How High Can We Count Without A MOD?

Discussion in '#forumgames' started by Jazzy, Apr 28, 2016.

Hey Guest,

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  1. Uhhm, zero?

    Captain Hesperus
  2. 2
    this looks fun c:
  3. 4
    lemme do another forum game real quick so this isn't bumped to the top of general discussions c:
  4. Captain.... This thread was alive again ! I ha...

    Wait, let me count. 5 !
  5. 9
    we might be able to count higher if we do other forum games and hide this one from the main page each time :p
  6. You're doing it in the wrong order. other forum game AFTER the counting. :P
  7. I am, you are just quick in replying.
  8. 18- you type fast for a potato, i must say

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