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Realistic or Modern Hollywood University (Interest Check - Open)

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Action, AU, LGTBQ, Platonic, Realistic, Romance, School, Slice of Life


*Insert clever comment here*
Hey everyone! Welcome to my first interest check! I got my inspiration for this from a mobile game called Hollywood U, but don't worry if you've never played it, I'm only basing the setting on it, not the plot or anything. I don't have any fancy BBCode right now, as I'm not very good with it yet. Bear with me here.

Before we begin, I'd like to get some ground rules out of the way.

1. Basic RP Etiquette
-This means no god modding, power playing, Mary-Sues, etc. Basic stuff.
2. Please keep all BBCode mobile friendly
-I don't care if you use fancy BBCode, but please make sure it's visible on mobile devices. I mostly access the site from my phone, so I need to be able to see all of it without using the quote features.
3. There is no character limit, but please keep up with your characters. Make sure you can manage all of them.
-Also, staff members are 1 per person unless we have a shortage of people interested in playing them
4. Realistic face claims are preferred, but realism art is accepted too. No anime/cartoon please.
-This rule is mostly for the sake of consistency
5. There is a 5 sentence minimum for all in-character posts. Also, no "dialogue only" posts. It's preferred to count any dialogue towards one sentence of this count.
-I'm not asking for paragraphs, but please try to give some details.
6. Please try to have proper grammar, capitalization, spelling, etc.
-Mistakes happen and that's okay, but please put in effort.

As I'm not sure how much interest this'll get, I'm not going to reveal too many plot details just yet, but this is a college RP taking place in Los Angeles, California. The university is centered around becoming a star in cutthroat Hollywood, and there are 7 main majors you can pick from (each with their own subcategories, but I'm still working on those details). These majors are:

Please comment below if you are interested! I want at least 3 interested people before I work on posting the OOC and character threads,


*Insert clever comment here*
Alright, since I got 3 people interested, I will get started on an OOC thread and then a character thread. It might not be ready until tomorrow but I will link it here (I will edit this post if no one else has posted since this one). Keep an eye out guys!


*Insert clever comment here*

Here’s the OOC. Character sheet is up and linked

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