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Other How do you relieve stress?


I listen to calming music, Undertale in particular as it never fails to remind me of better days.

I also associate Undertale with positive feelings.


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For me, it’s tea and instrumental music. ☕ 🎵

I’ve just been listening to the Tales of Symphonia sound track it makes me feel calm. There’s a subtle hint of childhood nostalgia that takes you away.

And if it’s a nice day out, a brisk walk out always helps too.


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Role-playing, although I can rarely find partners that can match how active I am.
Also listening to Oz (Oz Media) scream at random Reddit posts.


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Playing multiplayer games with friends! Also Steven Universe

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I press my palms and bottoms of my feet against an angular surface and massage them in a rolling fashion, then just gradually work my way up my arms and legs. Crack the back and neck a few times, lay down with a cold drink and watch some funny YouTube videos.


I likely suffer from BPD and so I deal with everything in excess. When I'm stressed, I may eat or exercise excessively. Sometimes I'll take more medication than recommended too. The more healthy alternatives that I have, however, usually include distracting myself through cleaning, playing my Switch or 2DS, and listening to music that was popular in 2012.


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Tea, music, venting and on a particularly stressful day; world domination.

I kid.

Or do I?

I go out on a run, or exercise. One of the more healthier stress busters for me there.


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I pretty much deal with every emotion in excess, so it's gotten hard to distract myself. I deal with symptoms of depression so sometimes nothing I do can really help for over time. One thing I try to make a habit if I'm stressed or am close to breaking down is close my eyes and try to imagine a soothing color, then hold it for as long as possible. That color is usually light green for me. If I'm depressed though, then that exercise doesn't really help too much. But then again, it's just there so I won't break down. If I'm feeling depressed, then I just stare into space lol. Trying to force myself to do anything just makes it worse.

I also play video games, read, vent to friends, or listen to music. Depends on the mood. 👀


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I usually relieve stress by doing something creative; painting, writing, or something else along these lines. Usually I just take part in a pastime that keeps my interest and helps calm me down. Animals are also a great way to relieve stress; they are extremely attuned to the emotions of the people around them, and I find that simply petting a dog or playing with a cat has a huge influence on how anxious I feel.

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I usually like to listen to aesthetic music because I just like how soothing it is. It really gets your mind off of things and helps you relax.

For those who want to try it out, here is a aesthetic music compilation for you : )


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I don't do anything I just let it build. I know how to keep my emotions surpressed for years straight. I am 15 and I've been surpressing rage and stress since I was 6 and I'm still going.


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Mostly by listening to music. Taking an hour or two just to listen to certain songs, can really help me relax and relieve my stress at the same time. When that fails, I try working out, or even just driving around in my car.

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