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Help Hey Mobile Peeps, Does it look alright?

Yellow Swan

Why Stop Dreaming When You Wake?
I'm back after a hiatus and I was super into BB code+ posts. But now that I've return, not only has BB code + been removed (So many broken things I saved lol) I noticed that more than ever there are mobile users. I looked up the typical Px width of phones which is 450px, *however the Iphone 4 is 320px. So I found a minimalist code that was still working in my private workshop and attempted to restrict it. If it doesn't screw up by running off screen (Or worse), I plan to make more with more forethought into design. So let me know if it's working :)

*Edited for spelling
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Yellow Swan

Why Stop Dreaming When You Wake?

Vasilisa Bethrova










Appears 17, real age unknown. The youngest in her family.


5' 6"

One of the four:

No silly billy- vampires can not be one of the four!


N/A yet


Healing others, but slowly takes a toll by chopping away at her sanity. Also she can make and manipulate Ice, it's a family-inherited-ability.


She's a book worm who loves to explore. She's good at finding things and loves to meet people. However... if she gets too hungy and weak, she looses control and becomes blood-hungry.


Masquerades/Balls. Blue. Apples. Strawberries. Birds. Violin. Piano. Music. Nature. Lakes. Streams. Ponds. Art. Books. Playing the piano. Playing the violin.


People who yell. Thunder. Being interrogated.


Part of the Bethrova blood line, a very powerful and old vampire line. Second only after the original. (?)


She's vampire. She grew up learning the etiquette of a princess but only put it to real use when required. She loves her parents, but they always seem to be away with business. She has a brother, but, he's gone more often than not too. She's a quite mousy thing but once you get her started, she'll talk your ear off. She likes to make things from Ice and snow.. but her family frowns upon that. They use their legendary power as a weapon and are known for their brutality and strength... Her stunning soft yet icy blue eyes mark her as a Bethrova.


She's afraid of heights and thunder. Next in-line for the Vampire Throne.


But sometimes the line of truth and lies falter.
Hey IPhone user here. It looks perfect on my end.

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