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Other How did you come up with your username?


will turn your insides into your outsides
I have a proclivity towards obscenely detailed violence in my writing. Hence the "murder". I like to include actions of purposeful death in a lot of my stories. And the "gurl"... well, because I'm a female. I've actually had this handle for many, many years. Probably something like a decade.


gonna be a pretty inactive bc life
well, it's my real first name, and it looks nice on paper so i decided, why not.


The Bean
Been my Xbox gamertag since I was like 7. And it's what my siblings call me since I'm Hispanic and the youngest


Fern Queen
I wanted to be redfern but that was taken. Systematically combed through alternatives for red until I worked out cerise.

Why redfern? Ferns are my favorite plant. Red... IDK why I picked red. It's nice, but not my favorite colour. So... We'll just leave it at that.


thorn in a patch of lilies
I saw a quote from tumblr years ago that said “she flirts with a tiny halo on”. Added my little twist & it’s my username for everything.


Endless Dreams
Back when I was still an edgy middle schooler, I thought smashing silver and black together makes an edgy cool name. Years have passed since then. People got used to calling me silver. I still use this as my common pen name. Didn’t bother thinking of a new one.


Is that a police!? I'M CALLING THE WEED!!!
I'm a Legend of Zelda fan, and I like to believe we all have an angel within us bursting to help people and do good things. And thus, "HyrulesAngel" was born


New Member
A random person who later became my friend at a party that I was at when I was 7, kept mistaking me for his cousin and kept calling me Dominic, even though he was too many times that I was not his cousin. It's been a running joke ever since between my friends and me.


Ultimate Spider-Fan
Swift is the beloved OC I made for my favourite book series the Maze Runner, and over time I developed her backstory, what happened to her after the canon events etc and I ended up making her a lil baby Glader named Phoenix. I was making an account for a website and I thought ‘Hey, why don’t I smush their two names together and make a cool user?’ That username was simply Swiftphoenix but that was taken so I separated it with a dash thingy. So that’s basically how I got my username.

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