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Futuristic Heroes of Tomorrow

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The time had finally come. Years of hard work were finally coming to fruition, Conrad could practically taste victory on his tongue. It was not just his dreams that he was fighting for, but the collective ambitions of his father and all other members of the Hallowed. For too long had heroes reigned high and mighty above the rest of the world, acting as Gods among men when they were nothing more than mutated freaks. Their genes had warped them into monstrosities, and society had bowed down to them instead of casting them out like the inferior beings they were.

It was pitiful. Heroes were collapsing society in on itself, causing more damage than good. For humanity's saviors, they sure left a mass of innocent lives in their wake. It was time to reveal the Justice League for what they truly were, a disease on society. The Hallowed would reveal the Justice League's true colors to the whole world, and then they would have no choice but to forsake their once beloved false gods.

The end of superheroes was finally here. With the push of a button, Conrad would watch from his high rise office as the city below him crumbled, with the help of the Justice League's newest band of super powered freaks. It was poetic, really. The dawn of the Justice League's sorry attempt to save themselves would be their doom.

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The time had finally come. Years of hard work were finally coming to fruition, Conrad could practically taste victory on his tongue. It was not just his dreams that he was fighting for, but the collective ambitions of his father and all other members of the Hallowed. For too long had heroes reigned high and mighty above the rest of the world, acting as Gods among men when they were nothing more than mutated freaks. Their genes had warped them into monstrosities, and society had bowed down to them instead of casting them out like the inferior beings they were.

It was pitiful. Heroes were collapsing society in on itself, causing more damage than good. For humanity's saviors, they sure left a mass of innocent lives in their wake. It was time to reveal the Justice League for what they truly were, a disease on society. The Hallowed would reveal the Justice League's true colors to the whole world, and then they would have no choice but to forsake their once beloved false gods.

The end of superheroes was finally here. With the push of a button, Conrad would watch from his high rise office as the city below him crumbled, with the help of the Justice League's newest band of super powered freaks. It was poetic, really. The dawn of the Justice League's sorry attempt to save themselves would be their doom.
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Today had started off like any other glorious day at the base, filled with rambunctious laughter and even louder screaming between teammates. Humans had a strange way of showing affection for one another. Jude was always almost lighting Mikey on fire, Kai chased Bashi around with swords drawn until the former escaped to the ceiling, and Freddie never forgot to tell her favorite alien how annoying she was.

Even with their weird human interactions, Kataly'a enjoyed her new human companions. It had been two weeks full of chaos, but the alien was enjoying her time among the Heroes of Tomorrow. The base was chaotic in a way that the warrior princess enjoyed, never ceasing to stir up curiosity and wonder within her.

Everyone had started to slip into the routine of their training program, despite people like Lex who continuously slept through breakfast and rushed to morning training with a half eaten piece of bacon, or Kai who skipped evening social time to seclude himself in one of the many gyms. The soon-to-be heroes had adapted quickly, another part of their intensive training.

Even with Freddie wearing her usual scowl while Kat animatedly explained the joy of Almeracian holidays while braiding her unruly blonde locks, it felt like things had finally started to settle down. Which is exactly why Kataly'a shot up from her seat behind her friend when the alarm started blaring, hazel eyes wide and body tense as she sensed for danger.

"Hello trainees. Please meet me in the conference room for an emergency mission briefing." The voice of Troia boomed over the sound of the alarm, putting the warrior princess only slightly at ease. At least the base wasn't under attack. The princess had fought many battles as was her duty as crown princess of Almerac, but her stomach fluttered with nerves as she anticipated her first mission as a hero of Earth.

Following behind Freddie's large wings, Kataly'a found herself in the command center with the rest of her teammates filing in behind her in varying states of concern. They had been training together for two weeks, but they'd never been sent on a real assignment outside of the base before.

"An army of robots has invaded Star City. The League has decided it's safe enough to send you all on your first mission, so you will be tasked with wiping out the robots and keeping the city safe. Nightwing and I will be here watching on the cams and talking to you through your communicators. Get ready to zeta tube in groups of two." Donna explained, her tone more serious than normal. Kataly'a was practically vibrating with nerves as she lined up to wait for her turn in the zeta tube. With Atticus at her side, the two boarded the tube to transport them to the scene of their first mission.

As the zeta tube's door opened, the chaos of the city under fire hit them full force. A robot was blasting them before they'd even exited, causing Kataly'a to grab Atti and take off into the sky. A sharp gaze scanned the surrounding area, taking in the hoards of robots flooding into the city and the havoc they were already wreaking. Blasting a few energy bolts at the invading army to clear room for her teammates, Kataly'a swooped lower to the ground to let Atti down.

With her arms free of weight, Kataly'a flew forward at full-speed with the intent to blast through a pile of robots just as Colt was exiting the zeta tube with the same intention. A boom loud enough to reverberate off nearby buildings and send them shaking resounded as the two aliens collided mid-air. The warrior princess fell backwards, too fast to catch herself and sending her skidding across the pavement.

Silver blood glistened on the blacktop as she hauled herself back up, not acknowledging the open scrapes across her body as she shook herself off and marched towards the clone.

"Watch where you are the going!" She yelled, eyes glowing as she grabbed a robot trying to charge her, crushing its head in one swoop and tossing it at Colt. "Is your ass up your head?" The princess raged as she blasted another robot in her vicinity.

Today had started off like any other glorious day at the base, filled with rambunctious laughter and even louder screaming between teammates. Humans had a strange way of showing affection for one another. Jude was always almost lighting Mikey on fire, Kai chased Bashi around with swords drawn until the former escaped to the ceiling, and Freddie never forgot to tell her favorite alien how annoying she was.

Even with their weird human interactions, Kataly'a enjoyed her new human companions. It had been two weeks full of chaos, but the alien was enjoying her time among the Heroes of Tomorrow. The base was chaotic in a way that the warrior princess enjoyed, never ceasing to stir up curiosity and wonder within her.

Everyone had started to slip into the routine of their training program, despite people like Lex who continuously slept through breakfast and rushed to morning training with a half eaten piece of bacon, or Kai who skipped evening social time to seclude himself in one of the many gyms. The soon-to-be heroes had adapted quickly, another part of their intensive training.

Even with Freddie wearing her usual scowl while Kat animatedly explained the joy of Almeracian holidays while braiding her unruly blonde locks, it felt like things had finally started to settle down. Which is exactly why Kataly'a shot up from her seat behind her friend when the alarm started blaring, hazel eyes wide and body tense as she sensed for danger.

"Hello trainees. Please meet me in the conference room for an emergency mission briefing." The voice of Troia boomed over the sound of the alarm, putting the warrior princess only slightly at ease. At least the base wasn't under attack. The princess had fought many battles as was her duty as crown princess of Almerac, but her stomach fluttered with nerves as she anticipated her first mission as a hero of Earth.

Following behind Freddie's large wings, Kataly'a found herself in the command center with the rest of her teammates filing in behind her in varying states of concern. They had been training together for two weeks, but they'd never been sent on a real assignment outside of the base before.

"An army of robots has invaded Star City. The League has decided it's safe enough to send you all on your first mission, so you will be tasked with wiping out the robots and keeping the city safe. Nightwing and I will be here watching on the cams and talking to you through your communicators. Get ready to zeta tube in groups of two." Donna explained, her tone more serious than normal. Kataly'a was practically vibrating with nerves as she lined up to wait for her turn in the zeta tube. With Atticus at her side, the two boarded the tube to transport them to the scene of their first mission.

As the zeta tube's door opened, the chaos of the city under fire hit them full force. A robot was blasting them before they'd even exited, causing Kataly'a to grab Atti and take off into the sky. A sharp gaze scanned the surrounding area, taking in the hoards of robots flooding into the city and the havoc they were already wreaking. Blasting a few energy bolts at the invading army to clear room for her teammates, Kataly'a swooped lower to the ground to let Atti down.

With her arms free of weight, Kataly'a flew forward at full-speed with the intent to blast through a pile of robots just as Colt was exiting the zeta tube with the same intention. A boom loud enough to reverberate off nearby buildings and send them shaking resounded as the two aliens collided mid-air. The warrior princess fell backwards, too fast to catch herself and sending her skidding across the pavement.

Silver blood glistened on the blacktop as she hauled herself back up, not acknowledging the open scrapes across her body as she shook herself off and marched towards the clone.

"Watch where you are the going!" She yelled, eyes glowing as she grabbed a robot trying to charge her, crushing its head in one swoop and tossing it at Colt. "Is your ass up your head?" The princess raged as she blasted another robot in her vicinity.
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Damion Greywolf
It now had been officially two weeks since Damion arrived at Mt. Justice. His life was different and he definitely wasn't at home anymore. It was a new environment with new people Damion has never met before. He was slowly adjusting and over time he hoped he'd be comfortable where he is at. He kept communication with people very minimal when he could. He wasn't an asshole that wouldn't speak when spoken to but if he had no business speaking then his lips were sealed tight. Everyone here though is friendly except for maybe 1 or 2. The Colt kid was kind of a jack ass but Damion didn't mind.

As long as he didn't disrespect Damion, everything would be all good. Damion was chilling in his bed reading a book when a very loud alarm started ringing throughout the base. Damion sat up quickly and listened to Troia's voice that came over the alarm. "Hello, trainees. Please meet me in the conference room for an emergency mission briefing." Damion's heart dropped to his stomach and he lost all his color. His first mission on a team as a superhero?!?! He was freaking out. Alright, Greywolf pull yourself together. This is the moment you've been waiting for. The moment to kick some ass and save civilians. He closed his book and laced his boots. He left the room and followed his other teammates to the conference room. His head held up high and his stare focused straight ahead.

This would be their first real mission together. It had been just straight training for the past two weeks but now it was time to get our heads in the game. You either win this battle and save the day or you die trying. And Damion wasn't going out today. Not now, not tomorrow, and not in the future. They all piled into the conference room and listened to what Troia had to say about their current mission. "An army of robots has invaded Star City. The League has decided it's safe enough to send you all on your first mission, so you will be tasked with wiping out the robots and keeping the city safe. Nightwing and I will be here watching on the cams and talking to you through your communicators. Get ready to zeta tube in groups of two." Damion listened very closely to her words. Her tone was sharp and serious and that made Damion a bit more nervous. He wiped his sweaty palms on his shirt.

Damion waited in line for his turn in the zeta tube. After watching his teammates Kat and Atticus go in the tube and be taken away, he felt a bit more calm knowing he truly wasn't alone. He boarded and in a flash was sent to the chaotic city. Destruction, fire, death, chaos. Murderous robots going beserk on everything and everyone. Damion watched as his teammates took off in the sky to avoid a blast from a robot. Kat cleared a small army of robots for the team to be able to come through safely. "Etativel!" (Levitate!) Damion took off into the sky and did a quick scan of the city. He noticed a lot of robots causing a lot of damage. He flew down to a group of people who were being chased by a couple of robots. He started chasing after the robots, blasting them with red balls of energy.

After he wiped them out, he rushed over to the group of wounded people who were all crying. "You all are going to be okay. I promise. Please follow me if you want to live." Damion looked at the group of 5 and noticed one of them had a broken leg. He placed his hands over the injury and spoke in a demanding tone. "I tonnac laeh ylluf laeh siht enob, Etaceh, evig meht htgnerts ot pmil emoh!" (I cannot heal fully heal this bone, Hecate, give them strength to limp home!) "Better?" The young girl stood up and shook her leg. "A little sore but I can walk now, thank you, kind sir.", the girl spoke softly. Damion smiled at her. He looked around and spotted his teammate, Jade. "Come, follow me.", Damion told the group. He led them over to Jade who was helping others out.

"Hey, hi. I saved this group from some bots who had been chasing and terrorizing them. The young girl has a broken leg. I cast a spell that acts like a cast but it'll wear off in a few hours and will still be broken. I can fix it but it'll take longer.", Damion told Jade. "Though, I can stay and fix it if you need me to." He spun on his heel and counteracted a blast from a bot. He grabbed the bot without touching it, engulfing it in red energy, he tore the bot in half. "Wow, that was scary."

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Ghostly Presence
Freddie MacNeil

Two weeks of monotonous sameness. Fred had almost begun to lose her mind in the short time she had existed here in this mountain prison. Maybe prison wasn’t a very accurate word to use, but she had spent the last few years of her life with a level of freedom that she had never thought possible and now it felt like she had just gone and given all of that up, and for what? For a home? A place where she felt like she belonged? A place where people didn’t gawk at her like she was from a different planet all the damn time? To help people? No, she could have done all of that on her own. If she were being truthful, Freddie knew exactly why she had taken the offer on that letter, she would just rather not think too hard about it.

The people were alright, most of them at least. Kat with her bright eyes and caring, almost yearning heart. The girl was easy to get along with, an ever-present radiating source of warmth, Fred had begun to care for her, a feeling she would never admit to. There was also Alex, her roommate. He was much more difficult, fidgety hands and quiet demeanor. At first Fred had written him off as a background character, there to fill the empty space on the page, but the way he gazed with those intelligent eyes of his at Atticus or acted in rash, quick to the jump ways made her think there was more there. Atticus himself was almost a kindred spirit, cynical in his nature but with a much more child-like air. He was the first of them to have spoken to Fred, he had seen what she saw, and Fred often found herself wondering if he perhaps understood her better for it. Of course, she had only known these people for a few weeks and most of her observations had been from afar, reached by a watchful, inquisitive eye. But, she thought, maybe there was something to learn here, a reasoning for coming better than her own.

Fred gazed down at her hands, calloused and long, two old women scarred from their years. They quavered under her watch and flitted about with each other, locking and unlocking, a dance of nerves and fear. Fingers that were not her own combed through her hair, delicate but powerful. The feeling reminded her of her mother, a ghostly memory of a hand brushed across Fred’s face, and she shivered, tried to block away the tightening feeling in her chest. That soft memory floated away into murky shadows and was replaced by ones much less warm. Hands at her throat, hard fingers seized in the roots of her hair, something wicked and sharp glancing across the plane of her back, cold and unforgiving water rushing up to meet her. Fred hadn’t noticed the way her hands had locked around each other until a sharp pain flooded her senses when she bent her fingers too far back. She pushed those memories down as well, trying instead to focus on the present and the hands that were twisting strands of her hair together. A slow, long breath through her nostrils.

Kat had only just finished her work on the floor of Fred’s room when the too loud alarm crashed around them and shattered any kind of inner calm that Fred had managed to find in the moment. The other girl was up lightening fast, a quickness that might have given anyone else whiplash. Freddie followed suit, though less quickly, calm, measured. Her wings bristled as Troia’s voiced filtered in over the sounds of the alarm. Freddie watched Kat’s shoulders relax a miniscule degree before she brushed by her and out into the hallway, only the sound of the other’s footsteps behind her indicating that Kat had followed suit.

Fred’s mind was somewhere else completely as she stared somewhere behind Donna as the older woman explained to the group of them what they were to do. The headspace she was in at that moment probably wasn’t the best of conditions to be going out and trying to save people’s lives in, but there wasn’t much she could do about that right now save lock everything away for another time and another her to deal with. Donna was done as quickly as she had started, and Fred was watching Kat and Atti disappear through the zeta tube. When it came around her their turn Fred stepped up with Lex at her side and before she knew it, chaos. There were far too many. Out of the frying pan and into the flames, she supposed. Somewhere above them, Kat blasted away a group of robots too close to their entry point. In another second, a robot was careening toward them far too quickly for a hunk of metal and Lex seemed to be locked in his place, staring. Fred cursed under breath, drawing the sword strapped under her wings to the middle of her back, and spinning around so that the back of a wing could take to brunt of the robot’s attack. Smirking at Lex through the dull pain, Fred spun around again and thrusted the sword through the robot’s chest area and up through its head, effectively cleaving it in half at the chest. The training with Shayera had paid off, the sword itself had been a gift from her mentor, apparently made from the same stuff that her own weapon was.

“Get out of your head, for once.” Fred clapped Lex on the shoulder, voice almost a shout over the cacophony of sounds around them. A deafening boom sounded above them, and Fred glanced up to see Kat and Colt careened to the ground. Awesome. Great. Fred spared one last glance at Lex before she took off in the direction she’d see Kat land. She could hear her shouting at Colt but the sight of a young boy, no older than seven or eight, huddled under a bus stops bench stopped her. There was a spirit hovering next to him, the shadowy mimicry of hands attempting to reach for him until it caught her eye, and she could have sworn it looked afraid. Fred beheaded another robot as she raced, on foot, toward the boy. He looked up at the sound of her approach and seemed to curl further into himself. Fred folded her wings behind her back and tried to look less intimidating while she knelt to reach out toward him.

“Hey, listen, you can’t be out here.” He only scrambled a little further away in response, “I’m not going to hurt you, I’m a good guy…” Carter, the spirit who was near him spoke, his name is Carter. Fred frowned at it but quickly shook off the deep ache in her chest.

“Okay, Carter, right? That’s your name?” The boy looked up, cheeks tear-stained and eyes foggy, he nodded. “Alright, Carter, we have to get you out of here. Those robots are the bad guys, but I won’t let them hurt you, swear.” She reached out again and this time the boy took her hand, it was small and shaking in her grip. As soon as his fears about her were gone, he was practically clinging to her for dear life and Fred was taking off into the air to try and find somewhere safer to put him. The spirit faded into nothing after a barely heard thank you. One arm around the kid and the other still clutching her weapon, Fred managed to spot a man with the same shaggy brown hair as the boy in her arms waving wildly from the alley way of a building not too far away. Fred descended next to him and managed to pry the terrified kid off of her and place him into the arms of who she assumed was his father.

“Thank you, thank you so much. Who- ” His voice quavered, “Who are you? I’ve never seen…”

“Azrael. Keep him safe, get the hell away from here.” Fred cut him off and didn’t bother to say much else before she was taking off into the sky again and back into the fray. Below her she could see the others struggling to fight through the onslaught of robots, Damion herding a group of people, and Kat marching toward Colt with a kind of furious fire in her that Fred had never seen before. Marching toward Colt. Awesome, angry Kat, just what they needed right now. Fred cursed for the umpteenth time that day and launched herself toward Kat, scooping up a robot near her and slamming it back down onto the asphalt under her boot.

“Hey, crazy eyes, are you good?” Fred asked through gritted teeth as she slapped yet another metal idiot away from her with an outstretched wing, “That collision sounded like a fucking bomb went off.”

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𝐝𝐞𝐢𝐭𝐲 𝐠𝐨𝐝𝐝𝐞𝐬𝐬 𝐠𝐨𝐛𝐥𝐢𝐧 𝐛𝐨𝐲
Bashi Ravern

Bashi wasn't what one would call…responsible for the consequences of his own actions. He enjoyed messing around with others, having too much fun, going too far with his little jokes and pranks. So sue him. After you'd gone through life with an emotionally abusive, toxic, insane/mad scientist for a father and then immediately thrust into the hands of the government, you tended to be robbed of your childhood. Which means that the second you're allotted an ounce of emotional freedom, you're gonna go ham.

And Bashi went ham.

The two years since he'd been out from under his father's thumb were spent learning how to be his own person. Unlearning the PTSD behaviors he'd acquired living with his father. And the two weeks spent getting used to his new environment at Mount Justice were encouraging him to test limits and push boundaries. Where he used to be afraid and nervous and unsure, he was now becoming a giggling, childish mess of pranks, jokes, and learning he liked having positive attention. Even if that attention was Kai chasing him around with a pair of swords until he'd hopped onto the counter and off the wall up to the ceiling where he clung for dear life by old metallic claws, digging into the dusty drywall stuff, raining it down into Kai's face.

"C'mon Kai, twas only a joooke~" he singsonged, peering down at his teammate who looked ready for murder. That is until the emergency alarm began blaring and Bashi, with a yelp, fell straight down from the ceiling and nearly on top of him.

"Hello trainees. Please meet me in the conference room for an emergency mission briefing."

Bashi was quick to scramble up and follow the rest of his teammates, trying to catch up to his roommate, Colt. It was a quick briefing, not much information, but it seemed dire enough that info was scarce and they were needed. He was attempting to follow Colt but it looked like he was going through the Zeta tube with someone else, so Bashi opted to go through with Kai, who didn't seem to have a partner yet.

Going through the Zeta tube was still an experience and though Bashi was disoriented at first, he quickly got a hold of himself before he became a heap of torso and scrap metal. It was chaos. All the noises and screams and clanging metal. It reminded him of the times he'd been in Iraq and Afghanistan, sent to help with extreme missions that needed the help of an enhanced individual. But in a way it was also different. It wasn't the desert and these were civilians hiding their children under park benches instead of fully armed and trained soldiers. It tapped into that rage he tried to keep locked away. This was his city. And his people. And his teammates. And he'd be damned if he didn't tear every single robot that got in his way apart for even daring to lay a hand on his things.

He only realized he'd been fuming for precious seconds when a loud noise broke him from his thoughts. Of course it was Colt and Kat slamming into each other. Those two had a hard time getting along. But it didn't matter because at that very moment, a robot was coming for Bashi full throttle.

The move he'd been practicing with Jude in training paid off against the large metal bucket-head. He took off running straight towards the thing, leaping at just the right time, twisting over its head, landing, and then kicking at the back of its knee. It went down and Bashi took the height advantage to twist and tear its head off its neck and shoulders.

But that was just one, he hoped not all the robots were that size or he'd be in trouble. That move took a lot of energy.

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the fool
Lex Delgado

Mt. Justice was crawling with intimidating, deadly, and sometimes murder-accusing people at every corner. It was like summer camp all over again. Every night, Lex would lie in his very cozy, very non-conductive bed staring at the ceiling, wishing upon a star that he would wake up and find himself seventeen again, devoid of any and all abilities that made him so remarkable.

But he wasn't going to sit and sulk uselessly, at least not in public. No one likes a Debbie Downer, not when the well-being of the world rests on their shoulders. Still, it would have been nice to be given some more underwhelming, easily-hidden powers. And maybe less proximity to bigshot heroes who will register you into the League without your permission. It really was a perfect storm, wasn't it?

He was groggy listening to Troia speak, even though it wasn't really that early in the day. It was their first mission and Lex couldn't dread it more. Robots sounded exciting from a comic perspective, but this was real life. Real consequences, real injury. People could die. Hopefully there would be electricity in the army's power supply; maybe then he could play the hero if his powers cooperated.

Would Atti be watching?

He glanced at his ex as he strode off with Kat into the zeta tube, never daring to catch his eye. He and Freddie would be next. It was a relief that he could have a reason to cling to his assigned roommate, who was by no means a teddy bear, but her presence was comforting nonetheless. After a long day shooting lasers and twirling knives, she was a surprisingly insightful partner to debrief the day with.

After passing through the tube, Lex managed to arrive to their destination upright, albeit a little sick from the ride. There wasn't a moment to lose, chunks of debris and killer robots hurtling in every direction. It was like his body was still trying to catch up with his soul, rooted in place and staring like a deer in the headlights as the battle drug him in. Valiantly, his winged companion threw herself between him and the crowd, warding off a rather ambitious opponent.

It fell to pieces, slain by the sword of a twisted angel. The sound of metal crushing grabbed Lex by the throat, jerking his consciousness into the present. Letting out an anguished grunt, he rushed forward, flexing the black spandex repaired for his second hero's debut. It had been so long since he'd fought in the fray, he almost forgot the mechanics of his superconductive armor.

But as a wincing Fred made clear, there wasn't a moment to lose. After a hard slap on his shoulder, Lex's face hardened, offering a firm soldier's nod. "You're right. Thanks." He pumped his arms back, assuming an unyielding stance. Yellow-orange electricity pulsed along his limbs, raring to go. "Go ahead." And then she was off, launching into the sky. Air blew back on his face, tangling Lex's formerly-combed hair.

He hated being on the frontlines. The League knew that and still wouldn't let him stay back at base manning the cameras. And so, shrugging off his moment's hesitation, the young adult charged his fist and sent it flying. It landed square in the chest of a robot, which rattled vigorously as its power supply was overloaded. It fell to the ground, its only visible mark being a fist-sized dent.

Seemingly out of thin air, metal claw dug into Lex's back. He released a sharp cry, tensing so the electricity circling his form would focus on where the robot made contact. A violent screeching sound was the result, following a cloud of smoke billowing out of the enemy as it collapsed. Next time, he wouldn't be so lucky with an enemy catered to his abilities. But for now, he could feel like an invincible badass.

But as one robot fell, three more would rush in to take its place. For a guy so easily overwhelmed mentally, Lex was unpleasantly surprised to find that being physically overwhelmed was an entirely new ballpark. He would punch and kick and grab with every electron in his vicinity, but it felt like crushing a few measly ants beside a giant hill. Fatigue was quick to creep up on him, and he could only look up at the sky, breathing heavily and raggedly as the rest of his team did his job at double the speed.

And yet there were more.

"There's too many!" Lex shouted, but he was all alone. His eyes scanned the street, the robotic swarm so thick it was impossible to gauge where they were coming from. If he couldn't solve this crisis on the ground by himself, he could at least manage not to be a liability. But for that, he had to think deeper. More than the combat training he fell behind on.

His soft voice rose to a shout, hoping to any god that someone could hear him over the booming and crashing of the atmosphere. "How far do they go!?" He spoke louder, his lungs scratching like sandpaper. "The source has to be at least two blocks down!"

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windows 3 error

"It's hero time."
Not long into the two weeks Daniels spent here among the others did he start revealing the full extent of his powers. Walking on the ceiling, sitting against a wall while his feet were attached to the wall, and the way he knew a prank was being sent his way before anyone could pull it. Not to mention he would eat food while hanging upside down, practiced and without choking. The curious buzz around his powers lasted for a bit until the training sessions began. Daniel had always been the competitive sort. The show-off. When his own clothes morphed into his super-suit, in front of team members, all sense of mystery disappeared. It was funny to see their faces. It even distorted and muffled his voice a bit. Itsy was full of surprises, and so was he.

Now? Now everything had settled into a sort of monotony. While everyone spent their time on Mt. Justice either hanging out or training, Daniel balanced his college classes with visiting his family once in a while. Zeta-tubes were good for covering such long distances between his family and himself. They always said he could just call if he was busy. That he should spend time with his new teammates.

Easier said than done sometimes. A few of his fellow superheroes-in-training were more aloof than he thought possible or were simply not the friendly sort. Daniel had gotten on well enough with the others that had given him a chance, though. Especially his roommate Mika. What a surprise it was to discover that some of the dorms were co-ed, and it was made evident when Daniel asked Mika if he got the wrong room number. Not a jab at her, but it was a bit of a different situation than his old college. It made Daniel question the wisdom of such a choice for a second. At least the two of them had separate rooms.

Itsy was more than happy to have a bit of privacy, a place it and Daniel could seclude away from the noise and people.

Not this time. Daniel clung to the ceiling as he gazed over his new friends(?), eating and talking together. Raising a stern eyebrow towards Jude as she tried flambeing Mikey, Daniel shook his head and sighed. Before saying anything, his eyes widened as a thump! could be heard next to him. And now Bashi was on the ceiling too.

“Uh, hello?”

Looking down again, Daniel found the cause. Kai was out for Bashi’s blood or as much of it as he can get from the cyborg. An amused chuckle escaped from his lips as Daniel took another sip of his tea. Coffee always sent a metahuman like him bouncing off the walls. He nearly choked on it while dropping the cup when the alarm rang. Firing a silk line between fits of choking and coughing, Daniel caught his drink before it could strike the ground, yanking it back into his hands. Not a drop spilled. Lucky. Or pure skill. No matter, Daniel began walking along the ceiling of the base towards the meeting room, avoiding the rush and the crowd. He stopped and crouched one in the conference room, continuing to finish his tea. His expression rarely changed, paying attention while taking sips of his lightly-caffeinated goodness.

It was showtime. Robots attacking a city? No sweat. Although he wondered how the League could declare a situation safe enough when it came to danger. Dashing to the zeta-tubes, Daniel leapt down from the ceiling, fully suited in a matter of moments. His clothes shifted into his superhero outfit in moments while others may have needed a few minutes to change. His arms crossed and tapped his left foot in impatience.

Groups of two. Well, his partner would be Mika, obviously. His roommate and one of his closer friends here at this place. After all, if you weren’t cool with your roommate, your time spent sharing the same room would just suck or be awkward. Besides, Itsy found her pleasant enough. Her more positive demeanor was a stark contrast to a few other people here. Itsy tolerated her, and Daniel found her charming in her own way.

Besides, she had a cool ability he planned to make use of and used to be a sidekick. Any expertise she could provide would come in handy.

a friendly wave sent towards Mika’s direction,
“Veil, right? I don’t want to start shouting your real name for everyone to hear once this whole 'saving the city' thing pops off, y'know?”

He gestured to her costume next,
“Nice costume. Suit? Armor? Anyway, it’s really nice. I love how the grays come together.”

After that brief introduction, Daniel turned towards the Zeta-Tube. He rolled his shoulders, stretching his limbs a little. A pre-workout stretch was always needed. It was his ritual to limber up before a game or exercise. But this was not a game or an exercise.

This was real.

“Alright. We’ll keep the plan simple. You blind people, right? Just blind any bot you can, and I’ll take ‘em out. We’ll work from there.”

A simple plan was better than no plan. The portal opened and Daniel began dashing through, taking the lead. His heart hammered in his chest and his breath quickened. Just push through it and run. If anyone was getting hurt, he rather himself than a teammate. Itsy wriggled in dissatisfaction at the thought before beginning to get antsy. It wanted a fight. It craved it.


And here they were in the thick of it. Explosions or the sounds of explosions bounced off of buildings and asphalt roads. Laser shots and gunshots echoed and richocted across various buildings and streets. Civilians screaming and yelling as they ran. He could feel the vibrations they gave off in the air and hear their heartbeats. It was almost deafening to all his senses.


A gun pointed at him, embedded into the robot’s arm. The lenses on Daniel’s mask widened before he fired a singular silk line towards its arm. Yanking on it, the mechanized soldier flew into Daniel’s arms. Daniel simply reached out, his costume forming claws on the fingertips. With a vicious grip, his arm pulled back, fighting the taut limb, before ripping the limb free from the robot. Daniel had always been good at baseball. He had an eye for striking the ball far out into the field. After his powers, he hit home run after home run. This bot was about to find out what a baseball felt like. Daniel kicked the bot away from himself before wielding the limb like the impromptu weapon it was meant to be and swung. The bot’s head took off away far into the distance, falling and clanging right against another bot’s head.

Oops. That was going to attract attention.

Sooooooo, Veil, should we hold the fort here and make sure everyone else gets through or should we-.”

Another explosion. This one from the impact of Colt and Kat colliding into each other in midair. Daniel’s eyes immediately turned and widened towards the noise. The lenses on his mask followed suit.

“-group up and help the others?”

Daniel slung the robot arm over his shoulder before looking back to Veil.

the venomous


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"all i do is finesse, man."
frustrated, helpless
star city ruins
honey, where's my supersuit?

Colt had lost himself in isolation.

In all fairness, it was all that he had ever known. He had spent years captive in that tin-box like a rotting piece of sardine, staring at the same four walls for what was his forever. He was never quite good at the whole collaboration aspect of being part of a team and it showed in first introductions. Every time he came across a member of his team, a great anger swelled inside of him. A reminder that he was not Superman. He was somebody tucked away from limelight and responsibility.

Within the confines of Mount Justice and its sleek, plain design made Colt claustrophobic. It reminded him of too many pains - heat scorching his chest as he was tested for invulnerability, the needles meant to administer various drugs - the drownings to test his lung capacity. When training within the Mountain became too much to bear he progressed to the great outdoors. Sprinting the length of the mountain in minutes or soaring across the aquamarine ocean at Mount Justice’s beach. Water sprayed up behind him as he flew just over it. He could see his reflection in the waves but flashbacks to the scientist’s drownings made him uneasy about getting any closer to it.

Colt lost track of time as the ocean’s depths disappeared into beaches, then cottages, and eventually urban areas before an alarm on his wrist gauntlet rang out. The team was to meet in the conference room. Instantly, he modified his trajectory for the Mountain. Already suited up, Colt had no need to change. Most of his free time was spent as Liberty. Colt Kent only existed in documents and human records, but he had never been to school, driven a car, or even been to the theaters. There was a reason why his super suit bore no cowl. He wanted people to see his face - to see Liberty. He saw no need to entertain himself with his alter ego. He was Liberty first. Colt joined the others in the conference room for only a brief moment, but disappeared in a wisp when the zeta tubes opened.

People were in danger and they needed his help. He had to get there, to save them, to prove himself, to-

And then it hit him. With the force of a train, Colt was thrown off course. When he should have been colliding with the army of robots like a set of bowling pins, the world around him flipped and turned until he came crashing into the side of a building. His body flew into the windows and he found himself on the floor of an office complex. Employees in ironed shirts and geeky glasses looked up at him from their computers. Colt stumbled to his feet, dusting shards of glass away from his body.

“Evacuate this building. Star City is under attack.” The citizens were stunned. “I said do it now!” Colt ordered.

To them, this mysterious figure simply disappeared. Colt flew out from the window he’d crashed into, and on the way to Kat, forced his fists into the chests of several robots like kebabs on a stick. He shook the robot corpses off of his hands as his feet hit the asphalt and he closed the gap between himself and the Almeracian. The gust of wind in his wake was probably enough to knock Freddie off of her feet.

“Stay the hell out of my way, princess.” Colt snickered with eyes that glowed red and caused the air around them to sizzle, “I had them in my sights.” For some reason when he had called her princess, it did not seem like a respect to royalty. In fact, he stood so close to her that his finger pressed against her chest like a parent scolding their child. He blasted a robot that was sizing up behind Kat and the blast of his lasers took a few inches of her hair with it. But there were more and more robots coming for the two of them. Far smaller than average, but quicker. When Colt shook one off of his foot, two more would crawl up the other. Kat was dealing with the same. The swarm had swallowed them whole and even when Colt used his laser vision, the itty-bitty bots clogged his eye holes like plugs on a wine bottle.

They were drowning.

With her back against his, Kat could probably feel his torso rise and fall with each heavy breath. His muscles tensed and in spite of his x-ray vision, he felt blind under the weight of the miniature robots. Worst of all was his inability to breathe. Shifting back and forth from Human to Kryptonian, Oxygen dependency and independence, the tests, it made simply breathing one of the scariest things for Colt. It felt he was in that tube again, water rising while he was strapped in and unable to escape.

He was drowning.
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૮꒰ ˶• ༝ •˶꒱ა

Ever since team introductions Jade had taken her two-seemingly never ending weeks to train and keep herself calm around the others. She hadn’t really spent much time trying to converse with others. Usually keeping to her bedroom or training out on the warm sands amongst the coastal setting. Social activities were one of Jade’s biggest issues and they never seemed to go away. Being raised as a form of prisoner in the middle of the pacific with little to no social interaction would make anyone this way. Anti-social and anxious around others.

When the alarm went off Jade was outside sitting by the cold coastal waters that hit the bottoms of her feet. When she heard Troias voice booming over the outdoor speakers Jade made a quick run inside, wondering what all the buzz was about. Jade noticed that everyone had been getting ready for what seemed to be a mission? She didn’t understand what was really going on, but she simply went with it. The only piece of information she really understood was when Troia said “robot.” Other than that it was all a blur. With this little amount of information Jade collected items that would surely suit a battle with robotic creations. Bullets that stick to explode, short-circuiting shurikens, and a drill-like chakram. That should do the trick…right? Either way they wouldn’t come in much during the battle.

Following everyone else towards the Zeta tubes Jade continued to stick to the back, her heart thumping rapidly, which grew to unnerve her even more. Nervous to fight? She was raised off of combat. Quite frankly born to be a weapon? Why would she even second guess herself now? Her reactions to this were all so strange. Even going into a battle blind, Jade could come out unscathed. But this? It was odd. Maybe it was the fact she was part of a team now, apprehensive to how this may go down. Her phone buzzed as a news alert flashed onto her screen. “What seems to be a robotic attack has been unleashed upon Star City.” Jade’s eyes grew wider seeing pictures and videos from the point of view of a citizen. How scared they must be…

With a quick zip through the air Jade and the rest of her teammates were all transported to the area of attack. Kat went flying through the air and took out a few bots swiftly. ‘Wow’ she thought. Her first impression of Kat was that she certainly enjoyed a good battle. Unsure of where to go or what to do she looked around for a few seconds, seeing everyone from her team disperse across the field. Just as she could take a second thought, her body went into autopilot. Effortlessly making a backwards handspring motion, and less than mere seconds later superboy went flying past her, colliding into a building. Oh that must’ve hurt, but better luck next time? Well he WAS a superman clone after all. Surely he could take it.

Now what hell was she supposed to do? An army of aliens and just as many civilians being harmed and put in danger? The choice fell into her lap, literally. Damion called out to Jade for an assistance to a group of around 5-6 civilians, one with a hurt leg. “I can handle it, the others need help fighting off the robots. There’s too many for them to overpower. Keep an eye out though, these bots might notice i’m on the opposing team and attack” Jade spoke in a soft tone. She gave a nod to Damion right before he ripped apart another bot. Holy… jade was good at fighting sure, but she began doubting her ability to keep up with her teammates. She turned away and looked at the civilian group, “Follow me. I’ll get you all to safety. This way”

She began walking, making sure that the now semi-injured citizen was able to walk with support. Jade and the group slowly made their way over towards Daniel and Mika. Two others from her team. She didn’t want to bother them because they both looked quite busy with a handful of their own robotics. Luckily, jade hadn’t been attacked quite yet, but she thought too soon. Out of left field a blast was sent towards her, but she was able to side step. Almost like she knew it was coming. ‘Crap’ she thought. One robot was flying up above her, coming second, and a third. Jade ushered the civilians to hide behind a bus before anything. Take care of the people then deal with the threat.

Would she be able to deal with this threat? Three robots with ranged weapons against one of her?

Jade looked up at three robots sighing. They began to rapid fire and jade began to run towards them. Using a flipped car to launch herself up towards them, oddly having the blasts miss her by mere inches. She clung to one of the robots, digging her claws through the glowing eye lenses. Her thumbs penetrated the hard glass like material of the eyes. Right as the one robot began to twitch she used its body to almost jump to the next one, right before the first dropped. She spun through the air pulling out a shuriken, shoving the metal star into its neck. Hitting the floor with a clean roll, she ended behind a light pole. Having one robot left to clean.

the jinx


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"all i do is finesse, man."
star city, fox news van
lex hery hery
honey, where's my supersuit? w/ white balaclava and mime design

Alonzo was one of the first to arrive at the conference room. He’d been tidying up Kat’s side of their room with his mother on speaker at the other end of the telephone call before that. For hours the pair could talk, and these days, Alonzo was ripe with things to share with his mother back home in Houston. He was a man amongst gods at Mount Justice. His allies were powerful, some bearing wings, others with cybernetic enhancements, and some capable of magical powers. He’d even had Jude feature in a FaceTime call with his mother, and although a stickler for privacy whenever Zo moved to annoy her, she was respectful when she discovered it was his mother at the other end. Abuelita had discarded her pyrokinetic abilities as those of the devil but her mother praised Jude’s use of them for good.

While Jude would never talk about it, Alonzo had a feeling she was hiding a nasty secret about them. Something like what Zo was hiding from his mother now - the way in which he’d used his powers to kill her nephew.

His penance was here, at Mount Justice. Alonzo was here to serve, and deep down he knew that he could never atone from taking the life of his cousin and his allies, but he would try. The time for retribution had finally arrived when the emergency call went out.

One after the other, his teammates disappeared as they zeta’d onto the battlefield. Alonzo disliked the feeling of his molecules being instantaneously rearranged at another location, but what felt worse was finally being thrust into the mess that was Star City. The entire area was akin to a warzone with mechanised robots clinging to buildings, dust rising from rubble, and the screams. People were caught under the beams of buildings, cars were engulfed with fire and oil, and smoke-stained children cried for their parents.

It was all just so much for Midnighter’s rookie. Balls of sweat made his cotton balaclava wet, and Alonzo stumbled through the chaos until he could find a building to lean on. He was not meant to be here. Amongst all of this pain and suffering, he could not focus on anything.

“Fox news, and I’m Kara Bingram. The devastation in Star City is too much to bear. Just where did these robotic weapons come from? What is their mission?” The blond said to a camera crew with an enthusiasm that made the entire ordeal seem more like a movie flick than a life or death situation. It was all entirely too much to bear and as people ran past the crew back and forth, Alonzo’s chest became ripe with anger.

“Turn that camera off, ese!” Zo shouted. “What the fuck are you doin’?” Although invisible to the stunned news reporters, a crowbar construct came down against the camera. Alonzo whacked at the equipment again and again. Sparks flew as the neck of the machine came loose and the camera shattered onto the roadside.

“Hey! Are you so criminal that you use a time like this to rob citizens? Explain yourself,” Kara scolded.

“There’s people who could use a van like yours to evacuate and you’re watching them limp past you. There’s nothing more inhumane than that, miss.”

Alonzo ripped the keys dangling from a keychain at the camera man’s pockets and headed for the car. He was deaf to their demands, only allowing them seats in the back.

“Official Justice League business. Sorry, folks,” Zo consoled. They dialled 911. He had a feeling the police wouldn’t be much help.

The double doors of the van popped open when Alonzo took off. Soon enough the back of the van was filled with a number of strays they’d found lost in the mayhem, and under his mask, his eyes widened when he noticed a familiar blond getting piled on by robotic pursuers.

He explained a plan to a construction worker by the name of Felix who he’d freed from scaffolding several storeys high after the chaos had knocked his ladder away. Felix was a Brooklyn cat and he’d understood what Alonzo had to say. He also trusted Zo's abilities in spite of them being invisible to the eye. Felix took to the wheel aiming straight for where robots surrounded Alex while Alonzo sat on the edge of the back of the van.

The plan was simple. While Felix sent the van careening into the robots, Alonzo would make a forcefield around it to, hopefully, protect them from damage. Leaving a space in the field just big enough to pull Lex inside their rackety mobile.

Zo bit his tongue as they neared Lex. It was now or never, he gulped.

“On your left, goldilocks.” Alonzo said into the team comms. The van bounced and shook violently as robotic corpses rolled underneath its wheels. The glass hadn’t shattered and no dents had come to their vehicle. Zo’s field was up where it needed to be as he sat with a focus he didn’t know he had. When Alex came into view, a couple of the civilians were able to rise to the occasion and yank him inside the vehicle.

Alonzo chuckled in relief. The invisible forcefield dissipated as Felix kept the car in constant motion, away from any robots. The stowaway civilians gave a round of applause to Alonzo and those that had helped pull Alex inside.
“Next night out for burgers you’re payin’.” Zo smiled and moved to shut the van’s doors behind them.

“On the real though, you okay, Lex? I think we’ve got a dental resident on board if you need first aid.”
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birth of venus

𝘥𝘰 𝘺𝘰𝘶 𝘭𝘪𝘬𝘦 𝘴𝘤𝘢𝘳𝘺 𝘮𝘰𝘷𝘪𝘦𝘴?
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jude rivera-carvajal.

  • mood

    hero mode - but terrified.

Two weeks of training, and Jude was having second thoughts.

Much of her time in Mt. Justice so far had been surprisingly...pleasant. An enormous change from her typical day to day life for the past two years - it felt as if she were working towards something productive, something good. Constant exercise, healthy meals, better than her shitty studio apartment in the neighborhoods of NYC. But for a girl who was so cocky and self assured, Jude found herself feeling insecure for the first time in a very long time. Even if she couldn't keep her mouth shut, always spouting off some obscenities and expletives and bugging her teammates, the ginger watched with a keen eye and realized she was way, way out of her league. What potential that the Amazonian princess had seen in her, she had no clue.

In the back of her head, she could hear her father's voice. His voice when he was still healthy and strong, warm as freshly brewed espressos and just as comforting to her.
"Ya has llegado hasta aquí. Estás destinado a grandes cosas, mija."

Jude would like to think that he'd be proud of where she was now - and so, she wasn't giving up just yet.

But fuck, if fear struck her heart when they announced their first official serious hero mission had arrived, she'd never admit it. The morning had been spent up to her regular hijinks, this time with her attention zoned in on an easy target. Even if Mikey was taller than her, the boy could literally not hurt a fly. It almost made her think twice when he regularly greeted her with a kind smile and the offering for a breakfast muffin each morning. Bless his damn heart. As he walked by, Jude exhaled a short burst of flames at him, enjoying his yelp of fear as he avoided being cooked. But their morning fun had been cut short, and now, it was time to be serious.

Many of the others had official suits and armor, but Jude wanted to keep it simple. Being covered head to toe in spandex was not her style. She needed breathability, always running hot. Her suit was kept simple (though it was emphasized to her that she would soon need an upgrade, something to match her with the team more) - a simple black leotard, shorts ending halfway up her thigh, specifically created to be fireproof and completely able to withstand the insane temperatures she would reach. In an effort to give it her own flavor, Jude threw on a battle vest atop it, adorned with many handsewn patches and buttons, and a pair of combat boots, and voila.

"Fuckin' robots, are you kidding me?"
The girl mumbled under her breath as her team rushed to the zeta tubes. In stepped Jude, flung through the disorienting experience of the tubes once more, and out stepped the Firebrand into the mouth of hell. She had never seen the city (or any city, for that matter) in such a state of utter ruin. Chaos was in her blood, born from the lava blood of all things doom and destruction, but this was an entirely new battle for her to fight. Many of her teammates were blessed with the gift of flight, but Jude was begrudgingly stuck to the ground and forced to immediately dive out of the way as the waves of robots descended upon them. She briefly watched Kat and Colt collide in the sky, and knew some of the others had already began getting civilians to safety, and so her focus was on destroying as many robots as she could.

"Holy shit!"
The girl rolled, ducked, and all out sprinted to gain space between her and the nearest robot. They were coming from all directions, but the closest one flew head-on into pure rock as Jude quickly shifted and stayed in place. Unstoppable force, meet immovable object. The impact vaguely hurt, shockwaves felt through thick layers of dense rock that made up her physiology, and in a flash of heat Jude shifted back and blasted the half crushed robot with a wave of fire. It dropped like a fly, melted and sparking with electricity but detained. Okay, I can do this. She exhaled a short breath of smoke and kept moving.

All around them, Jude could see civilians running for their lives. Buildings crumpled like felled giants, with terrified screams of fear making her ears ring. They couldn't just focus on the robots, they had to get people out. As she ran through the ruined street she could hear a feeble cry amidst slabs of concrete and rebar. Jude didn't think, she simply ran towards the rubble and began to move whatever she could.
"Ayúdame, por favor, ayúdame!"
The voice was soft, fading. With a grunt of exertion, Jude moved another large slab and found an elderly woman with her whimpering dog, dusted with rubble and what looked like a broken arm. Beside her, her walker had been crushed into a knot of gnarled metal.

"Todo estará bien señora, estoy aquí para ayudarla!"
Jude exclaimed with effort as she helped unearth the woman, moving the earth to free her arm. With no time to spare as the ground beneath them shook from the strength of gods and metal, Jude scooped her up with ease, an arm underneath her back and the other under her knees. Her teacup chihuahua was placed on the woman's stomach, and she ran once more to the sidelines to find somewhere safe to leave her.
"Mantente escondido, y nosotros nos encargaremos de esto."
She told her, soothing the old woman's fears as she felt her feeble body shake with sobs. The ginger tried her best to be soothing, and as soon as she found a calm corner of an intersection, Jude tucked her away into a storefront with others hiding from the chaos.

Without another word, the old woman watched Jude throw herself back outside and into the fray.

The moment she stepped back into the open air, Jude felt seen.


Sudden impact, strong enough to rattle her bones, and Jude realized she was in the air, held in the tight grip of a robot that aimed its beady eyes at her, before dropping her from eight stories high. And before she could react, the cherufe was hit with a beam of glacial ice, blasting her into the ground with enough force to leave a small crater. She was cold, so fucking bitterly cold, barely melting through the thick layer of frozen ice around her before her vision began to flicker.


bikini kill

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gen, you viper
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The tech at Mount Justice was... Amazing. Sybil couldn't even pretend she wasn't impressed, and had been a little embarrassed that Nightwing and Troia had been witness to her initial reactions of awe.

She spent most of the last two weeks in front of the large spread of screen and keyboards, taking apart and reassembling some of the hardware, and experimenting with all the features. She was sitting cross legged on the large chair with a comms piece and a tiny screw driver in her hand when Troia called the team for a mission.

"Good luck," she told her teammates, waving at them as they trooped through the zeta-tube. She sent her camera drones through it and went to get comfy in the large chair- She really needed a name for the area. 'Nest' seemed appropriate for its somewhat circular shape and clutter of screens and keyboards, but 'temple' was more in line with the Greek mythology theme she and Oracle had going on. Well- It was a concern for another day.

She powered on the drones and began positioning a third of them around the area at key points- Those displayed on an array of screens for Nightwing and Troia to watch. The rest of the drones spread out and began stitching together a scene from multiple angles. Trying to decipher what was happening on the large screen might make someone else sick- or at least very confused- but it was second nature to Sybil to see something from multiple viewpoints at once.

The largest drone sailed higher and higher to give her a bird's eye view. "They seem to be coming from about three blocks north of the zeta-tube point," Sybil responded to Lex on the comms.

"Traffic is blocking intersections to the east- Send civilians south and west if you can," she told the team.

"Hey, can I-" She turned to Nightwing to ask, then remembered she didn't need to ask. Kat didn't ask before trying to punch someone, and Sybil wasn't going ask before trying to get into Star City's transit system. If she could reroute some of the subway trains, they could send civilians down into the tube system and quickly away from danger.

She wasted valuable time on the effort, the minutes ticking by as her teammates fought. She'd gotten access to the transit system's employee payroll, but was no closer to commanding their trains than if she'd been out there pushing the train cars herself. She groaned in frustration and gave up on the plan.

Focus on helping your team, she reminded herself, looking back at the scene laid out before her.

Find out where the robots are coming from,
she decided, and redirected one of the drones north to the source to get a closer look. She was assessing the horde of robots when the drone got shot down- Even though it was programmed to avoid potential collisions and was some of the fastest moving tech she'd ever seen. Sybil swore under her breath, redirecting a second drone in that direction.

"You've cleared about 50% of the people out of the area," Sybil informed the team, comparing the heat map she'd taken when they'd first arrived to now.

The second drone got shot down. Damn it. Those things also had the tech on them that powered the comms units- At least she still had plenty left. For now.

Some of the robots had slits that resembled eyes, and Sybil tried to eye-jump into one- With no luck. Apparently they didn't resemble eyes enough.

"Not all the bots are the same basic design," she warned the team. "I'm seeing several different makes and models out there." Hopefully all the bots could be destroyed with similar methods, but Sybil sort of doubted it- Why make different models with the same weaknesses?

birth of venus

𝘥𝘰 𝘺𝘰𝘶 𝘭𝘪𝘬𝘦 𝘴𝘤𝘢𝘳𝘺 𝘮𝘰𝘷𝘪𝘦𝘴?
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mikey robinson.

  • mood

    ready to go.

The weight of the world sat on Mikey's shoulders. Or at least, that's how it felt for him.

His life had changed so extremely drastically in the last three months, he could barely catch his breath, but Michael Robinson was nothing if not persistent. Even if he didn't look or feel it, Mikey knew he was strong. His body still felt echoes of memory of what it held for much of his life - cancer. Since he was barely old enough to start middle school, the boy's immune system had been shot to hell and he struggled with illness after illness, dozens of hospital visits, before they pinpointed what exactly it was. Leukemia, which led into lung cancer, which led into so many medical complications that Mikey spent a majority of his high school experience in hospital rooms and hospice care. His body was so fragile, and his mothers doted on him and took great care of him, but the sense of grief was palpable.

He had gone into remission twice before it began to overtake his lungs in an aggressive return, and Mikey could no longer get out of bed. His doctors told his mothers that he likely wouldn't live past seventeen years old.

Stubbornly, Mikey held off until eighteen, an age that he remembers in extremely short bursts between chemotherapy, surgeries, and medically induced comas. What he didn't know was that his mother, a doctor in experimental genetic research, had somehow released the X-Gene in his body as a last-ditch attempt. Mikey had always known his grandfather had been a healer, but the potential he held had been entirely unknown.

His cancer disappeared in two days. A week later, he was walking and talking, able to relish in the feeling of taking a full breath and run and sprint and explore the world. Of course, after so long being bed ridden, Mikey did some physical therapy to get him used to movement again, and it was during that time that they received a visit from the Justice League.


Being the team healer was an enormous responsibility that Mikey thought he was ready to shoulder. He could do this - even if it terrified him. Even if his team was a group made up of psychopaths, trained killers, aliens, and magicians. Even if Jude tried to roast him on a spit on a daily basis. But now, he had purpose. And so many years of socializing to catch up on. He put his head down and got to work.

When the alarms for their first mission arose, it was made clear that he would not be on the battlefield with the others strictly until he was needed. Equally frustrated and relieved, Mikey huffed and sat to watch Sybil work her magic in her little bird's nest of surveillance. Her power was one of the ones that still fascinated him to no end, and for now, he was happy to watch her work and support the team from their home base. He was fully suited up and ready to go on a moment's notice, with a fully equipped utility belt full of medical supplies, and he anxiously bounced his leg and rocked the computer chair he was perched upon. In his ear, the team's yells and communications buzzed loudly, reflecting the chaos that he watched unfold upon the screens.

"This is insane,"
Mikey muttered to himself as hell reigned upon Star City.
"Why does it almost feel like those robots knew we were coming? Half of the team is getting the smackdown of their lives."



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nokuda kai

Kai had made a grave error. Assassins were trained to make snap-judgement decisions to save their own ass. Split second decisions had saved Kai many times, but right now was not one of them. The longer he spent locked inside of Mt. Justice with these morons, the more appealing going to jail or crawling back to his father seemed.

Every day with the Heroes of Tomorrow made him want to gouge his own eyes out. It wasn't the 8am wake up that he minded, no rising before the sun was nothing new to him, but dealing with an obnoxiously destructive alien and lava girl trying to kill him every minute of the day was not something he enjoyed. It was getting to the point that he was starting to consider letting Jude turn him to ash, though he refused to give her the satisfaction.

Today was but another test of his already frayed nerves. The little bug boy had been annoyingly cheerful as always, telling Kai to "keep up the good work" even as he beheaded a training dummy aimed very close to his stupid head. It seemed no matter how many times Kai threatened to disembowel them, they wouldn't just leave him the hell alone.

So the former assassin found himself once again chasing the robot down the many hallways of Mount Justice, swords swinging rapidly as he shouted expletives at Bashi. Before Kai could severely punish the cyborg for playing yet another unfunny "prank" on him, the coward had jumped to the ceiling as an escape route. Just as Kai was about to start using his katanas to scale the wall, an alarm started blaring that had even Kai surprised.

Though tempted to skewer Bashi like a shish kabob as he fell, Kai was eager to finally have permission to chop something up and the swordsman couldn't get to the briefing room fast enough. It didn't stop him from flipping the cyborg off as he left, however.

Fingers anxiously twitching at his side, Kai didn't pay any heed to Troia's words as she explained their mission. It didn't matter who they were facing, no matter what their skill was Kai would destroy them as he had destroyed every adversary he had faced before. As soon as his zeta tube opened, Kai's katana was slicing through the strength and precision that came from years of dedicated practice.

His body moved without having to think, flowing in one solid motion as the robots kept coming. There were a lot more than he had anticipated, but he would tear them all down until there were none left standing. That was the Nokuda way. It didn't matter how many enemies you faced, prevailing and winning was the only option.

With an entire group taken out in a matter of minutes, Kai moved away from the zeta tube to throw himself deeper into the fight. As he took off, he spotted one of his teammates standing around, looking quite dumb-founded. Or just dumb.

"Don't just stand there, kono yarou." He grumbled, not sparing Andre a second-glance as he used a robot's head as a spring board into the fray. Parkouring his way through the chaos, Kai couldn't shake off the dread creeping into his head as the robot army continued to grow. Even with powerhouses like the aliens and lava girl around, they didn't seem to be making a dent in the droids numbers.

Kai still wasn't sure why they had ever picked him to join this group of supposed heroes. He was a powerless murderer, completely void of the x-gene that had landed his teammates this job. It was often something he bragged about, that he was the only one skilled enough to make it onto the team without being a mutated freak, but often times it made him feel like even more of an outcast.

Not that he cared what these idiots thought.

With blades singing against metal, Kai decided to leave the obliteration of robots to the bastards with heavy hitting powers. It made the most sense logistically to evacuate citizens first and worry about the robots after. Not that he cared about the civilians.

A familiar face through the swarm of metal had him sprinting towards the other assassin on the team, sliding in beside Jade to fight off the robots that were encroaching upon the injured civilians behind her. It was strange to find two former murderers protecting citizens instead of on the front lines destroying enemies, but nothing about this was particularly normal anyways.

"Get them out. I'll cover your back and keep them off of you." He instructed, not bothering to see if she listened or not before he was back to battling the clunks of metal.

What a pain in the ass this was.

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peace and long life
Alias: Veil
Mika Valin
The last few weeks in the training facility had been… educational. Mika’s mentor has been volunteering her for combat training at every opportunity even though she had been much more interested in doing research using the literature that was made available to the HOT team through the Justice League’s encrypted database. . Today, she’d stepped away from the training arena to spend some time reading a paper on the making of a hero. It was an in-depth analysis of typical hero archetypes and the pr hoops the public would expect each to jump through; otherwise dry reading if she weren’t seeing the theory in action every day.

“Hello trainees. Please meet in the conference room for an emergency mission briefing.” Troia’s voice crackled to life over the intercom. She’d taken to calling the group “trainees”. And while that was technically true, it was quickly becoming Mika’s least favorite way to be addressed. Yes, she was technically training with the rest of HOT and yes, this group had not yet been christened official heroes of the league but Mika had been doing the job of a hero (or at least a sidekick) for years.

That didn’t matter now though. There was a job to do. She set the tablet that she’d been reading with on her desk and stood. “Daniel?” She called. When there wasn’t a reply, she quickly got ready; dressing in her suit and locking her silver gun into the magnetic holster at her hip. He was probably in the training room with everyone else, she thought, hopefully they haven’t been beating on each other too hard.

Her eyes paused on the mirror as she headed out of her room. Dressed head-to-toe in armor and leather she looked like Veil and with eyes covered by a sheer black mask she felt like Veil “A safe mission. Easy. Keep it simple, do your job.” Though the room was empty, her voice was just barely a whisper. This would be Mika’s first mission without Black Canary, the start of a new era. Or maybe just the end of an old one. She straightened her posture, determined to leave any nerves in her bedroom, and started towards the conference room.

She moved through the crowd of heroes, or trainees as Troia had so kindly dubbed them, to stand beside Daniel. He’d been her roommate and closest friend over the last two weeks. “Yes, Spider-boy” she grinned, “you can call me Veil”. He was sweet and had a good heart. Many of the others here seemed to have… questionable motives for joining the group but she got the impression that he really just wanted to help people.

“Hopefully I don’t end up needing the armor. Safe, easy mission, right?” She paused, looking down at his uniform. He hadn’t been wearing the uniform when he’d left their room in the morning. In fact, he hadn’t been wearing the uniform in the training room when she’d seen him last. “I… I didn’t realize you headed back to the room to get your outfit,” Mika tried not to let the disappointment that he’d gone back to the room without checking in on her seep into her voice. She frowned, leaning in to look at the fabric his suit was made of. It flexed like rubber but looked much stronger “This is nice too. I’ve never seen anything like it… is it a kevlar composite?” She’d seen him wear the suit in training but never close up. “Or is it new-tech resin? I heard Star Labs was working on developing some new materials…” she trailed off as Daniel seemed to turn his focus elsewhere. Maybe those were questions for another time… they needed to focus up.

She took a few deep breaths as Daniel began to stretch, closing her eyes to start her own pre-fight warm-up. With every bit of mental finesse she could muster, Mika reached into her own mind, finding her power like a light switch in a dark room. She tested it, pressing into her ability and feeling for fatigue or stress the way that you might press into a muscle to check for any lingering soreness. The place in her mind that housed the power felt ready for the upcoming fight, almost as if it were pushing back and asking to be released. Like a light switch so charged with static that it shocks anyone who dares to make contact.

“Okay,” She said, eyes still closed, “I’ll keep as many as I can blind. I’ll watch your back but try not to get hit too hard.” She opened her eyes as she heard the first zeta tube go off. “We just need to stay focused and keep our wits about us” Just a safe and easy fight.

With that comment, Daniel disappeared through the zeta tube. No, not just disappeared, he barreled through the Zeta tube. Shock flashed over her expression for just a moment before Mika grit her teeth. Silly self-sacrificing heroes always seemed to want to go into fights a man down and with a hand tied behind their back. She’d have to keep a hold of him next time they planned on going anywhere together.

She shot through the zeta after him and immediately her senses were overloaded. Screams of terrified civilians and clangs of the ongoing fight with the robotic combatants filled her ears. There were flashes of sun against the windows. But worst, and perhaps most distracting, was the stench of blood tellingly mixed with the burning smell of spilled fuel.

She scanned the area, trying to check in on everyone who’d come through the zeta before her. A few were focused on funneling onlookers away from the fight while others were facing the robots head-on. A frown tugged at the corner of Mika’s lips as she saw things already starting to go wrong with her teammates. Colt and Kat seemed to be caught in each other's crossfire and Alonzo had somehow turned saving civilians into berating a news team. No wonder Black Canary had warned her about him. Mercenaries never thought about the consequences of their actions. They were used to being able to fade into the darkness and trust someone else would clean up whatever mess they had left behind.

Finally, her eyes settled on Daniel already in a fight of course. She pursed her lips as he swung something at the bot in front of him. With only a hiss of air escaping her lips, Mika reached out and blinded the robot, pulling white fog across its visual sensors. There was just a moment of hesitation in its movements, a tiny opening in its defenses. Daniel found it. His hit landed squarely across the machine’s head, sending it careening over. As its processor shut down, Mika felt her power pull back. It was dead if you can really ever say that a robot dies without ever having been alive.

“Keep an eye out for everyone else but…” she paused. “Let's see if we can gain some ground. Get everyone some space to work with.” Dealing with deadly combatants two steps outside of the zeta tubes didn’t exactly spell success for anyone else coming through. The best thing to do… the right thing to do was to work the robots back into bad positioning, find some way to get the upper hand.

She pulled her gun off her hip, gripping it with white knuckles. “Sound like a plan, Spider-boy?”

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Damion Greywolf
Damion nodded as he listened to what Jade said. He left her with the civilians and took off into the air again, He scanned the area and saw hundreds and hundreds of robots coming in from all directions. It was horrible. His teammates couldn't do it, there were too many and they were losing. He watched as Colt went down surrounded by bots. Jude was down as well. He flew lower to the ground as he started chucking red balls of energy at bots. He watched as each bot got blasted to pieces covering everything in a black liquid. He flew around to each area, blasting and blasting away trying to help his teammates.

But no matter how many he blasted, they kept coming in larger groups. He landed on the ground and watched in horror as robots started charging at him. He started firing balls of energy out of his hands as they came, sending them flying back in a million little pieces. He was moving fast but it was starting to become tiring. His hands moved quickly as a red shield followed his movements, protecting him from any incoming robot blasts. He was starting to slip up as multiple bots started coming at him at once. He tried to keep up but they got to him. They all started coming towards him full speed as they watched Damion slow down.

He dropped to his knees as the robots started piling on top of him. He started screaming in pain as the weight of the robots was too much for him to handle. He started shooting out energy but it wasn't doing him any good. He screamed in pain as he felt a bone in his leg snap. Damion started screaming for his teammate through his earpiece. His screams caused his throat to burn and swell. "MIKEY! HELP!", he screamed. No one was coming for him and he didn't know what to do. Damion's lungs felt like they were on fire from screaming as the bots closed in on him. He fought to keep an opening from closing but his energy started going out and he no longer felt like fighting anymore.

He watched as the little bit of sunlight that was pouring in from the opening faded away slowly. A tear rolled down his face and he let out his last wheezy scream. His eyes slowly closed as he lost consciousness.

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But if you really want to live, why not try and make yourself?

can't... stop... now!
the incubus
Will I ever get to where I'm going?
escape route
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This was it, the big debut, and Trevor was ready to take it on. His blood was pumping, he was focused, and he could barely contain his excitement. He wasn't happy or anything, the thought of innocent people in harms way way ticked him off. He never truly understood why the fight against the Big Bads of the world went on like they did, but he knew that they had to go on. Spending time with his peers only did so much to help them work in synchronization. However, Dick and Donna wouldn't just throw them in the water if they didn't think they could swim.

Trevor looked down at his outfit. He wore motorcycle pants and boots with a tanktop that said "Hells Yeah!" with a baby devil on it, and a sleeveless hoodie cut at his ribs. Yes, it was last year's Halloween costume. But, even that was better than the gaudy, uninspired hero suit that Jean, Harley, and his dad came to agreement on. That was...a catastrophe if he had to be completely honest about it. In this, he felt comfortable. He had beaten at least twenty of Two-Face's goons in it. He could beat down a couple more baddies with it on.

The tube was flashing and ready to go, so when it was his turn he didn't hesitate. He ran in, securing some of his hair at the top of his head. When he came through a wreck of a situation awaited him. Robots. They filled the area, trying to cause as much chaos as they could. For a brief moment, Trevor wondered who would put this much effort into calling out the heroes on that day. It was the middle of the week, for goodness sake. Whoever was behind this needed a good stint in a jail beneath the sea, so they could work out something better to do with their time. Some of the others had went forth to help people escape. He let them, keeping his momentum up until he took off, flying toward a pack of the offending robots. Reaching them, he let himself flip into a kick that mostly embedded the bot into the ground.


Keeping form, hepunched the next bot in the chest a few times, denting the armor each time with telekinetic strikes to the chasis. He struck the bot one final time, ripping out core machinery. It leaked oil and fluid as it slumped over, powered down.


He heard the elderly couple before he saw them. The woman stood upright, hitting the robot with her purse as it tried to drag off her partner--a meeker, more frail lady--by her hair. Trevor looked in dismay, running over and ripping the assailant's head off. He helped the ladies up, who then ran toward one of his teammates as they beckoned the survivors. It wasn't more than a few seconds later that there were more in the broken machines' place. And, Trevor was already fed up. He reached out and flexed, lifting at least eight bots in the air before bringing his hands together and crushing them in a messy ball that he let drop to the ground.

"Ten! Fuck, you, ya future staples and paperclips. Come on!"

He didn't see the bot flying at him with booster rockets and all. It grabbed him by the throat, thrusting him backwards. It may have looked like it had the upper hand, but it didn't. Trevor dug his feet into the ground, using his power to push back. They slowed as his feet really pushed into the street, the asphalt buckling beneath him. He cocked his head to the side and smiled, even as its metal cut into his skin and made him bleed.

"Bored now." Trevor sighed, flexing once more. The robot Should have been crushed, but what happened was the work of something completely maniacal. The ground spun as they both blew up into the air, with Trevor landing flat and hard against the cement. His vision spun, with impact leaving him trying to catch his breath and failing to. Why was everything flipped? Why was he seeing double? It was like he'd been drugged, but that wasn't possible...right? He lay there, his chest heaving as he tried to bounce back and get back to the fight.
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It seemed that Almeracian's had a secret weakness besides aluminum. Kryptonians (even the clones) had a way of getting under Kataly'a's skin unlike anyone else. Her mother had complained about the Superman for ages, but Kat had always assumed she was overexaggerating until she met him and his 'son'. Never had the warrior met someone so rude.

There were many things that she disliked about Colt. His cockiness, his general anti-fun attitude, his apathy, but most of all, Kat hated the way he treated their teammates. Even though it had only been two Earth weeks since the Heroes of Tomorrow had moved in together, the team had already become family to her. Any person that the warrior princess fought beside became instant family, you couldn't fight and die beside someone unless you trusted them whole-heartedly.

Kataly'a cared a lot, too much if you asked her mother. So, it was hard for someone with such passion for her teammates to listen to the clone berate and belittle people she cared so much about. To put it simply, Colt was a shavit.

To use her formal title with such an insulting tone and blast his laster beam so close to her head, well, that was the last straw. Just as Kat was about to fire a laser at his chest to test how indestructible he truly was, a sward of small robots began sieging them. Finally reminded of the robot invasion they were supposed to be fighting instead of each other, the alien focused her attention back on the metal contraptions swarming her feet.

No matter how many she blasted and kicked away, they continued to overwhelm the two. A lifetime of battle had trained Kataly'a to be attentive to her comrade's every move, she had seen the nervous ruffling of Freddie's feathers not too far away, had heard the concrete buckle under the impact of Jude, but what caught her attention most was the way Colt's breathing had changed so rapidly.

Worried that her companion was injured, Kat drew on more power than she normally did to release a bigger blast, with Colt being supposedly indestructible she wasn't worried about the blast affecting him as much as it would the robots. In a flash of silver light, the robots closest to the pair were incinerated by the large release of solar energy. In the brief moment they were no longer overwhelmed by robots, Kat grabbed hold of Colt and took off into the sky.

The ground was almost entirely covered in bots, leaving Kataly'a with no other option than to set Colt on the nearest roof. The alien had never seen him rattled before, which only made her more concerned when he allowed her to carry him without calling her a bunch of names.

"Are you the hurt?" Kataly'a asked immediately upon setting him down, intensely inspecting him in case he had a hole blasted through him. Even if Colt was an "asshole" as Bashi had said, he was still her teammate and she wouldn't sit idly by when any of them needed her. Even if she could still smell the burnt strands of hair beside her face.

"Colt? What is wrong? Do you need me to take you back to the base?" Concern flooded her voice as she placed a hand on the side of his face, worried that something was dangerously wrong with him.

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André Le Vaughn
Sorcerer & Scientist
Andre had come to terms that he would be stuck with these people for quite some time and decided to spend his time "discovering himself", which is total bs because all he's doing is self-isolating and astral projecting for days on ends. At least he tried to be present for all the training sessions so no one would be on his case and bothering him in his room. It wasn't that he didn't like the people here, he just finds social interactions to be tiresome, from his first week of attending the California Institute of Technology a few years ago, he tried to socialize with other classmates but because of Andre's arrogance that time, the conversations were quite short. He used to wonder why people couldn't accept he was better than them and since he developed a bit of humility in Shambhala, he would come to an understanding that everyone was equals, neither superiors nor inferiors, and everyone will die in some form, whether you're immortal or not, all things must come to an end.

So during these past two weeks, all Andre was doing was secluding himself in his room either astral projecting, sleeping, studying, or trying to come up with some starter for the new suit he was planning to make. During his first week, he requested an armor for him to use as an outlier for the quantum-based suit he wanted to make, believing if he was to ever be part of this team, he would need to be able to protect his fragile human body. Aside from that, Andre hadn't really met or interacted with the others properly, there were some folks that tried to talk to him but it usually fell short because of the usual dry remarks he gave.

As a result of his habits of astral projection for hours, he didn't even hear the alarm go off for their first mission. Trevor had to telekinetically drag his body out of his room so he would come back to his body and get ready for the brief meeting, and internally he deserved it, he was starting to lose track of time.

Now when Andre thought he wasn't unprepared, he was really unprepared. He was essentially not taking care of himself properly, he hadn't eaten for days and was afraid to tell anyone why he couldn't and what he can eat, and he also hadn't slept for a week, busy trying to prevent the Lord of Nightmares from killing him and dream walking to pass time. He was a mess...a tired mess. He barely had enough energy to cast any major spells and he was sleep deprived, not to mention he hadn't even started on his suit. So when the zeta tube was activated and the portal was ready, he was hesitant while others were head-on for this. But no one was truly ready were they? He could see the conflicted looks on some of them as they entered the portal to star city and who would blame them, for it was their first official mission as a hero, and for others, it may be a chance to redeem themselves or maybe be finally recognized as a hero. For Andre, it was a game of trying to see how long he can stay conscious while cast spells. It was risky, but he had to go through with this at least, for the time being, he planned to stick with someone and aid them as he tried to reserve his bee's dick of energy left.

He quickly transmutated his clothing into the suit he was provided with a simple spell (which seem to drain him a bit) and ran through the portal. His reflexes were quick to move himself from the way of a truck that was thrown by a mammoth of a robot. He began to notice how the robots were all distinct from each other, despite many being similar they seem to have some technological attachment or alteration to them that only significant engineers like himself would spot. This started turning the gears in his head because why would someone go all their way to manufacture all these robots differently to be released onto one city to wreak havoc knowing that it would attract heroes...heroes like themselves. When the realization dawned on him he was suddenly shoved by a person behind him, Kai for that matter, one of the grumpy noot noots of the team as he liked to call them. His retort made him more confused than mad but he didn't have time to cloud his head with emotionally unintelligent people.

Through dimensional interaction, Andre imposed the physical laws from a nearby dimension onto himself and flew up in the sky with a spell, trying his best to dodge incoming fire and robots coming his way as well as conserve his speed to save his energy, he wanted to know how large of a scale this robot invasion was and the answer wasn't good. They were too much, he couldn't even see where it could've started or where it ends, all he saw were countless machines swarming the city like ants disturbed from their nest. He could see the others battling through the incoming robots that never seem to end and others were preoccupied with carrying the civilians to safety, knowing full well he does not have the strength to go head-on by himself he decided to assist the closest person to him.

And it had to be Kai of all people, he practically radiated "angry emo" but despite his status as a normal human he still fought like a warrior. He knew Kai couldn't handle all those robots by himself so he might as well use his energy on that as he flew closer above him.

"From their bitter blazing land
May the Faltine raise their hand--
May their flames now leap and hiss --

open wide a great abyss!"

The Faltine answered his call and he could feel the transcendent power flowing through his body and soul, feeling the ravaging flames ready to be unleashed, and unleash it he did. Crossing his arms in the air as he made the Prithvi Mudra with both hands, an explosion of otherworldy arcane flames burst forth in the air. The flames danced and swirled in an enormous whirlwind as a black yearning void reaching to the space between universes was opened beneath him, many of the robots coming at Kai were sucked in, most of them incinerated by the Flames of the Faltine before they could be banished. As the spell was completed he felt as if he wanted to collapse as the spell sucked almost everything from him. Slowly descending next to Kai, he tried to lighten the mood, "Hope the Old Ones like metal". Giving a forced smile while feeling breathless, he looked on seeing Jade near the scene helping Kai as well, "Can you cover for me, I need to rejuvenate my strength, I'm a resilient man so it won't be long". He was literally on the edge of consciousness and decided to sit on the road as he leaned back on a car next to Kai, he was starting to feel that just thinking was making him even more tired.

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the fool
Lex Delgado

The first response on Lex's comms was from Sybil, who—thank god—had a knack for answering the questions others couldn't. "They seem to be coming from about three blocks north of the zeta-tube point." Okay, so one more block than he'd guessed. Not bad.

He gripped the wire resting on his shoulder, offering a low whisper of a response to the woman. "Thanks, Pyth!" And there was just enough time to do so, as the killer robots on the street didn't have the courtesy to let him communicate. A metal claw swiped at him, only to be grabbed and overloaded with electricity until it collapsed to the ground with the rest of the battleground's rubble and scrap.

While he stood his ground and dodged debris from the air, he listened closely to his teammates' words. The comms system was overloaded with distress signals and stern warnings, and it seemed that perhaps the team hadn't been debriefed on how to take turns when speaking. Lex didn't even bother getting another word in, not when he was watching for routes further down the street.

There were so many civilians left to save, yet he could hardly keep himself from being torn to pieces by the larger terrestrial models swarmed across the street. Their silver, boxy exteriors were so corny—straight out of a retro sci-fi film. Was Lex Corp. that starved for creativity?

Arms pumping and teeming with erratic energy, Lex made a beeline for the next street corner, shoving every hunk of metal with arms not unlike cattle prods of mass destruction. One glance over his shoulder revealed a murderous entourage of robots hot on his trail, while one glance forward showed an impregnable wall of robots just waiting to pile onto another victim. Of course the least destroyed side of the street would be the densest with enemies... what was he thinking!?

And just as the gap began to close between Lex and the robots all over, the sound of metal crunching and a sputtering motor seized his attention. His head whipped around to watch swaths of metal pieces being flung to and fro, all while narrowly missing his very human, very defenseless body. He watched with amazement as an entire robot was flung into the air, making an arc over his head until crashing fatally into the asphalt.

“On your left, goldilocks," a voice sang into the comms, leaving an already-dazed Lex to ponder the cryptic meaning behind the message. Who could that be? There were plenty of blondes on the team, and there was nothing to his left but a...

Well, several pairs of hands. And a van carrying them. All in one seamless motion, they wrapped around his body and pulled him in. There was cheering, but all the electrified man could do was yelp with fright. Sparks shot off his hands and out the sliding door, which had been harnessing most of the electricity around his body. The landing was by no means soft as he came crashing into the side of the van, knocking his head with a bang against the interior.

Through the surprise and the newly-formed bump on his head, Lex's voice rose to match his heroic fervor. "Stop, let go—" The van shook, all while the civlians' grip on his body loosened. He slid back to the floor, then leapt upward into action.

However, once the metaphorical dust had settled, he could see now that he had not been abducted by a group of villains, nor had he slipped and fallen by chance into a passing vehicle. Instead, the grinning and weary faces of a handful of civilians looked up at him, then onward. Lex turned his head and dropped his defensive stance, greeted with a familiar face.

Alonzo stepped into focus, shutting the van's door behind them. “Next night out for burgers you’re payin’." Lex released his breath, his heart pumping like crazy. And though his brows were knitted tightly, it was clear to see that he was relieved to see him.

"Oh... my god..." Heavy breaths tumbled out of his mouth, his hands having now fallen to his knees. Everything was spinning while the realization that he'd been running on adrenaline finally seemed to kick in. "I thought you were bad guys."

A moment passed, enough for Lex to finally stand upright and get a view of everything. Zo spoke again. “On the real though, you okay, Lex? I think we’ve got a dental resident on board if you need first aid.”

The blonde laughed and shook his head, scratching the back of it. "Thanks, it's mostly just mental scarring." He offered a few solemn nods of thanks to the civilians on board, taking in the real reason they were there: not to beat the bad guys, but to protect the innocents. While he caught his breath, he stared long and hard at each and every person, who stared back expectantly in return. Had Lex been in their positions, he didn't know if he could have been so brave.

But the truth was, they were on a clock. Wasting no time, he addressed Alonzo with a bit more of the resolute poise he'd practiced in the mirror. "You heard the blind girl, right? They're coming from that way." He pointed down the street. Mayhem was abound and there was plenty of it—if not more—further down.

"I really dont wanna bring civilians further in, but this van seems like our best shot past all... that." He shouldered his way up behind the driver's seat. "If we could just... wait, hold on!"

Lex pulled his teammate's arm closer, dragging the other hero up to his viewpoint. This time, he was pointing to a damaged section of the sidewalk where a superpowered Atticus was fending off more robots. He was winning, but barely. "Look, he's surrounded." Not really, but sorta. If he was making use of Kat's powers, it looked like a very crude attempt at it. After all... he only really knew Lex's abilities like that.

And Eliza's.

"Pull in close," he ordered, a striking shift in self-assurance mixing into his tone. And as the driver did just that, Lex swung the door open and gestured for the civilians to do him one last favor. "Atti—ah—Canary, hold still!" he called out, hanging out of the van and reaching as far as his supersuited arm could manage. It was apparent how much better Alonzo was at executing this, but nonetheless Lex made a successful grab for Atti, latching onto his calves with the help of a pleasantly reliable office worker.

Absent of any and all grace, the two dragged the lanky man in and shut the door behind them. Inward dents dotted across the door as pursuing robots attempted to break in, but Felix's lead foot was stronger. Heaving and thoroughly proud of himself, Lex looked down, offering his ex a hesitant elbow up.

"Hey, are you okay?" He really meant it, as much as it would be lost on the guy, even if it revealed how completely and cluelessly desperate he was for redemption. "Zo came and picked me up too. It's... terrible out there." Not that it was a good enough reason to yank him out of his fight, but it would suffice. "Were you listening to comms? The source is up ahead." Of course, this did not go without a helpful point in the obvious direction. "We could use the backup." Please.

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Ghostly Presence
Freddie MacNeil

There wasn’t even a moment of respite between Fred arriving to check on Kat and Colt advancing on them like a storm from sea. A gust blew by her, already extended wings catching the brunt of it and sending her back a few feet. It took considerable effort to stay right-side up and not fall onto her ass in the middle of a fucking fight. With a fist clenched, white-knuckled around the hilt of her weapon, Fred started to say something snarky before she noticed that it was no longer her teammates in front of her anymore. They had been cut off from each other and Fred hated the way her heart slammed against her ribcage as the bots closed in around her.

"Kat! Colt!" Freddie called, spinning in place trying to catch even a glimpse. Nothing.

"Fuck, okay. Fuck." Not afraid.

The shrieking sounds of metal against metal sounded up around her as Freddie pushed desperately back against the horde. Hack the head off one, another one took its place. Every movement she made felt futile like she was fighting a hydra with no fire to burn its necks. Kill one, another takes its place. They were getting impossibly closer, boxing her in between them. Freddie tried to push them away with glancing throws of her wings but that only seemed to make them more determined. Her strikes were becoming less and less skilled, devolving with her quickening heart rate into fruitless swings like she was a scared child with a stick. Then they started making this god-awful screaming noise, high-pitched and erratic. Fred’s head pounded with every step, and she wanted nothing more than to fall down and cover her ears. It was too loud, too close, too much. She couldn’t breathe.

The metal fist of one of the screaming bots slammed into the right side of her head and she was reeling for a moment. The force of the hit had caused her to bite through her tongue and she could taste metal as blood seeped into the space behind her teeth. Another bot grasped with a cold hand at her throat and squeezed with such force that Fred thought she might black-out. This wasn’t a fight she could win. Fred’s mind was foggy but one clear though rang out through the jumbled mist, instinct she might call it later, animal in nature. Run. You can’t do this, run. You’re not strong enough. Not good enough. Except these weren’t her own thoughts, the misty apparition that stood beside her, face near her ear, was evidence of that. Fred’s wings extended as far as they could in the small amount of space she had, it was enough to get her off the ground.


The sky above only offered a moment of calm before she felt the hands on her wings. They were clutching to her, trying to follow her up into the air, but there were far too many. The weight was too much. Fred slashed uselessly with her sword, but it was too late. There was a sickening snap and pain lanced up her wing and up into her spine. The bots fell as her left wing fell limp and broken. A cry bubbled up and out of her throat of the likes she had not heard herself make for a long time. She was already almost twenty feet in the air and her now incapacitated wing did nothing to stop her from careening sideways and smashing headfirst into the sidewalk. With blurry vision and a barely conscious mind, Fred rolled onto her side to avoid putting pressure on her now very broken wing.

“Can somebody-” Fred hissed in pain at the sound of her own voice as she tried to speak into the comms, “My wing’s broken…I can’t- fuck I can’t fucking see. I’m sorry.” Fred didn’t know what she was apologizing for but it didn’t matter because the moment the words left her lips her knees curled up to her chest and the blackness that had been closing around her vision clouded it over.

It almost felt like there was cold breath spreading from her ear down to her neck.

You’re just like your mother. Weak.

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birth of venus

𝘥𝘰 𝘺𝘰𝘶 𝘭𝘪𝘬𝘦 𝘴𝘤𝘢𝘳𝘺 𝘮𝘰𝘷𝘪𝘦𝘴?
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mikey robinson.

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    "oh shit this is really happening?"

Hearing the screams and cries of his teammates struck a fear in Mikey down to his bones. There was no better words for it - what unfurled before Sybil's screens was an uphill battle that seemed lost before they even began, and now the team's cacophony of fear and pain made his ears ring. But he couldn't look away, and he wouldn't run. That was the thing about Mikey, spending so long on the edge of death had left him with an untapped potential of brazenness and a stomach of steel. Even if he didn't feel like he did. Right now, he was horrified. But Mikey had to act. This was his job now, and he was going to do a damn good job, even if this was a battle they were meant to lose.

Hearing Damion cry his name for help was a shot of adrenaline to his heart, making him shoot up from his chair. He needed to go, now. The minute he stood up , a hand laid on his shoulder. He hadn't noticed when Dick had left the bird's eye nest, and the man had returned with another one of his teammates that Mikey realized he hadn't seen in the field, Natalio.
"You already know what to do, Angel, your team needs you out there. But you can't go alone, we need someone to watch your back."
The man explained, eyes flicking back and forth between the screen and Mikey.
"Natalio is your backup, he's gonna keep you alive. Good luck out there."

His mentor's words were met with a solemn nod, before Mikey gestured for Natalio to follow him to the zeta tubes. In all honesty, he was never sure how to tread around the man. Natalio fell into the same category as Jude - someone who terrified him, though for much different reasons. It was no secret that Natalio had charm and self-assured grace when it came to training, in ways that Mikey had never known for himself. And he had an ease around people as well that the lanky boy could never seem to replicate. It was almost jealousy, but Natalio had always treated him kindly as well (not to mention the endless flattery, the likes of which Mikey had never experienced either) and so there was no resentment to the feeling. Now, the moment arose for them to work as a team. He thought, hopefully, they could work in tandem well enough to get done what needed getting done. The team needed him.

"This is freaking crazy. We gotta get to Damion first, he's the closest. I just heard Freddie go down too, I think she said her wing's broken, but there's only one of me, so..."
Mikey looked at Natalio and tried to put on a brave face before they transported through the zeta tubes to the battlefield.
"Let's hope this doesn't end badly."

And with that, the pair arrived to Star City. Or, what was left of it. Chaos reigned as buildings lay felled like dead giants, soot and ash painting the sky an ominous grey. The robots were everywhere, like a swarm of locusts sent to punish the world Old Testament style. They took off with a running start to Damion's closest reported location, and with horror he watched as the horde of robots that forced him down slowly took off to find their next targets, leaving the Witch Boy discarded like trash. When he saw that he wasn't moving, the air left his lungs, and Mikey ran and ran over rubble and blood and dust to reach his friend.

"Hey! Hey buddy, I'm here okay?"
Mikey got on his knees to examine Damion's head, flashing a small light into his eyes before giving him a good once over look.
"Everything's gonna be okay. I'll get you fixed up. Don't worry."
The words played on repeat, a stream of consciousness leaving his mouth as Mikey got to work with an anxious energy. Soot began to cake his glasses, and he wiped at them furiously before having Natalio help move Damion gently underneath a secluded slab of concrete. In his unconscious state, the man was pure dead weight, but eventually they got him sitting up and positioned well enough to set his leg in place.

"I have to set his leg straight or it won't heal right,"
He breathed out, gently moving Damion's leg before taking off his gloves. This was going to hurt.

Mikey rucked up the pant leg of Damion's outfit, both hands laid bare to make skin-to-skin contact, and the sickening noise of moving bone rang out as the blond's leg began to heal. Whatever other injuries he had sustained were taken away as well, scrapes and cuts disappearing in the blink of an eye, before a sharp disgusting crack rang out and Mikey shook from the sudden force of a broken leg. He didn't want to look, but his stretched out leg had bent into a horrible angle, but the boy didn't stop until he knew his friend would be okay.

"Jesus freaking Christ,"
His voice wobbled dangerously as his painfully twisted leg began to fix itself,
"C'mon dude, wake up, please. Everything's okay now."



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૮꒰ ˶• ༝ •˶꒱ა

Jade looked over to see Kai dashing towards her with heavy footsteps of urgency. Now Kai and Jade were together. The two worst people in this specific scenario. Robots flying around in the air shooting some form of energy blasts weren’t exactly in the assassins training lessons. Sure of course as we had seen before, Jade was able to take matters into her own hands but that was still much more of a struggle than what some of her other teammates could do. Damion was able to rip a robot apart, Colt had the strength to crush beneath his foot, and Kat had energy beams of her own while Jade had some nifty skills and weaponry. They worked, but only if you were quick enough. She nodded to kai’s orders and ran out from her current positioning, pulling out her dual pistols, beginning to run and gun. Each shot was carefully thought out. Her bullets mere inches from the civilians flesh as they flew by, digging themselves into the robots head. Now you may ask yourself ‘So what happens if she takes the wrong move and shoots a civilian?’ Now, this is indeed a great question- if you were asking about any other person. This was Jade: The potential luckiest woman on Earth. She didn’t miss her shots.
She looked back at Kai “Heads up!” She locked one of her pistols and threw it towards Kai. He may or may not have been trained with firearms, but if he was good at what he did, this would’ve been easy peasy. “Don’t die please!” With a small smile she continued to urge the group of civilians to safety. She felt uncomfy leaving Kai alone. He had no powers period. No enhanced physical body, no magic, nothing. Just a few blades and now a gun he may not even know how to use, but she trusted his skills- even though she was better (kek). Right as she turned her back ruckus riddled through her ears. She snapped back and looked at what could’ve possibly happened in the 0.5 seconds her back was turned away, and what she saw was Andre doing only god knows what with magic. It seemed like he was incinerating them with fire? ‘What the hell’ she thought, ‘Boys certainly know how to cause a scene.’ A light grumble escaped her lips, noticing that this loud noise brought the attention of more robots. Soon what used to be three robots multiplied into nine. With some quick thinking she yelled at the civilian group to hide within an alley behind a couple of dumpsters, running back to her two teammates.
Having one of her guns in hand she shot a bullet. This specific bullet acted like a drill. Mid air it would shed its outer shell to reveal a small device that excited into a sharp point, spinning as it revealed razor sharp ‘legs.’ It went straight through the car Andre and Kai were hiding behind, zipping past them to hit a bot in the chest. This device began to bury itself into the robot, spewing oil all over the place. She’d run shooting a few normal bullets into a bus's windshield, hopping through it to take cover. With a loud sigh she poked her head out a busted window to look down at the two guys, “Girls get it done. There’s 7-8 more. Quit groaning and get up.” Jade tossed her other gun to the recovering Andre. “Hope you know how to use it!”
Right as she thought she was safe a robot came flying down towards the bus, using the broken windshield as an entrance. The robot picked her up and launched her out of the bus. Jade's body hitting the back door, breaking it open leaving her sliding on the chunk of metal. Thankfully for her enhanced physical traits she was able to take such a beating, but not without a bit of recuperating, letting the oxygen back into her lungs, “H-help, please” she said with a light cough and groan.

the jinx


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"all i do is finesse, man."
star city ruins
honey, where's my supersuit?

Colt’s vision only regressed. Mechanical horrors clogged any space that light could shine through and although Kataly’a had been at his side, Colt felt completely and utterly alone in this darkness. The pushes and shoves of the robots were like pulses of tides in the midnight, carrying Colt back to the home of his deepest fears. Like captors they dragged him and left him unable to swim away.

“Are you hurt?” A faint voice sounded.

Colt… Colt… Colt?” They echoed.

His nostrils flared and diaphragm expanded in a great inhale. Colt’s coughs were loud and full of fear in an attempt to push out water that was not there. He was grasping at anything that could wake him up and ground him in this reality. Even the mayhem of Star City was better than retreating into the abyss of his past. So he focused on her voice - Kat’s voice - and it served as his anchor. Sitting upright from where Kat had laid him on the rooftop his neck twisted and turned as he sought her sound. Under his palms that were closed with tension the concrete had been ground and crushed in his fit of fear but they softened when the emerald green of her armour settled into view. She stood above him.

Kataly’a questioned his health with her eyebrows pulled together and voice softer than she had ever spoken to him with. Was that… worry? Concern? Colt could not understand this feeling of endearment. His will no longer lied with saving the denizens of Star City, but in recuperating here, with Kat watching over him.

But as his consciousness returned, so did his super powers. The sounds of screams, cries, and chaos drew his remaining attention. It also alerted him as to how sourly he’d been distracted by Kataly’a, and how greatly he’d distracted her too. Some of those screams were those of his teammates - comrades they had left alone in their demise. If there were powerhouses on this team, Katal’ya and Colt could be no exception and here they both sat, inactive. His gaze twisted from the edge of the building and back towards her. What was their value to the civilians or the team up here?

There was a crack of sound and a moment later Colt appeared before Katal’ya of Almerac, hovering in place. His face had twisted with anger. They had failed their duties. There was a reason why Colt sported an all-black outfit instead of the blue, red, and gold. It served as a constant reminder that he was not ready, and now he had to do the same for Kat. For the first time, he saw his mentor in his own reflection. The look of disappointment that the man clad in sky blue watched him with. Clark never spoke much, but he had watched Colt with this look of disgust. Kat’s figure met the same gruesome gaze.

“Don’t you ever do something so reckless again. You don’t save superheroes, you save people. You’re not like me - you can’t hear their screams, smell their skin burning, or their blood dripping. Why the hell are you distracting yourself with me?”

When Kataly’a flinched, Colt used a hand to cup her chin and keep her sights set onto him.

“I’m still talking,” continued Colt.

“I promise you, if our roles were reversed, I would have left you with those robots in a heartbeat.” His gaze faltered when he said that but they were supposed to be strong. It was a difficult task to explain that there were gods and there were mortals. Gods made sacrifices so the mundanes did not have to. Kataly’a would have to learn to sacrifice things, such as Colt had come to terms with sacrificing this relationship so long as it assured that their duties would be met.

“We signed up for this but they didn’t. Civilians come first, that’s the job.” Colt pointed down to the wounded civilians as he spoke, then let out a sigh. For a moment, blue eyes watched Kataly’a with strong intent. “How could she be so naive?” Colt wanted to think, but yet the feeling of gratitude still flowed within him like a toxin in the bloodstream. It made him itchy and sweaty in imaginary places. Colt wobbled for a moment where he hovered before he took to the skies.

Colt was furious. Furious at how he had been so easily incapacitated by those robots. Furious at the fact that somebody had had to come to his aid. He was furious at the fact that he was so angry with himself - disappointed in himself. A disappointment to Clark. There was one thing about Colt that everybody knew, and it was that he was unable to hide his anger.

“Sleeping on the job?” He asked in a tone that was not so joking and shattered the sidewalk where he’d landed beside one of his fallen teammates, Trevor. Colt made no effort to check on the other man’s well-being, he would help himself up when he was ready. Instead, he trained his sights on the onslaught of robots.

“How the hell did you stop me?!” Colt shouted. There was a KABOOM! from his eyes where hot red energy spewed out in raw and uncontrolled proportions. It blasted, melted, and annihilated whatever robots came their way. It was an unprecedented explosion that levelled beams and cars too, quite literally raising the temperature as it continued. Colt levitated higher and higher in the air as the beams grew in strength, his rage did not exhaust itself but rather multiplied.

The blasts grew for what felt like minutes before red sparks flickered at his eyelids. He fell out of the sky and landed on the roadside with a strangely soft thud uncommon to the Kryptonian ripe with strength. But as he sat there, sweat dripping from his forehead for the first time and he heat of rogue fires suddenly raising his temperature, Colt knew. He'd ran out of time.

He was a mortal now, for as long as it would take his body to recover.

"Fuck," he groaned while he knelt. He was of no use to his team now.

The secret was too bitter to let escape his lips. On the ground, he calculated his options with fearful eyes.
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your mom's friend
scroll !
obviously bothered

van in the middle of the street

Canary suit

hery hery (Lex), fin fin (Alonzo)

a z u l a a z u l a (Kat), KingofAesir KingofAesir (Fred)
Laughter was a sin towards what was left of Atticus’ humanity. Not particularly laughter at him, but just the general sound of any laughter. How dared others be perceivably happy in Atticus’ immediate surrounding? For an experience which was supposed to take Atticus’ mind off the happenings of years prior, it had a fatal flaw, one standing at about 5’8, with unwashed blonde hair and a nose that just irked Atticus the wrong darn way. The flaw’s name was Lex Delgado, and the flaw was the reason why Atticus’ sister was now lying six feet under.

Since the taller blonde male laid eyes on the flaw, he couldn’t wrap his head around the fact that it was too big of a coincidence both had been in the same superhero program, and the fact that there weren’t other superhero programs wasn’t helping—in fact, it was telling Atticus he was being an overthinker again and that it wasn’t surprising for two superpowered individuals to seek the same guidance. That was false, reasonably, and Atticus suspected his father had to do with this. His stupid father and his inability to leave things as they are; his repair complex where he thinks he can just fix everything. Stupid man. Stupid Lex ‘Flaw’ Delgado.

In fact, Lex was so stupid that Atticus could not physically focus on what mattered, like being annoyed by Kat, or making sarcastic comments at conversations he was not part of. He could focus on training, and trainings were probably the only times that he let loose and stopped thinking about Lex. In the two weeks the group had been there, Atticus found himself looking forward to trainings, not only because he got to experience the warmth of Kat’s power—although also because of that—but because he forgot how to breathe there. He forgot how to breathe and learning how to do it again and again, it was something to do other than avoiding everyone else.

Even Atticus’ roommate, who, at first glance seemed like a rather likeminded individual, turned out to be a spoiled egg amongst a carton of what appeared were more of the same. Now, even in his room, he didn’t have the privacy he would’ve wanted, and for his roommate it didn’t seem to be clicking that Atticus just did not feel like talking. His winged friend appeared to be the only one who hadn’t yet tarnished her look in Atticus’ eyes, even though he was prompted by his own mind to always stay at least six feet away from her not to risk accidentally taking her power again. Having wings as a power was tempting, but it wasn’t a bargain considering the other side of Fred’s powers.

Now, all this information was important because Atticus smiled when he heard they were going on their first mission. He didn’t smile often, hardly ever, and his smile took place in his room where nobody else could see him. This mission was his first outing as Canary, and an impromptu training session for him to forget how to breathe again. As he got ready to go, he waited in a line near a zeta tube, hoping Kat would be the one to go with him. The ruckus around the room and in the line was engulfed in a curious mist of thrill, and the blonde male could connect to that, as if a power he copied.

His enthusiasm reached a high point when came his turn to board a zeta tube with Kat, just like he wished, but his eagerness did not come from Kat, God no. It came from the anticipation of unknown danger. And unknown danger turned into known with a surprising blast the moment he and Kat exited the zeta tube. And then he was holding on for dear life, his hand gripping Kat’s shoulder as the woman flew up into the sky. The aerial view of the town had not helped; fires and destruction had been everywhere. Sure, not as far as the eye could see, but still, the number of robots wreaking havoc made Atticus wonder who the person behind this truly was. Sure, there were several known enemies who disliked the sole idea of ‘Heroes of Tomorrow’, but Atticus’ wonder preceded the question of the identity of the person, and went right into the cause of their wickedness. Was it grief? Was it a few loose screws? Was it hatred? Was it falling to your imminent death?

“Oh, God!” Atticus screamed as Kat basically threw him off her. Sure, they practiced this in a very safe controlled environment where nothing bad could happen, but this was not one of those environments, and while Kat did go a bit lower, she certainly didn’t go low enough for him to safely land without the help of his suit.

Smart technology designed by the best of the best; his yellow suit automatically took notice of the plummeting and used it to his advantage by releasing a webbed membrane to catch air, making the blonde man slow down enough to safely land on his feet. From the expectation of pending death to opening his eyes and quickly ducking from a robot’s hit; it was mere seconds.

It wasn’t unknown to Atticus that he was of no help without somebody whose power he could copy, but at least his suit was created to make best use of his quick reflexes. Blocking hits of the one robot was a no-go but avoiding him and two of his pals who decided to show up was now seemingly easy and manageable. Canary started his run from them, but unluckily, they were right on his trail. Every other robot he passed decided to join in on the fun of the chase, and before Atticus knew it, he had about five behind him.

That was around the time he noticed the lady lying on the floor and remembering what he was taught in the small amount of time he had been trained, civilians always came first. There wasn’t a way to avoid her without having the robots obliterating her, so he ran as fast as he could to make some distance between him and the robots.

The distance made was not much; Atticus bought himself maybe 30 seconds, if 30 seconds; but the distance made was enough for him to help the woman and get her to safety.

As he approached her, his suit automatically removed the nanotech gloves off his hands—designed to do so at any trace of living DNA. But what the suit could not detect was an instinct. A good human instinct that said something was off.

25 seconds.

He crouched down, observing the woman for any sort of breathing, for any sort of sign that she was still alive. Every second passing, hope for her was fading in Atticus’ eyes.

20 seconds.

With nothing else to do, and no visible life signs, the only thing needed was to check her pulse, which he did without question. Skin-to-skin contact was established and in matter of a single second, Atticus could no longer move. His skin was rock solid, and his lungs did not have the possibility to move. He was confined to his last breath taken.

15 seconds.

The lady opened her eyelids to reveal dark visual receivers where eyes should’ve been, and a metallic clang could be heard with her movement. With no doubt, Atticus now knew she was a robot, but it seemed his realization was mere seconds late, and now he was done for.

10 seconds.

Atticus couldn’t hold his breath long, so this was torture. Fear in his eyes, of assured death. He’d not the ability to call for backup, to call for help.

5 seconds.

Looking at the oncoming robots, Atticus made his peace with death. Well, no, he was freaking the fuck out, and the lack of breathing made his face go blue. He was still very much alive, but barely so.

0 seconds.

The impact. The breach of skin-to-skin contact. Stupid uncoordinated robots. Now flying across the street, Atticus took his first breath in, pain of a bruised rib not even bothering him while taking in that sweet, sweet air. Oh, how he loved breathing. And what even was that robot? How did it do that? Why did it do that? Was this another stupid test? Did Donna and Dick trick them into thinking this was their first mission when it was not? Darn Donna and darn Dick doing dumb shit!

While he would’ve preferred to have stayed in his head for the remainder of the battle, that was not an option, and two robots that came out of nowhere lunged themselves at him, making him dodge and duck and do whatever crazy thing he could to avoid them once again. Two more joined in, and Atticus was back where he was before, except this time he would not be stopping for any seemingly innocent civilians. Fuck the civilians. The one time he tries to do something good. Wow.

If not for a voice to tell him to stay still, Atticus would’ve probably kept on avoiding the robots until someone came to his rescue or until he passed out. The moment he did stand still, a van basically rammed into the robots, and he was pulled into the said van, being asked if he was okay.

“Yeah, haha, I’m…” Atticus managed a chuckle in midst of his shallow breaths. For a mere moment, the blonde male did not perceive that the person in front of him was Lex, so his tone of voice—while still containing a pinch or two of sarcasm— remained optimistic, perhaps even playful. Situation around him, while clearly dangerous, became a fundamental memory of pure blissful concern that he hadn’t experienced in a long time. Adrenaline rushed through his veins and arteries; excitement helped him imagine how he felt before, when happiness was not at a shortage.

But last long that did not.

“Oh.” A pause and another shallow breath in. “I’m fine.” Saturation of the canvas perceived by Atticus dimmed every second that passed after his realization, and a blueish hue became slightly more apparent. But unlike most, blue was not Atticus’ melancholy color; blue was the color of hope for blissful ignorance and the sign of oncoming wrath; approaching fury even. It was almost instant that the blonde male practically pushed the other’s hand away at the sight of it. Pity of the damned was not for the damned, and the same had not been in interest of any party—certainly not of Atticus’.

Even through the rough turns and bumps of broken road, Atticus managed to get up from his lying position, avoiding eye-contact and checking if his suit had any damage done to it, but mostly avoiding eye-contact. His ears, however, could still hear Lex’s voice, and all that had been said to him, which—as much as he wanted to—he couldn’t simply ignore. “Yeah. I was listening. Couldn’t exactly move much being jumped by seven-or-so robots. But I was listening.”

“You know…whatever, Lex—”
He cut himself off. Muscle memory was an interesting concept, and Atticus hadn’t an experience of it until now. Not one that he could remember, at least. But it was the name. He thought about the name so many times, he wrote the name down many times as well, but he hadn’t said it since…well, that night. “Whatever, dude. I’m not petty.” But he was, in fact, petty. “I do the jobs asked of me. I don’t get people killed.”
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