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On the third try, the sword was snagged in the webbing -- the light did indeed come from the blade, as it rose with a dark blue glow.

It was a +1 longsword, and the fleshless had reeled in it's prize...
With the battle now over, the Gluttonous One went over to the wounded hosts and began to probe their wound with his root like fingers, sucking up and absorbing the little bits of flesh that were beyond saving and generally cleaning the wounds. These hosts would not live forever, but there was no point in wasting them. After all, they had four prisoners that could come in handy in other ways. He looked to the others and said "We should return to the Cathexus. Keep these prisoners separate from the tribe and continue to indoctrinate them. They will come to worship the Great Old Ones in due time. Besides.... some of these host bodies are at risk of perishing before their expiry date. We should seek the healing powers of the crystal and make sure that it is safe in the cistern."
Well things hadn't gone as smoothly as it had first hoped but Soprano had gotten there in the end. 'With a little help from its friends' as the mortals would say. Soprano would not say this of course, for it the concept of friendship was an academic thing at best.

It knew the the more reasonable parts of its insect mind that what the Gluttonous One said was correct. Their continued existence relied on the safety of this watery chamber they now claimed as their territory and its own shell was falling apart at the seams. Yet learning of the vulnerable state of this camp that potential of the prey within set it to hungering all over again.

"Priests..." It hissed in the Abyssal tongue. "They said priest is nearby, priest words are respected among mortals. If this one could reach a priest it could sing. This one could speak and be listened to, bring more goblins to serve." All the while its voice thrummed to the rhythm of ambition.
The crimson spider skittered across the caves ceiling in order to avoid the deadly creatures that lurked bellow in the water. It was traveling to the cistern. This trip had three purposes: the first was to see the damage dealt by the flooding, sharks wouldn't be a danger to the Cathexus due to the web sheet that was previously placed over it, so no sharks would be small enough to swim into the body of the cistern. The second purpose is to store the magic sword the spider acquired, placing it where the previous giant spider's nest lay. The final purpose was to rest and recover the Fleshless's web making ability. The previous giant spider's lair would be perfect for future uses, like this resting.


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Travelling on the ceiling, the chamber of the cistern of skulls was accessible -- though the tunnel with the shrine leading to it was almost entirely flooded. The fleshless saw a crocodile in the water engaged in battle with a shark, but kept moving.

The cistern was flooded in 5+ feet of water now -- above the cistern was a whirlpool that gently stirred the webs below the surface.

As the fleshless crawled it's way into the spider lair in the ceiling, it spotted a goblin -- Pigot, in a hammock made of webs. He was fishing in the turbulent waters below, and tending to his injuries.

In the lair of the Giant spider, tiny bits of jewelry and coins lay incidentally amid the bones of previous meals.

The fleshless would rest well.
Thoughts and ideas wizzed through the gestalt mess that combined the minds of the scout and a dimwitted goblin. It was only as others began to return to the haunt that served as their portal house that it saw which way the wind was turning. With goblinoid hiss of frustration it decided to play things safe... it would retreat for now.

That left the issue of the goblins they had seemingly captured for now though.

"Come with us, little ones." It hissed in their mortal tongue. "We will show you the power we offer." Its voice still hummed with the primal purr of temptation, absentmindedly humming such tunes to itself as they lead the surrendered goblins back to the cistern.


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Aggressive sharks swam upstream past the abominations falling back to the cistern. The beach on the far side of the cavern was deeply flooded, but a thin sandbar on their side kept them dry and comparatively safe. This illusion of safety melted away when the river concentrated at the tunnel into the cistern... and the cistern water level itself had risen nearly five feet...

To enter the cistern now was to risk the predation of large crocodiles, sharks, or both...

The goblin "captives" looked on incredulously.
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Hmm complications. At least there were natural defences in place now, that was what truly mattered. Now they just needed a way to avoid wasting these new resources. Goblins were good climbers, maybe there was a higher path or tunnel it could put them to work on.

(Knowledge check, Dungeoneering)


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The choir searched the mind of the goblin, then it's own fractured harmonies -- and could not find the lore of dungeoneering -- perhaps it could invest some of it's awakening skills in that discipline. What it could learn was with it's perception the rocks over the passageway had been wracked with water before, as it seemed they would be again if the water kept rising...

...This could be put to use -- the damaged overhang, if loosened, could create a dam of sorts within the passage, especially with the junk, debris, and other rocks in the passage. If enough rock could be freed at this location, the waterflow could be slowed to a point the water level might actually descend in the cistern...

...But how to break the rock? would such a pursuit even be safe?

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