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Fantasy Hotel California OOC


Humanoid Typhoon
That won't work in this rp. The hotel host isn't one to keep people in pictures on the wall like what happened in the luigi's mansion game. This hotel is a vastly different beast than the one in that game and the host even more so. There aren't any ghosts like in said game either, they're still actual feeling people/creatures with personality that aren't going to attack or do anything unless provoked.
It may be a hotel as the setting but that doesn't mean it will be even remotely close to the game.


Hit Me!
There's no alternative objective for Luigi unless Mario gets put somewhere in the hotel in his whole form


Humanoid Typhoon
This isn't a super marios bros rp or luigi's mansion. it's a horror/survival/mystery. it would be going against what's happening in the rp to suddenly stick him in somewhere and have him being freed as the goal. Especially since it's pointless as nobody can even leave at this point and are subject to eternal torment at the hands of the host. Being trapped in something in this place would be a blessing compared to being free within it.


Humanoid Typhoon
Yes. Not when being played like he would be in the games. Which is hard to do in many cases when playing as a mario bros universe character seeing as they are hardly fleshed out personality wise and barely talk.
The world of this rp is brutal and merciless.

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