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Fandom Heroes: The Next Gen CS


Flame Demon

Autistic Ace Vampire
Roleplay Type(s)

Parents: only applies if one of them's a hero
Height: THERE'S A HEIGHT LIMIT OF 210 cm OR 6'10.6"
Body Modifications
Theme song:
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Phantom 1.png
Crystal Victoria Palmer/Strange
Doctor Strange & Christine Palmer
5'8" (173 cm)

Crystal can sometimes be sassy, but that's a defense mechanism for when things are going wrong or when she's not feeling well, she also does this to hide her sadness, but those who really know her will see right through her, not that that actually helps her out much since she just bottles everything up. She used to be very cheerful and active, however the accident changed her more then the fact she can't walk normally most of the time, usually on bad days.

Things changed a lot when she found out who her father was and she started hanging around him, much to his annoyance sometimes and therefor has taken over some of his traits and unfortunately bad habits, like eating, something she's so busy with something (this can vary from day to day) that she forgets to eat, she doesn't sleep enough either and will get defensive if you point it out, but will admit that person was right after calming down.

Look passed all her flaws and she's actually a very good friend, often being the first to offer a listening ear if one of her friends need help, but she'd afraid of being abandoned or left behind by her friends, so she will never call someone her friend unless she fully trusts that person.

Crystal wasn't aware about who her father was until she got in an accident one winter when she crossed the street and a car lost control, resulting into an injury that looked like a lost cause, that's exactly how Doctor Stephen Strange thought about it until he got an earful from Christine that he was abandoning his kid. He was not aware he had a daughter, even though she looked eerily like him at that point in time. He took the case and did the surgery, succeeding in saving her life.

Of course he was put on babysit duty when Christine had to go somewhere for a while, probably to get food. Much to the Christine's surprise she found her usually stoic colleague asleep near the bed and her daughter awfully confused when she returned "Mom?" Crystal had asked "What happened?" she asks. Regardless of the fact the two hadn't exactly shared the fact Stephen is in fact Crystal's father she figured it out when she was sometimes stuck with him, mostly because he personally decided to help her, the accident left her unable to use her right leg properly. They spend that Christmas at his luxury apartment and she surprised him with a pocket watch holding a picture of her and Christine.

When her father had his car accident and disappeared she was worried as hell, until she saw him in New York by accident after he had just found the sanctum and she ran up to him, but he was too confused to see her at first. When he told her about Kamar-Taj she looked hopeful, since the doctors at the hospital had give up with her leg and when he got injured fighting the zealots he went to the hospital to see Christine for help Crystal decided to stay at the sanctum to keep an eye on things.

After Dormammu was defeated Wong and Stephen started to train the girl and she started switching between living at the sanctum and her mother's house.


Two dual blades
Her magic
Staff of the Seraphim(later)

Sling ring
Protective necklace
Costume (black being the main color of her costume, white is for stealth in snowy areas)
Two daggers
Hidden pouch for her stuff
Staff of the Seraphim (usually disguised as a cane)



Crystal has yet to master this, but she can currently change her clothes and change small objects into something else.
Astral Projection
Crystal has learned to separate her astral body from her actual body and getting into the astral dimension.
Martial artist
Since Magic can't save her the entire time she has been trained at Kamar-Taj in close combat
Eldritch Magic Manipulation
Crystal is able to shape and manipulate Eldritch Magic, forming tangible constructs of energy, such as weapons or shields, as well as cast spells by writing specific formations with the fiery energy. Because she is making the spells her own the energy is now a dark purple.
Portal Creation
Using a Sling Ring, she is able to open portals that lead to different locations, gaining the ability to both move across the material world and to other parts of the Multiverse, she can also teleport others at great speeds. She is also able to conjure portals cooperatively with someone else, linking them to send attacks back.
Wind Spell
She can cast a spell that creates a golden wave of light clear away strong winds, dust and debris
Binding Spell
She can bind energy with
Energy Blasts
She can create blasts of energy that bounce off object.
Duplication Spell
Crystal can create several copies of herself
Earth Swallowing Spell
she can use a spell to trap people in the ground and make them disappear
This allows Victoria to conjure objects as she needs it or wishes, she's still practicing this spell
Dimensional Warping
Using the same Sling Ring, Victoria can travel between different dimensions of the Multiverse, crossing over different planes of existence or traveling across various forms of reality.
Shield of the Seraphim
This spell allowes her to create a circular or spherical barrier against physical and mythical attacks from enemies, it can also slow, restrain, slow and neutralize almost any force against it.
Sign of the Seraphim
The Sign of the Seraphim is a protection spell that reflects spells back at their caster.
Speed of the Seraphim
This spell enhanced the speed of the caster on foot and with flight.

Her leg

Since her leg's damaged to the point where she shouldn't even be able to walk, according to the doctors, she needs to be careful how much she uses it. Too much and she could lose the ability to completely walk in that leg.
She's human
She might be able to use magic, but she's still a human and thus, can get sick, injured etc if she's not careful.
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Name:Thalia Thorsdottir
Age: 18
Height: 6 ft, Asgardian's are tall
Parents/Family:Thor Odinson and Sif
Hero name: N/A
Position: Student
Club: it could either be arts or cheerleading
Personality:She is a kind hearted Asgardian,she is brave like her father as well as her mother though she can be a little impulsive like father as well
Powers/Abilities:He has the power of thunder/lightning as her father does and I think you would be able to count the ability of flight with her weapon as a power,she has superhuman strength and endurance
Skills/Weapons:swordsmanship and some hand to hand combat but as for the weapon she wields a sword like her mother
Weakness: bugs and without her sword it weakens her power as she hasn't quite harnessed the power lightning/thunder without it
Crush: open
Theme: N/A
Appearance: 8ab92df9d0a4464114ec95fddedbf5f7-5.jpg
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Name: Arteus Lokison
Nickname(s): Tré and Tretre
Parents: Loki and Sylvie
Alias: N/A
Gender: male
Age: 17
Position: student
Height: 5'6
Appearance: 6df72e063f0bfceb0f9c8f5d0eeba5bd.jpg
Costume: tumblr_outljriPkI1r6p8ito1_500.png
Personality: he is a bit laid back, a little dramatic sometimes, sparky and has an attitude but there's a good kid in there
Weapons: he has his own little scepter and a dagger
Abilities: the use of magic and shape-shifting as well as frost from the quarter ice giant heritage he gets from Loki, some enhanced stamina and endurance but not as much as his cousin since he's not a warrior and relies more on his magic

Crush: open
Theme song: N/A
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The Defender



  • eaadc38bac9f74f79e468a678b8bd3acd2e5f5fb.gifv

    Character Name:
    Camryn Shaw

    The Defender, Planeswalker

    Hiram Shaw & Amelia Burhan



    Mystic Mutant

    6′ (1.83 m)

    190 lbs (86.18 kg)

    Hair Color:

    Eye Color:

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Name: Alexander Romanoff
Nickname(s): Alex
Parents: Natasha Romanoff (adoptive mother), Clint Barton (uncle, will refer to him as 'dad' most times), a younger sibling
Alias: Robin Hood
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Height: 5'10.8" (180 cm)
Body Modifications:
Has several tribal tattoos on his arms.
Appearance: Short black hair and vibrant green eyes
Costume: See picture
Usually seems like a pacifist, but can be pretty nasty in a fight, especially if you hurt someone he cares about, or bullies someone. He's kind hearted and tends to be quiet as well, often only speaking when needed.
Alexander doesn't know his biological parents as he was put in an orphanage at a young age. One day he was out with some other kids when a bully walked up to them and it ended badly, three kids had gotten injured because they couldn't protect themselves so Alex, also injured, stood up and snuck up behind the bully and jumped on his back, putting him in a choke hold until the guy passed out. Of course Natasha saw all that and upon bringing the kids back to the orphanage asked if Alex had been taught to fight, he hadn't. She adopted him and a younger kid who seemed inseperable from her new son and took them home.
Bow and arrows
Foldable bow
Different kinds of arrows
Faster then average
Somewhat trained in close combat
Makes his own arrows
He's human
can get sick, injured etc if he's not careful.
Limited materials
If he runs out of arrows and doesn't have the materials on hand to make new ones he's basically forced to use his knifes all the time, including for long range throwing.
Not sharing and making sure everyone makes it out
If he's not entirely sure a plan will work you need to urge him to share it, since he doesn't want to put his team in danger for nothing.
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Name: Brooklyn Margaret Rogers
Nickname(s): Brook
Parents: Steve Rogers (father)
Alias: Miss America
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Height: 5' 2"
Body Modifications

Personality: Super bubbly, kind, hard-working, stubborn, smart
Biography: she was taken by hydra at 5 years old and used for experiments. That's how she got the super soldier serum. She was recused by bucky and ever since then she's been a favorite to him. She argues with her dad because he's strict and she wants freedom and it's ruined theyre relationship.
Weapons: Shield, super solider serum, g^n
Abilities: Super strength
Weaknesses: past with hydra, clumsy, her strength
Theme song:
(her favorite song as well)
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Wanda's not old enough to have a kid in this rp, sorry
Name:Madison Stark
Nickname:Maddie, Mads
Parents:Tony Stark, Pepper Potts
Alias:Spirit Flame
Body Modifications:Has a tattoo on her forearm
Appearance:1669166685812.pngSame hair color as her mom)

Personality:Madison is a very shy girl when you first meet her but then once you get to know her she is more energetic. She is also very protective of those she loves.
Biography:Madison was exposed to a heat wave created by hydra and gained fire powers she then became a part of the avengers. She also almost drowned when she was very little
Equipment:a bag that can hold her weapons
Abilities:Pyrokinesis(ability to control fire)
Weaknesses:Asthmatic, water, mentions of hydra
Theme song:
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Name: Kiva Fitzgerald
Nickname(s): None yet
Alias: Silhouette
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Height: 5'4
Body Modifications: None

Costume: None yet

Personality: Kiva is very introverted. Despite her talent on the court, she's modest and humble, preferring to stay out of the spotlight. In fact, she's likely to go out of her way to avoid taking the credit for most things. She also generally doesn't speak unless spoken to. Her voice is soft and her mind is calm, making her surprisingly easy to talk to. Kiva rarely gets frustrated, but she also has a hard time expressing her emotions.

Biography: Kiva is unsure where she got her powers from as her parents are regular humans. Ironically, she discovered her powers by accident. As a kid, she was playing hide-and-seek when she inadvertently hid inside of the shadow of a car instead of behind it. She still has a lot to learn about how to use her powers to their full potential, but she has learned quite a few tricks. As for her life unrelated to her abilities, Kiva's an avid fan of basketball. She's played since middle school as a point guard. Not wanting the attention that comes with scoring tons of points, Kiva specializes in racking up steals and assists. Even though those things are what got her recognized, she could easily deflect by saying that she only gets those stats because of the presence of her teammates.

Off the court, Kiva doesn't really stand out in public. She doesn't party with her teammates. She makes good grades, but rarely talks during her classes. Her desire to help others be better as well as her curiosity about her own skills is what led her to the academy. Well, that and Hawkeye after he caught her beating up a group of bullies in an alleyway after school one day.

Weapons: None yet

Equipment: None yet

Agility/Elusiveness- Kiva moves quickly and gracefully, but that's more from her years of basketball practice that it his her slightly superhuman agility.

Shadow form- Kiva's body turns into a shadow, allowing her to move along the ground at twice her normal speed. While in this form, she can hide inside of any shadow she makes contact with and launch an attack from inside of it. Attacking from the shadows returns her to normal afterwards. Unfortunately, she can't possess who or whatever's shadow she's in.

Spectre form- Allows Kiva to become transparent for a few moments. She can pass through solid objects, draining a bit more of her stamina in the process. She can amplify this to become completely invisible to the naked eye as well. However, she can still be picked up by thermal sensors/vision as her body would give off a cold signature.

Silhouette form- Temporarily coats Kiva in a shadowy aura that enhances her power at the cost of draining her energy

Night vision- Kiva can see even in the darkest of conditions. Also, the darker an area is, the more potent her powers are.

Shadow sword- A blade that can temporarily be powered up by absorbing nearby darkness

Roaming Blackout- Kiva creates a wide aura around her that removes all light within 10 yards of her for 90 seconds, strengthening her other skills in the process. The downside is that once it goes away, it leaves her extremely vulnerable as she can't use any of her abilities for at least five minutes while she won't be able to reuse this ability for another 15. Only used as a last resort.

-Kiva can't use her shadow form in mid air

-Extremely bright places dampen her powers

-Bright/flashing bright lights disorient her

-Light based attacks hurt her more

-She's human

-Glass cannon, strong offense, but weak defense

-Using any of her forms takes a toll on her body, and excessive use of her powers can cause her to burnout or even lose consciousness
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Name: Bailey Marie Banner
Nickname(s): Ali, Bae, Lee.
Parents: Bruce Banner (uncle) Jennifer walters, she-hulk (mother)
Alias: Smasher (maybe?)
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Height: 5'6" (human) 6' 7" (as a hulk)
Costume: can't find one

Personality: Brianna is super smart like her uncle bruce. She's typically pretty shy, but once you get to know her she opens up and can be a blast of fun. She loves to study and is a nerd. Brianna has anxiety and struggles to talk to people. When someone is mean to her or gets in a fight she will apologize even if it's not her fault. She doesn't like speaking up for herself and always tries to please others more than herself. Brianna also is a completely different person in her hulk form, she becomes mean loud, and rude. If she gets pissed off, she will fight back only when she's a hulk.

Biography: Bailey was given to bruce at 4 years old by her mom Jennifer walters aka she-hulk. She gained her hulk-like powers genetically from her mother and for a long time wished she could get rid of them. As she got older, she learned to accept them and saw them less as a flaw and more as a gift. Jennifer tried for a few years to raise her but just didn't have the time or emotional patience. She left her daughter to bruce on her daughter's 4th birthday. Bailey tried to go back home to her mom a few times but every time bruce brought her back home. He helped her feel comfortable living with him and he was even able to get full custody of her 2 years later.

Weapons: Hulk-like strength
Equipment: none
Abilities: Super-strength
Weaknesses: Anxiety, Trust issues, trouble with her emotions. Anger issues, Tend to be very destructive, makes people afraid of her
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  • Earth Z.jpg Friday May 13th, 3113
    Six months ago the scientists who were working on an 'immortality serum' released it early without warning, a warning was send to stay indoors and lock all doors and windows. As it spread through the air people living closest to the lab noticed something was wrong at the lab, they never got to check though, everyone who was outside passed out after inhaling it, whether they were aware of it or not, some people woke up normal, most however mutated and started going after the civilians not affected, they were quickly dubbed 'zombies' by the authorities.
    Every survivor was urged to get a passport, so they could keep track of everyone still alive. It is unknown at this time if the people who didn't turn into zombies are experiencing side effects of the serum. Nick Fury urges everyone to check in a checkpoint whenever they pass one so the authorities know you are still alive and the advice is to stay in groups between three and six.
    We have provided a list of the missing, presumed dead people within our registry:
    Pepper Potts
    Angelique Knight
    Drake Knight
    Howard Stark
    Bruce Banner
    Clara Knight
    Sherlock Holmes
    John Watson
    Steve Rogers
    Clint Barton
    Jason Todd
    Jim Gordon
Name: Zack O'Hara
Gender: male
Appearance: tumblr_o06xcvquDz1tu27i3o1_1280.png
Powers/abilities: the usual Spiderman powers and healing factor
Weaknesses: Ice and poison, reckless
Other: Son of Miguel O'Hara

Name: Cody O'Hara
Age: 17
Gender: male
Appearance: f43c0bdc4f7c9c0930567d819f928c70.jpg
Powers/abilities: usual Spiderman powers with shock and cameflouge from suit upgrades from Tony, healing factor
Weaknesses: Can't swim and doubting himself, relies too much on technology
Other: Son of Miguel and twin of Zack

Name: Sapphire Howlett
Age: 19
Gender: female
Appearance: Teen-Vogue-jennifer-lawrence-33243699-500-652-1.png
Powers/abilities: adamantium claws, healing factor
Weaknesses: short temper, magnets due to the metal claws, if wounded too much is knocked out temporarily or slowed down
Other: daughter of Wolverine aka Logan Howlett
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