? The closest thing she'd known to it was a special tool some of the more advanced metal-smiths used, to inspect the structural integrity of their work.

"Do you think it's safe? " Bean asked, looking into the distance, where a speck of land could be sighted. "I don't know. But I do know that we have each other and our dragons to protect us. I dont know if everyone else feels as positive about that as I do, but I know that even though we all have different strengths, we still have one another and the dragons to depend on. If something comes for us, we can take it." Calder replied, casted in the aqua-phorescent glow of her sea-dragon's scales. Alana pulled her spear from it's holding on the saddle, brandishing it to the group. The silvered point reflected the light from Neteyla, glinting in the darkness. "Safe or not," She began, "We will make it so." she said, speaking with finality.

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Asta Rosenburg
Asta watched the others comardrie as if from a insormountable distance as she flew along side them, noting the laughter that spawned from the tall girl's deep voice as the dragons played fire with each other. Frydo grunted as if annoyed by the dragon's cheeriness and flew further away from the group, but not so far as to lose track of them. Not it was hard to do so as the impromptu leader of the group's dragon began to glow in the dark, making it easier to keep up with them. If I were a part of the Black Riders, I would have easily have spotted them for sure. Asta began to wonder if any of them were a Black Rider spy, but then shook it off. Paranoia was not good for the mind, besides she needed to be part of the group, and the group needed her, either they liked it or not. Frydo looked at her with his blank bulbous eyes as if they were on the same wavelength, and right at that very moment, choose to veer closer to the riders. Still keeping a respectable distance, but close enough that she can easily be considered part of the group.

"--dont know if everyone else feels as positive about that as I do, but I know that even though we all have different strengths, we still have one another and the dragons to depend on. If something comes for us, we can take it."

The redhead was saying as she flew toward them, ever-confident, ever-reassuring, exactly the leader one should expect. She noted how she looked around at all of them, but also noticed the way her hands clutched the saddle.

Then the other girl spoke, brandishing her spear as if to impale someone, "safe or not," she said, "we will make it so." Maybe but our dragons are tired and so are we, a fight is the last thing we want right now. She didn't say so however, she had already seen first hand what confontation does to this paticular lass won't end well, and she had already made up her mind that picking up conversation with her will not end well. They were polar oppisites. Asta was as cold as ice, and Alana was as hot as lava.

While she didn't say anything, she must have done something without realizing it for Frydo squirmed a bit under her grip, and she felt the bite of teeth on her tongue. She had been tongue clicking and she hadn't even realized it. Trying to recover a little, she decided to voice something, something that she had observed during the trip.

"Funny thing," she said, her voice as usual lacking any tone or effection whatsoever, "that no man, besides good old Bean, came forth to go on this mission. So, if one were to think about it, the fate of the tribes is in the hands of women. And young unmarried ones at that." And probably all virgins too despite their furious nature.

She allowed a couple of moments for the impilcations of that to sink in. Unlike some women, Asta didn't carry illusions of glander as far as her sex was concerned. Men were stronger, they were born that way, they had strength that no oridinary woman possessed. As for the assumbtion that they were all unmarried, it was the simple fact that no man (or indeed woman) came to see them off. The truth was, the lack of men will most definitely make their mission much more difficult especially if they come across a tribe that regard women as nothing more than potential child-bearers. After a moment of gauging the numerous reactions to her sudden proclaimation, she continued as if she hadn't heard them.

"Not that I'm implying that we are incapable. We are vikings, if it we weren't capable, we would have died a many winters ago. Just that this small detail might actually make our quest harder."

She eyed all of them and gave each a rueful smile that didn't touch her eyes. She always had a way of throwing people off with her words. Her mother always said that it was sometimes best to stay quiet and that some truths no one wants to hear. It was this trait that alienated so many of her friends. She heard the rumors. "The little know-it-all" "that one little bitch that thought she was right all the time" and when she got older and bustier "the know-it-all whore". The Wandering Berserkers weren't exactly a friendly lot. And Asta knew that if they had the unforunate task to convince her tribe to join their case, they probably wouldn't have listened. They would have to find her tribe first as they were always on the move, never staying in one place for longer than a few months. In a way the world did them a favor by wiping her tribe off the map. One .... less tribe to deal with.

In the void of emptiness, another small fleeting pang of pain erupted in her chest as slowly the wall cracked.


Tende altum, volare altius
Bean took heart in Calder and Alana's confidence, trying to convince himself that he shared it. When they neared the island he drew his forge hammer just in case.
He listened to Asta's observation, but only shrugged in reply.
"I don't think it's really all that funny. The ones that came are the ones who had the courage and skill to do so. It takes more than brawn to be a good warrior, and about not having any partners...well, that just means we've no families to leave behind. It's probably even better this way."
Bean didn't like where that line of conversation was heading so instead he angled his dragon down for the landing.
Grub touched down on the beach in a spray of sand. Bean dismounted and tried to look around, as much as he could in the gathering gloom. He gave up soon after and looked instead to his dragon, who was gazing at everything Bean couldn't see. Grub seemed to be relaxed, so Bean relaxed too.
"I'll start collecting firewood." He told the others before heading towards the tree line.
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Neteyla touched down nearby the beach, silently slipping into the water before slithering up onto the sand for a more quiet approach. "I guess we're setting up camp on the beach then..?" Calder dismounted, though she kept a hand on Neteyla's glowing scales constantly, "Maybe somewhere that's protected from the elements a bit?" She cast her gaze over towards the wall of rock that bordered the beach on each side before turning her attention towards her remaining comrades. "What do you think of over there?" She'd ask when they landed, gesturing in the general direction of the spot she'd been looking at before beginning to make her way over.

Bordering a portion of either side of the beach was a wall of sorts, boulders and large sections of dark rock rose up and over a bit, creating a small shelter. It wasn't deep enough to truly be a cave, but it was definitely big enough that if any sort of bad weather were to arise, the bigger dragons could keep it out. "It's big enough for all of us, I think." Calder glanced off to where she remembered Bean going as he started his journey for firewood, thinking for a moment before turning her attention back to the space in front of her. I'll just have Neteyla go fishing when he gets back with the firewood, yeah. For now, I'll just get some stones for the firepit. The red-head glanced around to search for stones, hesitantly removing her hand from Neteyla to go collect them though she never truly strayed far from the Spinetail.

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Alana Moore

Alana bit her cheek at Asta's observations. As a woman of the Iron Tooth, who most often looked towards strong men to lead and take charge, she had worked hard to earn her position. Before the raid, she had been more of an assistant to some of the lower-ranking leaders, but she carried out her responsibilities with pride. Her dedication had been rewarded when her people looked to her after the raiders destroyed their island, leaving their chief and council missing or dead. As such, Asta's assumption that their mission would be more difficult due to the lack of men was frustrating. Even if she knew it was true, she disliked hearing it.

She made Pep hover in the sky a moment more as Bean and Calder landed on the beach. Scanning the island as best she could in the dark, she tried to find any sign of dangers. Seeing none, she joined her teammates on the shore. Pep dove towards the sand, throwing up a large spray as he hit the ground. Alana quickly jumped off, and made quick work of unstrapping the cargo from his saddle. "Alright, buddy." She said, softly. "Hunt all you want, but come back here when i whistle for you. Fight no battle you can't win." she instructed him. He nudged his head under her arm, and she scratched beneath his jawbone affectionately. Excited to be free and grounded, he bounded towards the sea, flying low over the water, scanning for fish.

With a grunt, she tossed the roll of supplies over her shoulder and hauled it to the sheltered cove that Calder spotted. She set it on a dry spot against the wall and set to making use of herself. Seeing Calder searching the ground with the light of her dragon, she walked and called out to her. "Do you need any help?" She asked.



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Asta Rosenburg
Asta had expected some form of resistance to her assumbtions, especially from Alana, who made her disain for her blatantly clear but much to her, admittedly rather muted surprise, no one really responded to her proclaimation. Bean, as usual, waved it off as cheerily as he could, though Asta detected a sadness in his eyes and the rest just didn't say a word as they descended.

Asta clicked her tongue in a particular, telling Frydo that it was time to descend. Not that he needed the reminder, Frydo had actually already begun his descent just as Asta clicked her tongue. The Whispering Death was indeed pretty smart. Frydo didn't have any legs, so instead of crashing into the sand like an idiot, he hovered a few feet above the sand, allowing Asta time to jump off. The moment her weight was off his back, Frydo then landed himself in the sand, curling around it like a snack. A rare smile touched Asta's lips at the sight of Frydo enjoying the feeling of ground underneath him, ground that he can burrow through at any moment. Asta too felt an immense sense of relief the moment her feet touched the ground, finally they were out of the damned sky and grounded; no suddenly falling off into the ocean. Had she been in the mood or indeed that type of girl, she would have thrown into the sand and just cuddled in it for a while, just she had when she was a child, but she was an adult now and adults didn't throw themselves in the sand willy nilly.

Asta watched the others, Bean was out getting firewood from what she heard, the redhead whom she still didn't know the name of was out collecting some rocks, Alana standing beside her, probably asking for help.

As usual, Asta and her mount had settled some distance away from the main party though Asta knew that she would have to go to them eventually to get out of the cold. She looked to Frydo and Frydo looked at her with his strangely expressive blank eyes. They silently communcated for a couple of minutes before Asta finally relented.

"Fine. I will go bloody help. By Odin's long white beard, you are so fricking stubborn you know that?"

Asta would have sworn that Frydo grinned but it was gone in a blink of a second. She sighed and trotted over to the rest of the party, specifically toward Alana and the redhead, gods, she needed to learn her fraking name.

"You two need any help?"
Calder raised her head to look at the two females, a faint smile crossing her lips as strands of bright red hair slipped in front of her face. "Yes, please. I'd love some help. I'm just looking for stones to go around the fire pit when Bean comes back with the wood. There's nothing much else I can see that needs to be done, least not without some light." Her voice seemed to waver slightly at the end as she bent to pick up another stone, with only one in her hands at the moment. "Once We get the fire started I can send Neteyla for some fish for us maybe, unless if you all have rations to get through the night?" Her calm dark gaze drifted between the two women, ending at Asta.

A sheepish expression crossed Calders face as she pushed the strands of hair behind her ear, "Ah, I apologize, I don't think I introduced myself. I'm Calder Alvarsson." The red head stuck close beside the bio-luminescent dragon, who seemed to instinctively curl behind the backside of Calder, bathing the area and the young woman in a blue glow.

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Asta Rosenburg
So I finally know your name, Asta thought, looking the redhead up and down, eyes narrowing as she scutinized her bearing. The Whispering Death was known for being fercious hunters and bringers of death and Asta was no different. Her trained eyes immediately noticed the way Calder cuddled around her dragon, the way the dragon bathed her in it's heavenly glow. She was afraid. Afraid of something. Asta has seen fear many times, when her tribe did their raids. She had seen fear in the woman and children as they descended upon them. Fear in the men as they faced their Berserkers and equally their dragons. The dragons had turned their tribe from a seafaring menace to something even more. Something more war-like, something more powerful. A viking warrior was one thing, a viking warrior and his dragon? That was another thing entirely. The Wandering Berserkers were a nomadic menace, something to be feared. Before the Black Riders came and devestated their forces. It was both a devestation and a humilation.

"Stones." She looked around the ground and immediately started to pick up as much stones as she can. "I think I can help you with that."


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The forest was even darker than the beach, but thanks for Grub's ability to keep a flame in his mouth Bean was able to find the wood very quickly. He piled most of it on the saddle, Grub using his wings to keep the stack balanced. When they finally came back out onto the beach. Bean was barely visible behind the pile of branches in his arms and Grub's saddle was piled high. The dragon was also trailing a stick in the sand, making wavy lines and chuffing to himself happily.

Bean dumped the wood by the cliff wall where Calder and the others were collecting stones. Grub, once relieved his the load bounded off with his stick and began drawing lines around the other dragons.
"I think we might need more if we're going to keep a fire all night." Bean said, brushing bark from the front of his clothes.
From his saddle that was now on the ground he pulled out his bedroll (a thick, winter reindeer skin) and laid it out on the sand with the saddle at its head as a pillow.
Once that was done he began arranging the logs for the fire, digging a shallow pit in the sand to better contain it.
"My mum and I used to go on hunting trips a lot. She taught me everything I know about the wild, and how to live in it."
He wasn't speaking to anyone in particular, but he hoped it might spark conversation.

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Asta Rosenburg
Asta was busy helping Calder and Alana with the stones when Bean showed and started to arrange the wood.
'My mum and I used to go on hunting trips a lot." He said absently, "she taught me everything I know about the wild, and how to live in it."
My mum used to hunt too, Asta thought, we used to hunt dragons together.

"My mum used to hunt with me too," she said, it was best they didn't know she actually hunted and killed dragons. Then again, the black armour she was wearing was clearly dragon hide, so they probably already suspected, "before she was beheaded. It's funny actually, one moment she was there and the next gone. Gone. Just like," here she raises her hand and, feeling a little foolishly like she was copying an all-powerful entity, snaps her fingers, "that."
She found herself absentmindedly rubbing her scar. A slash across her eye.
Nothing, she felt nothing. Her mother was gone, slain by a Black Rider while fighting alongside her father. She remembered her father's howl of pure unadulterated rage at the sight of her mother's headless body falling to the floor. Where had she been? She remembered the deaths with clear detail, so she had to have been there. Was she fighting someone? Why can't she remember? Was memory loss part of grieving too? Was she even grieving? Or worse, was she going mad? The fighting had been so intense that she barely remembered any of it. Maybe a Black Rider banged in the head too hard and scrambled her brains, she didn't know. She only remembered rage, fire, blood, her arrows piercing through the Black Rider's throats, her and Frydo fighting side by side. And then nothing. Best not to dwell on it too much, even she was starting to get annoyed by her mind constantly questioning itself.


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Alana Moore

At Calders direction, Alana stooped awkwardly and began to pluck half-buried rocks from the sand. Her lanky figure had it's advantages, but as she crouched low to the ground, it looked somewhat unnatural. When she'd gathered many stones, Bean came leading Grub, with a load of wood atop his back. She took a moment to gather a few more, then walked back towards the sheltered part of cliff, where Bean was already making a pit to house their flame. The stones she'd gathered were quickly used up to fill a portion of the outer ring, and she left the remaining gaps for Calder and Asta to fill.

"I think we might need more if we're going to keep a fire all night " Bean said. Alana nodded in agreement, though she didn't know if that was the case or not. She grew up in a stationary town filled with forges and fireplaces, kept burning by designated woodsmen. The realization dawned on her that she would need to rely on the skills of the others to keep her well while they were away from civilization. Bean unrolled his pack, laying out a beautiful fur. Following his lead, but trying not to be obvious about it, she also unrolled her bedroll. The inside was lined with various rabbit skins, the outside being a woven cloth material. It looked far less warm, but she hoped the fire and Pep would stay away the growing chill.

While setting up her place to sleep, she listened as Asta described the death of her mother. Alana felt sad for the girl, even if she'd been rude and brash, the loss of a parent was a difficult ordeal. She was grateful, as well, that her own father had survived the attacks. As she dwelled on these thoughts, Pep returned from his hunting, likely having caught a couple fish. Tired, he slumped down and laid next to her bedroll, wrapping his wings about himself. She let the silence hang for a moment, then, since hunting seemed to be the topic of conversation, she joined in.

"I'm sorry for your loss." She said, speaking low, in a way that was respectful among her people. "I have never hunted, not many of my tribe do." She shared, gazing out into the forest beyond the beach. If left alone to those woods, she would surely not have an easy time.



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As soon as Bean had brought up his mother he could have kicked himself. Of course everyone had lost loved ones to the raids. He was just making them recall it.
"Oh, I'm such an idiot. Asta, I didn't...I'm sorry."
He decided then not to speak about his mother anymore, but worked in silence for a little while. His attempt at provoking good memories had been fairly well-quashed.
His attention was drawn by Alana setting up her things and he couldn't help but bite his lip when he saw what she was planning to sleep on. His mother's lecture came briefly to mind, sitting across from him, signing to him quickly. That brought a smile to his face.
"Here," Bean took up the reindeer skin and brought it to her. "Swap with me. You'll freeze sleeping on that. If the ground doesn't steal all the heat from you the night dew will. That cloth will just soak up water like a sponge."
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Calder moved closer to the would be fire pit, laying her own stones down following the circle Alana had started and around the hole Bean had dug. "Ah, Asta! Theres some room left for any stones you found!" She gave a thumbs up to the other woman, then turned to her dragon to remove the necessary items she needed for sleeping. "Anyone need any actual food past dried meat? I can send Neteyla out, ah, once the fire gets started." The young woman removed a thick tanned hide first, laying it down so that the thicker fur lay facing up. Then came her actual bedroll; a thick roll layered of both flannel (or Viking equivilent) and fur. She ran a palm across the furred portion of it lovingly, remembering back to how her parents had taught her how to make it all on her own.

The roll was patchwork in the sense that it was definitely made up with wolf furrs, but you could just barely see where the fur pattern changed to show it hadn't been made from all the same wolf. No stitches could be seen, only the multitude of furs and regular linens/flannel. "If anyone needs extra furs to keep warm, lemme know, I've got plenty."

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Alana Moore

"Swap with me. You'll freeze sleeping on that. If the ground doesn't steal all the heat from you the night dew will. That cloth will just soak up water like a sponge." Bean said, offering her his reindeer skin. Such a thing was a luxury in her eyes, the glossy coat of fur selling for a high price in her home ports. "I can't take that. I'll get along okay." she said, rejecting his generosity. Even if he had offered her a lesser fur, her pride stood as a wall between her and any assistance. She shook her head at Calder's offer as well. Accepting help is just as bad as being incapable, and Alana is far from incapable. If she were to be cold tonight, then so be it. She was certain she could withstand it.

Having kept Calder's request for flame in mind she gestured for Pep to light the fire, which he did, using the same spray of pretty sparks. It was a trick most dragons could learn to do, similar to a humans ability to juggle. Pep enjoyed displaying this ability and chuffed cockily as the smaller twigs caught flame. The fire slowly grew, bathing the area in a warm light. Given time, it would do well to produce heat. Alana held out her hands to the fire, feeling the invisble waves of heat take the cold from her fingers. She pressed her lips together and furrowed her brows. Her cloak, also lined with rabbit skins, provided little insulation. Knowing this, her bed roll looked painfully insufficient to protect her from the northern weather. Her resolve cracked, but she refused to bow to the ice. She would simply trade for a better fur with the Frostscar when they got there.

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"We should preserve our dried rations while we can get fresh." Bean suggested when Calder spoke. "Save them for when we really need them." He glanced at Grub, who was nosing Pep, begging for some of what the bigger dragon had caught.
"Grub is an awful fisher." He said with remorse.
He couldn't help but smile at Alana's stubbornness. It was almost endearing...almost.
"Tell you what, you feed Grub tonight and I'll show you how to make your bedroll more bearable. It'll be a fair trade."
He didn't really wait for an answer, but took a weighted knife from his pack and went to the nearest fir tree. He stroked the needles, assessing the species which had the softest ones before starting to cut the thickest branches away. When he was done he returned and laid them out on the sand roughly the length of the girl they were for.
"If you put your roll on these branches there'll be a layer of air between you and the cold ground. Should keep the worst of the chill off."
His end of the deal done Bean returned to his own roll and sat down.
"There's no shame in not knowing something." He said quietly.
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Asta Rosenburg

Asta didn't have a roll to sleep in or even any furs, all she had were rations to feed and arrows so all she did was cuddle by the fire, trying her best to get warm. She was a hardy woman and gods forbid anyone thought she couldn't handle cold. She watched Bean and Alana's interaction, a pang of something drifting in her gut. Lonliness? Already the group had started to cuddle with each other and bond . And as usual, she was the outcast. as usual. Unlike these idiots, she didn't let her discomfort become known. Just sat, by the fire, trying to ignore the biting cold on her knees and feet. Her mum always said that she was the reason no one approached her. She was always distant and unapproachable. She had grown used to that. There was a small thud beside her as Frydo decided to grace the company with his presence, slamming down onto the ground, sending sand flying everywhere. Asta suppressed a chuckle with some difficulity. Leave to Frydo to make her even remotely laugh. She put her hand on Frydo's scales and started rubbing them absentmindedly, Frydo didn't mind.
"You guys have any stories to tell?" she said, never turning away from the fire "it would be nice to hear some before we all go to sleep."
Frydo looked upon a little sadly at that, only he knew that her mum used to tell her stories before she went to bed. That was a long time ago but she remembered them fondly.
"My father once took on an entire pack of wolves, all on his own." Calder stated in response to Asta's request of a story, gently patting Neteyla's side as she removed the dragons saddle, "Some dinner please, 'Teyla." The red-head handed the Spinetail a net, before turning to her comrades, the dragon then slipping into the water and disappearing under the waves. Calder strode up to the saddle and pack she'd laid on the ground, pulling a thick double layered fur from where it had been tied to the saddle.

"He was out on a hunting trip with his friends, as this was prior to being crowned chief and well before I was born. They had made their way deep into one of the two dangerous and snowy mountains of our island home." The Ruby Wolf Viking made her way to Asta, handing the silver and black wolf furred (double layered, and it's freaking huge) blanket to the young woman, a soft smile across her face as she began to continue her story. "It was their last night in the mountains, and all of the men had hunkered down into a cave, one they'd used years before. They'd worked on outfitting it greatly with beds and furs to make it comfortable, even building a wooden wall and door to keep creatures out when they weren't using it."

The red head strode back to her own bedroll, sitting cross legged atop the thick furs with her hands clasped in her lap. "The only thing about this cave was that they had no way to relieve themselves inside, so every time one of them had to "go", they had to go outside." Calder raised her hands, almost as if to say 'I know what you're thinking, but wait a moment', her smile widening slightly as she recalled her father's story, "My father, in the middle of the night on their last day in the mountains, suddenly realized he needed to go. The rest of his friends were still asleep as he made his way out into the cold, snow slowly drifting from the dark sky as he found his way to a proper spot. He ah," Calder actually began to chuckle happily, "never got the chance. A whole pack of wolves suddenly descended upon him. Ten wolves," her face became animated, enthusiastic as she leaned in towards the fire, looking between each of her comrades, "surrounded him. My father, bless his paranoia, never went anywhere without a weapon. Armed only with a short sword," Calder mimicked pulling a sword from her belt, "he faught them off, defeating one after the other, and for each one he defeated he gained another scar; until the last. The final wolf, the Alpha of the pack, stood between my father and relief. The Alpha advanced and they battled, until the wolf finally decided to end it all, jumping at my father. He raised his sword at the last minute, driving the blade through the Alphas heart."

Calder almost seemed to act out the scene, a wild excitement shining in her eyes as she told the tale, "And as he lay there in the blood splatter snow with the giant alpha dead on top of him he realized two things. One, that he had just survived a very dangerous encounter, and two, that he no longer had to use the bathroom." The red head began to laugh, leaning back where she sat as she relived the story, one of her father's favorites.

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Alana Moore

Pep, as a hatchling, had apparently never learned that 'sharing is caring'. He curled his lip at Grub to try making the smaller dragon shy away. He had only caught a few fish, disliking the sting of the cold water as he snatched them from below the surface. "Tell you what, you feed Grub tonight and I'll show you how to make your bedroll more bearable. It'll be a fair trade. " Bean said. Alana huffed, displeased with the notion of being shown how to do anything. Nonetheless, she agreed, giving a sharp nod of her head. She watched him intently as he stripped the fir needles, gathering several branches in his arms. He laid them out and explained how they would keep away the cold. The logic of the matter went over her head, but she committed the trick to memory, so she would not have to rely on him next time they camped.

"There's no shame in not knowing something. " He said, keeping his voice quiet. She appreciated that he didn't announce it loudly, but became frustrated at his words. "There is nothing but shame in it. I will feed your dragon." She said, speaking through her teeth. She heard Calder's plan to send off Neteyla for food, but would not let her end of the deal be fulfilled by another. It was dishonorable. Whistling for Pep, he begrudgingly followed at her side she she stalked off towards the water, intending to make a quick trip out to catch some food. She blew off steam as she jumped onto his back and let him carry her low over the water, scanning the dark water for scales and fins. They came across a small school fairly quickly. Using her spear, she took a fish out of the water and placed it on her saddle in front of her. In the same manner, she caught several more of these fish, enough to hopefully stay the green dragons appetite.

Returning, she heard Calder speaking, gesturing and acting out a story. "...And as he lay there in the blood splatter snow with the giant alpha dead on top of him he realized two things. One, that he had just survived a very dangerous encounter, and two, that he no longer had to use the bathroom. " She heard. It was clearly the end of the story, but even without the context it was recognizably a story that a viking had proudly boasted many times. She allowed a smile, and walked to Grub, leaving his meal at his feet. The stormcutter, thoroughly exhausted, laid in a heap next to the fir pile, which Alana placed her bedroll onto. She listened for the next story as she took her place by the fire again. Storytelling, at least, was a tradition all the tribes shared.



Tende altum, volare altius
Bean sighed with a relenting smile. "By that logic, children should be the most ashamed of all don't you think, but instead they're filled with nothing but a sense of wonder, and a love of learning. When did we lose that?"
He said nothing more, only watched gratefully she went to get food for his dragon.
Calder's story ended and Bean couldn't help but laugh. The comedic timing was perfect.
"Your father sounds like a true viking." He said, still grinning.
Pep and Alana returned and Grub whistled excitedly as he was given the fish.
Grub ate his fish with great enthusiasm: the dragon rumbled and purred and then began to follow Alana like a lost puppy. He found a place next to the bigger dragon, looking up with his huge round eyes. Then, he made a strange face and before Bean could stop him, spat some of the fish back for the stormcutter. He licked his lips with his long pink tongue and sat back on his haunches expectantly.
Bean grimaced, and shot an apologetic look at the dragon's trainer. "He...likes sharing?"
@Kaprosuchus96 @Seabourne

There was a short silence then and Bean decided that now was a good time to try his hand at a story.
"Do you want to hear the one about when Loki invited Thor to dine at his home?"
Bean dove in, it was one of his favourites, though he remembered Asta's admiration for the thunder god, he hoped she wouldn't be too irritated.

"Because we all know Loki never does anything without mischief in mind, Thor probably should have realized this, but he didn't. He walked right in and sat down at Loki's table and was poured a cup of mead.
'A powerful and manly god like you should be able to drain a hundred of these cups.' Loki said cheerfully, but when Thor drank he found the cup was just as full as it had been before. Loki tutted in disappointment. Thor tried again, this time drinking as deeply as he could, but even that only managed to drain a small portion of it.
'Nevermind Thor,' Loki said, trying to hide his smile, 'come, I have a new pet cat, he's pretty big, but I don't think a god with your muscle should have any trouble picking him up.'
Thor went into the next room and sure enough there was a fat cat lounging by the fire. Thor went over and tried to lift it with one hand, but he found he couldn't. Then he tried two, and still the cat remained solidly on the ground. Finally the thunder god put all he strength into the task, but when he opened his eyes, he had only managed to life the cat's bushy tail.
'Oh dear!' Loki exclaimed, 'And I thought you were the strongest of all the gods, how embarrassing for you!'
Thor, thoroughly angry now threw down the cat's tail and stormed for the door. 'I don't know what game you're playing Loki, but I'm done with it.'
'Nono! Wait,' Loki pleaded, 'look, I'll give you a challenge that you can certainly beat, come with me.'
Thor was upset, but his pride wouldn't let him refuse, and so, he followed Loki into the last room. There, in a chair sat an old woman.
'My grandmother,' Loki introduced, 'she's quite good at wrestling, but I'm sure you could beat her without breaking a sweat.'
Thor looked at the frail old woman, and then at Loki, but finally he relented. The match lasted only a minute, and by that time Thor was flat on his back and very, very angry.
He jumped up and grabbed Loki about the collar and Loki, who was still in stitches laughing, relented and revealed his little trick:
'The cup you drank from wasn't a cup, to make you look weak, I spelled the very ocean into it, and you managed to drink half! The cat by the fire was actually my son, Jormungand, the serpent whose coils embrace the entire earth and the old woman? Well that was death, and no one beats death, not even gods.'
Thor felt his anger dissipate. He had lost none of his man's pride after all, and in the end, even he had to admit that it was a good trick. That time, Loki and Thor parted ways on good terms."

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Calder smiled as she listened to Beans story. It wasn't one she'd heard before, no, most of the stories her father told were ones about himself or people he knew. Not because didn't believe in the gods, no, they did believe, but because he preferred to tell his children real stories. The hardships of the real world, the humor, the sadness, the joy. He preferred they know what could possibly lay out there for them instead of telling stories of the gods whose limits completely surpassed them. Not that Calder minded. She was a storyteller, and in turn loved to hear stories no matter the type.

"I've not heard that one, Bean, thank you for that." The red-head smiled again before glancing quickly between the others of the group.

@SilverFlight @Seabourne @PolikShadowbliss
Asta Rosenburg

Asta felt grateful for Calder for bringing her the blanket to block her from the cold, though she naturally didn't show it. Instead she choose to listen to the stories being told and found herself actually enjoying some of them, especially the Thor one. Had she been in the mood, she might have even been laughing, but laughter was beyond her now.
“Nice stories," she said, "but I think it's about time you all rest. I will take first watch."
Might as well, she wasn't that tired anyway, and she and Frydo could use some alone time together.
And we don't know if there are any Black Riders tailing us.
Alana Moore

She listened to Beans story, glad that she at least recognized the names of the Gods he mentioned. It was hard to avoid at least knowing of Thor and Loki, even if she was unfamiliar with many of their less common stories. Pep and Grub sat close to each other, Pep happily taking the meal that the smaller green dragon decided to share. Her stormcutter was happy to have found a friend, closing his eyes contentedly. Bean described the various ways Thor was tricked by his brother in a sonorous voice. As he spoke she unwound the ribbons from her hair. Once down she set to detangling it with her fingers, slowly working out and tugging at knots. Having her hands busy helped her listen closely, and she noticed that, like Calder, Bean told a good story. Though he was less animated, he was easy to listen to.

"Nice stories," Asta said, "but I think it's about time you all rest. I will take first watch." she volunteered. Alana nodded while Calder agreed, snapping her head to look at the ocean as a great splash rumbled up. The glowing dragon, Neteyla, emerged from the sea in a spray of glistening water, carrying a net of fish in her jaws. Dutifully, she returned it to her rider. "we should probably eat first yeah? Unless you'd like to save these for tomorrow?" She suggested, holding the meal-to-be where each of them could see it.

"A meal would do us well." She answered, "Thank you, Neteyla." She said, addressing the spinetail. Dragons were intelligent as their riders, in Alana's eyes, and deserved the same respect. Such an attitude had done her well during the many years of companionship she shared with Pep. The fire, which was now hot and burning each on branch, appeared to be a good temperature for cooking. She held her hand close, unfazed by the intense warmth. Much hotter fires had scalded her before. "We may cook now." she confirmed, withdrawing her hand.


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