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Fandom Heroes: The Next Gen CS


Flame Demon

Wannabe consulting detective

Parents: only applies if one of them's a hero
Body Modifications
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Flame Demon

Wannabe consulting detective
Phantom 1.png
Crystal Victoria Palmer/Strange
Doctor Strange & Christine Palmer

Crystal can sometimes be sassy, but that's a defense mechanism for when things are going wrong or when she's not feeling well, she also does this to hide her sadness, but those who really know her will see right through her, not that that actually helps her out much since she just bottles everything up. She used to be very cheerful and active, however the accident changed her more then the fact she can't walk normally most of the time, usually on bad days.

Things changed a lot when she found out who her father was and she started hanging around him, much to his annoyance sometimes and therefor has taken over some of his traits and unfortunately bad habits, like eating, something she's so busy with something (this can vary from day to day) that she forgets to eat, she doesn't sleep enough either and will get defensive if you point it out, but will admit that person was right after calming down.

Look passed all her flaws and she's actually a very good friend, often being the first to offer a listening ear if one of her friends need help, but she'd afraid of being abandoned or left behind by her friends, so she will never call someone her friend unless she fully trusts that person.

Crystal wasn't aware about who her father was until she got in an accident one winter when she crossed the street and a car lost control, resulting into an injury that looked like a lost cause, that's exactly how Doctor Stephen Strange thought about it until he got an earful from Christine that he was abandoning his kid. He was not aware he had a daughter, even though she looked eerily like him at that point in time. He took the case and did the surgery, succeeding in saving her life.

Of course he was put on babysit duty when Christine had to go somewhere for a while, probably to get food. Much to the Christine's surprise she found her usually stoic colleague asleep near the bed and her daughter awfully confused when she returned "Mom?" Crystal had asked "What happened?" she asks. Regardless of the fact the two hadn't exactly shared the fact Stephen is in fact Crystal's father she figured it out when she was sometimes stuck with him, mostly because he personally decided to help her, the accident left her unable to use her right leg properly. They spend that Christmas at his luxury apartment and she surprised him with a pocket watch holding a picture of her and Christine.

When her father had his car accident and disappeared she was worried as hell, until she saw him in New York by accident after he had just found the sanctum and she ran up to him, but he was too confused to see her at first. When he told her about Kamar-Taj she looked hopeful, since the doctors at the hospital had give up with her leg and when he got injured fighting the zealots he went to the hospital to see Christine for help Crystal decided to stay at the sanctum to keep an eye on things.

After Dormammu was defeated Wong and Stephen started to train the girl and she started switching between living at the sanctum and her mother's house.


Two dual blades
Her magic
Staff of the Seraphim(later)

Sling ring
Protective necklace
Costume (black being the main color of her costume, white is for stealth in snowy areas)
Two daggers
Hidden pouch for her stuff
Staff of the Seraphim (later)



Crystal has yet to master this, but she can currently change her clothes and change small objects into something else.
Astral Projection
Crystal has learned to separate her astral body from her actual body and getting into the astral dimension.
Martial artist
Since Magic can't save her the entire time she has been trained at Kamar-Taj in close combat
Eldritch Magic Manipulation
Crystal is able to shape and manipulate Eldritch Magic, forming tangible constructs of energy, such as weapons or shields, as well as cast spells by writing specific formations with the fiery energy.
Portal Creation
Using a Sling Ring, she is able to open portals that lead to different locations, gaining the ability to both move across the material world and to other parts of the Multiverse, she can also teleport others at great speeds. She is also able to conjure portals cooperatively with someone else, linking them to send attacks back.
Wind Spell
She can cast a spell that creates a golden wave of light clear away strong winds, dust and debris
Binding Spell
To be learned
Energy Blasts
She can create blasts of energy that bounce off object
Duplication Spell
Crystal can create copies of herself, currently only of them though
Earth Swallowing Spell
she can use a spell to trap people in the ground and make them disappear
To be learned
Dimensional Warping
To be learned
Shield of the Seraphim
To be learned
Sign of the Seraphim
To be learned
Speed of the Seraphim
To be learned
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Four Thousand Club

Name: Anna-Marie Darkholme
Nickname(s): Skunk-Head,
Parents: Owen Paquin (Father), Priscilla Paquin (Mother), Raven Darkholme (Adoptive Mother), Irene Adler (Adoptive Mother)
Alias: Rogue
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Height: 5' 8"
Playful and smart with a great sense of humor, a heart of gold, an independent nature, and a lot of spirits, usually holding an attitude of good-natured irreverence. Rogue occasionally referred to everyone including even her enemies as “hon” and “sugar” and spoke in a sassy Southern accent. Her recent experiences and issues with her foster parents, however, have put a damper upon such, a mixture of both trauma and negative aspects of the absorbed personality causing conflict within her mind. She has a reluctance in allowing people too close despite how she appears as well as a great number of unresolved feelings and guilt in her role in a hero's death.
Rogue grew up in Caldecott County, near the banks of the Mississippi River to a drunken abusive father and complacent mother. During her adolescence, however, her mutant abilities would manifest while being romantically involved with a young boy, rendering him unconscious as well as a traumatic experience with the confusion of the encounter. Believed to have attacked the boy, it would not be long before the authorities were wishing to take her in for questioning resulting in her instead of heading out on the run away from the town. She would spend several months passing from town to town making her way on the streets through pickpocketing and other methods until a chance encounter with an ill-picked target brought her to the attention of the shapeshifter known as Mystique. Rather than face retribution, however, Mystique would take in Rogue and care for her regardless of her prior history, spending several years with both her and their companion known as Destiny.

It was through this involvement that she would eventually be groomed and directed towards more criminal elements, engaging in terrorist activities as a member of the Brotherhood of mutants, though despite all this she came to recognize Mystique as her true mother due to showing far more care than her own ever had. It was through this path that eventually led her into conflict with the Hero known as Captain Marvel after a vision of Destinys foretold her involvement in a great calamity. Mystique would manipulate the Hero into a trap at which point Rogue would pounce with plans to disable the hero, though prolonged exposure and a plasma burst resulted in the hands becoming fused to their target until such point they become nothing but dust with all the abilities and the assimilation of their psyche the end result.

Constantly assaulted by the former heroes' memories and increasingly struggling to handle the strain, it would soon be revealed that Mystique had intended for the entire scenario to play out that way and never intended to merely capture the hero. Believing her Mother to have known this would be the outcome Rogue would flee once more. Holding great guilt over her actions and wishing to make something positive of her life, Rogue would eventually come to the attention of the Young Avengers initiative in her attempts to reform, joining the group recently despite her previous past.
Equipment: Nega-Bands, Modified Kree Militia Uniform
  • Life Force Absorption: By making physical contact with an individual Rogue is able to absorb both memories and abilities. This process, however, is deeply draining on the individual target and can result in weakening, unconsciousness or even death should the contact be maintained long enough. The duration of the abilities drained is dependent mostly upon the length of time contact was established.
  • Ionic Energy Form: The tissue and bones of her entire body have now been augmented in strength and to a certain extent. She is now composed of organic matter that is permeated with this form of energy as well as other physiological changes that appear to be permanent following her murder of the late Captain Marvel. This has bestowed her with permanent versions of the hero's abilities that include a superhuman physical condition, energy absorption/emission, flight and more.
Theme song:


Nerd and proud of it
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Roleplay Type(s)
Name:Thalia Thorson
Age: 16
Height: 6 ft, Asgardian's are tall
Parents/Family:Thor Odinson and Sif
Hero name: N/A
Position: Student
Club: it could either be arts or cheerleading
Personality:She is a kind hearted Asgardian,she is brave like her father as well as her mother though she can be a little impulsive like father as well
Powers/Abilities:He has the power of thunder/lightning as her father does and I think you would be able to count the ability of flight with her weapon as a power,she has superhuman strength and endurance
Skills/Weapons:swordsmanship and some hand to hand combat but as for the weapon she wields a sword like her mother
Weakness: bugs and without her sword it weakens her power as she hasn't quite harnessed the power lightning/thunder without it
Crush: open
Theme: N/A
Appearance: 8ab92df9d0a4464114ec95fddedbf5f7-5.jpg
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Nerd and proud of it
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Name: Arteus Lokison
Parents: Loki and Amora
Alias: N/A
Gender: male
Age: 15
Position: student
Height: 5'6
Appearance: 6df72e063f0bfceb0f9c8f5d0eeba5bd.jpg
Costume: tumblr_outljriPkI1r6p8ito1_500.png
Personality: he is a bit laid back, a little dramatic sometimes, sparky and has an attitude but there's a good kid in there
Weapons: he has his own little scepter and a dagger
Abilities: the use of magic and shape-shifting as well as frost from the quarter ice giant heritage he gets from Loki, some enhanced stamina and endurance but not as much as his cousin since he's not a warrior and relies more on his magic

Crush: open
Theme song: N/A


What’ happening?
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The Defender



  • eaadc38bac9f74f79e468a678b8bd3acd2e5f5fb.gifv

    Character Name:
    Camryn Shaw

    The Defender, Planeswalker

    Hiram Shaw & Amelia Burhan




    6′ (1.83 m)

    190 lbs (86.18 kg)

    Hair Color:

    Eye Color:
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Name: john william

Nickname(s): will

Alias: mach wave

Gender: male

Age: 16

Height: 5'8



john is an extrovert , a little cocky but not an jerk . (personality well be developed more in the rp)

born to your average middle class family , john found out he had superpowers around puberty confirming that he's a mutant , as soon as the hero school became a thing it was instantly his next goal in life which his parents werent against .
but he like usual got there late since his adhd didnt allow him to get there early as he decided to take a trip around the contenant that took him two days.

superhuman speed reaching mach speed
super human strength
slowing / stopping time for a short amount of time by moving faster than light which he still cant master​
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Flame Demon

Wannabe consulting detective
Name: Alexander Romanoff
Nickname(s): Alex
Parents: Natasha Romanoff (adoptive mother), Clint Barton (uncle, will refer to him as 'dad' most times), a younger sibling
Alias: Robin Hood
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Height: 180 cm
Body Modifications:
Has several tribal tattoos on his arms.
Appearance: Short black hair and vibrant green eyes
Costume: See picture
Usually seems like a pacifist, but can be pretty nasty in a fight, especially if you hurt someone he cares about, or bullies someone. He's kind hearted and tends to be quiet as well, often only speaking when needed.
Alexander doesn't know his biological parents as he was put in an orphanage at a young age. One day he was out with some other kids when a bully walked up to them and it ended badly, three kids had gotten injured because they couldn't protect themselves so Alex, also injured, stood up and snuck up behind the bully and jumped on his back, putting him in a choke hold until the guy passed out. Of course Natasha saw all that and upon bringing the kids back to the orphanage asked if Alex had been taught to fight, he hadn't. She adopted him and a younger kid who seemed inseperable from her new son and took them home.
Bow and arrows
Foldable bow
Different kinds of arrows
Faster then average
Somewhat trained in close combat
Makes his own arrows
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