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Multiple Settings Hoping to find someone to RP with!

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Hello! I’m Ex. I'm in my mid-20s with over 10+ years of on and off role-playing under my belt. My styles are very much molded to that of my partner/group. That being said, the longer and more descriptive it is (say, more than 6 paragraphs) the longer it will take me for respond so if it’s on the shorter end of things I think it might be more preferable on my end (just because I still have school things going on).

I have mostly done a lot of original role-play with hints of influences from anime, TV, movies, etc. I’d say I stronger lean into fantasy/supernatural/adventure/action with romance thrown into the mix type role-plays. However, if the plotline is interesting and if I feel like I can do it justice then I’m always open to try. I'm open to role-playing m/f, m/m, f/f and totally okay with taking the role my partner does not want.

Feel free to also reach out with your own ideas! Please also be 18+!!
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Hi all! Thanks for your interest but I have found partners to fulfill the plotline I had, if you have other plotlines, please feel free to reach out!

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