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Help Hover boxes? Why are there so many?


Shelly Duck
For some reason there are multiple hover boxes.. At least they work. But I only need one. And is there a way to put a picture in the hover box not as the background? I tried but it doesn't show up.. My only thought would be the picture is too big? Thanks for your help~

testing testing

border: dashed 3px #00585a;
[class name=box state=hover]
background:blue; border: dashed 3px #00585a; height:265px; width: 200px; [/class]
[div=background:#fdffee;width:1000px;height:500px;border:7px dashed #00585a;border-radius:1%;padding:15px]
[row][column=span2][div=background: #fdffee; width:200px; height:265px;border: dashed 3px #00585a; overflow:hidden; border-radius:1%][div=overflow:auto;width:207px; height:255px; padding:5px;text-align:justify;]
[div class=box]
testing testing


I'm not sure what exactly you are trying to do. Did you mean you wanted the hover box to hover and produce an image when it happens? Like in this example? I honestly wouldn't do it this way, I've done it before and using images of various sizes you get some weird results, such as stretching and shrinking in the middle of a transition. Also, the only way to really do this that I know of is to set it as the background img.

Hover for placeholder image


Shelly Duck
I actually figured out a way to do it differently that gives me perfect results. I don't know what I was trying to do at first. Gah, I keep making things more complicated than they should be. Thanks, though!

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