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Discussion in 'Fantasy Out of Character Chat' started by Zer0, Oct 7, 2016.

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  1. Hahahahah! Oh my goodness.
  2. I still need to draw Kenren with a man bun. XD @Zer0
  3. Holy crap I was not ready for that. KENREN!!! Ack!!!
  4. You are not allowed to view the dice result.
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  5. Well! That was really quick!
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  6. Yep yep. XD I can't tell if i should reply to Chenglei's part of the story or if I should leave it like that.
  7. I wrote it like an ending, but you can reply if you wish.
  8. Nah. I'll leave it. XD I'll save the emotional part for the MiT between Kenren and Chenglei. If we are doing that, that is.
  9. We shall!
  10. XD Yay~! So I'll wait until Skittle replies in the battle
  11. okay.
  12. Well of course I'll have her retreat. xD she is just going to try and distract them as much as possible until help arrives!

    Good morning!
  13. Morning!
  14. "Lady Deathbane has come"

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  15. I want to ask who this lady is and at the same time, I just want to wait and see. xD
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  16. I'll wait to post until you post battle stats for the enemies.
  17. @Zer0 so, James Serena and Echo show up at round 1, what about the reinforcements from the other clans?
  18. Evil Lady
    Hp 5/5
    +2 success, attacks twice

    Elite Blacks
    Hp 2/2
    +2 success

    Elite Skullies
    Hp 2/2
    +2 success

    Elite Lizardmen
    Hp 2/2
    *attack's twice
  19. They'll take a longer time.
  21. This battle is going to be tough. Like I'm horrified of her spells failing. xD that +2 success applies to all rolls for them right, def and att?
  22. Just attack success.
  23. ... it just kinda' occurred to me that they are all going to die. xD I mean... it's Lydia and Amaterasu and his group versus like four groups of things one of which attacks twice?! And the others all have +2 success so the chances of anyone dodging are totally slim. lmfao

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