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Tutorial How to use codes


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Hello! I don't know if this is a dumb question or not, but I have been wanting to use codes for my posts. I am new at it and don't know how they work. I was just wanting to use simple codes to better organize my forums/threads. I saw some people had posted some of their codes to use and I was wanting to look at using some, I would of course give them credit.

I would appreciate if someone explained to me how they work and how to use/post already made codes. I don't think I'm doing it correctly because when I copy them the formatting is weird. I have not done coding before


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Hello! I always think that questions are never dumb, since you may have asked a question many others are wondering about.
Despite me, not knowing how to code, I do know how to utilize them since I suck at making it for myself XD PLEASE BARE WITH ME, THIS IS A LONG POST BUT A GUIDE ON HOW TO UTILIZE A CODE.

So, if you are planning on using other's codes, there are usually code shops that the makers have kindly shared with us. I'm just going to show you an example.

I'm shamefully going to use one of weldherwings weldherwings ' shop and click on the "link" icon box. Be sure to keep her credits and thank the coders for sharing their posts with you.
I'm going to use this post, of course that she previewed before clicking the link.


the little firecracker - alchemist

/* ------ credit -- do not remove ------ */

© weldherwings.

Usually, I read what and why they made it, just outta curiosity, but let's get back to the point.


We get to this post, and we want to copy everything here

Now, I'm going to post it here (or wherever you want to use it in)


If you pasted what ever the code you put into the box, you should have a guide kindly made by the coders to direct you where you want to go. For an example here's one.


If you see the topic, it says "color" this means that you can color however you'd like, by using the color hex numbers. I usually use this website to get colors. . If you clicked on the color-hex website, there are things such as "#696969" or "#b4a1b1" these are codes for the color directed. So let's say I wanted this background post to be a different color, so let's go with a this blue, shall we? (The number will be #7896b7) I will be putting it on the "bg" since I want to change the background color. You can always preview it as you post colors so you know what you're doing (which I always do XD).


Now I just colored the background blue. I didn't change anything except the color code in this one. If I want to change the picture, we will scroll down that says "image" and change the URL to whatever picture you'd like. I'm going to keep the regular URL because I'm lazy to change it XD


But I'll show you where it's at exactly. You just want to change the link that provides the image. So to be exact, you will only be changing this


Changing any other thing that shouldn't be touched will mess up the code and everything in between.

If you want to change any other else (what to write, how, or where), as I said, the coder will always guide you where to write and how.


I would just change the "Edward Elric" part to whatever name I'd want.

There's another code that says below, "byline here" which says "the little firecracker - alchemist". If you look at the post, it's the information below Edward Elric, which we would delete that part and put whatever we want in there that fits our character sheet.

I think that's just the simple gist to the code that I shared right now, but it's important that we never mess with anything that has a
[/border]]/code] or anything that has a "[/]"
to it because that's how codes are placed (unless you've become comfortable and know how to change these things up). ALSO, never take off their credit because they worked hard and they are kind enough to share their codes to us.
If you have any specific questions, please let me know! The edited code that I have given to you as a tutorial is below here, with the blue background I mentioned earlier that I changed from "#fff" to that blue color :>

I really hope this helps you! Sorry if it's long lmao.


the little firecracker - alchemist

/* ------ credit -- do not remove ------ */

© weldherwings.

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if you have discord, I recently created a server [watch me be overwhelmed by work and keep forgetting to put stuff into it or advertising it lol] which caters to all levels of bbcode learners. People like Uxie Uxie and I are coder advocates in the server where you can ask whatever you want about bbcode and we’re there to help! Feel free to join (in fact, anyone and everyone feel free to join!). Keep in mind that it’s an unofficial server and not associated with rpn~!


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