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As you were going about your business, you stumbled upon a strange, cartridge like device--Whether you found it on the ground, on a treasure chest, or maybe it hit you on the head, it doesn't matter.
What matters is
It found you.

The device appeared to be small, mimicking the appearance of that of a game cartridge.
However, it's black in color, and didn't have a label. For some reason, it glowed a pink aura.

You find a note taped to it which reads:
'Shall we start the game?'

As you examine the device, you find a peculiar button near the top of the device, pressing it either deliberately or accidentally. Light enveloped the area as you feel yourself fade bit by bit until light covers your vision and all of sudden, blacks out.

Hours later, you find yourself standing in an area you've never seen before. It appears to be underwater, near some rock formations of some sort. You appear to be standing on invisible ground, marked only by wireframe grids. The grid extends to a point that there are walls, forming what appears to be a sunken ship from afar.


"Welcome!" You hear a dual-toned voice call out to you as you examine your surroundings, you turn to see some sort of pink light person with pixels emitting around it's body clad in some sort of armor with a game console motif. It had a rainbow tinted visor covering their eyes."I'm sure you have a lot of questions right now..." He said, letting out a warm smile.

This is a 1-2v1 challenge per person, and it is open to all kinds of RPers...Just make sure to post regularly, ok?​

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