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Hosted Projects Quick Guide [OUTDATED]

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This thread is outdated! You can read the new updated version here!

Hosted Projects Quick GuideCongratulations, you are now the proud owner of a Hosted Project (HP for short). This is a quick guide to help you in understanding the basics regarding the features.

HP Application & CreationIn order to be granted permission to create a HP, you first must create and send an application here. You must have at least 250 account posts in order to see the HP Application/Support area. Your application will need to explain why your RP project needs the resources of an HP.

Once your HP application has been approved by an Administrator, you will be granted access to create your HP.

To create your HP:
  • Go to the Hosted Project Area.

  • There is a sub-menu with the options:
    • List all HPs
    • Search Hosted Projects
    • Create Hosted Project
    • Owned HPs
    • Member of Hosted Projects

  • Click on Create Hosted Project

  • You will be directed to a page to now officially set up your HP. Look under the section Edit Hosted Project to learn more about what you see on these settings.

Owner ToolsYou will find - on any HP tab page - an "Owner Tools" drop down menu on the right most side of the tab menu, nearly all the way to the right of the page. To open this menu, simply click the text and a drop down menu will appear.


Edit Hosted ProjectIn this area you will be able to do the following:
  • Change the title of your HP.
    • Titles can only be a maximum of 42 characters.

  • Add/Update/Remove information about your HP.
    • The information placed here shows up under the information tab of your HP.
    • This area is BBCode friendly!

  • Add a short description about your HP.
    • When a user hovers over your HP's banner this short description will appear.

  • Select what category your HP is in.

  • Select Hosted Project Settings you desire.
    • These are your privacy settings for your HP. You can make your HP private or public. These settings also determine how a member can join your group. Carefully review each option.

Create Sub-ForumHPs allow you to create up to 5 sub-forums (this doesn't include the main forum) to help you organize your content. When you click this option, a pop-up menu will appear.


You can set up the sub-forum name and privacy. However, your privacy settings that you have selected for your entire HP will override any settings for your sub-forums. This means if your HP is set to be entirely private, that even if you set a sub-forum to be public, it will still be private under the main settings.

Sub-forums cannot be set to be private based on a member's position within the HP. This means you cannot set up a private 'Moderator Only' sub-forum that normal members cannot see.

Edit Sub-ForumThis option simply lets you edit a sub-forum that you have already created, allowing you to change the name and privacy settings.

Transfer Group OwnershipIf you ever find that you are unable to keep up with your HP, you have the option to transfer the HP to one of your HP members that you feel can take over the responsibility of running the HP.

Upload HP BannerYour group banner should be 220px X 80px, or scalable to 220px X 80px. If you do not take these dimensions into account, you may find your banner stretched out awkwardly. This is the banner that shows up on the main HP area.

Aren't graphic savvy or don't have the tools to create your own banner? Here are some sites you can use to create one:

Upload HP AvatarCurrently this function does not work.

Add/Delete ModeratorsAs the owner of an HP, you can now easily set up your own co-GMs. Changing a HP member to a moderator of your HP will give them access to moderation tools within the HP. They will be able to:
  • Delete/Undelete posts.
  • Edit posts.
  • Sticky/Unsticky posts.
  • Lock/Unlock posts.
If you wish to remove a member as a moderator, you just need to go to this menu option and click on their text username - not their avatar - to remove them as a moderator.

MembersDepending on your HP settings, members may be free to join your HP or request membership. In either case, all membership notifications are sent via PM from the @RpNation account. With in PM is where - if you have set your membership to private - that you will find a link that will take to do approve or decline an join request.

You can also invite new members to join your HP. Just go to the Members tab of your HP and located at the bottom right there is an "INVITE NEW MEMBER" button.

Under the Members tab you can also remove members. If you wish to remove a HP moderator, you will first have to make them into a normal member once again and then remove them as a member.

Thread ModerationAs a HP owner or HP moderator, you now have the ability to moderate the content of the HP forums.


Next to the OP's avatar, you will find a small little check box. If you select this box, a moderation menu will appear.


If you click 'DELETE' the thread will be made to no longer be accessible to your HP members. Moderators will still be able to access the content in case they need to restore the removed thread or post. Note: The arrows do not change the position or order of threads, it will just move the moderation overlay up or down to the next thread/post.

You can click the drop down menu for more moderation options, though you will not have access to everything. The option to 'Apply Thread Prefix' is unavailable.

Moderation Options
  • Delete/Undelete
    • This will remove a thread from public view.
  • Stick/Unstick
    • This will 'pin' a specific thread to the top of a forum.
  • Lock/Unlock
    • This will either allow or disallow replies to be posted on a thread.
  • Move
    • If a post has been put into the incorrect area, you are able to move it to where you desire it within the HP.
  • Merge
    • This will merge multiple threads together as a single post.
  • Deselect Threads
    • If you change your mind, you can use this function to deselect threads you've selected (or you can just uncheck the moderation check box).
  • Close Overlay
    • This will close the moderation overlay

If you look under the 'Start Date' area of a thread in a forum, you will see an 'edit' button.

This is another way to moderate the threads in your HP. This edit area will allow you to quickly change a thread's title, status, and whether is is locked or sticky. Always remember to save your changes!

Post ModerationYou also have the ability to edit individual posts. At the bottom of every post in your HP, you will be able to see the following options; edit, delete, report, bookmark.

When to click edit you will be able to edit the post's content. At the bottom you will find a few options, such is if the post shows it has been edited. The options themselves are explained, so read over them carefully.

Any edited posts will show a 'history' option at the bottom after 'edit.' If any edited posts need to be reverted to an earlier version, you can use the history option to do so. You can also see who has edited the posts.
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