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Magic Eight Ball
The last traces of last night's rain already faded from the grass and sidewalk, a Beagle's paws soon trot over them. 14 Year Old Clover Hyono, a soon to be High School Freshmen, returns to her house after taking Speckle for a walk. Her canine friend stops when she notices the man of the house, Clover's single father, pull up in the driveway. The dog happily running as the car's side door slides open.

Clover's head tilts, surprised to see her dad home early. Merely walking up to help Speckle, her Beagle body struggling to climb up, into the car. Without stepping out, Silver Hyono reveals he came home early for a good reason. Silent, but already realizing what he means, Clover moves to go inside to change her outfit and get her new school schedule in hand. She had planned to walk, but now she's got a ride, to her school year's open house. With a snack for the ride, Clover returns to the car to get going.

Well, the car ride is relatively short, but forget that. Silver deliberately avoids what he knows would've been the short cut, because he wants to speak to Clover about the new era of her life right in front of her. Without a word Clover already figured as much. She's thought to herself all summer long, what kind of experience this will be for her. What kind of person she wants to be through it all. After that, Silver's left with one question. What his daughter will do after Senior year is over for her, what she wants to gain in her life between now and then. Only to stop the car as they arrive.

Clover doesn't have an answer, quickly silenced. Something her father, and her dog, are quick to notice. Unlocking the car, Silver tells her she'll find the answer through her next four years. Clover looks at him, wondering if he's coming with her. Silver's got somewhere else to go, and tells Clover he's taking Speckle for a long car ride. Petting her dog before taking her backpack, the blue haired teenager thanks her dad for the ride, and steps onto her High School campus.

Clover Hyono looks around, remembering to herself how often she crossed this building during her young life, and how long she's looked forward to this one afternoon. With a big smile, and an even bigger future ahead of her, she steps forth. Going inside to look around. I repeat, open house. Not first day or anything. But still pretty damn exciting.

Her classes, her schedule, just the desire to explore her new High School. Okay, first thing's first. The first thing Clover goes to find, is where her locker will be. Alright then my dear, let'Z get this party started!

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