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Realistic or Modern High school ooc

Prince Lutin

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@king_of_demons12 Thanks! I was looking for a last name that sounded ridiculous. Believe it or not, Chinchilla is a real last name. (It's Spanish.)

BTW, I noticed that all of our characters seem to have gone to different classes for the first period. I think that for the second period, we should all go to the same class so all of our characters can interact. What class do you guys want all our characters to go to for the second period?


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@Prince Lutin
I think we should all go to some kind of elective? I mean, our characters are obviously going to have different interests, but we could have multiple electives, one that we chose and one that was given to us or something. I think that could bridge all of us together, even if we are all in different grades. What do you think?


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We can go to like English or creative writing perhaps? Cause creative writing might let people of different years interact since it can be any level


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Forgot that there was an ooc

Considering that we may have lost two vital students maybe we should each play as more that one character.
Maybe the spectator could maybe fill in a role?

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