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    Hello everyone, I'm BadFeelsGood but you can call me Vin.
    I'm here to expand my writing and explore some fandoms.
    My main fandom is Overwatch and i'm a huge nerd for these pairings:
    Sombra x Widowmaker
    Reaper x Soldier
    Reaper x Widowmaker
    Reaper x Sombra
    Widowmaker x Tracer
    Pharah x Mercy
    Mercy x Soldier
    Symmetra x Sombra
    D.Va x Sombra
    Lucio x D.Va

    As you can probably tell from that, i'm bi, and i'm very keen on videogames. At the same time i enjoy other sorts of RPs, such as hyper modern and supherhero ones. If you're interested just hit me up with a DM!
    - Vin
  2. Welcome to the site fren! :3
    If you're looking for partners I'd suggest checking out our Searching for Partners (or group) threads ^-^
    Feel free to come say hi any time if you have any questions, I'll probably be lurking around the discord chat ^33^
  3. Nice to meet you! You sure love pairing Sombra with a lot of people haha
  4. Welcome to RPN!! I am the Mechanist! The hero of the commonwealth and of RPN!! There are Tons of RP's to join, and even more people to RP with, myself included ^D^ We've got all kinds ranging from modern to medieval to futuristic. I myself am prone to fantasy, medieval or futuristic rp's, and I am a sucker for romance and a good love story. Trust me when I say we almost have it all!! Feel free to help yourself to the cookies and punch at the table.
  5. Welcome to RPNation! I'm Evie, feel free to PM me if you need help with anything, or just ask right here! We have many different genres of roleplays to offer, so don't be afraid to dive into something new. Enjoy your roleplaying experience!
  6. Thank you ^^

    You too. I sure do aha she's my favourite


    Thanks ^^

    Thank youuu ;)
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