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Fandom Hogwarts Legacy OC RP [Romance? OC x OC or CC x OC Doubling]


‘Twas not a phase, mother.
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DISCLAIMER: I do not support JK Rowling's views on the world. I do not agree with her undertones of discrimination in her works. I do not agree with her ideas about trans women. I in no way shape or form agree with any of her personal biases.

Hello all!
I'm Blitz, and I have a problem. My brain won't stop picking up new fandoms like a hot potato. My newest and most current fixation has been the HP fandom, thanks to Hogwarts Legacy hijacking my brain. I will admit up front that I am a noob with the Wizarding World lore. I have only just gotten into it like...two weeks ago. The only media I have consumed of this franchise has been Hogwarts Legacy and the movies. I have absolutely zero knowledge of the books. Despite this, I will strive to be accurate! I research things and try to do my best. I only ask that you are gentle with me if I say something that goes against established canon. I get over eager to make my own head canons and theories, but I will absolutely change something if you let me know it is not accurate!

I would love for the RP to either be in the Hogwarts Legacy Era, or in a custom time of our own. So, we can make our own unique story.

I play a bunch of different characters most of the time, but this time I'd really like to play a new character of mine which is a female. While I make characters of all kinds of different sexualities, she is a character that is hetero. So, if you are willing to do a romance portion with your own OC against my OC, I ask they be male. Though, if you would like to use a female OC and would like me to play a canon character (or create a custom character) for your character to romance, then I can certainly try! I am willing to play any gender for you, if doubling. I only ask that you would be willing to do the same for my character. For my character's canon crush it is Ominis Gaunt.

(Notice: If you do decide to double, I ask that we try to keep sections even. I have been burned before when doing doubles, where my partner would put so much effort into their OC's part but absolutely zero effort into my character's crush. It is absolutely disheartening to see someone care so little about my character, when I genuinely get excited for someone else's character arc. I get attached, I LOVE seeing other's OCs and watch how they act or respond. Please give me the same courtesy I give to you, and if you just can't vibe with my character then let me know so we can go separate ways. Please don't use me to get what you want.)
I only write literate, 3rd pov, past tense. I write around 400-600 words per response, though I can write up to 1000 or more if the scene calls for it and I am sufficiently immersed. I want us to build a story together that is gripping. I want to delve into character's heads and find out how they tick! I want something that will make me think. If you only post short responses or write anything but literate- please don't respond.

Anyways, I think that's about it...

Thanks for reading!

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