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Fantasy Hogwarts School (CS Thread)


Seeking new threads
❝ Welcome to Hogwarts. ❞

"Dear Student , We are pleased to inform you of your acceptance into Hogwarts, School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. We are sorry for your late letter, but the book of acceptance has only just seen your magical abilities. We have attached the forms referring to all the necessities you will need. Hope to see you soon!”


It’s been nearly fifteen years since the war of Hogwarts. Since then the wizarding world has been pieced back together and peace now reigns. Though rumors lately have been filling the minds of anyone who hear. That Voldemort had a child a precaution in case he was ever killed. Now people are beginning to worry is the rumor true Will another dark wizard send their world into chaos. If there is a child where are they at now? The plot will begin to unfold as we progress through the lives of the new Hogwarts students.


RULE.All Rpn rules apply here.

RULE.Discord is needed. The rp will be done on RPN but a lot of the character creation and plotting will be done on discord.

RULE.Currently no position of staff or one of the five can be reserved. I’m waiting until we get enough interest before giving those roles away.

dramatis personae.

ROLE.The students of all four houses.

**The Students**

ROLE.The Professors

**The Professors**
*Defense Against The Dark Arts*
*Care of Magical Creatures*
*History of Magic*
*Muggle Studies*
*Study of Ancient Ruins*

ROLE.There will be six students only who can have a special ability. I have a right to deny any form that is applying for one of these roles.

— The School of Witch Craft and Wizardry .


So it’s a free for all form you can add whatever you’d like as long as you have my simple requirements which must be included. Also if possible I’d like to try and keep the Houses relatively close in numbers. Another note being there shouldn’t be a ton of pure-bloods.

What’s needed in the form:

**The Students**
•Angelique Chimere - Seeker




**The Professors**
*Defense Against The Dark Arts*
•Leon Black - Also Head of Slytherin
*Care of Magical Creatures*

*History of Magic*

*Muggle Studies*




*Study of Ancient Ruins*





*Game Keeper*

**The Special Abilities**
Only six people are allowed to possess these abilities. You can ask but I have every right to deny your character.
•Angelique Chimere
*Part Veela*






Caught in a storm

Name: Clairabelle Cartwright
Nickname: Claire (Prefers to be called Claire)
Blood Status: Pureblood
Age: 16
Year: 6th
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
House: Slytherin
Quidditch: N/A
Wand: 11 Inches, Quite Rigid, White River Monster Spine, Pine
Pet: Snow Owl named "Oz"
Patronus: Silver Fox
Boggart: Herself as a failure

- Her Snow Owl Oz
- Practicing Magic
- Writing in her Journal
- History

-People who are hard to deal with
- Spicy Food
- Spiders
- Dirty Clothes
- Swimming
- Idiots

Personality: Clairabelle is quite posh, to the point of being prideful at times however she is generally good natured. She is very studious, often having herself together when it comes to getting good marks and studying. She tends to hang around popular girls mostly and is seen as abit of a group leader among her female friends, however Clairabelle is oblivious to that. She is quite naive when it comes to emotions and has a fixation and drive for success and often mutters about her parents and what they would do in this situation, due to everyone about her upbringing, she can come off as somewhat strange and peculiar to others.


Clairabelle was always considered a bright child. Born into the bright and cozy life of a rich pureblood she was always given the best. Her parents were Ryuusei and Vanessa Cartwright, too rich purebloods who had become incredibly successful. Clairabelle spent much of her life absorbing information, spending time at gatherings and parties between rich pureblood families and doing her best to be the image of a presentable pureblood daughter. It quickly became apparent that she was quite intelligent. She had read every book in Cartwright Manor at the age of 7. Her own curiosity was so great that once she had been told about going to hogwarts, it only further fueled her own desire to learn more.

Both her parents had met at Hogwarts and were Slytherins. Clairabelle wanted nothing more but to follow them and end up in the same house. Ofcourse it really wasn't any surprise when she did infact get placed in Slytherin. Her parents spent much of her childhood teaching her the ways to become successful and had become obsessed in their right of fame and fortune.

Still it wasn't long before Clairabelle had formed a friendship with a group of girls, unbeknownst to her however she was seen as the social leader in the group. Her name became quite a popular topic at Hogwarts due to her rich she seemed and how intelligent she came off as. Ofcourse most of her friends were also quite popular as well, although Clairabelle never really thought about such things, only spending much of her free time studying magic and learning as much as she could from her teachers.


Caught in a storm
India Eisley.jpg
Name: Lorelei Spritter
Blood Status: Half-Blood
Age: 15
Year: 5th
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
House: Ravenclaw
Quidditch: N/A
Wand: Vine, 14 inches, Werewolf Tooth, Solid
Pet: Owl named Ilksilvander
Patronus: Bat
Boggart: A black crow-man with red eyes

- Scrapbooks, Art, Painting
- Cold Showers
- Being unprepared for any situation
- Snow
- Finding Hidden Secrets
- Music

- Animal Cruelty
- Large Crowds
- Loud Noises
- People who talk too much

Personality: Lorelei is abit of a pessimistic person. She largely prefers to not be involved in situations. She tends to go through Hogwarts without making much of an impression on anyone, most people probably wouldn't really recall her even existing in Hogwarts if you asked about her. She doesn't really enjoy socializing, and dislikes when situations don't go her way. She tries to be prepared for everything and wants to have everything organized to perfected. She especially hates annoying people who try to bother her too much. She has an extensive knowledge about obscure subjects and is quite intelligent.

While Lorelei was born as a half-blood, she spent her life growing up under her father's care, her mother unable to handle the wizarding world and ended up leaving both her and her father.
Her father always did everything to ensure Lorelei was tough and self-capable, having her learn to find her own food and know how to cook as well as important information about survival.

She found a werewolf tooth once while hunting rabbits in the forest near her secluded home and ended up keeping it, eventually having it turned into her own wand as it's core. Lorelei ended up at Hogwarts, not suprised since it was pretty much expected for everyone to attend hogwarts.


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Name: Jason “Jace” Asher
Age: 11
Year: 1st year
Gender: Male
House: Slytherin
Species: Human
Special stuff?: Slytherin Seeker

Blood status: Pureblood
Wand: Unicorn hair core, 12 inches, dogwood, inflexible
Patronus: A Golden Retriever

Appearance: Jace has brown eyes that sparkle when talking about Quidditch. He has a rather small face with a light splash of freckles across his lightly tanned skin, which is due to his love for flying outdoors. He’s quite short for his age. He has a small, lean and athletic body. His short brown hair is generally found messily gelled up when running late and neatly gelled up when on-time.
Eyes: Warm brown eyes that can smile. These eyes will light up when Jace talks about Quidditch.
Hair: A light brown color.
Skin tone: Somewhat tanned
Height: 4’9”

-Flying/Quidditch: Flying is in the Asher blood. Ever since he got his first toy broom when he was 2, he can be found frequently zooming around Hogwarts and showing off his flying skills. He can also be found practicing his seeker skills by letting a snitch loose in the castle. Beware.
-Muggle sports: Jace really enjoys sports and can be found playing even muggle sports. Although he admits that he isn’t the best at it, he enjoys trying their sports anyways, even if it is not as great as Quidditch…

Pet: A ginger cat named Snitch
Favorite classes:
-Flying: Well, that was just a class where Jace got to show off his flying skills to his classmates.
-Charms: Jace is always excited by the things that charms can accomplish. He’s decent in charms class and is always enthusiastic whenever they’ll learn a new spell.
Personality traits:

-Friendliness: Jace is a nice kid. He’s nice to everyone around him and loves to strike up a good ol conversation with anyone, even teachers. Maybe come off as a teacher’s pet due to his amicability.

-Team player: Jace understands teamwork simply because teamwork is the reason why he doesn’t fall off his broom due to a rogue Bludger that goes unaccounted for. He understands that people need to work together to achieve a goal. As a result, he may give up what he wants to make people happy enough to work together.

-Strong sense of justice: Jace firmly believes everything his parents say and as a result, has a strong sense of justice. He does believe in karma to an extent, but will still take matters into his own hands. He is unafraid to confront bullies, even if they’re bigger and stronger than him.

-Naivety: Unless it goes against his parents’ beliefs, Jace believes everything that is said to him. As a result, his beliefs can become distorted and twisted if people lie to him.

-Sore loser: If Jace loses, please avoid him. This 11 year old will probably throw a tantrum and be moody for the rest of the day. Especially if it comes to a Quidditch match.

-Arrogance: Jace is a nice kid, but he also believes that he’s a gReAt Quidditch player because he’s an Asher. Yes, the Ashers are Quidditch greats but that doesn’t mean that being an Asher means automatically being a Quidditch prodigy. Being good at Quidditch requires practice, and sometimes, Jace doesn’t want to practice.

-Immaturity: Jace is immature and almost always playful. He can be immature during inappropriate times and may be chastised for his immaturity.

Terrence Asher was the third of three brothers. His parents also played Quidditch and his brothers played Quidditch. The Asher family was known for producing great Quidditch players and well, Terrence didn’t disappoint. The young pure blood would become notorious at Hogwarts for his cocky personality and great beater skills.

Ophelia, on the other hand, grew up in a lesser known pure blood family. She liked drawing and art, growing up in a secluded forest area with a rather small population. She played with muggle children and was encouraged to explore the muggle world by her parents.

Terrence and Ophelia attended Hogwarts around the same time, with Terrence being a Slytherin and Ophelia being a Ravenclaw. Terrence was fairly popular at school, because he was a great Quidditch player (as most Ashers are), while Ophelia was more quiet, with a close group of small friends. They did not interact much. Ophelia was a good Quidditch player, but Terrence generally overshadowed her due to his legacy as an Asher. After graduating, both began to play Quidditch professionally. Ophelia honestly thought that Terrence was an obnoxious snob. Terrence probably knew Ophelia as Ravenclaw Beater #1.

Terrence and Ophelia were practically a perfect match, even if they hadn’t interacted at Hogwarts. They were both Beaters and maybe even the best beaters in the world. After joyful banter at a Quidditch match, Terrence had the guts to ask Ophelia out. She accepted and their relationship blossomed into a wholesale and happy marriage.

A few years later, they had Jace. The two of them, fairly wealthy from their Quidditch earnings, retired early. Of course, they made sure Jace was a great flyer, getting a toy broomstick for him at the age of 1 and always buying him the best brooms.

Jace first displayed his first sign of magic at the age of 1 when he accidentally set a house plant on fire. Scared at first, the little boy was soon fascinated by the flames. His parents, naturally, were proud that their baby boy was indeed a wizard. Now, they could teach him everything about the wizarding world. They ultimately decided to homeschool him, with a group of fellow wizards and witches, due to fears that he might accidentally expose his magic to muggles.

Terrence got bored of fatherhood. At the encouragement of his father, he opened a Quidditch betting business. The fact that it was associated with the Asher name generated a decent amount of income, even if the Asher family was already wealthy enough.

Jace attended every single big Quidditch game, got the VIP tickets and got the best stuff. Every Holyhead Harpy (and retired player) cooed over the small boy, who saw every Quidditch player as his hero. He frequently interacted with wealthy wizarding families and pureblood families. He became very outgoing.

His older pureblood friends talked a lot about Hogwarts and soon, they went to the school. Jace was fascinated by their stories of casting spells, meeting the weirdest creatures, making potent potions and the famous sorting ceremony. Of course, most of them were Slytherins and Jace got a pretty good idea that Slytherin was the best house. Of course, Terrence, a proud Slytherin, promoted the supremacy of Slytherin. Ophelia, on the other hand, told Jace that all houses were created equal.

Soon, it was time to head to Hogwarts. Being the Asher’s only child, Jace got the best robes, newest books and… No broom? With the common notion that Slytherin is a bad guy house, Jace hopes to be sorted in Gryffindor, like his hero, Harry Potter.

Extras: None

Image/faceclaim: Dakota Lotus
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Artemis Heroux​

Gender: Male.
Age: 16 years old.
Birthday: June 9.
Sexuality: Demisexual.
Blood status: Pure-blood.
House: Ravenclaw.
Quidditch: Not his thing.

Unicorn tail hair; Applewood; 13 inches long, quite flexible.

That changes - but at the same time remains consistent. When he has a bad dream that seems even remotely possible, the boggart reminds him of it - taking the form of the thing he fears might happen.

A unicorn.

Technically, he has three, but only one that he brings to the castle with him, while the others stay at home. The one that gets to come along is Nyx, a large, black, fluffy Maine Coon. He likes having a pet named after a powerful deity. It's amusing to think about Zeus fearing Nyx when she keeps meowing for food or attention.

Favourite classes:
Divination, Arithmancy, Care of Magical Creatures. But, to be honest, he likes most of them - and does more of them than each student is obliged to.

Knowledge-driven - as his House would suggest. He likes to learn, and the harder it is to obtain a piece of information, the less people know about it - the better. He wants to discover and rediscover secrets, the strange and the powerful ones, though not necessarily to use them; it really is about knowing, about this hunger inside him, and the fascination for what the unknown brings. While he wouldn't exactly set the world on fire to figure out how it would burn - it's more fun to speculate about that anyway - he is willing to take calculated risks. He just has enough common sense to know when he really needs to stop. There are bridges you just don't cross.
His relationship with his dreams - and other related abilities - is complicated. He fully believes in them, that's for sure; that becomes a problem when even a completely normal nightmare might potentially be - in his mind - a vision of the future. Generally, he seems rather flippant about it, and has no qualms about lying to someone without even trying to make a reading for them - to scare them a bit, to tease them, to make them feel better about something - but inside? Oh, he cares. He's very meticulous while cataloguing the things he suspects to be true, and thankfully he has great memory, so he usually manages to save most of the details.
He's generally a peaceful person and doesn't look for conflict on his own... Until someone starts it with him or with someone around him that he decides to defend. It doesn't even need to be a friend of his, to be honest; he might try to help out of boredom, for example. Even then, however, he remains outwardly calm, slightly amused, and stays away from violence if he can help it; his weapon of choice is his tongue, his main strategy - embarrassing the enemy. That doesn't mean that he doesn't genuinely like to tease people - without aiming to actually hurt them...
Flirting - he considers acceptable, though it's almost never serious. He doesn't even want serious. He doesn't deal with emotions well enough for that, doesn't enjoy physical contact - not with humans that aren't his family - and, to be honest, it makes him uncomfortable to watch open displays of affection happen near him. Hugging someone? No, thank you. Bringing them a gift they need and making sure they either don't know it's from him or don't think it's a big deal? Yes, that works for him.
He does like people in general, though. He just... Doesn't like being close to them, physically and emotionally. It's different with animals - especially horses. Specifically, winged horses that his family breeds and raises. He has one as his own, back at home of course, named Sigrun. Then there is his cat of course - and a horned owl called Orpheus that is not technically only his, but does bring him letters from his parents from time to time... Yes, animals are nice.

Artemis' parents fled the country many years ago - during Voldemort's second rise to power. They settled down in France, hoping they would be safer there, and making use of the fact that they still had family in various parts of it. Artemis was very young at that point and his siblings were all born already there - so they grew up not knowing the fear their parents had lived through.
Since the magical education in France begins a few years earlier than in the UK, Artemis went to Beauxbatons for a while - before a letter from Hogwarts made it obvious that, technically, he could still be accepted there. After some serious discussion, his parents decided to move back, since they had already been thinking about doing so before and simply lacked a good enough reason to go. Not that they had to completely abandon their French estate of course...
Still, Artemis got to switch schools - and the new one was... Exciting in some ways, for sure, but also not that engaging for a person with some previous experience. He didn't really connect with other children, part of the reason for that being the fact that the things he knew from Beauxbatons probably made him seem like a know-it-all even in Ravenclaw... And then there was the other stuff he knew. No, it wasn't easy at first.
With time, he learnt to care less about it and to focus more on loose acquaintances and House solidarity - than on trying to make actual friends or forge bonds. At least Ravenclaw, as a place full of individualists, suited him just fine.

He's 5 feet 9 inches tall and - with a lithe, narrow frame - clearly built more for speed and agility than brute strength... Which would not be surprising to those that know his preferred sport. His skin is pale... And occasionally scratched - by his cat or by him when he's not being particularly careful, because he doesn't mind letting his nails grow longer than they probably should be. High cheekbones, straight nose, big eyes, one blue and the other green - and elegant clavicles, long fingers, among other things - are all his mother's gifts for him. Black hair falls down to his shoulders as is usually tied back or even pinned up - well, most of it, with some strands left to frame his face.
His ears carry multiple piercings each and he enjoys wearing jewellery in general - at least when he can get away with it. At school he knows that he needs to limit himself, but oh, when the opportunity presents itself... Suddenly, he covers himself with bracelets, rings, and pendants, usually symbolic in one way or another - and he always has an explanation for every single one of them. During classes, it's usually much more subtle - but hey, at least he has an excuse for the family signet ring. Also, he considers black his colour.

Family situation and fortune:
Artemis' family comes mostly from France, though by this point branches of it has spread around the world... Well, mostly around Europe. Currently, his parents switch between England and France, and so the same goes for him - when he's home, at least - and his younger siblings.
Because of the above, his family's influence is the strongest in France, though - as rich pure-bloods - its members are considered relatively important everywhere. Furthermore, his family is known for its seers; of course not every single relative he has can see the future, but it does happen often enough to be a pattern. There is usually one for each generation, sometimes skipping one or two. Those seers are one of the reasons why the family is so wealthy; it's easy to make the right financial decisions when you or someone close to you can foretell their results, after all.

Hobbies and interests:
Uncovering secrets is not Artemis' only hobby... Though it is one of his favourite pastimes. Reading, of course, counts among them as well, but he actually prefers writing over it. What might come as a bigger surprise to people that don't know him well is that he enjoys drawing and painting even more - as well as several other artistic activities, like making jewellery or other decorative pieces.
When it comes to sports, he's mostly interested in his horses - flying horses, to be exact, the ones that his family keeps. He can use a broom, but it's just not his first choice, and besides he doesn't care about Quidditch at all; if he had to choose anything to do with brooms, then it would be racing. Or, better yet, casual flights. Swimming is relaxing enough for him, so he likes it... Other than that, he's fine with gymnastics, but not a huge fan of it.
Outside of all of that, Artemis was taught a couple of things that were simply... Expected of him. Those include calligraphy, for example, playing a piano, and singing, but also dancing - which he despises. He can do it, but he doesn't. It just feels too... Undignified to him.


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Full name- Béatrice Sylvie Dubios
Nick names- Sylv, Sylvie
Birth date- July 24th
Gender- Female, She/ her pronouns
Race- French/Bulgarian
Parents-mother Petrova Dubious and father Antony Dubios
Sexual Orientation- Bi-Sexual
Accent- French Accent but is mixed with a bit of Bulgarian
Languages-Bulgarian, English, French
Year- 6th Year
House- was Papillonlisse now Hufflepuff.
Face claim- Amanda Seyfried

Has naturally wavy/curly hair, that falls to just under her chest. Normally it is down and natural sometimes sporting random braids.
Sky Blue eyes
Very fair clear skin that seems to shine in the moonlight during full moons. About 5’6 and curvy and weighs 145.

Sylvie is a transfer student from Beauxbatons Academy of Magic after an incident occurred with a boy in school. She was at a secret party being thrown in one of the common rooms. While she was dancing she let herself get lost in the music and a boy named James was watching and started fighting to be near her. No one knew why but he ended up starting a fight that left multiple people injured.

After that incident her parents transferred her schools and her mother revealed herself as a Veela. This made Sylvie half-Veela, everything seemed to make sense after that.

Her personality is very confident and bubbly. She loves everyone and everything, even when she’s been hurt by someone she still is kind. Her temper is hard to work up but she does get very upset and can’t control herself, the scene is not very pretty.

She loves to be in the moonlight and just outdoors in general. The woods are her favorite, she could travel the woods for hours and not be tired. She is a dancer, it’s in her blood. Mindlessly spinning around and humming in the hallways as she walks or when she’s alone in the garden she’ll make up a dance of her own.

Relationship status- Single
Crushes- Doesn’t know anyone yet but loves love.

Potential relationships that Sylvie is looking for.

Best friend- Being the new student Sylvie is having trouble making friends. She is very bubbly but everyone has their groups. She’s looking for someone who will take her under their wing and who will stay up all night giggling about random things with her. Sylvie craves these close relationships. Especially with all the rumors as to why she transferred schools.

Love interest- Sylvie has never been in love but she loves the idea of it from what she reads in books. When she crushes, she crushes hard but not very often. She really wants someone who can see her for who she is and who will dance in the rain with her, or play in the forest. She of course wants someone who will her friend as well as partner.

Hobbies include-
Sunbathing when she can

Dislikes -
The hot heat
Being scared

Cuddling up in the cold
Hot chocolate
Being with friends.


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c77a81b1ae643771d5c4ad74a61fd43b.jpgName- Everett Theo Blackwell (Avery)
Nicknames- Blackwell, Evie
Date of birth- July 14th Age- 16
House- Hufflepuff 6th year Wand- Pine 10 inches with Dragon Heartstring. A dark coloured wood, its handle thin and curved slightly for comfort during wielding. The shaft of the wand has a distinct dark patch from where a rather stubborn knot in the wood wished to remain.
Blood Status- Pure-blood
Quidditch- More of a watcher
Sexuality- Pansexual
Patronus- A singular hummingbird
Boggart- Himself
Appearance- Everett is on the thinner side, his current growth spurt ensuring that no muscle mass needs to show itself. Standing tall at almost 6 foot Everett is used to towering over both students and teachers alike. His dark brown hair shines more golden when the sun hits it and he enjoys keeping it long despite how often he has to sweep it away from his eyes. When he is particularly focused on a bit of homework or a task he has given himself a little onion top ponytail to keep it out of his eyes. Everett has a small sprinkling of freckles over his back and down his arms, however the rest of his skin is a pale colour only marred by the occasional bout of teen acne. He has a crooked smile, the left side of his mouth lifting higher than the right. His eyes are a hazel with flecks of gold around the pupils.

His family's secrets coming to light | His grandmother | Heights | Loosing independence | The anger within him
Likes- Freedom and personal choice | Creativity | Transfiguration | Swimming | Thunderstorms
Dislikes- Mustard | Anger/Arguments | Thrills | Group Assignments | Opera music
Hobbies/Quirks- Sketching | Pottery | Book Club | Humming while working or walking | Breathing techniques

Everett is a bit of an ambivert, he enjoys spending time in club settings with like minded students however he is also quite happy to spend an afternoon alone on the Hogwarts grounds sketching or reading the latest pick from his book club. He’s a creative soul and will do his best to take the road less traveled in all aspects of his life. He’s the sort of person that does his best to observe and act with a clear mind but there always seems to be a small flame of anger within him ready to explode at any given moment. He’s worked hard to combat this unwelcome emotion and is quite adept at all the grounding and calming techniques he can think of. Everett does his best to meet his own high expectations but on the occasion that he does fail it’s quite the undertaking mentally to get himself back to baseline. Everett has never gotten over the fear of what he could be, and he struggles with separating his family's past with his own desires and dreams. There are times that he feels no better than his grandparents and that makes him sick to his stomach. He chooses to remain at Hogwarts during all the holidays and dreams of the day he can find his own home. Relationship-

Will update these as we plan a bit more
Best Friend - None
Love interest- None
Enemy or Rival- None
Favourite teacher- None

TW- Mentions of abuse

Everett comes from a dark past; his Hogwarts letter arrived when he was 11, the envelop reading Everett Theo Avery, the second floor bedroom at #42 Ivy Manor. His small hands trembled in both fear and excitement at the prospect of this new adventure. His grandmother Helen, an old angry woman that took great pleasure in rolling over his toes with her wheelchair, took no time in starting her lecture to him. “In this house we are proud Sytherins, you hear me boy? The Dark Lord would be most pleased with your placement.” Grandmother Helen croaked at him, and Everett remained still not wishing to move in fear of her lashing out. Helen went on, speaking about the Dark Lord as if he were still around, her lavish praise was only for him and not for the daughter and grandson who sat across from her at the table. Everett’s mother Nancy remained quiet as still as well, her brown eyes dull and staring at the worn breakfast table. “If your no good Grandfather could see you know.” Helen spit on the ground at the mention of her departed husband. “A fool he was, to grovel and beg forgiveness he had not earned from the Dark Lord.” Helen went on retelling the story that both Everett and Nancy had heard countless times. The Avery’s had gone to the graveyard at his rebirth, and her cowardly husband had fallen to his knees apologizing for his lack of faith after the Dark Lord had been supposedly defeated at the hands of a baby. The Dark Lord had naturally punished his disloyalty with well deserved torture with the crucio curse. Years later Helen and her husband had fought at the battle for Hogwarts, he had been badly injured and the two of them made their escape before the worthless Harry Potter had finished them. Helen had taken great pleasure in disposing of her injured husband, gleefully telling him they were to expect a child in 8 months time. She hoped they would be better wards for the Dark Lord when he returned again.

Helen had her daughter and took great pride in the molding she had done, perfecting her to be a Death Eater. They waited now, hoping for any sign of the Dark Lord's return. In that time Nancy had given birth to a baby boy and Helen felt once again called to mold the boy into a servant of darkness. However his training had been less than promising. Nancy had followed orders without question, but whenever she set the same tasks on Everett the boy would cry and run. He was punished more times than he could count, locked away without meals, his toes run over, a sharp jab to the head when he failed her. Over the years Helen’s anger grew.

Everett’s one source of hope was the family house elf, a small knobby kneed elf named Cogni. Her deep green eyes were gentle and her thin fingers soothed the cuts and abrasions. She whispered kind words to him, coaching him through the tears and the fear. She would tell him how kind he was not to do things Helen requested of him, and he would throw his arms around her feeling safer when she held him. They spent those 11 years together meeting every night to affirm and encourage one another. Occasionally Cogni would bring in a newspaper and read to him about the house elf liberations that were being enacted and share other good deeds done within the wizarding world. Everett’s kind soul was fueled by Cogni and her company, and it was only through her that he was able to find any hope within the world. In his 10th year Helen and Nancy seemed to have given up on him, and he spent many days with his own company. When the letter came they were all too happy to send him on his way, and he was all too happy to leave. It had been quite the shock visiting Hogwarts and having freedom. The hat had given him the choice, Slytherin or Hufflepuff and with trepidation he followed his heart asking for the house that felt the most like him. Hogwarts became his home and now within his 6th year Everett has come into his own personality and greatly values the freedom he has uncovered. However there will always be the lingering fear that he is no better than his grandmother, the fear and the anger within him are constant reminders of what they had tried to make him.


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efc3e784d6d07851a05499de4572da70.jpgName- Mattias McCoy
Nicknames- Mat
Date of birth- January 25th
Age- 32
Subject- Transfiguration
Wand- Spruce 9 inches Unicorn hair core. It's a lighter colour wood carved into a spiral all the way up its length.
Blood Status- Muggle Born
Patronus- Racoon
Boggart- His Ex listing his poor qualities
Quidditch- Used to be a keeper back in the day.
Sexuality- Heterosexual

Appearance- Mattias is on the taller side, with broad shoulders and a solid chest. His hands are large with thick yet gentle fingers. His hair is longer and with a little bit of magic he is able to keep the maintenance of his natural hair to a minimum. His beard is neatly trimmed and he enjoys the part of his morning where he has a little self care. He had dark eyes that often look quite sleepy, and a lazy smile to match. His back and arms are strong from his hobby of gardening and when he’s not teaching transfiguration often he is marveling at nature's own transfigurations. Often found in cozy sweaters and hats; Mattias often skirts the dress code for teachers with his love for comfortable attire.

Personality- If pictures really did appear next to words in the dictionary almost every person in Mattias’s life would suggest his photo be put next to the word cozy. With his love language primarily being focused on touch, Mattias loves to be snuggled up in anything soft. He enjoys cold weather since that allows him to bundle up quite nicely. He has a warm laugh and the sort of sense of humour that might get others raising their eyebrows. Mattias loves a challenge and enjoys being a problem solver using both logic and magic to sort his way through the world. He’s also a huge fan of gardening and has his quarters on the main floor of the castle where a little alcove has been set aside for him to garden away. He enjoys bringing the greenery inside and has filled his classroom with the foliage he grew.
There is very little that gets in Mattias’ way, among the plants he grows there are a number that he’s fond of drying, rolling and inhaling leaving him in a state of relaxation and bliss. Though deep down Mattias knows that the dulling of emotions serves another purpose.

Fears- Coming on too strong | Being alone | His own thoughts upon occasion
Likes- Gardening | Puzzles | Anything Cozy | Oversized stuffed animals | Fall | Working with students |Igniting passion among those around him | Those that refuse to hide and hold nothing back
Dislikes- Marking or Critiquing work that clearly has no soul | Supervising detention | Itchy fabrics | Coffee | Liars
Hobbies/Quirks- Gardening | Those muggle puzzle books | Excellent card player | He takes long pauses to really think before he says something | Very much into mindful living

Relationships- *Will update these as we plan a bit more*
Best Friend - None
Love interest- None
Enemy or Rival- None


Mattias was the first of his family to receive his Hogwarts letter, surprising the large family of eight. His mother bundled up her three sons and four daughters and with the help of her husband and uncle the nine of them found Diagon alley with only minor yelling and panic. With the help of a kindly innkeeper the McCoy family acquainted themselves with the world of magic and waved a teary goodbye to their middle son as he left on the bright red Express. He came home each holiday and chance he could to regale them all of the new things he had learned.
Of the MaCoy family Mattias and two of his younger sisters were all given the privilege of going to Hogwarts. In his time Mattias was placed in Gryffindor, a fact he was quite proud of. Both his sisters were Ravenclaw. When the time came for his graduation Mattias was on the fast track to working within the Ministry, he had the head for problems and it was recommended he work within wizarding relations. On his first day he met her, the head of the department, Dianah. She had everything, the fire, the passion and most of all the motivation to make major changes. Mattias quickly followed his heart and within the month the two were entangled. Late nights working on education reform and relation making between schools were often discarded for more romantic ventures. Mattias found he loved the work almost as much as he loved her, the time spent traveling to schools and speaking with staff and students about what could be better are truly some of his cherished memories.

Over the year that Mattias worked hard for the ministry his passion for education grew, soon he was being sent on solo trips and asked to join higher level meetings. Eager to make more positive change Mattias went ahead and failed to notice the darkening eyes of his lover. He felt on top of the world, his career was taking off and he hoped once he got the promotion he had been vying for that he would be able to afford a nice ring and ask Dianah to make a life with him. Feeling he was almost guaranteed the position, Mattias right away went and found what he hoped was the perfect ring. He had a big speech prepared, asking her if she wanted a large family like he did, vowing to uplift and love her in every venture they took.

However when he came home he found Dianah sitting in his small living room, the look on her face one of resentment. Happy to see her he rushed in to kiss her, but she pushed a paper between them, shoving it into his hands. There was an odd ringing in his ears as he read over the termination papers, signed by her.

“We just don’t feel you add anything to the team anymore. I’m sorry McCoy. I don’t think we are working out either” There was nothing sincere in her tone and Mattias looked up and finally recognized the anger she carried. It was messy, she yelled and yelled, and he begged her to stay, begging for any chance to make it right. She left him utterly destroyed, his heart cracked in two. It took many years of self medication and other pursuits to distract him. Finally at the insistence of his doting mother Mattias applied to the place that had given and nurtured his passion. His position at Hogwarts was offered and he’s been in the job for almost a decade, happy within his own little bubble of smoke and haze.


Pyrrha Nikos Lives On

Full Name: Gavriel Renee Sylvie
Name Meaning: Hero of God / Reborn
Nicknames: Gavy
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Birthday: April 23rd

Ethnicity: British, French heritage (mother is from France and she and her sister lived there until their father rescued them and brought them to Britian), basically half British and half French
School: Hogwarts
Year: 5th
House: Hufflepuff
Wand: Acacia, Phoenix Feather Core
Pet: Snow Owl named Shay

Blood Status: Metamorphmagus, half-blood
Patronus: Manx Cat
Boggart: Her grandparents, a priest, her sister being taken away from her
Quidditch: Seeker
Preferred Classes: Transfiguration, Care of Magical Creatures

Appearance: A lovely young lady with a slim and athletic build. Just because she is slim doesn't mean she isn't without the perfect curves here and there, especially in the chest and rear regions. She is also very naturally muscular from a life of never being able to sit still and always needing to be on the move. Her skin is soft with a slight tanned color to it but still over all on the pale side. She has platinum blond hair that reaches to her mid to lower back and is overall straight with a slight gentle wave to it. Her eyes are a vibrant mint green with dark, almost black, coloring around the outer ring of her iris. She is also very fond of changing her appearance, mostly her hair to wild colors such as purple or dark blue. Her eyes she often changes to glowing green and sometimes they will become that shade on their own if she becomes annoyed or emotional.
Scent: White Carnations and Mint
Height & Weight: 5'3", 115
Body Modifications: She changes her body very frequently and will often put different types of tattoos on it as well as change the rest of her appearance when she wants. Her most frequent tattoos are on her wrist, finger, finger, sternum, and arm.
Physical Disabilities: N/A
Faceclaim: Dove Cameron

Personality: Gavy is a very friendly and warm-hearted young woman despite her cold-looking appearance. She can be very flirty and feminine but you should never doubt her capability to get down and dirty when she needs to. She is constantly on the move and is very active because of what is likely un-diagnosed ADHD which also leads to her being very open to speaking her mind and breaking social norms. Well, that is at least part of the reason, the other part is that she really just doesn't care about social norms since she as a person is not a social norm due to her abilities as a Metamorphmagus. She is very bold and will get involved in fights that might not be her own either because she is bored or she has a desire to defend others. While her reactions and intentions might be in question at times, one should never question her heart. She lives her life never questioning and never doubting what her heart tells her to do, this might make her reckless in the eyes of others but in her mind it is reckless to think too much and miss the chance to make something better in a moment rather than fixing it later. She has no issues standing up for herself or others and even if it means she needs to disrespect an authority figure she will make sure that people hear exactly what they need to without hesitation. Never threaten her friends or family, she will go through hell and back for her older sister as well as the people she calls her friends because to her they are also her family.
To be honest, Gavy would likely go through hell and back for an absolute stranger because she believes that as much as others think the world has given up on them it is her duty to be that one person who proves them wrong. She doesn't care how the world views her, what they think of her abilities, and what they think of her attitude, all she cares about is making sure that she does not embody the hatred and cruelty that she has been shown in the past; she refuses to be the demon that people once claimed she was. She can also be extremely flirty and will flirt with almost anybody because it is fun and because she is really good at it. You should also never get between her and her sister because they will burn the world down to be together.
Positive Traits:
~Huge heart
~Will fight for what she believes
~Major cuddler
~Lives to make other people feel better, loved, and wanted
~Great little sister
~Very active
~Loves to make others laugh
Negative Traits:
~Very honest
~Can come off as disrespectful
~All over the place
~Literally hates having to sit still
~Challenges authority figures
~Has NO filter
~Will be the one to kills someone if they mess with her friends
~Can be very quick to anger

Moral Alignment: Chaotic Good
Temperament: Excitable and very fiery but quick to calm down.
~ANYTHING chocolate
~Human contact/ cuddles
~Changing her appearance
~Spending time with her big sister
~Nice open spaces
~Animals, she loves animals
~Her father, even tho he wasn't always there she doesn't blame him
~Playing with Shay
~Living life on the edge
~Surfing during hurricanes
~Swimming / freediving
~Horror movies
~Being restrained
~Small spaces
~Organized religion
~Her mom and her mothers side of the family
~Being taken away from her sister
~People calling her a demon
~People calling her a monster for her abilities
~Spicy food
~If she isn't doing something or is being forced to sit for too long she will start to shake her leg side to side very quickly
~She sometimes talks to herself in hushed voice but out loud (from years of being locked up alone)
~Flinches when people bring up organized religion
~Her hair changing colors when she gets emotional
~Her grandparents
~Organized religion
~Being taken from her sister again
~Being locked up/restrained
~Trying out new looks
~Volunteering with magical animal rescues
~Braiding hair
Mental Disorders:

Father - Lysander Sylvie (Alive -- Wizard)
Mother - Samantha Scotts (Deceased -- Muggle)
Grandparents - Alice Scotts and Philip Scotts (Alive -- Muggles)
Sister - Annalise Sylvie (Alive -- Wizard)
Home Town: Lewis, Outer Hebrides
Before Gavy and her sister were born their parents met when her mother was studying abroad in Britain. The two fell in love and though they didn't know each other well they were convinced that they were meant for one another and got married within the first two weeks of knowing one another. Not long after that Annalise was born and a year later Gavy was born as well. They lived as a happy family for a short period of time, that is until Lysander decided to reveal himself as a wizard to Amelia. After the shocking reveal Amelia, who had been raised in a strictly religious family, fled her husband believing him to be a demon worshiper and taking her daughters with her to go live with their grandparents. All of this happened when Gavy was only about a year old and by the time she was two her mother had passed away in a car crash. Gavy's grandparents were kind and loving people who, while very strictly religious, loved their grandchildren very much.
They made sure they were cared for in every way after their mother's death and for a few years, it was all smooth sailing, at least until Gavy was four years old and her metamorphmagus abilities began to show with her abilities to change her appearance. Her grandparents instantly freaked out, believing Gavy to be possessed by the devil, and locked her away in a small room in their basement. For years Gavy was held prisoner down there, forcibly separated from her sister because her grandparents didn't want her to risk tainting Annalise. The only times the two were allowed to talk was when no one was home and they could speak to each other through the vents. For years their grandparents hired all different sorts of priests and "miracle workers" to perform all different sorts of exorcisms and rituals and painful practices on Gavy to try and expel the demon from within her. Terrible things happened to Gavy in that room, the things these men did to her, the ways they touched her, the pain they brought on her, all things she still will not talk about but wakes up screaming and in tears because of. Her once-loving grandparents called her a demon and spoke to her as though it weren't her they were speaking to and far worse in the name of saving her soul.
For five years Gavy lived chained up in a small room enduring her own personal hell. However, one day everything changed when a dashing gentleman appeared in the room before her with nothing but kindness and love in his eyes. He scooped a weak and dying Gavy up into his arms and before Gavy knew it she was waking up in a beautiful bedroom with her sister at her side and the chains and pain all gone. Gavy and her sister had been rescued by their father who promised to make sure that nothing bad would ever harm them again. Now Lysander, Annalise and Gavy all live together happily when the two girls aren't off at school. Gavy doesn't know what became of her grandparents and honestly hasn't bothered to ask, but part of her has a feeling that her father took care of them on the day he freed his children from their clutches.

Sexuality: Pan-sexual
Relationship Status: Open
Crush(es): Open
Past Partners: Several
~Taller than her
~Very physical/cuddles
~Works out often
~Likes a bit of crazy
~Lets her steal food from them
~Kisses her tattoos
~Hugs from behind
~Picks her up
~Piggy back rides
~Will chase her around
~Honest with her
~Doesn't mind her unique abilities
~Overly cautious
~Is afraid of her
~Hates tattoos
~Shorter than her
~Disrespects her or her friends
Dominant or Submissive: Honestly depends, is dominant with men usually but submissive with women, it all depends on the relationship tho.

~Fire on Fire by Sam Smith
~Meet Me on the Battlefield by SVRCINA
~I May Fall by Jeff Williams and Casey Lee Williams
~Imperfection by Evanescence
~Silent Voices by Shamans Harvest
~Tusk and Bone by Shamans Harvest
~I Stand Alone by Quest For Camelot Cast
~You Can't Take Me by Bryan Adams
~The Call by Regina Spektor
~No Light, No Light by Florence + the Machine
~Daisies by Katy Perry


Full Name: Kennedy Brandish Rose
Name Meaning: helmeted chief, wave a weapon aggressively
Nicknames: Kenna
Gender: Female
Age: 32
Birthday: May 3rd

Ethnicity: Scottish
School: Hogwarts
House: Head of Hufflepuff
Wand: Thunderbird tail feather, Larch
Pet: German Shepherd named Shep

Blood Status: Pure blood
Patronus: Hyena
Boggart: Her parent's dying in front of her again, Leon dying/in pain, her student's dying or in pain, dementor
Quidditch: She never played for her house team but she is a damn good flier
Preferred Classes: HERBOLOGY, charms, defense against the dark arts

Appearance: Kenna is a very beautiful female who doesn't look as delicate as most. She has long blonde hair that is straight with layers and some darker blonde mixed into it. She has a beautiful figure and it is very clear that she keeps herself in good shape. She is athletic and quite curvaceous with a rather large chest which helped her to get modeling gigs and stay active on adventures when school isn't in session. Her eyes are a unique shade of brown with a golden tinge to them that makes them look golden when the light hits them just right.
Scent: Fresh ivy and carnations
Height & Weight: 5'7", 135
Body Modifications: She has a tattoo on her back of a Norwegian Horntail in honor of Leon
Physical Disabilities: N/A
Faceclaim: Jessica Nigri

Personality: Kenna has a very adventurous soul and loves the idea of a life worth living. She has passion and fire and often acts with her heart rather than her head. She loves going on quests, mission, and adventures when school is out of session and while on breaks. When school is in session she makes sure to make her class lively and entertaining for all of her students. She hates the stigma that herbology and plants are boring so she does her best to make the subject fun for those in her class room. She will lead field trips into the Forbidden Forest to explore the plant life within as well as into the Great Lake. She believes in hands on learning but she also would never want to see her students hurt so she does keep an eye on them during all of their adventures. When she doesn't like someone's attitude she can get fired up pretty quickly and is the kind of person who likely will need to be held back because she doesn't always attack with magic and isn't afraid to throw hands. She is funny and lively but also very sweet and understanding. Her students should hopefully feel as though they can come to her with any issues they might have as well as if they need someone to lean on. She is loyal and fearless when it comes to protecting the people she cares for. Her loyalty holds firm to the people she pledges herself to which can be a good and bad thing depending on the person. She believes in her students and will always do what she believes is best for them no matter the cost to herself. She does also believe in extra credit and helping students if they ask for it. She doesn't baby them but if they are putting in the work and still not doing well she will do everything in her power to help them. She does have a hard time some days because of her PTSD and depression due to her past and what happened when her parents were killed in front of her and she was tortured. She does her best to hide it but can be pretty self destructive when she gets into states like that and doesn't tend to eat or sleep for long periods of time.
Positive Traits:
~Free Spirit
Negative Traits:
~Overly loyal
~Spit fire
~Aggressive when she hates you
~Might seem a lil crazy
~Can have very sad and bad days when she has bad ptsd and depression which she has had since the death of her parents
~Can be self destructive

Moral Alignment: Chaotic Good/Neutral???
Temperament: Usually pretty enthusiastic and passionate, she clearly has a fire in her belly and would be the kind of person to try and fist fight the Womping Willow
~Magical Creatures
~Playing with Shep, Gargoyle, and Violet
~Spending time with Leon
~Cuddling hers and Leon's pets
~Comic books
~Basically any sweets from Honey Dukes
~Cozy sweaters
~Dancing with Leon
~Drinking games
~Night walks
~Cruciatus Curse
~Imperius Curse
~Her PTSD and depression and what it does to her
~People dissing herbology
~Boring dealings with the ministry
~The ministry being nosy
~People asking too many questions about her parents and why they died
~Playfully chomps when she is hungry
~Sighs LOUDLY when she is bored
~Gets in a bad mood quick when she is forced to be around the ministry
~Clothes design
~Getting herself into hella dangerous situations
Mental Disorders: PTSD, ADHD, Depression

Mother - Cher Rose
Father - Kalum Rose

Home Town: She doesn't really have one since her folks traveled all the time when she was growing up
History: To be revealed...

Sexuality: Pan-sexual
Relationship Status: Taken (Dating Leon Black)
Crush(es): Leon Black
Past Partners: Several
~Darkish hair
~Picks her up/lets her sit on their lap
~Can put up with her craziness
~Holds her when she is having a rough time
~Makes her laugh
~Loves animals
~No sense of humor
~Doesn't like physical affection
~Hates animals
~Can't handle her when she is at her worst
~Only likes her for her looks
Dominant or Submissive: Submissive


Full Name: Esfir Nikolaeva
Name Meaning: Star-Like, Daughter of Nikolai
Nicknames: Essie
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Birthday: February 10th

Ethnicity: Russian with som Mongolian ancestry
School: Koldovstoretz initially but transferred to Hogwarts for her final year
Year: 7th
House: Slytherin
Wand: Silver Birch (from Baba Yaga's broom) with Phoenix Feather Core (it is believed that the phoenix feather in the wand belongs to the Phoenix that Baba Yaga had a run-in with centuries ago)
Pet: Maine Coon cat named Lev (Lion)

Blood Status: Pure Blood (a direct descendant of Baba Yaga)
Patronus: Fox, specifically a Vixen
Boggart: Her but the Baba Yaga version of herself, Sea Serpent, the dead form of Lev
Quidditch: Beater for her house team
Preferred Classes: Potions and Herbology

Appearance: Esfir, better known as Essie, is a lovely young woman with strikingly beautiful features. She has high cheekbones, lush lips, a perfectly sculpted jawline, and pointed chin. Her skin is fair and smooth and complements the naturally rosy coloring of her lips. She has long ebony hair that has a natural gentle wave but can easily be straightened. Her eyes are almond-shaped sky blue eyes with long dark eyelashes. Her build is slim but she is rather busty as well as has long and very nice legs. She is very fit and clearly takes good care of herself.
Scent: Rose and Chamomile
Height & Weight: 5'9" and 123
Body Modifications: Bares The Mark of Baba Yaga on her lower left arm.
Physical Disabilities: N/A
Faceclaim: Jessica Green(edited)

Personality: Essie lives her life cut off from many of her emotions because she is afraid to feel them. Due to the fact that fate has dealt her an unkind hand Essie has found herself afraid to feel the way others do because she knows she will miss it when the time comes. Positive feelings are the worst because they are the most bitter to swallow. Being shown friendship, being happy, feeling excitement, these emotions are always met with a harsh slap to the face when Essie remembers her reality. This life she lives isn't her own, she is simply getting to use it for a while and she has to remind herself of that every day. Because of this Essie often tries to come across as cold and uncaring towards those around her since she is afraid to grow close to people.
Deep down though she is very warm and loving. If she had more time she would give in to her desire for companionship but she is so afraid of the pain she will feel when it is ripped away as well as the pain she would cause others. If pressed enough or under the right circumstances she will let others in despite her better judgment. She is a loyal friend, or as loyal as she can be when it is her in control. That's right. Essie isn't always in control of her mind and body. Every once in a while Essie is possessed by Baba Yaga and her personality changes completely and not for the better. Baba Yaga tends to be very nasty towards those Essie cares about, as well as just about anyone she interacts with and demands respect from all those around her. When Essie is herself she is a bit of a geek who loves herbology and potion-making. She can often be found in the greenhouse tending the plants or stirring a cauldron somewhere just because she wanted to see if she could master some new potion. She is a book worm and has a real green thumb. The plants she grows are divine and taken care of by a true master gardener as Essie has treated them with the love and caring of a true friend. Essie is very understanding and patient with others which some might find surprising. In her mind, she has no right to judge anyone for their mistakes since she has made plenty of her own. She also hates judging people because she knows that others have probably judged her for things Baba Yaga has done.
Positive Traits:
~Caring (deep down; she just is afraid)
~Loving (deep down, she just is afraid)
~Wise (especially when Baba Yaga is talking)
Negative Traits:
~Emotionally reserved
~Afraid to make connections with people
~Split personality (Baba Yaga)
~When Baba Yaga is in control she is super manipulative, harsh, seductive, and honestly pretty brutal
~Baba Yaga demands respect
~Has already surrendered to her fate
~Comes off as cold
Moral Alignment: Essie - Neutral Good, Baba Yaga - Chaotic Evil
Temperament: Resigned to her fate

~Card games
~Being away from her family
~Experiencing things
~Playing with and cuddling Lev
~Baba Yaga
~Her families curse
~Her family in general
~Self Isolating in order not to lead to emotional pain for herself or others
~Feeling so lonely
~Knowing that she can do nothing to change her fate
~People who think of plants as things and not as being alive
~When Baba Yaga takes over
~The idea of leaving Lev alone when her time comes
~Rap music
~Blue rose tea (something she has to drink as a vessel for Baba Yaga)
~Scratches at The Mark of Baba Yaga when she is upset
~Braids little pieces of her hair when she is stressed
~Eats one thing on her plate at a time
~Her 19th birthday
~Sea Serpents
~Baba Yaga
~Making friends only to lose them
~Something bad happening to Lev
Mental Disorders: Split Personality due to the curse of Baba Yaga, hella depressed (has basically given in to her fate)(edited)

Vladimir Nikolaev - Father
Maria Nikolaeva - Mother
Dmitry Nikolaev - Older Brother
Tamara Nikolaeva - Older Sister
Hometown: Smolensk
Backstory: As you might have gathered by this point Essie's life is not one to be envied. Her family is famed for being direct descendants to one of the oldest and most powerful witches in all of Russia (maybe even the world) and because of this, a curse runs in their blood. Every generation a new female with the blood of Baba Yaga running through her veins is chosen as the vessel for Baba Yaga. The child is marked with The Mark of Baba Yaga a few days after her birth, a symbol to show her fate as Baba Yaga's chosen one. From that point on it is the family's sworn duty to prepare the child and make her a perfect host for their most honored and most demanding ancestor. When the girl reaches the age of full magic maturity Baba Yaga takes the girl's body as her own, sacrificing the chosen vessel's life force in order to sustain hers until the next vessel comes along. To be the chosen vessel is supposed to be a great honor for any girl in the family and many members treat it as a gift; however, Essie has never seen it that way. The way she sees it is that before she could even remember she has been told that this life is not hers. Members of her family who say they love her and shower her with praise only do so because she has been forced into perfection her entire life in order to be ready as a vessel as well as having been placed on a lonely pedestal to be gawked at until the day her purpose is fulfilled. They do not love her, they only love what she is, not who she is. She cannot make friendships or connections because she will not live long enough to be able to enjoy them and they will end in tears for herself and those she cares for.
In her mind, she doesn't want to hurt anyone by becoming their friend when she already knows the friendship will not last. This has led to Essie craving companionship but too afraid to seek it out, thus her best friend has become her beloved cat Lev. As Essie grew older she began to realize she was losing time. Eventually, she found out that her time and memory loss was coming from Baba Yaga taking over her body to "test it out". From what Essie gathered the things her ancestor would say and do were both manipulative and hurtful which crushed Essie's heart since she could do nothing to stop it. Her family has never understood her feelings and so she learned at a young age to keep her thoughts and emotions to herself. Essie has decided that it is best for her to cut herself off from others, remain cold and composed in order to lessen the pain she feels. It doesn't really work but the poor girl is too tired and depressed to try finding another way. After being told that this is how it will be for so long, knowing there is no way out, Essie has finally resigned to her fate. She does what she can to try and enjoy her time while she has it which is why she has volunteered for the school transfer against the cries of disapproval from her family. In her mind she is already hurtling towards death so why not spice it up and add some fun into the mix, Baba Yaga has her whole life ahead of her, she can spare a year abroad and any dangers that might come with it. To be honest she is not opposed to the dangers because in her mind she is already dead one way or another.

Sexuality: Bisexual
Relationship Status: Single (open)
Crush(es): Open
Past Partners: n/a
~Plays with her hair
~Soft caresses
~Just hold her please
~Reads to her
~Lets her ramble on about her plants
~Likes Lev
~Folk Rock
~Judges her for what Baba Yaga does
~Doesn't like Lev
~Pressures her
~Hates quiet moments
~Likes the way Baba Yaga acts
Dominant or Submissive: Submissive

- Daughter of the Sea - World of Warcraft
- Cold - RWBY
- Mirror Mirror - RWBY
- Above the Clouds of Pompei - Bears Den
- The Funeral - Band of Horses


Full Name: Birger Gustav Einar
Name Meaning: Birger - One who helps, Gustav - Staff of the Gods, Einar - One who fights alone (all Norse Viking names)
Nicknames: Einar
Gender: Male
Age: 71 (and still a tough ol' bad a**)
Birthday: October 4th

Ethnicity: Scandinavian, primarily Swedish and Norwegian
School: Durmstrang
Rank: Professor of History of Magic
Year: He has been teaching there for like 40 years or more.
House (some schools may not be applicable): Formerly of the Atticus House
Wand: Norwegian Oak, Dragon Heartstring
Pet: Peregrine Falcon named Sigurd

Blood Status: Pure Blood
Patronus: Dire Wolf
Boggart: His wife and children dying (reliving that), his wife rising from the grave and blaming him
Quidditch: Back in the day he was a Beater

Appearance: Despite his age, Einar is still in surprisingly great shape and able to keep up with most youngsters relatively well. His figure is fit and well-muscled with excellent posture that shows that he holds himself to certain standards at practically all points in time. Students might not realize how physically fit he is at first due to his aged appearance but be assured that this old man can still keep up when it counts though he does not boast or brag about his well-maintained body. His hair is slightly long and mostly gray with a bit of his natural black still sprinkled in and a full well kept beard to match. He has many scars from his younger days and the many battles he has fought that he for the most part keeps well hidden though the scar across his back left hand is more difficult than others to keep hidden which is why he often wears a black glove over the hand. His eyes are an icy blue shade that can be as cold as the frozen North or as bright as the Northern lights depending on his mood.
Scent: Firewood and freshly fallen snow
Height & Weight: 6'1" 212
Body Modifications: He has the names of his wife and children tattooed on his chest
Physical Disabilities: N/A
Faceclaim: Jeff Bridges

Personality: When Einar was younger he was well known for being a brash and fearless man who was famed for jumping into a fight without much thought. He never doubted himself, had confidence the size of Mount Everest and an ego to match. He was also very charismatic and people were drawn to him in a way that made him the sort of leader people would follow into battle without question. He used his bravery and strength as well as his skill in dueling, for which he was said to be one of the best in the world and surely one of the best Durmstrang had ever produced, to blaze a career in the field of Auror work. He was known as a Viking among wizards, valiant and loyal as well as ferocious on the battlefield, it was said that along with his wand he carried an ax into every fight. He was a man who knew what he stood for and could not be dissuaded from what he believed to be right. If you met him now you might question the stories of the strategist and warrior he was. This famed and skilled wizard and fighter having become a passive old professor who would rather sit back and enjoy an old tome and some sweet rolls rather than duel.
He is the sort of man at this point in his life who is there to talk to students and impart wisdom on them from his own past experiences. He looks out for his students and many might think of him as a disappointment compared to the man he once was but he still gives his all to teach his students what is really important which often means the path of peace and forgiveness. He would rather see the next generation learn how to avoid a war rather than fight one but that doesn't mean he is without a fire in his belly. He has simply come to understand that reckless violence for the sake of violence, no matter the cause, is an option that should never be considered and wishes to impart that knowledge on his students which is why he teaches History of Magic rather than Dueling or Combat magic. He tends to act peaceful, calm, even goofy for his students but there is a hidden sadness in his eyes, the look of a man who has experienced true loss and still blames himself. He thinks of his students as his kin and will protect them as such when it comes down to it. He might be a man of peace now but like an old tiger he still has fight left in him and he should never be underestimated. He is also the kind of man who would give you the shirt off his back and would never put someone in a situation that he is not willing to face himself.
Positive Traits:
~Very intelligent
~Good natured
~Natural born leader
Negative Traits:
~Often seen as a disappointment compared to how he used to be
~Many believe him to be a coward because he retired early from the life of an Auror
~People think he is lazy because he often sits around playing wizards chess, eating sweet rolls, and reading old tomes
~Haunted by his past
~Very sad
~Overly peaceful when it comes to how people treat him, he often lets things just roll off because he sees no point in holding ill will against another for what he views to be petty reasons
~Feels lost in this world more often than not
~He is tired, just very very tired
Moral Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Temperament: Very grandfatherly but also a secret badass.

~Sweet rolls
~Falconing with Sigurd
~Wizards chess
~Looking at/rubbing his fingers along his locket
~A nice cup of tea
~The cold
~Viking culture
~Cooking for his students
~How people underestimate him and he feels no need to give them the satisfaction of showing what he can really do
~Canes (pretends he needs one but doesn't really)
~Unnecessary violence
~Those who use magic to inflict pain on the innocent
~Being called a coward (he won't prove them wrong but when it comes down to it this man is the FURTHEST thing from a coward)
~Disrespecting the dead
~His kindness being mistaken for weakness
~Being told what to teach
~Cooked blueberries
~Seeing his students tempted towards a darker path
~Forgetting his keys
~Bad coffee or tea
~Over cooked sweet rolls
Habits: He tends to mindlessly rub his fingers along his locket that is always around his neck; inside are magical pictures of his family.
~Losing those closest to him to darkness
~Becoming an arrogant fool once again
~Ghouls (thus why he wants a Vikings funeral)
~Certain characters from his past coming back even though most of them are dead or dying in prison
~Not being there to help when he is needed
~Wizards chess
~Dueling (though he doesn't do it much these days)
Mental Disorders:

Alva Einar - Wife - Deceased
Runa Einar - Daughter - Deceased
Sture Einar - Son - Deceased
Thora Einar - Daughter - Deceased
Hometown: Flåm
When Einar was a young Auror he felt he really only needed to worry about himself and thus didn't really care how many enemies he made along the way. In his mind, it was his concern and his concern alone who his enemies were since they would only be coming after him. He was a world-renowned Auror who was famed for both his dueling capabilities as well as his bravery in combat and his ability to lead. He did not send those who followed him into any situations that he was not on the front lines of facing himself. The way he worked and lived might have been reckless but it was exciting and brought a thrill that Einar craved and believed he could never want for anything more. When he met his wife Alva he spent his time courting her and she was the most amazing creature in the world in his eyes. She became his world and for once he started to put something/someone before his job as an Auror and his desire to stop the forces of darkness that existed in the wizarding world. When he and Alva started their family Einar really considered leaving his life as an Auror behind but kept getting pulled back into the rush and the excitement of it all. He would leave for days or weeks at a time then come home for days or weeks in order to spend time with his family. He foolishly believed he could have it all; that he could be a family man as well as the hand of justice without any repercussions.
Such a thought process changed very quickly the day he was returning home from a job and found out several dark wizards he had imprisoned had broken out and decided to pay a visit to his family. By the time Einar managed to reach his home, it was too late. His wife and children had already been tortured under the Cruciatus curse for hours if not days. His wife had been forced against her will to torture and butcher their children when the Imperius curse was cast on her and while she had fought at first eventually the fight had been drained from her and she fell completely under the spell. This was the sight that greeted Einar when he came crashing into his house. He returned just in time to watch his wife be forced into slitting her own throat and that moment haunts his every heartbeat. That was the day that Einar broke, the day he lost everything including a great part of himself. He ended the lives of the wizards who did such a thing to his family and was found holding his family in his arms, a broken man grasping at the pieces of his life that had been ripped away from him.
After that day Einar was never the same. He never returned to his work as an Auror and eternally regretted not having quit sooner as he had promised his wife that he would. Eventually, over the years Einar began to find some semblance of peace as he began to teach at Hogwarts. They originally tried to hire him as a Defense Against The Dark Arts professor but he decided he would rather teach History of Magic in hopes of better reaching his students through the use of the past so that they could learn from the accomplishments and mistakes of those before them. Every day Einar is haunted by his mistakes that led to his family being slaughtered but he has become focused on trying to help craft a better future for the students he now cares so greatly for.

Sexuality: Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Single (Widower)
Crush(es): N/A
Past Partners: Alva
~Knows how to stand on her own
~Big heart
~Puts up with his nonsense
~Loves to read
~Might add more
~No self-respect
~Might add more
Dominant or Submissive: Dominant


Full Name: Siena Arabella Charmaigne
Name Meaning: Italian town Sienna, yielding to prayer, singer
Nicknames: Sisi
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Birthday: December 10th

Ethnicity: Irish
School: Hogwarts Grounds Keeper
House: Former Gryffindor
Wand: Horned Serpent Horn, Laurel
Pet: She has a Komodo Dragon named Zepher and a blue Iguana named Ava

Blood Status: Pure Blood
Patronus: Red Panda
Boggart: Death Eater, her grandfather telling her he doesn't love her, people making fun of her for being mute
Quidditch: N/A
Preferred Classes: Care of Magical Creatures, Herbology, Charms

Appearance: Siena is a very cute young woman who for the most part is often seen as simply cute but can also be quite beautiful when she puts the effort into it. She has long wavy blonde hair that reaches past her shoulders and is the color of wheat in the sun. Her nose and cheeks are splattered with cute little freckles that are noticeable all year round but become far more noticeable come summertime. Her eyes are a stormy blue color with hints of grey that make them look like a swirling ocean, or at least that is what her grandfather used to tell her. It is clear that she does a lot to keep active as groundskeeper of Hogwarts due to her athletic and slim build. She actually has a lot more muscle on her than people often realize due to the large sweaters she normally wears.
Scent: Warm cookies and tea leaves
Height & Weight: 5'6", 124 lbs
Body Modifications: She has a tattoo on her back to honor her Grandfather
Physical Disabilities: She is mute
Faceclaim: Jeanne Goursaud

Personality: Siena is very sweet and cares about the school very much which is obvious to any who know her due to the fact that she is always up at the crack of dawn to start her duties and never complains. Her love of the school comes from the fact that her grandfather was the grounds keeper before her and he poured all he has and was into the school. Everywhere Siena goes she can see the old man and it drives her to want to honor his work and memory by keeping the place they both loved in the best shape she possibly can. She knows all the nooks and crannies of Hogwarts as well as the grounds around it and if you become friends with her she might even be willing to show you several that no one else knows about. Due to her patience and desire to understand others better and for who they truly are she has befriended many of the creatures of the Dark Forest and spends much of her time managing the relationship between the school and the magical creatures within. She is a strong advocate for centaur rights and is an honored friend among the centaurs as well as other creatures because of her kindness, patience, and understanding when it comes to learning their customs and ways. She loves to bake and some of her goodies she gives out at feasts but she also has her goodies sold at honey dukes. She carries a magic note pad around with her that writes what she wants to say but she also knows sign language so she can communicate that way as well. She gets frustrated when students they make fun of her for being mute or disrespect the school grounds and the creatures that live on it. She often spends the holidays and every Sunday evening at her grandfathers grave which is on the school grounds. She keeps it clean and leaves gifts and decorations for him on special days.
Positive Traits:
~Advocates for others
~Open minded
~Hard worker
Negative Traits:
~Isolates herself when frustrated
~Stresses easily
~Poor communication when upset (she doesn't have the energy to write or sign)
~Tends to spiral when things go wrong
~Act first, think later

Moral Alignment: Neutral good
Temperament: Usually very sweet and friendly but also extremely protective of those she cares about.
~Making candy
~Tending to the grounds
~Fresh tea
~Magical creatures
~People making no effort to communicate with her
~People thinking they can talk about her however they want because she is mute
~People underestimating her
~Snobby people
~Those who think that bloodlines matter
~Signs very fast when she is pissed off
~Tends to wander off randomly
~Sleep walking
~Hangs upside down when she is trying to think hard
~Candy making
~Mountain/Tree climbing
Mental Disorders: Not sure if this counts as a mental disorder but she is mute

Grandfather - Lance Charmaigne
Home Town: Hogwarts Castle
History: Before Siena was born her mother and father met during a mission to study vampires. The two grew close over the long months of the expedition and became very intimate which resulted in the creation of Siena. When her mother told her father about the pregnancy the young man fled his responsibilities to the pregnant woman and was never heard from again. Siena's mother was devastated and became determined that she would be the best single parent ever and give Siena all the love she could to make up for her absent father. It was an admirable goal that Siena learned about from her Grandfather who raised her when her mother tragically died during childbirth. Siena's grandfather, the groundskeeper for Hogwarts, took on the pledge that his daughter had made and made sure to give Siena all the love of both her missing parents plus his own. Siena grew up on the castle grounds and followed her grandfather as well as the professors around constantly when she was young. It was well known by students that sometimes the little blonde child would appear in classrooms and sit there throughout the whole class listening excitedly. In a way Siena sort of became one of the most loved parts of the castle for staff and students alike when she was a small child. As she grew she started to attend Hogwarts as an official student and was brilliant from day one when she was assigned to Gryffindor. She passed her classes with flying colors and spent her evenings helping her grandfather care for the grounds and making him treats. Siena eventually ended up graduating a year early from Hogwarts and stayed on as a member of the staff when her grandfather tragically passed from an illness that came on rather quickly and very unexpectedly. Siena takes great pride in her work and loves every bit of her life as a part of the Hogwarts family. Hogwarts is her home after all and she will do everything she can to care for it and its residents.

Sexuality: Bisexual
Relationship Status: Open
Crush(es): Open
Past Partners: N/A
~Picks her up
~Wears what she knits for them
~Likes sweets
~Darkish hair
~Would be interested in learning sign language or already knows it
~Lighter hair
~No physical affection
~Hates what she bakes
~Makes fun of her for being mute
~Blood snob
Dominant or Submissive: Submissive


Full Name: Everly Chase
Name Meaning: Everly - brave as a wild boar
Nicknames: Ever
Gender: Male
Age: 14
Birthday: July 17th

Ethnicity: English
School: Hogwarts
House: Gryffindor
Wand: Apple, Phoenix Feather
Pet: Raccoon named Skittles

Blood Status: Mud blood
Patronus: Beagle
Boggart: His father and uncle, his mother in pain, being fully blind, animals in pain
Quidditch: Keeper
Preferred Classes: Herbology, Potions, Care of Magical Creatures

Appearance: Thorn is a very cheerful and handsome looking young man. His soft pink lips are almost always curled upwards in a sweet smile that reaches his chocolatey brown eyes. He has natural slightly tanned skin that is covered in freckles, most of which are splattered across his face. He has dark brown hair that depending on the day tends to be curly or straight or a mix of the two and tends to be longer on the top and trimmed shorter on the sides. He has a strong build and his body is covered in many different scars, a good amount of which come from his hobby of metalworking/blacksmithing.
Scent: Firewood and Smoke
Height & Weight: 5'6 1/2" 125
Body Modifications: None yet but her plans to get tattooes
Physical Disabilities: Blind in one eye
Faceclaim: Cameron Boyce

Personality: He is very calm, happy, and peaceful which causes some of those around him to think less of him as a member of Gryffindor since he isn't eager to jump into the fight like others are. He prefers to talk things out, listen, meditate, and come to peace rather than violence and he doesn't care if that makes him look weak. He almost always has a smile on his face even if he is having the worst day of his life or is going through some serious depression, which happens a lot. He doesn't like bothering others with his personal issues and often leaves them bottled up and tries to ignore how it tears him up inside. He looks for any reason he can find to be happy and when he can't find a ray of sunshine he is the sort of person who will look for stars in the darkness. Just because he prefers peace doesn't mean he isn't capable of war, he is perfectly capable of defending himself in a fight as well as protecting others but he will make every attempt for peace before reaching that point. He has the heart and mind of an artist and finds great joy in his hobbies of metalworking and blacksmithing. He has his own forge where he makes custom metal figurines, weapons, jewelry, and much more as a method of meditation and self-expression. He enjoys working with his hands, making things for others, and just spending time bringing to life metal creatures and weapons that appear in his mind. He is also extremely patient and takes his time with things that matter as well as when helping others with who he is working. He is very good at taking a moment to take a step back and just breathe and remember what really matters to him. His greatest fear is his father and uncle as well as letting people down. He fled his home in order to keep his mother safe because she often times tried to keep him safe from his father and uncle when they would get drunk and beat him. With him not around she stays out of the way and is safe. He lives and works at the Leaky Cauldron when school is out of session. He hopes to one day return home to get his mother out of that house but knows if he tried right now he would only cause her greater harm. He sends letters to her often and knows she is safe from the letters he gets back.
Positive Traits:
Negative Traits:

MBTI Type:
Moral Alignment:
Mental Disorders:

Home Town:

Sexuality: Bisexual
Relationship Status: Open
Crush(es): Open
Past Partners:
Dominant or Submissive:


Full Name: Jasper Liam Mormont
Name Meaning:


Blood Status:
Patronus: Black Bear
Preferred Classes:

Height & Weight:
Body Modifications:
Physical Disabilities:

Positive Traits:
Negative Traits:

MBTI Type:
Moral Alignment:
Mental Disorders:

Home Town:

Sexuality: Bisexual
Relationship Status: Open
Crush(es): Open
Past Partners:
Dominant or Submissive:


Wildlife Conservationist in the Making

Full name: Taenya (Tay - Ni - Yah) Iedra (EE-eh-drah) Magven (Mah-gh-ven)
Nicknames: Tae or Nya
Age: 16 years old
Gender: Female / She-hers
Sexuality: Bisexual
Blood Status: Pureblood

House: Slytherin
Wand: Pear wood, 11 3/4" length, Unicorn hair core
Favorite classes: Potions and Care of Magical Creatures
Least favorite classes: Transfiguration and Arithmancy
Quidditch: Nope - she doesn't play period.

Persona: Taenya is unique in her own way. At first glance the Slytherin can appear cold and not so easy to approach. However don't let that deter you from becoming her friend. She is actually kind, sweet-tempered and loyal. She is also protective and honest at heart. Taenya is wary, cautious and most of the time she is super quiet. She doesn't like large crowds and honestly is trying to get over her fear of being around others. While this girl has the outer appearance of a ice queen, she is honestly just putting it up as a mask. She has a would of gold otherwise and despite her past and her unique talent ... she lets words and cruelty roll off her back like water. Tae is forgiving in a nutshell, even though her trust issues can sometimes make it too easy to hold a grudge. Should you betray her - good luck gaining her trust back - it is practically impossible. Should you harm those she protects - she will go absolute mamma-bear on that one witch//wizard. Her loyalty and cunning personality are what make her well-known in the Slytherin House as the Winter Queen.

History: Taenya was born into a pureblooded family. Her mother being a Lady of the Magven family, one of the oldest lines connecting somehow to the Le Fey line. Her father was also a pureblood - extending from the Ieferil line which connected to the Slytherin line. When Tae was born, her mother was thrilled ... while her father wasn't. He had hoped for a son to carry the family name - but due to the Le Fey line connection...The female carries the heiress title over a male. And until Taenya's 7th birthday, everything was fine. A bit tense, but overall fine. The family made due. However, all good things must end. Tae's mother grew very ill and ended up losing her life just before Tae turned 7. Then the world that Taenya knew... it ended in a heartbeat. Her father took advantage of the grief the young witch held and became to hit her - while she had a few scars they weren't the worse... the pain she felt was from the words spoken to her which tore down her self-confidence. So, Tae made herself a promise... that when her 10th birthday came... she would mask her emotions to not allow her father the satisfaction of seeing how his words hurt. And should he refuse to give up treating her the way he was... she would run away - and that is exactly what she did on her birthday too. Tae lived on her own - finding her ability of parseltongue and having a viper she had saved from a neglectful owner beside her the two were inseparable. When Taenya went to Hogwarts - the professors noted her icy exterior and noted how the girl acted like a big sister; protective and loyal but hard to gain the trust of.
*She unlocked another ability besides her parseltongue (this is something subject to change depending on things) and that was an animagus form during her third and fourth year. Being a Saharan cheetah - an unusual cheetah subspecies which she relished being in her large cat form. Piercing mercury-dipped blue eyes the only clue that it was her. *

Pets: An African Bush Viper named Zircon
A gorgeous snowy owl named Valeria

Special abilities:
Animagus** If open; the form is a Saharan Cheetah
Parselmouth - can speak and understand snakes; this ability is considered dark by many and she doesn't really care...she treasures her gift and often uses it no matter what.

Crush/bf//gf?: Open for plotting

Extra Information:
Favorite color is turquoise
Favorite animal is the Nundu or Thunderbird
Favorite place to relax is either the library or outside in the forest with the magical creatures

FINISHED!!! Phew - that took a while lol
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