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Realistic or Modern High School Dreams

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Action, Adventure, Anime, AU, LGTBQ Friendly, Magical, Mystery, Romance, School, Super Powers

Seigakuen used to be an all boys school in the heart of Tokyo, Japan. It had quite the reputation however which wasn't always as good... Think about: bathrooms that reek of cigarettes, students fight with their homeroom teachers, nobody expects students to follow school rules, students cut class without a second thought, etc. Yes, they all happened here, hence the somewhat bad reputation. But all that was going to change!

When the principal retired, he already found a substitute of high states. One of the best instructors around one could say. During break, the school underwent some serious changes in both appearance and structure. The classrooms were thoroughly cleaned, furniture got upgraded and the garden was actually being maintained now. It was one of the advantages of being a multi millionair who could afford pretty much anything. He was called: Ruichiro Yamagachi His wife meanwhile maintained order in the company [All Star Entertainment: idols, actors, etc. work there] which Ruichiro left all of a sudden to follow his dreams to be a principal. Especially liking this school as it had some challenge to it.

Besides the rearrangements, he also opened the school for girls, becoming mixed. Despite the reluctances of the female crowd, some were convinced once they read the name of the new principal as he was after all pretty famous in Japan. At the opening of the school, the school had 80% males and 20% females attending. It was indeed the start of a brand new chapter!

> Average of 350 words per post.
> At least 3 posts per week.
> Only 3 girls will be accepted for now.
> One can have a part-time job as long as it doesn't interfere with classes.
> All classes can attend the school [from poor to rich].
> Max. 2 characters per person.

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Will events take place?
Yes ! There will be lots of them, involving the students. Sometimes even happening in their every day lives. It won't be boring with these going on.

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@Clownery if your interested go to the ooc link in first post, in that thread is a link to character sheets. Once wandering likes your character you can post.

@Blitzkrieg Bob yes there is one more slot. Go to the ooc link in the first post. In that thread you will find a link to the character sheet. Once liked by wandering you may post


The Greatest Ever
I've had a hankering for some slice of life rp for a while, and i've had a character concept i've been thinking about; are those female roles still open?

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