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Hit on the user above you with your best pick-up lines

I don't think of it as late, I think of it as reasonably making an entrance later than usual.
Dang, am I invited Ashy?
We were being shipped earlier so I mean it makes sense :3
~Nyah <3 Nyah~
Well yes, but actually no
I'm quite complicated but I'm everything female
I go by female
I am female basically
There's just a few things missing
Wait Ashy
aRe YoU aSsUmInG sExUaLiTy?/?
What's your sexuality? (more of the romantic part because uhh thats your personal business and if you wanna share that then cool but im not just gonna ask that without taking a precaution, because I don't know how comfortable you are with sharing stuff like that. Personally, for me, I'll share anything anyone asks. So if you guys have questions: shoot.)

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