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  1. Okay! ....for all of them??? I wanna ask to make sure. XD
  2. okay.

    Renee, Echo, Minnie, and Chenglei.
    You are not allowed to view the dice result.
  3. o.0...........They all got it!!!!! Whatever it is they saw or sense, they all sensed it!!!! What in the world?! @Zer0
  4. Add dice rolls to perception rolls?
  5. Yeah, only Renee and Minnie saw stuff. @Katsuya .You wanna' roll for Lydia, Skittle?
  6. Sure. xD I still don't understand what you meant though.
    You are not allowed to view the dice result.
  7. Huh? but...Echo and Chenglei has the 2 and 1? Renee and Minnie has the 6 and 5....the rolls are in the order of the names. I'm confused????
  8. Yeah, I always get confused by the rolls thing so I just stand back and let Zer0 take care of it. xD
  9. Hmmm. I guess so.....All right then. XD
  10. Sorry, add dice rolls to perception skills.

    Anyway, Lydia saw it too.

    For this fight, please pick 2 characters, @Katsuya
  11. xD so wait... Lydia has two enemies trying to attack her?
  12. No, just the knife. Swarm of blue fireflies is aimed for Renee.
  13. So the fact the Renee and Minnie saw them...Hmmm.....Minnie has low magic def. while Echo does not. Renee's definitely going after Serena...but I don't know who should go help Lydia with Seth.... @Zer0 @Roleplay Skittle
  14. Oh, it sounded like Minnie saw something heading for Lydia and then Lydia saw something else coming for her.
  15. No, Minnie saw Seth running around. Lydia saw his attack.
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  16. Yes, something like that. Difference in perspective from a sniper to someone on the ground.
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  17. Ah. Screw it with a nail driver. I pick Minnie and Renee. Minnie's helping Lydia @Roleplay Skittle While Renee is helping Johnny. @Zer0
  18. Oh yeah, that's right. xD I forgot that they want Ren and Lydia killed.
  19. Uuuuurgh... I don't know how to handle this. xD they can't kill them so what do?
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  20. So did Seth fling a dagger at Lydia or is he melee attacking?
  21. Minnie can grapple Seth? XD @Roleplay Skittle @Zer0


    Masterwork weapon Archery (1-9) || Alteration (1-6)
    Phy. Def. +7 || Mag. Def. 7 +1 robe = 8 || Percep. +6
    Memento: +1 success if partner's HP is 0; Good Luck Charm x2; x3 Healing & Manna potions

    Masterwork weapon Guns (1-8) || Unarmed combat (1-7) || Enchanting (1-7)
    Phy. Def. +7 || Mag. Def. +2 +2 Warlock's regalia = 4 || Percep. +6
    x1Riftcrystal; Good Luck Charm x2; x3 Healing & Manna Potions
  22. Knock Seth out with Lydia's hammer.
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  23. He fling a dagger
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