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Realistic or Modern Hot Import Nights - Autosport RP

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Hot Import Nights was only a few months away, and it didn't joke around when it came to its participates. They only allowed the best of the best to join in and have a chance at the grand title of The Elite, a title only few are granted. Many wanted it, but only a few would actually make the cut to the journey to the top. Many applied but now it was time for them to prove themselves. You are one of the chosen ones, so don't waste this once in a lifetime opportunity. Today is the entrance test for the event in question and our 100 racers are all piled up into a room, waiting eagerly for the announcement of the race start. 100 qualified, but only 10 made the cut. Only a few minutes remained on the clock until the official announcement so racers could mingle with the other racers.

Everyone was talking about what the qualifying event could possibly be, as all were in the city of Tokyo, Japan awaiting an update on the situation. Then suddenly, out of the blue, a powerful rotary engine pulls up next to the area. A FC3S was the culprit for this noise, but it made everyone go silent, because just about everyone knew who it was from the car alone. The door of the FC3S opened and out came a well dressed man, but not just any man, but the Byakuya Kuchiki, last year's Hot Import Nights winner. He was respected by most of the racers here and his appearance in this years festival will be sure to turn more heads than usual. He walked through the crowd, seemingly unimpressed by the crowd presented before him. Nevertheless, he pushed forward to the stage in the front and stood there, ready to speak.

"Listen up, rookies! Today marks the 20th anniversary of Hot Import Nights. Now, usually, we would show you the map, your loaned cars and get straight to it. However..." He looked to the side and winked. At that time, several engines roar down the streets of Tokyo and surely, they pull up right next to the area. The cars pull up in one by one. A Saleen S7 stick out in the group"...But today is no normal occasion. This is the 20th anniversary of Hot Import Nights, and we have to celebrate like it." He said the last sentence very monotone, as if he had to say it against his will.

"Come on, what type of introduction is that?" One of the pro racers said. More specifically it was the Saleen Driver, Hudson Mohawke, easily recognizable by his mask. "You are no fun at all. Grow some balls and say it properly." Byakuya shook his head in embarrassment. "Sorry about the, lets be honest, rather shitty intro by my comrade Byakuya here, but he's right. This is the official 20th anniversary of Hot Import Nights, and It has to be special, one of a kind you may say. Luckily, we do have something planned out for you guys. A battle between all nineteen..." He raises and turns his arm into the direction of all 18 Elite drivers next to him before pointing at himself "...of us. Why, exactly do this? Because this is the way to celebrate 20 good ol' years of racing, fighting, laughing, screwing each other over and drifting at Hot Import Nights, and also, you all need mentors like me and this guy over here."He points to Byakuya. "Talk about a good ol' nostalgia trip, right? Anyway, we will get ready for our race against each other on our custom made track here in Japan, Split Decision!" Shortly after, the screens on all sides of the area showed the basic outline of the track.
Screenshot (8).png
"I could have said tha-"
"Sure, but you are ass at it." A few people in the crowd chuckle. "As you can see at the outline of the track here, there are lots of corners and straights on this track, so its anyone's game here. It's also very long, so be prepared for a mild endurance race here. Rookies, pay attention because this track we are about to race on is also the track you are going to race on as well. Anyway, while we prep for this race, talk amongst yourselves and good luck. Cheer for Wrench!" Shortly afterwards, All 19 Elite Drivers leave the area to their cars. Meanwhile all the rookie racers mingle amongst each other as the crew set up everything for the Upcoming race.


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Brianna Jackson
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Brianna was leaning on her T.T Turbo Quattro since she is listening on the introduction of the HIN Elite drivers, she will sing one of her songs softly in order to not surprise some people.


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Carmo is driving in the Volkswagen Beetle when she saw Brianna passing by. She stops the car for a minute to allow herself to speak. It appears that she is listening to music as it is hard to tell if she will hear her speaking or not. She is willing to introduce to whomever people she would like to talk to no matter their personality. She is curious about what Brianna is waiting for. Perhaps she is just chilling as usual.

"Olá! My name is Carmo Garcia and I just came all the way from Brazil to take part in the racing competition. Are you waiting for someone or something? I'm a bit curious." She said curiously.


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Brianna Jackson
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Interaction: Calmo

Brianna turned around to Calmo saying her name right before saying "Brianna Jackson. Nice to meet you, Calmo." She was saying that with a boyish yet cold voice to the female who was looking towards her.

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