Hey guys


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So... yeah. I just made an account here today. Kind of confused as to how to navigate, but I'll probably figure it out sooner or later. :P I literally know nobody here right now, so... a few people to talk to would be nice too. Yep.

I'm currently looking for some sort of advanced / literate fantasy roleplay or maybe a Harry Potter one (either in a group or in a 1x1), so please do tell me if you know. Suggestions are welcome, as well. c:

Elle Joyner

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Welcome to RPN, Shrew :) If you're confused, just yell and we'll help you out, best we can :) ! That's what we're here for! Happy navigating!



I'm stalking you unsecretively, just a heads up

p.s. your soul was delish.


Oooh sparkle I'm not gonna comment on the emoticon on the bottom


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