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Fandom [Homestuck] One Hundred Percent (RP Edition)

Sub Genres
Action, Adventure, Anime, LGTBQ Friendly, Magical, Meta, Super Powers

Eibon Commoriom

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Four kids learn what it means to become ideal.


One Hundred Percent (A.K.A. 100%) is a story about a four-person group of human Sburb players dealing with the odd circumstances of their session's true nature, figuring out how to win a broken and unbeatable game, and learning just what it means to become ideal.

Due to the pattern-heavy nature of Homestuck (and the entirety of MSPA in general), One Hundred Percent will follow similar rules in the same vein as my previous RP's: the Players' Mythos (Title, Moon, Lands, Denizens, etc.) will be decided in secret based on the actions of your characters and session data. The four players must be one of the following phenotypes,

- Black Hair w/ Glasses Male............ @Venchi1986 -
- Black Hair w/ Glasses Female............. @Noivian -
- White Hair w/out Glasses Male........... @Orikanyo -
- White Hair w/out Glasses Female......... @brynhild -

- Showrunner/Author/Maître D'ude... @Eibon Commoriom -
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I'm interested in the white hair without glasses female! Is there any application I need to fill out?


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I am 100% in for white haired w/o glasses yo yo

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