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sharks are love, sharks are life
hello and welcome to the CS thread for the reboot of Hogwarts! You can use any form you want to for your OC(s), and you are free to use a fancy code but it is not required!

For those who need a premade form, below you will find the form for students and another one for professors!

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Full Name

Do They Play Quidditch?
If Yes, What Quidditch Position Do They Have?
What Hogwarts House Are They In?
What Year Are They In?
Blood Status

Personality (traits or paragraphs)
Backstory/History : optional!

Are they a Parseltongue?
Are They An Animagus?
Animagus Form (If they're an animagus)
Least Favorite Class
Most Favorite Class
Are They in any Clubs?
Role (example would be them being a prefect)

Sexuality Orientation
Romantic Orientation
Crush/Romantic Interests



Image Goes Here
Full Name

Wand Type
Do They Sponsor Any Clubs?
Are They a Head of House
Blood Status

Personality (traits or paragraphs)
Backstory/History : optional!

Are they a Parseltongue?
Are They An Animagus?
Animagus Form (if they are an animagus)
What Do They Teach?
What Hogwarts House Were They In?

Sexuality Orientation
Romantic Orientation
Crush/Romantic Interest


connor macauley‏‏‎. ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎‎‏‏‎♰

XVII. digging like you can bury something that cannot die.

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george reyes. ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎‏‏‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎‎‏‏‎꩜

XVII. you look at me the same, but I can't reciprocate.

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Face Claim: Joy Park
Name: Mazikeen Noriko Selwyn
Nickname(s): Maz
Epithet: “The Dark Witch”
✽ Having come from a lineage of dark wizards, it was no surprise when students branded the young witch with the rather unoriginal title. Despite the fact she has no intentions of following in the footsteps of her ancestors, she became rather fond of the epithet.

Age: Seventeen
Birthdate: September 23
Nationality: Japanese-British
Species: Pureblood Witch
Gender: Female
Pronouns: She/her/hers
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual
Other: Parseltongue

House: Slytherin
Year: 7th
Favorite Classes: Charms, Alchemy
Least Favorite Class: Divination
Extra-curriculars: Quidditch, Slytherin Chaser

Wand: Black Walnut wood with a dragon heartstring core, 12 ½ and hard flexibility

Pet: A white, long haired cat named “Izumi”
Patronus: Wolf

✽ Positive Traits: Intuitive, loyal, imaginative
✽ Negative Traits: Snarky, tempered, calculated
Calculated and collected, Mazikeen is the best and worst of Slytherin. There are seldom any moments where nefarious plans aren’t going through her head. Though the young witch boasts high intelligence and intuition, she is also exhaustingly impulsive and sees little to no issue with hexing or charming someone that prods at what little patience she has. Mazikeen’s lack of ability to swallow her witty remarks often gets her into more trouble than she truly cares for, yet she has also been blessed with a silver-tongue that manages to de-escalate even the most wretched of situations. But behind that pretty face and rather mean RBF, Maz is a loyal friend and empathetic confidante. She is also quite imaginative, considering the array of charms and potions she has managed to produce throughout her many years at Hogwarts.

✽ Sweets - the young witch has a surprising sweet tooth and will happily indulge in all sorts of fruits, gummy candies and chocolates
✽ Star-gazing - though she isn’t particularly interested in reading the stars, Maz can appreciate a starry night sky when she sees one
✽ Savory foods - one thing to know about Maz, is that the way to her heart is through her bottomless stomach
✽ Sleeping - beauty sleep is important, y’know?
✽ Humidity - yikes, feels gross
✽ Smelly odors - she has an annoyingly sensitive gag reflex and will start heaving if something stinks
✽ Creepy crawlies - any insect is truly abhorrent
✽ Authority - does anyone truly like being told what to do?
✽ Reading - after all, knowledge is power
✽ Flying - there is nothing more freeing than the feeling of the wind in your hair and glorious views below you and your broom
✽ Sketching and Painting - she’s not just good at charms or concocting potions, she can lay down a piece of fine art *chefs kiss*
✽ Cooking - doesn’t come as a surprise from someone who is a complete glutton; it is an art–a delicious one you can eat
✽ Spiders - eight legs? Unnecessary and downright disgusting
✽ The Forbidden Forest - anyone in their right mind would be afraid of a place with giant spiders, extreme darkness and other various creatures that go bump in the night
✽ Flying projectiles - she got hit once in the face by a charmed ball as a first year; not a great fear to have when you’re a chaser in quidditch yet it is something she manages to overcome. Perhaps it’s the adrenaline?
✽ She is quite talented in charms, having had many years of practice during her time at Hogwarts. There can be a charm for everything, you just have to be creative enough to do it.
✽ Maz is also somewhat of an alchemy expert and spent much of her time testing her potions on willing students in exchange for study guides and copies of her homework.
✽ Despite her appearances, Mazikeen is a gifted singer and musician, though she doesn’t indulge much in it outside of the comfort of her dorm or the shower.
✽ She’s quite gifted in talking her way out of trouble or uncomfortable situations; blame that silver-tongue of hers.

Height: 5’6”
✽ A significant scar extending from her collarbone to the back of her right shoulder blade - an old wound from a disgruntled aunt that dabbled too deeply in the dark arts
✽ A cute little crescent-shaped mark on her thigh
✽ Left ear: Cartilage, tragus, double lobe, daith
✽ Right ear: Double helix, tragus, orbital, triple lobe
Scent: Sweet jasmine
Hometown: Birmingham, England

Familial Relations:
✽ Background: Though the Selwyn legacy is tainted with various thralls of dark wizards, there are some good seeds scattered in there as well. Most of Maz’s father’s siblings are dark wizards that have strayed too far from the light. Her mother’s side on the other hand are mostly reputable ministry workers.
Finances: Wealthy, but humble
✽ Father: Thaddeus Selwyn - Ministry worker
✽ Mother: Athena Nakano - Potions shop owner in Hogsmeade, Bitter Brews
✽ Siblings:
Veronica Selwyn - Ministry worker, 22
Maddox Selwyn - 5th year Ravenclaw, 16
mazikeen noriko selwyn
seventh year.

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clover morel


# hufflepuff

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wandless magic fanatic

# 6th year

# danielle rose russell

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mallory 'mal' finch

# potions

# zoey deutch

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pureblood slytherin

# 6th year

# she/her

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;; Adora

“What can be considered human emotions? Surely not only lyricism, sadness, tragedy? Doesn't laughter also have a claim to that lofty title?”

【name】— adora iphigenia vespertine
【nicknames】— vespertine, by the common public. nia is reserved exclusively for her family and closest friends.

【age】— 18 years old
【gender】— cisfemale | she , her
【sexuality】— bisexual
【blood status】— pureblood
【house】— hufflepuff
【role】— 7th year student

【appearance】— a picture of delicate, maybe even ethereal beauty. she carries herself with grace, gliding as smooth as silk against skin when she walks into a room. adora is all delicate femininity and elusive allure. she gives off a dream like aura, the type that disarms those around her. a head of full of dark brown dreadlocks, often curled and styled in intricate designs, frames a youthful face. the fullness of her cheeks and her wide set brown eyes give her the appearance of someone in the prime of their youth, rumors say that it’s due to the blood of woodland creatures that run through her veins. adora is all flowing fabrics and earth toned colored, sparkling accessories and subtle floral scents.

it comes as a surprise, the strength that hides behind her outward visage. her body is of toned muscle honed from dance and dueling alike, fingers rough from gardening and gathering, steel wrapped with silk in the truest sense.

【face claim】— halle bailey

【personality】— whispers follow her wherever she travels, tickling her ears and beckoning her to listen. she pays them no mind, letting them glide off of her life water or silk. a phantom to some, a mere glimpse of flowing dreadlocks as they turn a corner or leaves a room. adora is a young woman wrapped in mystery. one will find that getting answers from such a girl would prove to be difficult. her words can be confusing to some, for she can speak in sayings and ramblings that make little sense to the common man. with a head that seems to be permanently floating amongst the clouds, it’s easy to not take her seriously. a sense of ethereality seeps from her, carrying herself with a gracefulness that does not seem quite human. adora is a girl who knows herself and does not desire to let others in on the knowledge. instead she floats through life, alone but never lonely.

gentle creatures are often targets for those who believe themselves stronger. the world views kindness as weakness and emotions as something to suppress. adora has had her runs in with those types and they soon find out that she is not timid in the slightest. they mistake her love for peace as fear of conflict. there is a darkness in her that she has inherited and wields when the time is right. she holds grudges and demands justice for all slights against her. those dreamy eyes of hers are more perceptive than she lets on. others tend to forget her all together, dismissing her as someone unassuming and naive.

within her is a power that hides just below the surface of her warm smiles and bright eyes. the power to wield it comes to her naturally, for she has grown up with vast knowledge passed down from generation to generation. adora is subtle about what she can do, modest about the power she wields from both sides of her heritage. she holds a deep love for what she is, for the sense of culture that she was able to grow up in. the love acts as fuel for her magic, nurturing it and watching it thrive like a child. there is knowledge hidden behind her ramblings and within the fairytales that she favors. listen carefully and it is easy to read between the lines.

【vices】— secretive, vague, emotional, vengeful, self-indulgent
【virtues】— spiritual, intuitive, patient, compassionate, modest

【likes】— traveling, diary keeping, peonies, autumn, folk & fairytales, nature walks, rainy days, soft fabrics, floral scents
【dislikes】— arguing, tense situations, supremacist rhetoric, senseless violence, pushy individuals, hot weather

❝ MAGIC. ❞

【wand】— elm wood, unicorn hair, 9 ½”, & reasonably supple
【favorite classes】— history of magic, study of ancient ruins, herbology
【least favorite classes】— divination, arithmancy, astronomy

【pet】— a kneazle named bast, she doesn’t live at hogwarts. she resides in adora’s family home.
【patronus】— adora has yet to master the patronus charm fully, so far it has no corporal form.
【boggart】— her boggart takes the form of her family, either dead or close to it.
【clubs】— diagon alley arts club , dueling club

【 background 】— w.i.p
coded by reveriee.
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alethea jia gage
potions professor

green tea & honey
dane amar

Face Claim: Liu Wen
Name: Alethea Jia Gage
Nickname(s): Thea, Ally
Epithet: *Too lazy to come up with something clever rn*
Age: Twenty-seven
Birthdate: March 4
Nationality: Chinese-Irish
Species: Pureblood Witch
Gender: Female
Pronouns: She/her/hers
Sexual Orientation: Demiromantic

House: Slytherin
Occupation: Potions Professor

Wand: Larch wood with a unicorn hair core, 13 ¼ and rigid flexibility
Pet: A brown and white owl named “Bao”
Patronus: Stag

❈ Positive Traits: Witty, Intelligent, Decisive
❈ Negative Traits: Critical, Jaded, Stubborn
❈ Being out in nature
❈ Sugar-coated strawberries
❈ Snapdragons
❈ Experimenting with potions
❈ Bitter foods
❈ Relying on others
❈ Clowns and mimes
❈ Philosophy
❈ Wizard’s chest - she’s quite good at it and has won several competitions
❈ Alchemy - self-explanatory considering she is a potions professor, but she enjoys experimenting with new ingredients and recipes
❈ Baking - though she isn’t particularly loud about this hobby, she makes delicious treats and will share them with her friends and colleagues
❈ The Dark Arts - she has seen awful things as a result of her father’s obsession
❈ Deep water - the abyss is terrifying, even more so when you can’t see what is below you
❈ Though she is a potions professor, she is also well-versed in herbology and can name a multitude of plants, flowers and herbs.
❈ Alethea is a natural actress, often using these skills to manipulate others into getting what she wants (within reason, of course)

Height: 5’10
Scars: She has a small scar curving around the bottom of her chin from a minor accident in childhood
Birthmarks: Alethea has a small, almost heart-shaped mark on her left shoulder blade
❈ Left ear: Lobes, industrial, conch
❈ Right ear: Lobes, cartilage, rook
❈ She sports a gold necklace with a pendant, inherited from her mother
Scent: Vanilla and lavender

Hometown: Dublin, Ireland

Familial Relations:
Background: Lillian Cho–Alethea’s mother–was born into a pureblood family but orphaned at a young age and ultimately adopted by a muggle family. After receiving the Hogwarts letter, she later met Atticus Gage, an intelligent and charismatic young man that showed her the ins and outs of the Wizarding World and all it had to offer. Shortly after graduating from Hogwarts, the two married and later had Alethea. The small family of three lived happily for some time until Lillian grew ill and ultimately passed from her sickness. Struck with immense grief, Atticus turned to the dark arts in hopes of finding a way to bring his wife back to his side. Alethea and her father quickly became estranged as he dabbled deeper into the dark arts, ultimately cutting ties completely halfway through her time at Hogwarts.
❈ Father: Deceased - Atticus Gage - Dark Wizard
❈ Mother: Deceased - Lillian Cho - Herbology Professor

alethea jia gage

designed by bad ending. & coded by xayah.ღ
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antoinette 'annie' monet

# half-veela

# ravenclaw

♡coded by uxie♡

am i more than just a face?

# 7th year

# lily-rose depp

♡coded by uxie♡

mood :

location :
outfit :
mentions :

interactions :

;; Auggie

Full Name: Augustus James
Nicknames: Auggie
Gender Identity: male
Age: 16
Birthdate: June 2nd
Role: Student, 6th year
Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw
Blood Status: Half-blood
Requested Special Ability: none

Appearance: tall, lanky, willowy build, shoulder length brown hair with brown eyes, strong eyebrows, freckled shoulders
Scent: outdoors and flowers
Height & Weight: 5"9, 130
Faceclaim: Louis Partridge

Personality: Introvert ➤ Put simply, Auggie prefers quiet places and having a smaller group of friends. Parties, although he can survive them, will completely exhaust the boy.

Loyal ➤ As a loyal boy it is not surprising that Auggie is like a puppy with how fiercely loyal he is to those he cares about. It can often get him into trouble, but it doesn’t make him any less loyal.

Stubborn ➤Although Auggie can’t be any less of a sweetheart, the boy does have a rather stubborn streak. Often it is his way, or the high way.

Strong Willed ➤ It takes a lot for Auggie to give up on anything once he has his mind set, the task or idea will come to forwishen, no matter the cost.
Likes: quiet places like the library, herbs, herbology, walking
Dislikes: noisy people, dark places, thunderstorms
Positive Traits: loyal, kind , studious
Negative Traits: stubborn and a bit too quiet
Moral Alignment: Lawful Good
Fears: Thunderstorms
Pet(s): a cat named Shakespeare
Patronus: Australian shepherd
Wand: hazel wood with unicorn hair core. 14 ½ inches. Quite bendy flexibility
Favorite Classes: Herbology
Extracurriculars: none yet
Quidditch: nope

Family: Grandma Louisa
Backstory:Augustus was born to a loving pair of parents who as they lived in a muggle town didn’t mention it a whole lot to him so when He received his Hogwarts letter and attended his first year of school. He took to magic and his studies like a fish to water. He was by no means the best or the brightest at any subject but Herbology was the one he loved the most. Plants become one of his closest things to which He could call friends. But both of his parents mysteriously passed away during his 5th year. So he stays with his Grandma Louisa when not at Hogwarts.

Sexuality: Bisexual
Relationship Status: tbd
Crush(es): Open
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Cassiopeia B







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can i love?

Name: Cassiopeia Bernadette
Nicknames: Cassie
Age: 15

Birthdate: February 14th

Role: Student, 5th Year

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor

Blood Status: Pureblood

Requested Special Ability: Metamorphmagus

Appearance: Red, Pink, Green. She is like a wheel of colors, her hair is always a different shade, and she's not afraid to show off her metamorphmagus abilities. Her color is always a signifier of her emotions and an almost foolproof way to guess her mood if you can figure them out. Slighter taller than average in statue and pale skin. Her eyes can range from green to blue depending on her hair. Minimal to no makeup during school hours but could be convinced otherwise. A gap between her teeth.

Scent: soft florals and a hint of moss

Height & Weight: 135, 5’9

Body Modifications: double ear piercings

Face Claim: Neve Caffrey

Personality: Her happy grin is infectious, her bright eyes staring at her goals with wonder, full of curiosity but not wanting to work to know. She's playful and silly with pranks, jokes, and stunts falling behind her, follow the chaos and you'll find her at the center of all of it. She's a Gryffindor through and through, brave, reckless, and full of chivalry. She's a force to be reckoned with, with no thought to her own well-being when doing things, she deems 'cool.'. She also is someone full of care and would do anything to make sure she cheers on and up anyone around her. She reckons herself to be a tornado, leaving destruction in her wake. It really isn't destruction though. Her pranks aren't mean just playful, she refuses to be a bully. She loves people, making friends, flirting, and bantering, it's second nature to her by now, she'd rather spend time talking to friends than studying. That didn't mean she was stupid, she just wasn't book smart, she didn't want to be, she was good at wand work. She just couldn't focus on anything if it didn't interest her! Maybe that's the ADHD talking though.

Positive Traits: Chivalrous, Playful, Kind, Curious, Silly

Negative Traits: Not Studious, Easily Distracted, Loud

Moral Alignment: Chaotic Good

Likes: People, Fun things, Pranks, Flying

Dislikes: Being thought of as hopeless, Fighting, Being disliked

Fears: Being all alone with no one to be around

Pet(s): A frog named Sir Froggie

Patronus: A peacock

Wand: a simple oak wand with a pink tip. Unicorn horn core

Favorite Classes: Flying, Potions and Transfiguration

Extracurriculars: None yet

Relationship Status: Single

Crush(es): TBD
Gender Identity: female (trans)


Her metamorphmagus abilites suddenly not working
Bears (It's a long story from when she was 5 years old)

Sexuality: Panromantic Demisexual (She tends to have a male lean tho)

Allergies: Nothing

Hobbies: Does Pranking count? If not she also enjoys knitting (occasionally when she has time)

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Gryffindor Keeper

Albion K


overly excited


school uniform


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Name- Albion Issac Kinghorn
Faceclaim: Tom Webb
Birthday: December 20th

6th Year Student || Gryffindor
wand: 12 3/4 inches Applewood, Unicorn Tail Hair core
Albion is easily reconizable with his mop of curly chestnut hair and big smile. A smile that sometimes large enough that it causes crinkles in the corners of his mouth. He likes to look a bit ruffled and askew in his appearance never quite having his shirt tucked fully in unless you force him

He stands at 5 ft 11.
Albion carries himself with a positive, catching sort of confidence. He has long legs and is no stranger to running, which is excellent because he’s often running late for just about everything. A natural athlete, he loves any activity which makes him breathless-- Especially if it’s a little dangerous. Outrunning the willow, flying on a broomstick, and taking quick dives into the icy lake are all things he enjoys.
Gregarious | Friendly | Outspoken| Confident| Competitive | Outgoing | ESFP | The Chariot

Likes: having a good laugh, being around other people, collecting friends, establishing himself outside of his family’s narrative, and any sort of generalized mafficking.

Dislikes: Bullies, first and foremost. Heavy expectations, losing, and being bored. If there isn’t any amusement to be had, he’ll likely make his own.

Albion is a ray of bright sunshine on a spring day: Not so hot as to be uncomfortable, but pleasant and warm. There’s always a ready smile on his face, showing bright white teeth and twinkling eyes. To Albion, there are no such thing as perfect strangers. Though it could be fairly said that he acts as if he’s starved for attention, Albion conducts himself in such a way so as not to make anyone feel left out. Sure, he likes being credited as the one starting the shenanigans, but he’ll be damned if anyone is left out. Albion doesn’t exclude: Everyone is welcome to him with willing and open arms.

He isn’t a troublemaker, per say, in that he doesn’t really go out of his way to break rules. He’ll bend them, of course, and see how flexible they are before they take a good break, but he knows when to toe the line and when to stay safely on the correct side of it. While the rest of his family gained a reputation for being studious, good students who were expected to go on to great things, Albion has shrugged this mantle and deliberately acts outside of it. He doesn’t want to be just another Kinghorn, he wants to be remembered for being himself.

Not one to fuss around with particulars, Albion acts before he thinks and does so with gritty determination. He’d rather just act than worry about rules and consequences, and instead trusts his gut to see him through most hardships. He’ll speak up if something is unfair, break up fights that aren’t his own, and stick up for people he doesn’t know. He may not be as smart as his sister or brothers, but he tries his damned heart out. You might see him relaxing during class, but what you don’t see is the amount of time he puts in studying. Between studying, and his extensive social life, it’s amazing Albion gets any sleep at all. He doesn’t, but there are potions for sleepiness, and he partakes liberally.
The Kinghorns are a large brood, though their family line isn’t particularly old. This stems from the fact that Albion’s grandfather (Also named Albion) is one of twelve siblings, and each and every one of them attended Hogwarts. The Kinghorns are a diverse bunch, spread across several different Houses as opposed to leaving a stamp on any one in particular. Albion’s father is a Hufflepuff, while his mother is a Ravenclaw.. Albion spent most of his time romping around Salisbury with his many (many) cousins.

His parents put a strong emphasis on education, and Albion and his siblings were put through a rigorous homeschool routine before they entered Hogwarts. There was always competition between himself and his siblings, and Albion, less interested in books and more interested in looking for fossils down by the creek near their home, required more discipline than his siblings.

Albion welcomed Hogwarts with open arms, and it’s no guessing as to why. He excels here in a different way: On the Quidditch pitch; In the Great Hall, and in his common room. No matter how hard he tries to define himself, however, one thing remains certain: He thirsts for the approval of his family, and goes to great lengths to receive it. Is he exhausted? Yes. Strung out? Yes. Will you ever notice? Of course not. That’s not fun, is it? And you all know what Albion is here for--

--You know. Fun.
Blood Status: Half-blood
Parents: Edward (Hufflepuff) and Mary (Ravenclaw) Kinghorn
Siblings: Ambrose (Brother, five years younger; Hufflepuff); Arran and Arlow (Twin brothers, one year older; Gryffindors); Anice (Sister, two years older; Gryffindor; Now an apprentice healer at St. Mungo’s)
Other Family: They live in the same area right outside of Salisbury as most of their immediate family. Everyone is within walking distance, so long as you don’t mind crossing through fields full of sheep.
Friends: Open

Favorite Class: Does Quidditch count? If not, then-- Divination, if only because he’s confident in fudging things if he doesn’t understand it.

Least Favorite Class: Herbology. They’re plants.

Boggart: A roaring fire, all-consuming and burning with a heat strong enough to singe the tips of his hair. There’s voices echoing somewhere in the flames, but it’s impossible to tell who’s crying out.

Patronus:: A black shire mare with a wide blaze and kind, gentle eyes.

Pet: A short-eared owl he purchased their first Hogsmeade outing with his family. His name is Motley. (edited)
Sexuality: Sure, why not? (Whoever)
Other romance info: poly friendly
Sports: Keeper on the Gryffindor Quidditch Team


He’s handsome and he knows it, and his rumpled and askew attire is not entirely because he always dresses in a rush

<3Significant Other: Otto Fischer- His Slytherin BF || Sunshine bfs all the way!! No shortage of smiles and laughs with these two. May be in two different houses but that doesn't stop them from always supporting each other. Albion swears Otto is his good luck charm during Quidditch matches

♡coded by uxie♡
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scroll me!

some details !

some details !

Prof Thomas Hallowfield

Care of Magical Creatures

Name: Thomas Hallowfield
Nickname: Tom (close friends)
Age: 40
Face Claim: Tom Hiddleston
Sexuality: Bisexual

Occupation/Year: Care of Magical Creatures Professor

Wand: Wood Yew
Core Basilisk Horn
Flexability Pliant
Size 9 5/10 inches
Manufacturer Mykew Gregorovitch

Favorite Class: His own/ Care of Magical Creatures
Least Favorite Class: Arithmancy
Boggart: His late wife and son coming back from the dead or later if could be his animals turning on him.
Patronus: An alligator ( due to his patience, observant, and using natural talents)

Pet: A niffler named Carl and a puffskein named Holly

Blood Status: Half-blood
Parents: Oliver and Raina Hallowfield
Siblings: none
Other Family: His late wife Seraphina and son , Geoff
Friends: open if anyone wants
Relationship status: single
Personality: Other personality factoids: He very rarely ever gets angry but when he does He separates himself from the situation and allows himself to calm down and rationalize before returning. Most of the time, if he is upset , He will talk things through before it escalates.

He is very friendly , kind and humble. Very much Hufflepuff traits. But at times he can also be quite self deprecating about himself at times too. He is not a perfect person and can talk quite negatively about his own actions as well. One of his biggest fears is making new friends and doing something to scare them away.

Personality Type: ENTP - The Visionary
(Extroverted iNtuitive Thinking Perceiving)
Confidence / Ego:


Emotional capacity:
A fast learner
Activeness / Lifestyle:

Likes- creatures, people, new friends, hugs, food
Dislikes- competitions, talking about his late family, angry people

Backstory: Thomas was born into a loving family, went to Hogwarts, taught at the school after a long stint as a magizoologist. He finally settled down with his family at the school, raising a young son with a lovely wife, before they died of an unknown illness 6 years ago. He is still really hurting from it and pours himself into his duties. He really probably needs to start to learn that it is okay to love again. He adores the students and wants them to succeed in life and does everything he can to help but he needs to learn to be happy himself again too.

His stint as a Magizoologist was fun for him, He liked doing on the field research with all kinds of different animals and such. He wrote two journals on the matter.He wasn’t so fond of the constant travel but he does treasure the creatures he met and learned more about. It did make him appreciate his more humble beginnings more though.

His own life as a student wasn’t anything spectacular. Well-mannered and pretty quiet even in his youth and wasn’t taking on any particular extra activities other than volunteering his time to help with the creatures around Hogwarts.He wanted to try out for quidditch really bad growing up but his tumble off a broom his first year made him hate flying so much. He’d much rather fly on a Hippogriff. Growing up with a pretty much lower-middle class family, with his parents being farmers didn’t make for him to have such a fancy high class upbringing.Though his father being a pureblood made him still learn proper etiquette and such. His mother is much like he is mild-mannered and kind. His father is more of a strict no nonsense type fellow but they love him dearly. And he still keeps in touch with them to this day. The main reason he is so good with animals is he grew up with magical and muggle animals alike and learned how to peacefully coexist.

Former House: Hufflepuff

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Character’s full name: Somnus Niev Bealov
Nickname: Som
Reason for nickname: shortened version of his first name
Race: caucasian
Ethnicity: French, Belgian and British
Occupation: student
Social Class: middle class
Sexuality: Bi
Crush/Romance: hehe you'll figure that out soon
Age: 16
Appears to be: 17
Eye colour: blue
Glasses or contacts: neither
Hair colour: black ( face claim is dark brown but he has black hair)
Hair style: shoulder length is loose messy waves
Weight: 150
Height: 5"7
Body type: male model type figure...Just not quite as tall ( just not muscular)
Clothing style: dark and monochromatic with a hint of leather. very simple unless hes dressing up. clean and put together
Accessories: wears dangly earrings of silver and always has a pendulum
Skin tone: pale
Skin type: fair and sensitive
Shape of face: round
Distinguishing marks: a scar on his eyebrow
Face claim: Ramy Moharam Fouad
Health: normal
Reason for health: no health conditions

Fave colour: grey
Least fave colour: white
Fave food: mashed potatoes
Least fave food: lobster or any seafood
Fave drink: cream soda
Least fave drink: pumpkin juice
Fave music: classical
Least favourite music: country
Attitude alone: thinks a lot too himself
Attitude with others: always trying to be helpful, tries to be a good friend
Good habits: very good motivational speaker to friends, good listener
Bad habits: prefers to be alone, keep things hidden from others

Hometown: Paris, France
Childhood: grew up with his mother and maternal grandmother never knowing his father
First memory: his mother singing to him (she used to do it every night)
Most important memory: First trip to Hogsmeade with his grandma
Education: home schooled before Hogwarts
Religion: His family is not religious /non affiliated
Finances: not super wealthy / average


Father: Gerald Harper (he doesnt know him or of him)
Mother: Lillian Bealov
Sibling: none
Paternal grandparents: unknown
Maternal grandparents: Rachel Hayes
Uncles: none
Aunts: none
Cousins: none
Pet: He has a owl named Sherb
Other noteworthy relatives: n/a
Family home: He grew up in an apartment with his mother and grandmother being super close with both. The apartment is rather small but homely
Blood Status: half-blood
Social standing: middle class


Most at ease: around a select few people and his grandmother and mother
Least as ease: around most people, in classrooms, teachers
Priorities: His appearance is his number one priority, family, animals then friends then studies
Attitude towards self: More confident this year...determined to keep improving himself
Embarrassing failure: first year first day his wand backfired on his leaving the scar on his eyebrow
One wish?: To find love and just be accepted


Greatest strength: a very kind and loyal heart
Greatest weakness: He is a lot like his grandfather more than he realizes and it can get in his way a lot
Soft spot: animals and cute boys
Biggest vulnerability: his lack of a father figure


Optimist or pessimist: optimist
Introvert or extrovert: He's still an introvert but has extrovert moments
Drives and motivations: striving to be known for something
Traits: caring, kind, funny
Extremely skilled at: motivational speaking, hair styling and singing
Extremely flawed at: school work expecially potions
Good characteristics:caring, concerned for friends, lover of animals
Flaws: has a slight temper when pushed too far, usually pushes other's away
Mannerisms: very polite but shy and nervous especially around people hes fond of
Biggest regret: the way he acted in his 1st year and going a bit too far in a duel once
Minor regret: the scar on his eyebrow the way it happened
Biggest accomplishment: Making friends is something huge for him!
Minor accomplishment: realizing being mean isnt always the answer and taking better care of himself
Darkest secret: tbd


Wand reaction when first held: It created bubbles when he first held it
Boggart: unknown
Patronus: Hedgehog
Animagus?: No
Metamorphmagus?: No
Polyjuice: unknown
Amortentia: cologne , homemade cookies, roses, and leather


Year: 6th
House: Slytherin
Prefect?: No
Head boy/girl?: No
Favourite lesson: Divination
Least favourite lesson: Potions
Best at: no particular class but pendulums and healing spells he is decent at
Worst at: potions
Favourite spell: Lumos Maxima
Least favourite spell: Unknown
Favourite charm: beauty charm
Least favourite charm: confundous charm
Quidditch?: never
Favourite spot in Hogwarts: The library
Least favourite spot in Hogwarts: The dorms
Favourite place in hogsmead: Honeydukes
Least favourite place in hogsmead: The shrieking shack



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    What good are wings without the courage to fly?




    full name

    Cedar Onyx Hayes




    fourteen (14)


    July 24th

    blood status



    non-binary (they/them)


    asexual, panromantic




    fourth year




    call me karizma






    110 lbs

    hair c.

    medium brown

    eye c.

    hazel but leans green





    Cedar has always been full of energy since a young age. They know what they want in the short term and are always willing to work for it so long as they have the drive and means to do it. They aren't one to back down quietly and always have a point to make. Yet despite being on the louder side of life, they are extremely friendly and welcoming of people, constantly curious which can lead them to accidentally and maybe dangerous adventures. Cedar never is one to be satisfied with a boring life and seeks out people to be with and new things to explore. However, despite their insatiable curiosity, they still manage to struggle in school, maybe due to their inability to stay in one place for long or their lack of focus but as smart as they might be, it doesn't always show.
    With people, they care about and trust, Cedar is only slightly more chaotic and feral than normal but fiercely loyal and protective, ready to throw hands at any time for a good (enough) reason. Their friends and family always come first and they will always put them first, even before themselves. They love to help and be part of a group yet is a hypocrite when it comes to asking and accepting help from other people. Evening studying help is a struggle for them as they want to be independent but know without help, they will fail.


    Eating, nighttime, exploring, quidditch,


    Being told no, history, textbooks, desks,


    failure, not being accepted, being alone



    Cedar was born to 2 very loving parents, with a wizard father (Finnogen Hayes) and a muggle mother (River Hayes). At first, when the two got married, Finnogen kept his magic a secret but once Cedar was born, he finally opened up to River who was very accepting and welcoming of the truth, even moving to a small wizarding village so Cedar would be able to learn about magic more freely. Even as a young child, Cedar was always energetic and was a bit of a wild child. Full of curiosity and had a habit of wandering and getting into accidental trouble, yet the village couldn't help but love the bubbly child and no one could stay mad at them for too long. This was at least true for adults. However, when it came down to other children, it was a different story. The village they went to was mixed with half-bloods, muggle-born, and purebloods. There was some hierarchy in there and superiority-complexes among the purebloods and it especially showed true in the children. Cedar along with other children was often targeted to be bullied and made fun of for having dirty blood, but more so Cedar than anything as their father chose to marry a muggle and actively dirtied his blood. While it didn't bother Cedar, it did cause them to get into many fights. If being a half-blood wasn't enough, Cedar also was from a poorer family, with only her father bringing in an income, but Cedar was never the brightest. Creative and unafraid to fail, they were a target. Even being bullied for so long, Cedar was also a force to be reckoned with and often went home with new bruises and cuts. While fighting was never something their family prided on, they couldn't deny that Cedar's cause wasn't a noble one, often hearing stories from other families of how Cedar would always protect the other kids who were being bullied. Her father was rather proud of being a Gryffindor himself and knew they were destined to be a Gryffindor as well.
    Cedar was constantly curious and was one to get bored very easily. While fighting and defending the half-bloods and muggle-born children from being bullied, Cedar still found themself wanting something more. To explore and adventure but living in such a small village, it was hard to have that explore, After all, you learn the ins and outs of the village only after a few years of running around. Yet live every magical child, when Cedar turned 11 years old, they got their letter for Hogwarts and were extremely excited, having heard stories and tales from their father. Their mother could only imagine what it was like but was proud of Cedar nonetheless, and of course, they were a Gryffindor.
    Come their 1st year, Cedar like always, always found themselves to be causing trouble, thought mostly unintentional as it now seemed just part of their nature to be a bit chaotic in everything they do. What started to get them down was schoolwork. Always knowing school was never their strong suit, it showed in classes but their partial use of magic seemed fine. Writing essays, reading, and memorization of terms were difficult for Cedar whose mind was always everywhere at once. This would continue into their second year. The one class they truly excelled in was flying. So come their 2nd year, Cedar was more than excited (and qualified) to join the quidditch team and became a Chaser. They were fast, nimble, and mostly accurate with scoring and was a great member to have on the Gryffindor team. Quidditch was one of the things her mother quickly grew a big fan of and would do their best to make sure Cedar had at least decent equipment and was their number one fan. Still struggling in school, Cedar was also in the mindset to make sure their parents would be proud of them and never let on their academic struggles, pretending it was fine. In their 3rd year, while they did amazing at Quittich and actual usage of magic, others were lower than average, even causing the head of the house to talk to Cedar about what they could do. Cedar begged the head of the house to not tell their parents and promised to somehow get their scores up and did what most logical people would do, go to Ravenclaw and find someone who could help. It was also during this year that they decided to come out as non-binary (afab) and as they expected, their parents were very accepting (a little confused but learned like very proud parents). And finally, they somehow made it to their 4th year. Still as chaotic as ever and still struggling academically but have high hopes for quidditch and whatever else the year might throw at them.





    character name

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    Hasn't successfully casted but seems to be some type of cat (will be an ocicat)


    10.5" sycamore wood with dragon heartstring and surprisingly springy


    A corgi name Cosmo


    A group of people walking away from them (failure/being left/feeling alone)




    yes, chaser



    Favorite Class

    Flying with DATDA coming at a close 2nd

    Least Favorite Class

    history of magic



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Full Name: Leo Thomas Kettleburn
Nicknames: Leo
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Pronouns: He/Him
FC: Cole Sprouse

Do They Play Quidditch?: Yes
If Yes, What Quidditch Position Do They Have?: Seeker
What Hogwarts House Are They In?: Gryffindor
What Year Are They In?: 5th
Boggart: Giant spider
Blood Status: Pure blood

Personality: Leo has a competitive spirit that shines through especially when he’s playing Quidditch. He has a love for winning and takes losing very hard. He’s also a bit of a trickster, enjoying playing the occasional prank or two.
Backstory/History : The wizarding world is all Leo ever knew. Growing up in a pure blood family in a neighborhood tucked far away from view of the muggles, magic has always been a part of Leo’s life. Both his parents were magical as well, his father as wizard and mother a witch. Growing up as an only child, one could say that Leo was a bit spoiled by his two parents. But, despite being a pure blood, Leo’s parents never believed in pure blood supremacy and raised their son to be against bigotry.

Pet: None
Wand: 11 inch dogwood, phoenix feather core
Are they a Parseltongue?: No
Are They An Animagus?: No
Animagus Form (If they're an animagus): N/A
Least Favorite Class: Potions
Most Favorite Class: DADA
Are They in any Clubs?: No
Role: N/A

Sexuality Orientation: Bisexual
Crush/Romantic Interests:
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Scarlett G







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can i love?

Name: Scarlett Maxine Gibbons
Nicknames: none yet
Gender Identity: Female
Age: 16
Birthdate: November 24th
Role: Student
Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw
Blood Status: Muggle-born
Requested Special Ability: none

Appearance: A petite girl with very pale complexion, barely there makeup, long straight red hair, round blue eyes, and light freckling across her nose
Scent: roses and dusty old books
Height & Weight: 5’3 , 105
Body Modifications: single ear lobe piercing
Physical Disabilities: Hard of hearing, has hearing aids
Faceclaim: Sadie Sink
[2:09 PM]
Personality: Scarlett is someone who always strives for perfection. In her academics and how she presents herself to the world. She also always tries to look perfect as well. She tries to come across as someone who always has everything together and has absolutely no trouble getting through classes and such with ease. Socially she is a bit lacking. She finds it difficult to find things in common with other girls her age since she is so focused on her academics. All in all she is a kind and gentle soul but she is serious about her academics

Positive Traits: Academically gifted, Kind, and Gentle
Negative Traits: No People Skills, Can come across a bit of a perfectionist
Moral Alignment: Chaotic Good

Likes: : Listening to music, summer nights, literature (with a particular soft spot for poetry and romance although you’d never hear her admit that), pumpkin pasties, magical creatures,
Dislikes: Arguments, heights, being embarrassed and thinking about them, when people respond only with a facial expression, pity, and the smell of the potion classroom.
Fears: Never making any friends and Spiders
Pet(s): A kitten named Donna.
Patronus: unknown as of yet
Wand: an elegant poplar wand. The length is just shy of eight and one-half inches long. The core consists of thestral tail-hair core.
Favorite Classes: History of Magic and Arithmancy
Extracurriculars: none as of yet
Quidditch: Nope
Family: Edgar and Blanche Gibbons – Parents
[2:09 PM]
Backstory: Born to Edgar and Blanche Gibbons, in Holland. Her parents moved to Cambridge, England for their work, and has lived there since She was 5 years old.
. She was always a creative kid, and her parents were there to positively reinforce and encourage her passions. Especially when it evolved mostly into books and learning.

Strange things used to happen around her. Things strange and unexplainable by anyone. She did her best to hide it, but eventually when she turned 11 a person in strange robes came to her family’s home and explained that she was a witch, she had magic.
It took her family a while to fully believe but, eventually they allowed her to attend Hogwarts, her first trip to Diagon Alley being so magic and exciting. Getting her supplies for school and some extra books on magic and She is now thriving in School!

Sexuality: Bisexual
Relationship Status: Single
Crush(es): Open

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