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Fantasy Heroics to Villainy - Lore



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For centuries, there has been a powerful race called The Calivats that reside on their home planet Xendoria. This species has been gifted with amazing powers such as enhanced strength, intelligence, the ability to fly, and even powers unique to each individual Calivat. These powers are used by the Calivats in order to protect and maintain peace all over the galaxy. However, one day, a dangerous force known swiftly as the Dekas made their way to the Xendoria planet with the intention of conquering it, along with all the other planets of the galaxy, and war quickly ensued between the two forces. While the Calivats had the upper hand when it came to raw power, the Dekas were gifted with an extremely versatile army that possessed widely varied fighting styles, some preferred the use of technology and gadgets, others preferred to use magic, and some were highly skilled in weaponry. After many years, the Dekas had just barely managed to win the war, but not without a massively decreased army to show for it. After their victory, they wasted no time in ruling the planet of Xendoria, and it seems like the galaxy's defenders had all been defeated.

Fortunately, a few residents of the Calivats had still existed after the war ended. Sometime before the war started, multiple Calivats had been chosen to inhabit a variety of areas in order to keep better surveillance on specific parts of the galaxy. These included places such as Saturn, Mars, Neptune, and of course, Earth. The person who had been sent to earth was an at the time 8-year-old boy named Denniver, who had found his way to the quaint town of Arondon. In the time he had spent on the planet, he had learned a lot about the customs of earth, and thanks to his enhanced intelligence from being a Calivat, he had managed to land a profession in being a scientist and became widely popular for his astounding inventions. Early on into his mid-20s, He had managed to meet a wonderful woman named Taylor and fell in love with her. However, shortly after their relationship had begun, Taylor confessed that she had previously been dating a guy named Maverick, and she had ended up getting pregnant with him and having multiple children. Unfortunately, Taylor had shortly after been diagnosed with early stages of cancer, and Maverick had broken up with her because of this, not wanting to have to become the primary caretaker for the children if Taylor were to die. Thus, Taylor had since been looking for a person whom she could give her kids to if she were to pass away, not wanting to give her children away to foster care and possibly have them end up in an abusive or unhappy home. Upon hearing her story, Denniver had immediately agreed to take in Taylor’s kids and care for them. Taylor sadly passed away a few months later.

Unfortunately, things would only go downhill from here. While Denniver had been busy growing accustomed to the ways of earth, what remained of the Deku was still at large, conquering the other planets of the galaxy. The Calivats that inhabited the other planets had attempted to fight back, and they had managed to lower the numbers of the Deku bit by bit each time, but they were ultimately no match for their army, despite their weakened state. Finally, it had come time for the Deku to conquer earth. Due to their low number of forces, the Deku devised a plan to use their technology to create minions to increase their numbers. They had finally made their goals of domination known to earth's residents one fateful day. “We have defeated many other planets before this one,” the leader of the Deku army had announced before beginning their conquest. “And this planet will be next! Surrender now or die at the hands of our army!”

Of course, the earth tried to fight back as best they could by using their military forces, But just like with the other plants, they were fighting a losing battle. Denniver quickly became aware of the impending invasion and was quick to start theorizing a way to combat the Deku army. From what he knew, the Deku had managed to overpower his fellow Calivats as well as the Calivats that had inhabited other planets, so he surmised that he would likely face the same fate if he were to fight them alone. The more time he spent attempting to think of a plan, the more lives that were in danger from the Deku’s army.

Finally, in an act of desperation, Denniver decided to extract the blood from his body and transfer it to his children in order to increase the number of forces to defend the earth. In the end, he had successfully transplanted his blood to the children, but the procedure had left him incredibly weak, and he had to be hospitalized immediately. In his final moments, he told his children everything he could about the Deku, his(and now their) powers, and how they would develop into each of them, and their future going forward, and he finally died a few days later.

With nowhere else to go, the kids were sent to foster care and were eventually picked up by a loving couple, who were quickly filled in on the kids' backstories. They were skeptical at first, but a quick showcase of powers was enough to persuade them. From then on, the children had gone on to combat the Deku forces in their everyday life while also balancing their other responsibilities such as school and homework. They had struggled a bit in the early stages of the war due to their young age and inexperience with their powers, but as the years went by, they became stronger over time and were quick to turn the tides on the war. Each of the children had even discovered their own unique powers (Which you will be able to choose on the character sheet). About five years later, the war is nearing its end. Most of the villains have been either destroyed or locked up, but about five or so are still going strong, trying to use their own unique skills to gain the upper hand once more (Again, you’ll get to choose their skills on the character sheet). But as the fight rages on, it seems the villains could possibly be gaining a new member to drastically turn the tides in the near future (foreshadowing!!).

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