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Multiple Settings ~How do you stitch a bullet hole?~ + Royal-themed + BTS AU Roleplay Search

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The fluffy Alpaca
Hi there everyone!
I'm back after a really long time of having forgotten about this site (a year to be precise) and can't wait to get back into roleplaying!

I have a main thread, link is here.
There you can read some things about me and my roleplaying style, plus some other pairings, plots/prompts/ideas and fandoms if what I mention below is not your cup of tea.

Now I have two ideas/prompts that I really really crave, which is why I made a separate thread for it.

1) How do you stitch a bullet hole?
I once had a roleplay like this, sadly my partner vanished and left me (this was before I forgot about the site). I loved the idea and would just adore it if I could rp something like this again.
Technically it's all about a police officer OR soldier and a nurse / young doctor (can be male or female). Muse A (the officer/soldier) one day saves Muse B (nurse/dr.) from something (can be bad guys in a bar, whatever). This however doesn't end well for Muse A as they get shot.
The original idea would be that Muse B ends up having to save them, never having 1) seen someone shot and 2) stitched a bullet hole together (emphasis on them being fairly new to the medical field). During recovery they grow closer and bond - not knowing that the danger is still lurking outside and wants to finish what they begun.

My preference for this rp would be Muse A, a male. I don't mind if Muse B would be female or male (so mxf or mxm). Could also double up or even triple up^^

2) King/Prince x Knight
I have a thing for rp'ing as the warrior-type, be it soldiers or in this case: knights.
I also love me some cliché forbidden romance.
Basically the idea revolves around a young king or prince (not talking about minors, but like early 20s) and a knight falling in love. Perhaps there's a war raging and the knight has to be the personal bodyguard thus they end up spending looots of time together, be it that the prince is bethrothed to some princess of another kingdom and the king sent his most loyal knight with him for protection while preparing for the wedding.... so many options!

Here I would also have the preference for Muse A, the knight. This would be mxm. Can also double/triple up!

If you're here because of BTS - yay! If one of the plots above seem interesting to you - double yay! I wouldn't mind if any of those 2 prompts were with BTS members. If none of those prompts seem interesting to you, then check out my main thread. There's some more ideas there, and if there's still nothing you're interested in - you can dm me anyway! I'm sure we'll find something to rp about ^^


New Member
I’m interested in the BTS one. I have never role play where it’s based off of something. So I might get the person’s personality wrong for awhile till I get the feel of things.

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