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Fantasy High Fantasy anyone?

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<King of Stars>
In a fantasy world, who knows what'll happen?

Hey! So I've been in a big fantasy mood of late, I'm looking for people to take a spin in my own world (Prefer to use your own or make one up? Let me know!)
I'm down for any kind of theme. Want slice of life and romance? Or maybe action/adventure? Let's do it!
(Just a note, if romance is involved I'm better at M/M than any other pairing)

I've also been roleplaying for over 5 years, I can range from any kind of writing, except one liners
I also ask that you be over 18!

The World
This world is called Atarashi. It's a large world filled with different kinds of biomes and people. It's ruled by five major kingdoms, all with its own style and rules. The world also consists of different kind of species such as Humans, dragon-like people, beastmen, and more. Look over below if you wish to learn about the kingdoms.
  • In the West is the kingdom of magic, Celnar. Here one could find many ways to view or study the arts of magic. Magic could be something complex or simple depending on which method the person desires to study it. The kingdom is rich with activity and is currently in the lead with advance knowledge and bountiful libraries filled with information. It's definitely one of the more livelier kingdoms.​
  • In the East is the kingdom of wealth, Kingshill. This place is known for its greedy people and lively casinos at night. The most wealthiest kingdom out of the five. Expect to see more richer and higher class people here compared to anywhere else in the world. Not many people are considered nice here either, the King of this land also had a long history of wars and greed in the past.​
  • In the South is the kingdom of power, Azgul. One of the strongest kingdoms with a heavy military and an only ruling Queen. If you prefer more weapons than anything else you'll find the strongest ones here. Blacksmiths make their fortune creating the best swords, axes, spears, maces, and more here. People are known to be strong and usually the streets are aggressive. The kingdom also funds an arena on a small island off the coast.
  • In the South-West is the kingdom of defense, Stonehill. In the past this use to be a beautiful snowy island place for people to sight see. However for an unknown reason years back they closed their borders, nobody without special permission is allowed to to take a boat to visit anymore. Now being one of the more mysterious kingdoms.
  • In the North-West is the kingdom of dragons, Dragonkin. Originally in the long past this world has dragons were not liked and feared by the people. They grouped together in the more desert area of the North-West. Through many wars and negotiations the dragon-like people were accepted and is now a full kingdom. Now a days they are more liked and accepted, but mainly keep to themselves.

As of right now, there aren't any specific plots I have an urge to do, simply I'm down for anything! We can work together to make one
I will say Isekai kinda plots are something I'm always down for, but really anything works!

Thanks for checking this out! If interested leave a comment or DM me[/FONT]​
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