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Answered How do I use Discord???


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Hello! So I'm pretty much a veteran with RPNation. I've had this account for more than a few years, but I'm also a 20 year old college student and don't really use this site as much as I used to. I just came back and nothing is really all that different except now There is an RPN discord, which is super cool...... BUT I have no idea how I'm supposed to use discord. So I need a little help.

I'm stuck on this page:

It says I need to connect my RPN account to my discord account, but every time I try it just takes me to the same page where I opened up my discord page.
Also... I really have no idea what I'm supposed to do after. Can I RP on this website??? Please help me out!!!

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I'm stuck in the Welcome channel, how can I fix this?
If you've followed the directions above and are still unable to join the main chat channels, you should:
  • Disassociate and Re-associate your Discord account.
  • If you still have issues after this, please create a thread in Staff Contact.
Hope this helps, and if not, Staff Contact is your best bet.


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Also, Discord is a chat program that can also be accessed through the website you screenshotted. It's not a part of RpNation's website exactly, we just have a server on the chat program.

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