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Fantasy Hidden from Light: Lore


Characters | Lore | Rules and OOC
The world... is slowly coming back to you.
A man named Crosenratz used to run a coliseum, but for legal reasons it was quickly shut down after a number of rounds.
Now, he's been selling travel guides, and while he may be off his rocker, it looks actually useful.
First off, this is the area you have been living in for a while. A soot-filled area in the volcanic region given the fitting name of Black Valley. It is the quote unquote "home" of two races: Shadelings and Succubi. The succubi show an unkind demeanor towards shadelings and do not easily act cordial towards them.

Shadeling Controlled
Succubus Controlled
Hostile Human Party
Head South to continue.
The year is 1637.
NOTICE: If a Shadeling or Succubus attempts to learn any healing magic, they will only be able to learn Lesser Heal, because of their inner darkness.
>Humans, ????
A race commonly associated with greed, but also light. Humans are the most common race in Redukan, ruling the four main regions of it. Most humans are incapable of learning magic, so they stick to physical combat.
>Succubus, 1604
A sentient race of human-looking beings sporting demonic wings and thin, pointy tails. However, the fact that most bestiaries get wrong is that they don't have any horns on their heads, and they wear regular clothes. Succubi are capable of casting dark magic or using ranged weapons well, but are physically weak. As one would expect, they are capable of flight.
>Shadeling, 1632
Shadelings are the returning, corrupted remnants of people killed in ages past. They have no physical features, save for two glowing eyes amongst their pitch black body. While very hardy, they must use their lifeforce to power their magical or physical attacks. They are not very nimble and are bound to be attacked, but regenerate.
>Woof-lf, 1588
These strange beasts first appeared in these lands when wolf sought to become man's best friend. Their population quickly grew, causing the extinction of doggos and regular wolves. While they seem to have the friendliness of doggos, they carry the ferocity of wolves. Some Woof-lfs wear hats, which can boost their abilities.
>Spider, ???
>Cat, ???
>Sharkat, ???
>Waterphase Snake, ???
>Rabid Rat, ???
>Sicor, ???
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