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I Could Tip You Like A Vintage Wine
It’s time for another ad, now that it’s 2021 (I’m still processing this). Rules are below, and for the people in the back: READ THE RULES. There is a CODE IN THE RULES. I’m not trying to trick you, that’s why this is in caps, bold, and underlined. The rules are there to make sure we're compatible. That's it. I know what it's like to have a similar interest to someone, and not be compatible. I'm trying to save us some of that heartache. I've learned what I like.

1. Don't God-Mod. In other words, don't make my character speak, don't make my character, don't make my character take damage, and don't control my character. If you want something to go a certain way for plot purposes, just PM me and ask. Usually, I accept "god-modding" during travel and the like. It is usually acceptable to assume movement if a character is already committed to the journey.

2. Please be able to play both genders, and play multiple roles. Your main character(s) may be just male or just female, but I expect all the side characters and NPCs to have life and flavor, too.

3. On the note of characters: I will always play one female character. So, be aware of that. With that said, I usually also always play one male character, and I do MxM, MxF, and FxF pairings.

4. I only RP on threads, (or GDocs in rare cases), so no PM, kik, discord, e-mail, or other rps with me. So that I know you’ve read the rules this far, please tell me about your favorite food!

5. Please be able to write more than a couple of sentences as responses to me. I have tried to do “simple” RPs, but I end up not feeling motivated to respond or continue the RP. I will need you to be able to write a paragraph or two, each post, at least.

6. PM if you are interested. The only reason for you not to PM me is if you cannot do so due to the fact you haven't reached 24 hours/10 posts.


1. I do not like to be hassled for posts. Especially if I have already posted that day or the day before. Do not bother me for posts until at least two days have passed. Otherwise, I will start to resent our RP and lose interest in it.

2. I enjoy OOC talk, however I will not respond to "hi" or "-poke-" or equivalents. Have substance to the chatter, even if it just asking "How are you?".

3. Do not bump our thread if I have not posted. I will not post out of spite. I have a problem with this, I acknowledge it, I'm not fixing it.

4. On that matter, please keep OOC to PMs and not on our IC thread. IC is for posting. If you have a question, concern, or comment, just shoot me a PM.

5. In general, I do not enjoy immediate romances or "slice-of-life" RPs, so do not come to me expecting I'll do either. I may make rare exceptions.

So, what am I looking for this time around? See below!

Dark Souls:

So I just finished up Dark Souls 2, and I’m going to be starting Dark Souls 1. I’ve played them in reverse order. I don’t get as much time to game anymore as I used to, so I know, I’m slow at getting through them (not to mention DLC and extras in the games already make them long, lol). So, what am I looking for in a Dark Souls Rp?

  • The Ashen One chooses not to light the Fire, and becomes the Lord of Hollows. This is now history, like Gwyn linking the flame. The Ashen One remains, but long life, and being one with the Flame, have taken their toll. The Ashen One may be our Vendrick, or may be our Gwyn, depending on how we take the story. In either case, Mankind has succumbed to being Hollow over time, and many of the places where there were living humans, have been overrun with hollows, the “true shape” of man. Sentience has waxed and waned with long lives for so many. The Gods have fallen. In the early years, the Ashen One portioned out parts of the new Flame to their close followers, such as Anri, for as we know, when flame spreads, it grows, not weakening unlike Lord Souls when split. Except, with none tending it, many of them ended up losing themselves to the flames, having their identity burned up. So what is the goal here? Well, that is up to the characters, but the “straightforward” goal is to either put out these flames entirely, or unite them, to restore the First Flame.

  • Taking the story of Dark Souls 2, the Bearer of the Curse leaves the Throne of Want to find some other way. They do not link the flame, and no one comes to follow them to do it. The world is plunged into darkness. New beings arise in this darkness to rule over the dark, and old ones return – and as before, the cycle continues, leading to the flames beginning to sputter anew, and embers to dance across the darkness, blessing a chosen few with power to stand against the Dark. Our characters are these, or tied to these, in some fashion. The Bearer of the Curse will be either the main villain, a guiding NPC, or something other – for discussion.

  • Taking place after DS3, with the assumption that once again, the flame was linked…and once again, the world is in ruins with a fading flame. We can take inspiration from the other games so far as what the paths are for our characters, and how much history has degraded since then.
One thing with Souls I’m not too keen on, is the dimensional warp/time complications, that were used as justification for other players to join the world. So, there’s just going to be one dimension (unless you can persuade me with how it can fit in). Not including painted worlds, of course – they’re their own things.


Of course I like Bloodborne if I like Dark Souls. Also considering some inspiration from Mercy (comic), and willing to talk general Lovecraftian horrors for this, too.
  • Gehrman is killed, and replaced by the Good Hunter. All the hunters before the Good Hunter, find themselves called back into the dream they had forgotten, having chosen to let Gehrman kill them long, long ago. The hunt continues again, and they are once more trapped in this nightmare they were promised to be free from, and the Good Hunter unable to tell them much. It’s up to the old hunters to try and put an end to this – once and for all.

  • Gehrman is killed, but so, too, is Flora. The Good Hunter is reborn as a Great One…and like all Great Ones, it yearns for a child, only now it knows how to have one that will not die – forcing others to take on the 3 parts of the umbilical cords, it waits patiently for other Great Ones to try, and fail, before it chooses its successor and brings them into the Dream to go about the hunt. This would not be our character. In this case, our characters would inhabit reality, and would not get to “die and be reborn” – they are still living with this hellish nightmare of Great Ones and the Hunt, and they are trying to find a way to stop it. Could be in Yharnam, or could be based in another town, as this nightmare has spread further.

  • Similar to 2, but using Old Hunters who had a nightmare after the Great One was born from the Good Hunter, and who realize things are about to get worse. Not tied to the Dream at the beginning, but a possibility later on.

Final Fantasy X

  • This is all OC, Pre-Yuna. We take our summoner and their guardians to Zanarkand, and they either die, or they find out the truth and try to put an end to it. With the first method, we could lead into the second (taking a surviving Guardian and throwing them into the next group after doing research to end the cycle).

  • Yuna’s Time, maybe Yuna’s group. Look I have a summoner OC I’ve created for multiple FFX Rps that haven’t gotten anywhere and I want to play her. We’d likely have to retain Tidus and Auron for story reasons, but they could always end up in a group that isn’t Yuna’s, right? This would involve OCxCanon stuff, and in this case I’d prefer to play my OC across Seymour (yes, I’m ashamed of it, too, I don’t care).
Final Fantasy VIII
  • All OC cast, the main villain is Hyne. Likely post-FFVIII, where Garden and SeeD continue, variously as mercenaries, research into magic, and other such things as the world develops. There would still be sorceresses, now more widely accepted thanks to the events of FFVIII – and Hyne’s ultimate goal would be uniting all the Sorceresses into one, so he could reclaim the power he gave to humanity long ago.
Final Fantasy XII
  • Not even gonna bullshit, this would just be the story with OCs involved, and possibly taking it in a different direction thanks to the influence of OCs.
Star Wars

Look, I have a lot of SW OCs I wanna play in various capacities, so I’m just going to list them here. This will involve OCxCanon doubling.

Sequel ‘Verse Characters:
  • Knight of Ren, former Padawan of Luke, Sequel ‘verse. Works good throughout the Sequel era, would enjoy playing them across Finn or Hux. More gray than dark or light, and more conflicted about the progress of the First Order.
  • Tarkin, from Jova’s bloodline, neutral position in the War, or against the Order, depending on our starting point. Has an army they were hiding in the Outer Rim under the guise of the “Outland Security Forces”. Good against Poe, Finn, Phasma, or Hux.
  • Sith Lady from Vader’s dynasty, not direct (had a master who was Vader’s apprentice). Works good across Kylo, possibly Finn or Rey.
  • Palpatine’s Emissary, Sith Lady, definitely plotting against him. Possibly works with Hux, Finn, or Rey. Open to others.
  • Trueborn Hux – since Armitage is a bastard, I thought someone born of Brendol’s wife would be fun. On good terms with Armitage (they can agree Brendol is detestable), likely with the First Order’s intelligence side, or their Naval side. Good against Kylo or Poe.
  • Pryde Member, Spy/Agent for the Order, likely working within the Resistance or alongside Hux to find out more information. So good against Poe or Hux.
  • Inquisitor. Former Jedi. Broken. Works against Cal Kestis, Trilla (redeemed or otherwise), maybe Thrawn.
  • Surviving Jedi, trying to find their place in this new world. Against the same individuals – Cal, Trilla, Thrawn.
  • Tarkin Family (I love them), non-Force sensitive Imperial, trying to keep the Empire running, working in the Outer Rim. Possibly good against Trilla, Cal, or Holdo.
  • Tarkin Family, Force-Sensitive, has avoided being pulled into things too much (Inquisitor or Harvester) thanks to family connections. Trilla, Holdo, or Cal would be best here, as well.
Game of Thrones
  • I just want to play a Bolton gal across Daenerys for some Fire and Ice tension. Including Bolt-On Fancanon/Headcanon, and Boltons Related To Night’s King stuff, because Roose is eerie as hell in the novels, and all that flaying seems similar to stuff the House of Black and White do. Willing to double on this, of course, too!
Other Fandom Universes I’m Interested in, but not much: (Taking ideas or inspiration from them works)
  • Dragon Prince
  • Vampire Hunter D
  • The Dark Tower
  • Vampire the Masquerade/Vampire the Requiem
  • Locke & Key
  • Sandman Series (Neil Gaiman)
  • Petshop of Horrors
  • Vampire Princess Miyu
  • Hellgirl
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