Experiences How old were you when you first started roleplaying?

I was somewhere between 11-13 when I started forum roleplaying. Warrior cats forums. Good times, still remember most of my rps there.

When I started rping in general though? Forever basically, because what is roleplaying but playing pretend?
I was 10-11 and started real-life roleplaying warrior cats w/my friends. I started playing Feral Heart at 12, took a break for like a year, and have been rping consistently since 2014.
Fascinating, it seems most people here began RP when around 10-13 years old. I had written little stories off and on since I learned to write, and I first started roleplaying on a site that was once known as Zetapets (now Mythodreas) around 10 or 11 years old (I lied about my age at the time). I think most of the roleplays I was involved in just had wolves in them. When I got into my mid to later teens I'd started branching out and improving my wee post length.
I was eleven I believe. I'm now turning 28 this month so that's a long ass time. There isn't a super exciting story behind why I got into RP beyond the fact I had a creative mind and liked writing stories and things. I was browsing the Neopets forums one day(this was back when Neopets was like the hottest internet trend ever) and I noticed they had a roleplay forum. I overlooked it previously, but then that day I went and checked it out. I think you can quickly guess I became hooked from there xD.

My mum was going for sewing courses and accountant courses on different days, so she was away every afternoon of every day, and my dad was at work. So they left me with my grandmother and uncle. And my uncle, seeing how I loved stories, created his own fantasy world, drew maps, and such; and each time I came, I'd make a new character who'd explore this world and adventure in it. Naturally, I mostly took characters from popular films back then, but it never mattered.

I still vaguely remember the stories; as well as the world. It was pretty simple, but now when I think about it, had much potential.
Roleplaying off of internet I did from a very early age, probably at the age of four or five. But online roleplaying in between the age of 10 and 11, I can't remember properly. But what I do know is that I started off on amino. It's sad how much everything had changed.
I think I was 11 or 12 when I first started. And I found myself roped into a roleplaying community on facebook. I ended up making multiple accounts for roleplaying, and those accounts varied from fandoms; from Vocaloid to Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji. I had no idea what I was doing, I was mainly copying other people.
If you want to know when I actually started role-playing online then I would say around 12 or maybe 11, but in my head I've been doing it for years since I was 9.

When I had just turned 9, I was re-reading a lot of my favorite book series/watching my favorite shows, and was dying to talk to other people about my obsessions, but since no one else had interest similar to what I did, I ended up talking to myself in my head, gushing about how cool it would be to pretend to be Annabeth Chase or Luna Lovegood when I woke up one morning and started doing it. I just spent my days day-dreaming about fake scenarios with canon characters mingling with some of my own, when my entire perception of books changed when I turned 11.

Fanfics. Need I say more? I was introduced to Wattpad by my friend and started writing badly written but wholesome stories (that actually were decent and didn't have crazy characters) and was having the time of my life. People were commenting, encouraging me to continue with my writing, and I took it and ran with it. And it changed all over again when I was 12 and found a fanfic of a bunch of roleplay ideas, which piqued my interest even more. What on Earth was a roleplay, and why haven't I done one before?

Some of you may know that I started roleplaying on Hogwarts.io and then came here, looking for new ideas, so, here I am!
11/12 years old. I was in grade six when I was introduced to the concept of roleplaying through the chats in some multi-player games like Wolfquest and Feralheart. I first tried forum style RP on Dragoncave, and then eventually I found RpN.
Online, I started roleplaying when I was about 14 on Aol chat groups and yahooligans. And other drop in/out message boards that I will never be able to remember. I'm 38 now, you can do the math. I'm definitely long in the tooth in this hobby.

But prior to internet interactions, I used to make these games for my cousins and little brother on sheets of paper with basic area maps and such, with locations for treasure and items and monster encounters. I probably did that since I was like 12 or so and had no idea that I was basically doing my own version of TTRPG. Of course, being as young as we were, everything usually devolved into toilet humor pretty quickly.

Obviously, I'm not counting "playing pretend" or "make-believe" as roleplaying, because I think the majority of kids have done that since they were like toddlers. lol
I started at 13 years old. That was when my parents allowed me more freedom on the internet, and there were forums I wanted to join but couldn't until I was 13.
For me maybe around 12? Although my friends and I back then didn't know what it was called, we acted out things as mostly canon characters and had a blast. We spent most of our time together in character. We did some over text, phones and some internet (didn't have a lot of net back in the days of dialup). Although once we learned about yahoo messenger and learned what roleplay was we moved to online when we weren't hanging out.

I'm 41 now and still remember some of my old RPs that were terrible, full of one liners and Mary Sues and RP partners that were... questionable and weird.
Not entirely certain, but I was at least 9. I used to roleplay on Roblox in those "raise a family"-esque slice-of-life games. From there I moved on to MMO roleplay and ultimately a mix of tabletop/forum RP.
12, at least, if we're talking about forum role-playing. I had been doing stuff in chats and guestbooks as early as 1997 and I was like 8 years old then.
I wanna say - around age 11 is when we got internet. I instantly joined a messaging program and started to roleplay.
Around 13-14 when I first started. My uncle introduced me to D&D 3.5, and I immediately fell in love. Been RP'ing casually ever since.
I think I was about 10 or 11 when I first started. I used to write stories in my school notebooks, but then found that roleplay communities existed online. I wrote some extremely cringy content, but it helped me develop to how I write now.
Started at about 10-11 on Gaia Online in their forums. Moved on to roleplay in actual video games at about 14. Did that for about 14 yrs, now landed here at RPN.
I want to say I started role playing at around 12-13. My best friend and I at the time were very big Lion King fans and we made many characters within the world. But when I really started role playing I’d say was 15? Freshmen year of high school.

That’s when I created new worlds and stories with a friend I had at the time.
10-12, around the age range of a lot of others here! I started RPing Pokemon in chat rooms and on forums as soon as we got Internet at home, and that was late elementary school-early middle school for me.
I'm dating myself. But I was about 5 or 6 when I started role playing. It was more live action role playing with my best friends. We'd dress up as close as possible to original characters from various things like YuGiOh, DBZ, Zelda, etc. Whatever was popular at the time, we'd role play it.

I did my first online roleplay in 2009 on myspace of all places. If you know what myspace is, congrats. We're both old! XD

Anywho, yeah, I started real young with role playing. It's always been a hobby for me since I have an active imagination and love to give it plenty of exercise.

I was 10-11, on the Gaia Online forums and Neopets forums! Then, it escalated from there from AOL, and MSN, to FB forums. Can you believe FB used to have forums? Ahhh.... Good times, good times.
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