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Fandom Hogwarts ~ Blood Ties - A New Generation of Harry Potter

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Everyone's favorite flower <3
Harry Potter: Hogwarts - Blood Ties ~ A New Generation
  • This can include OC’s, but I’m also wanting to have some of those characters be related to our original canon favorites. Maybe they’re distant children of the lineage, or we can roleplay as the original canons’ kids? Obviously, for some, we would make up names and make up some having children. It would be cool to choose your own house, wand, pet, interact with professors, assigned classes, friend group, host or join duels, participate in Quidditch or tournaments, explore the realm, receive an acceptance letter from Hogwarts, etc.
This was copied off my ideas list in the discussion. I have yet to make anything look fancy, but let me you if you're interested in becoming a part of the masterpiece! :)

P.S. If you're great with designing banners for different places, the heading of the rp, etc., please let me know! I would love some assistance with that!


Everyone's favorite flower <3
Wow, I love this! I’ll get started on an OOC thread, lore, and character sheet thread shortly :)
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Everyone's favorite flower <3
Yay!!! I promise I’ll have the lore and character sheet up soon! Then finally, the roleplay thread along with discord server. This week has been super hectic and busy.

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