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Hello, everyone, new here, but excited to start. I RP a lot on Omegle, but it's been overrun with bots lately, and a friend suggested I look for a more specific roleplaying site. I have two friends I've met now from very long term roleplays I initially met via Omegle, so I definitely enjoy build up and elaborate story arcs, though I'm also good for short term ones, those two are pretty exceptional and most I do just last a day or two, unless a person and I really hit it off. One of the stories is in a fantasy setting, the other more of a semi-dystopia. I love fantasy, historical, futuristic, post-apocalyptic, steampunk, etc. roleplays. I can do normal, modern day ones but they aren't usually my first choice. I like to think I'm fairly creative, I have several worlds I've made up the basic foundations for, for rps, and then I like my partners and I to work on them together and expand them, and I also enjoy playing in other people's worlds as well. :)

Anyway, very happy I found this site. I hope to meet some interesting people. Right now I guess I'd like to get my ten first posts out of the way so I can send and receive messages, I think that's how it works. That's part of why I'm posting this, get the first one out of the way. :)

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