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Character Theory How/Why Do You Write Romance?


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So where would you say you fall in the categories of writing? Do you think there are more?
I'd fall into the Character-Based category. And I'd say your categories do a good job of encompassing the entire spectrum of romance RP.

Also how do you write your romance? Do you use tropes, borrow from television, use your real life experiences?
For the most part, I try to logically play out what this kind of character would do. Something like 'If he's a vain person, he would try to get her attention by showing off and would have a hard time admitting he likes her.' Sometimes, I tend to delve into Shakespeare's sonnets before I post anything romantic, so I can get into that light-hearted, dreamy state that makes the whole idea of romance more appealing.
I sometimes feel like that forces things, though. I definitely prefer a logical approach to romance.


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People write romance, because they can’t get it anywhere else.

I DONT mean that people are losers or perpetual virgins.
I DO mean that Hollywood, literature, and the poets today are obsessed with a fake, illusionary romances. Romance today falls into two categories:
- Erotica
- Tween Love Triangles.
With these being the dominating categories across all of literature, those who realize that these are poor excuse for romance (or subconciously grow board of it), go to find other ways to enjoy the romantic genre.
Sad that RPing is the only form left for current, decent romance literature.


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I don't know how I would fit my personal experience in one of your categories (I'll leave that to your own judgement). I'm an avid reader of novels and series with romance themes, fan of romance genre animes and have done multiple roleplays with romance elements involved.

In the past when I RPed with close friends, it wasn't intentional at first. It was rather "accidental," but then all of our RPs became centered around strong Romance themes. I would say we did it mostly to explore romance in different scenarios and settings... Honestly, it was so long ago, I'm not sure. But presently I still roleplay quite a bit in 1x1 with my boyfriend, and naturally we implement romantic elements in whatever RP we're doing not only to explore our own relationship through different characters, but also use it as a way of socializing. My boyfriend and I met about three years ago over the internet and we have met in person several times since. We cope well with a long-distance relationship, but I think one of the biggest factors that have allowed us to maintain closeness and grow as a couple was doing romantic RPs together. But, of course, not all of our roleplays are romantic and we often branch out with our ideas and characters.

Obviously, not everyone that partakes in Romantic roleplays have partners or even RP with their partners. In that way, I would say my experience is more personable and doesn't apply to all. But as a general rule, you could ask yourself, why do we enjoy watching romantic movies or animes and reading romantic books in the first place? There's a certain innate allure to romance that we are attracted to as human beings, in my own opinion. Of course, some people detest the romance genre, but for the ones who find it interesting, like myself, It's attractive because of the array of emotions and for living vicariously through the characters. I am very happy in my relationship, but I still enjoy a good romance and like to watch love unfold in new stories and characters.
I crave external validation and project my needs through non-existent figments of my imagination because I'm incapable of expressing them face to face and overall just act like a functional member of society c':

But in all seriousness, there's nothing like a romance between two characters for opportunities to go full on Pandora's box on them. Misery is crucial to character development imo so it's pretty useful for driving a 1x1 forward, especially if it's slice of life. I usually go full on tropes and cliches and glorification because let's be honest, romance irl isn't half as exciting, and nobody wants to read a story about a couple who aren't perfect but communicate their way through the ups and downs and have mutual trust and respect between them. Not that I would know ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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I haven’t written any romance for a characternof mine yet. For awhile, I was kind of against writing a romance with my characters. As of right now, I am GMing my one and only RP. During the course of this RP, however, my feelings towards it changed.

As I was writing my character in the story, I started to feel as if perhaps my character could have one. I felt it really had to be dependent on the other characters. If there’s a character that has really good chemistry with mine, and the writer and I felt it would make sense to do so (and wanted to write it), then I would do it. But the issue is that I haven’t really found many characters that I believe mine would just work with in that sense. I may write in my own, maybe not. I’m not sure. But the reason I would do it is really just because they have chemistry, they grow very close and it just works. But since I haven’t written one, I’m not sure how I would do it. Though, interestingly enough (which may help answer how), whenever I write a character, I have to get in their mind. I have to be them, just as how an actor plays a character. I have to feel their emotions and such. So perhaps by putting myself in character, that’s how I could write it.


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I've never created a character for the specific purpose of having them be involved in romance. It's mostly due to how I tend to be skeptical/pessimistic about it in reality and, in fiction, I feel that if romance is the focus, it overshadows other aspects I would've enjoyed, such as realism and character development. I'm not saying that every romance RP/work out there completely sacrifices those aspects, of course, but it does make me hesitant if I see that the plan is to have romance involved from the get-go. In other words, to me, romance is, if anything, a possible but not necessary stepping stone in a story, not the end goal. I avoid RPs that mandatorily involve romance, but I won't complain if it ends up happening and actually makes sense, instead of being forced due to some agenda. For that reason, among the categories you listed, the only one I believe that I could possibly fall in is "Character Based".

I created a grand total of 2 characters (not counting others created for their backstory) for RPs here, and they weren't very compatible for romance. In the first RP (an NGE one), it was brought up in a more open manner and since my character description revolved around being "comfortably distant", I didn't think he would fit at all, so he didn't get involved in it. Unfortunately, this RP became inactive before the action started.
For the second one (an Attack on Titan one) though, another RPer contacted me directly suggesting that our characters create a sense of rivalry that had room for development. This one would make a lot of sense, considering the characters' contrasting personalities and background (as well as the harsh fandom setting), and we discussed some possible events that would shape that relationship. Unfortunately, said RPer went inactive and the RP became inactive as well shortly afterwards (again).

So I suppose I never actually RPed romance, and because of that can't answer your last question accurately, but I'd say I'd probably borrow a little from anime (since that's my RP preference), but would do everything possible to keep it realistic. I'm not against characters developing some kind of relationship that builds rapport between them, and I might bring up the idea to another player if I think it makes sense. I don't see myself proposing to another RPer that our characters be involved in romance, though, so chances are they will be the ones to bring it up. Though even then, I'm hesitant to jump directly into romance territory.
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Romance is always a thing to me when it comes to roleplays. I have done forbidden romance between character x character which was rather interesting to do, especially with someone whom can be literate. Where I have done MANY Fantasy roleplays in my lifetime, romance is just something I have stuck to. It's kind of something I like to build up from the beginning of my stories or perhaps mid-story. (Preferably from the beginning, actually).

I sometimes sit back and plot out how it will turn out, what to expect and where will it go. For example, I like to add details to every branch of Romance in a roleplay such as how will they meet, where will they see the first glance of one another or would they know about one another from a history book or some kind of event that has occurred. Usually, talking with my partners about it is a good thing to do as well because I don't want to "take control" of the story itself, you know?

In the end, it's just something I always add in my roleplays. Kind of generic and cliché, I know. But It's just something that makes the stories so unique; passion and love.
I almost always have romance in my roleplays (currently have romance or am foreseeing future romance in every active roleplay) because I like to explore characters, and part of that is through their relationships. With their families or lack thereof, with their friends who can grow to be like family, with significant others. Close relationships often give characters incentive to act, as well, which pushes plots along.

Also, I'm a hopeless romantic.

As for how . . . I really can't describe that. It's really just about playing the character, as one would with any genre of roleplaying. You get into their mindset as you've created them. Tropes are present if you look closely enough, but to be honest, they subconsciously become part of any sort of writing, there are so many of them (I don't really have any favorites atm). I draw from real-life experience where feelings are concerned, with a personal twist taking into the character's personality and general psyche. Meaning: when I myself am actively interested in someone, I tend to communicate often and flirt openly. My more extroverted characters do the same. My weirdly possessive and self-absorbed characters take a more proprietary, borderline creepy stance. My awkward and easily embarrassed characters fawn in silence, from afar. So basically, I write my romance depending on how I write my characters.

I do sometimes begin a roleplay with the idea of 'X and Y should get together'. However, that doesn't mean I make them complementary or even good for each other tbh, it means I think there's a story to be told there, even if that story's a tragedy or a failure. X and Y should get together pretty much means I think it would be interesting to play it out. And should they have no chemistry at all, then I don't force it. Then there are the times when I make a character with no shipping intentions at all and they end up in a romantic thing because they just click with another character. Just go with the flow~


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I think when I write romance, it's almost always character based. I am not a big fan of plots where romance is an end goal from the beginning, although if one or both partners express an interest in it, I have no qualms in letting it develop organically, if our characters are compatible. Not to say that opposites can't attract, because I've had that happen before, but it takes time. Enemies aren't going to fall into love at first sight; it ends up being more a progression of hate to indifference to tolerance to friendship to possibly love. Plot based romance usually feels too forced for me personally.

I think that romance isn't necessary in a rp overall, though. There's so many more ways that people love and express love than in romantic relationships. Love is not always synonymous with romance. Romance can be a brilliant facet and addition to a story, and can even motivate the actions of characters, but I don't think it should necessarily always be the default. To a point it discourages writers from exploring certain plots, characters, and character dynamics, because they don't feel like one thing or the other could eventually end in romance so the entire story is a bust to them. I personally would love to explore certain dynamics that would be seen as "platonic", but it's hard to find people interested in a non-romantic character pairings.

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