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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by cat64, Jan 9, 2017.

  1. cat64

    cat64 New Member

    hello my name is cat woodford and i am looking for a roleplay i have a few character backstories that i would like to try for slice of life, sci-fi, midevil, army, medical, familey, and adoption
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  2. constellation

    constellation a star

    welcome to rpnation cat!

    i hope you have a great time here~
  3. -Deleted Account-

    -Deleted Account- I didn't think so

  4. TPBx


    Hey welcome to the nation dude
  5. Windsock

    Windsock Elder Member

    midevil? Like, in the middle of being evil? Wicked.
  6. cat64

    cat64 New Member

    no medieval times.
  7. sleepingdaydreamer

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    Welcome to RPN :3

    Hope you can find a match.

    Though might I suggest, look into the interest threads :)) There might be a couple of people who might be looking for your type there and into the same things that you are ^ ^
  8. Squirrel Man Huey

    Squirrel Man Huey Fluffy Tree Citizen

  9. Cadryn

    Cadryn Double Luck

    I'm always up for anything medieval or scifi!
  10. ewolf20

    ewolf20 the aspiring roleplayer

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