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Fandom Hetalia RP, Anyone?


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Ciao!!!~ Anyone up for a Hetalia RP? :) I have a few plot ideas (down below! Ones I'm more interested in are in bold) that you can choose from, or if you have any ideas please let me know! Both Canon and OC nations/territories/micro-nations are allowed!

I'm looking for someone that is interested in Hetalia, can be multiple characters (at least two), and is literate. I like writing at least a couple of paragraphs for replies, and even though I am okay with less, please don't make your replies so short that they don't have the necessary substance for me to use for my own replies. I'm also a college student with classes during the week, but I have a ton of free time in between my classes and over the weekend, but if I have some big assignments I'll let you know, and I hope that you'll give me the same respect if you need time for real-life things, as I know everyone has their own lives to live off of RPNation. If you fit this description, then please send me a PM or reply on this thread!

I also have an OC I really want to try out. She's Solaria (human name is Gabriella) and her land is in between the Balearic Islands and Sardinia (in the Algerian Basin). She is a chibi (can be older depending on the rp) and is the little sister of Spain and the Italy brothers. More details will be given if asked.

Plot Idea A:
Discovery! It's the era of adventures that lead to finding new lands, along with them new chibis to take care of! This one will act as more of a sibling/family type of role play that can include any nation family. (I also have an OC for this idea, if anyone is interested in doing the Mediterranean family, including Spain, Romano, Italy, Austria, and even Germany and Prussia)

Plot Idea B:
Sucked In! An oldy but, if done well, a goody! You guys and I are humans that somehow get sucked into our favorite anime series and we have to survive the wild and hilarious antics of the nation characters. We can also turn into nations when we are sucked in, if you like that idea.

Plot Idea C:
Halloween! Every year on that wonderful day in October, all the nations come together and try their hardest to scare the heck out each other! This one is more of a laid-back, silly role play, but thought it would be appropriate for the month, especially since Halloween is my favorite holiday :3

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