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I'm Arthro. Ive been roleplaying for a long time, and like to write. I tend to get very attached to the few characters I come up with, develop them a ton, and use them in any rp I join. The two I'm planning on using would be Pyotr Abakumov and UVUB-1. I also like drawing, and almost always draw the setting that these two characters originate from: my story called Red Skies.

(characters from top left to bottom right: Pyotr Abakumov, UBL, Ace, UVUB-1, The Towering Hell walker)
unfinished_frame_1.png pyotr_hgioklsaasmall.png
(My friend's drawing of Pyotr)

I'm looking forward to joining any role plays looking for an experienced, quick writer. I'd love an invitation!
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