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Fantasy Heroes of the Everchanging World - Characters



I am the Deathkitten! Fear me!
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Race: (Human, dwarf, elf, dragon, kemonomimi, beastfolk, gnome, or a race you or another player brought over.)
Brought Race: (You've brought one race to this world. The more detail you write, the better. What you leave out, the world will fill in randomly.)
Brought Beasts: (You've brought three beasts to this world. The more detail you write, the better. What you leave out, the world will fill in randomly.)
Brought Place: (You've brought one location to this world. The more detail you write, the better. What you leave out, the world will fill in randomly.)
Home World: (Where'd you come from? It doesn't have to be Earth as we know it. It can be a fantasy world you made up, one from a book, or just plain old earth if you want.)
Chosen Power: (The ability you've gained from Death.)
Backstory: (Must be at least two paragraphs. Include here what field you are one of the best in.)

Lucius Cypher

Delicious Friend

Name: "Tyrael Marchrosias"
Age: 370
Height: 7'2
Weight: 313 lbs
Race: Daemons
Gender: Male
Brought Race:

Daemons - Mortal beings who have been twisted and corrupted by demonic forces, they have become Daemons, and often serve as the bulk of a true demon's minion forces. However Daemons have the potential of being far more powerful than demons thanks to their mortal origins, having powers that ordinarily are impossibly for true demons to gain, or lacking weaknesses that only affect demons. This temptation for power is often why many mortals willingly become Daemons, believing themselves to be great enough to become more than minions. Many of these prideful individuals still serve the lowest of hells forces, their arrogance blinding them to their situation.

Because of their mortal origins, Daemons are capable of becoming purified, but depending on how long they've been a Daemon whether or not they can return to their mortal forms is questionable. Typically, those in early stages of corruption are not even called Daemons, merely "Fell-Touched", as they retain most of their mortal bodies but with some minor but notable demonic influences. It's only after they've gone beyond the border and can truly no longer return to their mortal lives that they become Daemons. This also puts Daemons ina unique position to potentially _ascend_ from demonhood, becoming something more than mortal and greater than demons, though this itself is rarer and more difficult to accomplish than merely rising up in the daemon hierarchy.

Daemons not only retain the abilities, memories, and other powers they had in mortal life, but they also gain access to unique demonic magics. Most commonly is the manipulation of Hellfire, a special flame that burns differently from mortal flames, so much that it can hurt other demons and those normally immune to heat-based attacks. They also gain a resistance to fire itself, and some can even transform this into a full on immunity if they develope their resistance. Shapeshifting is another type of demon magic accessible to Daemons. But not only does demon shapeshifting allow one to transform into animals and beasts, it can also turn into monsters such as giant, dragons, or other chimeric abominations. using one's shapeshifting to change one's physical traits is also common, such as growing larger muscles for greater strength, wings to fly, extended limbs for greater reach, or simply changing genders and their physical race. The final demon magic is Demonic Conjuration, which not only deals with summoning demons but also controlling, changing, and banishing them. Demonic Conjuration is actually easier to do for Daemons than demons themselves, as Demons are more easily drawn towards mortal essence than demonic ones.

Daemons are the natural enemy of mortal kind, having chosen to give up their humanity for power. But that's not to say that all Daemons are enemies of mortals. A notably many have chosen to give up their humanity in order to protect them. And becomes demons themselves are hardly a unified race, it's not unusual for a demon to grant powers to a mortal to become a Daemon, and turn them against their enemies for mutual protection. Daemons are also much more common among cultures who do not have gods to gain power from, and many demons themselves have become gods to these people not out of trickery, but simply due to twisted morality. The world where Daemons hail from is not one of simple morality, where things could be easily categorized as "good" and "evil", and thus Daemons are much more common than one would think. Indeed, the strength of a Daemon comes from the often overlooked possibility that Daemons could be formed from a mortal giving up their humanity towards a god-like being, and not specifically a demon themselves, but whether or not that deity is of good or evil intent is a matter of perspective.

As all mortals are capable of being Daemons, they don't have a specific culture. Humans, elves, dwarves, beastfolk, they are all capable of becoming a Daemon if they sought out to do so. Even motives to become a Daemon isn't universal. Some become Daemons by force, having their mortal soul corrupted by demons. Others willingly give up their humanity to become Daemons, typically for power, but why they needed that power is also quite varied. Most want revenge, but a lot also simply do not want the weakness of their mortal bodies. Cripples, mentally deficient, and socially outcast tend to become Daemons because their mortal existence is a cruel one where they are weak but they lose this weakness as a Daemon. Sometimes even perfectly capable and powerful people become Daemons, simply because the power they have can become even greater if they become Daemons. Alternatively becoming a Daemon is a punishment, typically one inflicted by the demon who turned them, because these Daemons now serve their masters and are bound to them via magic or other means.

Brought Beasts:
Ironblood Boars - Wild boars native to Tyrael's world tainted similarlly to Daemons, but instead of becoming hellbeasts they begin to grow metalic plates on their bodies, greater in size, and violent in temperament. Tyrael created these beasts to fuel his need for metal and meat, creating monsters who are a synthesis of both. They're also known as Ironblood Boars because their blood becomes metallic in appearance, and could even be purified into iron, once more fueling Tyrael's industry. Ironblood Boars are not only are highly omnivorous, they breed litters numbering in the dozens off very little food. Despite this they eat voraciously, making them dangerous against most folk, but also to each other. It's not unusual for these boars to cannibalize one another if food is scares, which often is when they are left to roam on their own. Despite their barbarity they're also cunning and capable of primitive tactics, thanks to their demonic corruption elevating their mental abilities.

Ironblood boars are capable of forming their own clans and tribes, even creating emblems they paint on themselves and their territories in mud. Their leaders are known for their massive sizes, some of their biggest being larger than a building and fully sapient. Many of these boars care little for anything beyond their clansmen, and are willing to slaughter and raze entire countrysides for the sake of their people. Subsequently Tyrael often has to hunt down these leaders to scatter the hordes and keep them somewhat weakened, only allowing them to rise if he needs them to raise havoc for one reason or another. A rare breed of Ironblood Boars are born with great intellectual ability, which combined with their physical might enables them to become dangerous warriors and often it is these boars who rise to become leaders of their own clans.

Not only are Ironblood Boars even more durable than normal boars, who are already infamous for their toughness, their armor plates and tusks makes them capable of fending off greater predators and even skilled warriors. Their ironblood makes them more than beasts, so magics that typical affect beasts do not affect them. Magic itself has a hard time affecting them due to the demonic corruption within them warding off outside influences, making them indomitably to both physical and magical means. But this magic resistance is a double-edge sword, meaning that these boars cannot benefit from magic either, making them an entirely physical threat. Thus if you know how to hunt boars, one must simply adapt one's tactics to deal with a tougher one, and they will go down all the same.

Kamone Dragon - A beast native to Tyreal's realm, and his favorite beast to eat. Despite being called a dragon it's actually more like a duck, albeit one capable of wielding sticks in it's wings. They're very delicious, but they put up a fight if you think you can just run up to one and bash it's head in. They're capable of grabbing objects and using them as weapons, typically sticks, but as they're interested in shiny things like most birds, it's not unusual to run into one with a dagger or even a sword. Older Kamone Dragons are even capable of becoming skilled fighters in their own rights, which only serves to make them even tastier to eventually eat. "Kamone's fighting with an onion" is a common colloquial term back in Tyrael's world about telling a made up tale full of highly improbable outcomes in order to sound more impressive, such as the aforementioned fighting a Kamone Dragon who used an onion as it's weapon, which just so happens to serve as perfect seasoning for a Kamone Dragon as well.

Despite being capable of using tools in a primitive matter, Kamone Dragons are not particularly intelligent, at least no more than your typical bird. They travel in flocks, often with males protecting the females, and the females protecting the young. Older males serve as the vanguards and often are the first to deal with predators while the younger ones stay behind. Male Kamones will try and court female kamones by bringing them big or shiny sticks, and often these Male kamones will go so far as steal weapons from people in order to impress prospective mates, making them a nuisance during mating season. When two or more males compete for the same female, they will often battle one another with their sticks, with the winner usually determined by breaking the opponent's stick first, though occasionally these battles are even to the death. Female Kamones lay around 3-5 eggs and are expected to take care of them, with the male helping by bringing food to her while she keeps the eggs warm and protected.

Kamone Dragons are predatory creatures, typically eating small mammals, fish, or insects. It is not unusual for a flock of armed Kamone's to hunt large prey together, and once the prey is taken down the whole flock will swarm and eat the remains, with the hunters getting first pick. Kamone's tend to hunt prey they outnumber, and perfer ones who are incapable of flight as well, thus they tend to hunt terrestrial creatures such as deer, dogs, and people. A lone Kamone may try to kill smaller creatures such as cats, children, or smaller birds. Kamones are capable of eating various forms of vegitation however, and often make their nests at lakes or ponds with vegetation they can eat. When prey is in short supply, it's not unusual for a swarm of Kamone to descend upon farmlands and feast upon the crops there, though some more cunning farmers actually encourage this, as the Kamone will prioritize eating any insects, parasites, and other pests in the fields first. Once they start eating your crops, that's a good sign that there's no more pests to poison your crops and you can now hunt the delicious Kamone.

Squig - Squiggly beasts foreign from Tyrael's lands, brought in when his world was invaded by orks who themselves came form another realm. After eradicating the invaders these strange fungal beasts continued to breed and propagate, but Tyrael figured to make the best of a bad situation and cultivated them. There are many types of squigs, each one fulfilling some functional or utilitarian role Tyrael needs them for. There are many types of Squigs, but each can be generalized into a single variety, such as edible, musical, hair, medical, parasite-hunting, face-eaters, pet, buzzing and paint Squigs. Some, like the face-eater types, are little more than snapping, fanged mouths on legs. Squigs naturally grow and breed within the cesspits of civilization, subsisting on refuse. This makes them a very low-maintenance, but nonetheless dangerous part of the every violent ecosystem.

All Squigs are edible, but some Squigs are specifically bred as a food source. The rarest form of these Squigs are referred to as Juicy Squigs and require a special cook to be prepared properly. Juicy Squigs also look very similar to the Face-Eater Squigs, which are just as delicious but are much more capable of biting back, often decapitating people who try to eat them with their deceptively powerful jaws and razor sharp teeth. Sometimes people eat live Face-Eater Squigs for special contests. An Eating Squig is a limbless blob used as a primary food source. It resembles an elongated, squarish slug with two eyes and a small pug mouth between its two eyes. Gob Squigs are small enough to be put into a person's mouth and left there for the rest of the day. The Squig cleans the mouth out by rooting round the teeth and eating the juicy bits of food that are stuck between them. Parasite-Hunting Squigs are tiny but voracious feeders used to clear the body and clothes of parasites. Simply drops a handful of these Squigs onto clothing and lets them crawl around. The Squigs prey on lice, ticks or leeches that may have accumulated over time. When the engorged Parasite-Hunting squigs drop out and go into an inert state, where they can be simply gathered up and eaten as a juicy snack.

There are many variety of squigs designed for combat purposes as well. The most common is the cave squig, or commonly referred to as the Attack Squig. An Attack Squig is a bouncing ball of claws and razor-sharp teeth, with immense variations in morphology between individuals, with some having horns and a devil-like tail, while others are single-eyed or single-nosed creatures. Another commonly used variant is the Bile Squigs, which comprise any breed of Squig that squirts, spray or vomit harmful fluids. Typically launched by the handful, these disgusting creatures squeal and thrash while madly jetting acids, lubricants, poisons and flammable bio-slop in every direction. The foe are drenched in disgusting -- and often harmful -- slime, leading to much hilarity as their victims slip, skid, scream in pain, burst into flames, dissolve or worse. The Boom Squig is infamous for its defence mechanism of violently exploding at the slightest provocation "to warn off predators." Typically triggered by direct physical contact or surprising loud noises -- or sometimes even by its own bouts of indigestion -- Boom Squigs detonate with such force that they kill or maim anything unlucky enough to be in the vicinity.

A more advanced form of an Attack Squig is called the Squig Hound. This creature has all the ferocity of an Attack Squig, but is bred to be utterly loyal to its master and to stay by his side and protect him at all costs. Squig Hounds can be almost affectionate with their keeper and tend to lie at his feet like a contented dog unless danger arises. Squiggoth are some of the largest species of Squigs, being tougher, faster, and stronger than your typical Attack Squig and fully capable of taking on other massive monsters. These Squiggoths often have additional mutations such as fire breathing, emitting poisonous gasses, or shooting spikes from their bodies. But the most dangerous of these all is the Wyrdsquig, a squig full of potent, random magic power. Even Tyrael isn't too sure how these squigs came to be since when he first discovered them, he had no introduced any form of magical influence into their breeding pits. Regardless despite the random nature of their exact magic powers, they are very potent as a power source of magic power, making them perfect living batteries for whatever device or spell that requires a live creature to be sacrificed.

Brought Place: The Infernal Engine - This was Tyrael's realm back when he was a warlord among the living. The Infernal Engine is a realm of machine and industry, constantly cranking out thousands of weapons and armor to fuel the war that Tyrael was a part of. The Infernal Engine was not only a factory, but a fortress, that stood against all sorts of enemies be it the legions of hell, an army of angels, an undead horde, the forces of a Wild Hunt, or the combined forces of man. It is a place of hostile wildlife and hazardous terrain, but at the same time the bounty here is unmatched to any other paradise. Plants and herbs that can heal any wound and cure any ailments can be found here, if you're strong enough to take it. The city-fortresses here produce vital resources by the thousands, and fortune can be easily amassed even for the poorest and most wretched. But easy come, easy go, and if you lack the wits and power to hold onto your valuables, don't be surprised when it's taken from you.

The Infernal Engine was once a place known as the Aerta College, a place of magic learning. When Tyrael was still mortal he learned magic here, and it was thanks to their help he was able to keep his mind when he fell and became a Daemon. He served them even as a Daemon, fending off all threats to the college. But over time, they began to lose some of their best and strongest to their enemies due to the College's desire to limit their power. Tyrael felt trapped, doomed to a slow demise. When it was up to him to lead the college, he abandoned the college's creed to remain neutral and went on the offensive, first attacking the demons who plagued the college and it's people, expanding his control in the Inferno, the realm of demons. Using the powers he obtained from his conquest, Tyrael went to war with the world that had abandoned them, conquering neighboring countries that had taken advantage of the college's neutrality to grab land and benefit from their accomplishments. Tyrael did not simply lead an army however, and used his considerable influence to subvert the population of a nation to give up and join him. The Infernal Engine had all the means to provide to them what their own nations could not: Food, Wealth, and Power.

At the center of the Infernal Engine is a large volcano that harnesses it's geothermic energy to provide power to the entirely of the nation, be it heat or energy. The magma was naturally a weapon that could be used against enemies as well, with rivers of the stuff flowing from out underground onto the surface. The Infernal Engine is divided into four sections, and within each of those sections are different districts that cater to different needs of the city. The first section is known as the Outer Rim, which is the largest section. Here is where most of the residential areas are, mostly low-to-middle class. It's also where the marketplace is located at. The Outer Rim sees the most commence and traffic for this reason. The next section is known as the Inner Rim, where most of the industrial factories are located. Thanks to it's nearby proximity to the Infernal Engine they are most productive here, having factories and warehouses that make all sorts of things, be it weapons and armor, clothing and furniture, or even medicine and food. The Inner Rim is also where the prison of the Infernal Engine is located, though it isn't very populated. This is usually because prisoners are converted into raw material to feed the machines, and criminals who don't warrant such punishment are nonetheless put to work as prisoner labor.

The next section is the Upper Rim. Here is where the military forces of the Infernal Engine are trained and housed, alongside the richer and more aristocratic members of society. The Upper Rim is considered a very safe part of the Infernal Engine that reaps the fruits of everyone's labor, but at the same time the internal conflicts are often just as dangerous as the street fights and ally robberies that happened on the Outer Rim, if not more so with the amount of assassins that lurk the Upper Rim. If you're here, you're already part of someone' scheme, and that could very well lead you to your doom. The last section is known as the Core, where the Infernal Engine itself lies. This is the seat of power in the realm, and where Tyrael rules his nation. The Infernal Engine fuels the city with power which in turn fuels the war machine that protects the city. At his seat of power Tyrael can call forth all sorts of minions, magic, and can even reshape the land itself to suit his whims.

Home World: Tyrael comes from a realm of Yearn, a large realm of magic. Here the many races and nations lived in relative harmony, but that doesn't mean they lived in peace. Ambition, greed, and bigotry was common, and often shaped the realm. Tyrael was just another warlord in the realm's long history of strife and change, and even after he died the world continues to be controlled by might. If there was one good thing to be said about the realm, it's there there is no evil. But neither is there good. There is only strength, and those who can use it to protect what they love, and destroy what they hate.

Chosen Power: Devour - Tyrael is capable of consuming others and taking their powers into himself, to combine with the powers he already possesses. This consumption is literal: he actually needs to eat them, but he can quickly acclimate to their powers the more of their body he consumes.

Backstory: Tyrael was but a common orc back in the land of Yearn. When he was mortal, he was just another warrior to fight another battle for yet another orcish warlord. And like many before him, Tyrael would be doomed to a short life, dying in the field of battle. But his destiny changed one day when he decided enough was enough. He no longer wished to become a mere battle thrall like so many before him. He wanted to be more. So he escaped his clan, and pursue a new life. Chased by tribesmen who sought to kill him for his abandonment, Tyrael eventually found sanctuary at the Aerta College, a place where he could study magic and other skills. Despite being an orc they welcomed him with open arms and protected him from his enemies, allowing Tyrael a chance to learn more about the world and learn new things that could help him shape the world.

It was here that Tyrael learned that he had a talent for Demonomancy, the art of demon magic. It was a fairly rare art, and a dangerous one, so Tyrael made sure to make the most of the college's resources to study and master it in a safe manner. His teachers took note of Tyrael's studious nature: despite his dedication Tyrael was very careful, taking a very long time to do anything. But when he did act, he did much and accomplished a lot in a short amount of time. Preparation was key to Tyrael, and anything he does he does with overwhelming power. Be it studying, fighting, or even eating, Tyrael was the type of man who preferred to be excessive. His friends cherished that he was always willing to go beyond for them, but many worried that his excessive nature would drive him into madness. His enemies chastised his endless hunger for more, believing that his desire goes beyond his need and it will bring ruin to himself and his loved ones. Tyrael pay neither any mind, and continued his all consuming desire for more. He didn't care if he had to give some of what he had away, as long as he could get more, excess was fine. He'd rather have too much than not enough.

Power. Wealth. Influence. Tyrael gathered it all. But he wanted more. And he knew how. During his studies he befriended a demon lord who arranged a deal with Tyrael. A portion of his essence, for a portion of the demon's own. A trade for power. Tyrael was careful with this knowing that such deals often ended badly for mortals, as even just a single fragment is all a demon needs to twist a mortal soul into a corrupt abomination of themselves. It took Tyrael time, but eventually he made this deal. And immediately the demon lord tried to use his powers to corrupt Tyrael. But that was where the demon lord was fooled: Tyrael was already fully corrupt. And now he had a fragment needed to take the demon lord's power himself. With the help of the Aerta College, Tyrael was able to seal the demon lord away, taking on his power to maintain authority over his realm. Though there was conflicts as the commanders fought to take control, Tyrael made sure that in the end, he was the one on the throne. After consolidating power and instilling his own demons as his commanders, Tyrael in turn served the Aerta College, in thanks for all of the help they did for him. For the longest time, Tyrael thought things would be good. He was strong, with an army of demons at his back, and had the magic to make anything possible. He wanted nothing but good things for his friends and family. But good things would not last.

Over the years Tyrael saw the delcine of the Aerta College. Their influence began to wane as other nations built their own colleges, ones that could compete with their own, but the Aerta College did nothing to compete against them. This was due to the Archmage's own desire for neutrality, and in turn he had no intentions of monopolizing the education and power of magic. Tyrael and a few other notable members of the college tried to convince him to take a more proactive approach, but they were rebuffed. Not wanting to oppose the person who gave him so much, Tyrael stayed his hand and simply tried to do what he could, within the limitations he was given. But over time the world around them began to advance while the college stagnated. Soon old enemies came back and began to threaten the College, and Tyrael fought back against them. But these old enemies had new allies who were stronger, armed with more advanced techniques and magecraft. One by one the best and brightest in the Aerta College fell or left, even the Archmage himself. In the end, it was up to Tyrael, the strongest of those who remained, to try and save the college when it was beset by all sides by enemies.

Tyrael was not going to merely defend his home anymore. It was time to take war to his enemies. After amassing power, Tyrael began his conquest. First against the demonic forces who stood against him. They thought they could threaten his people: it was too late, Tyrael had already converted them into his Daemons. After conquering the demons, he waged war against the mortals who raised their weapons against him. Using guile and manipulation, he had the mortal nations tearing each other apart, bringing suffering to their own people. They desired more and sought to take it from each other, and that's when Tyrael would arrive and offer his services, making faustian pacts and deals with the various nations that turned their backs on him. Those who knew better than to deal with him would nonetheless face the harrowing prospect of their people turning against them, and often by Tyrael's own hand.

He waged a twenty year war of conquest to take over the land, luring people in with promises of riches and power. Those who stood against him he crushed, cannibalizing their lands into his own. Their culture became his, their identity erased and replaced by the one he gave them. Slowly but surely he was going to take over the realm of Yearn, and set his sights beyond. Tyrael's hunger expanded more than merely material, but more. It was then that the many forces that be collectively came to crush Tyrael and his forces. Mortals rebelled and fought against his daemons. Demons swarmed his fortresses and strongholds in hell. Even angels, a long time enemy to Tyrael, came from the heavens to battle him directly, occupying him from rallying his forces and fighting back. After a few more years of harsh fighting, the Daemon Lord known as Tyrael was finally vanquished, his holdings scattered, and his army defeated. It was the end of an era.... But not the end of Tyrael.

Now he enters a new world, back to nothing. All that he worked for was gone. His accomplishments, rendered meaningless. But that wasn't going to bring Tyrael down. Far from it. All it did... Was leave him hungry for more.

Cam E. Leon

Lover of Carpets and Scotland.
Name: Kendrick Balez
Age: 23
Height: 7'2"
Weight: 275 Pounds
Race: Demi-Drakon (Human with the blood of the Drakon flowing in them)
Gender: Male
Brought Race:
Yuki-onna, Snow witches who live in freezing colds. Powerful users of magic capable of creating blizzards that blot out the entire sky. They hide themselves away. Occasionally walking the wastes of the frozen world and rescuing any nearby humans they find. It is said to be rescued by a Yukionna is a blessing of the world. For those who have learned from a Yukionna have come to be known as heroes in History. However to incur the wrath of one. Is to feel the chill of death itself point its blade to your neck.
Yuki onna.jpg
Brought Beasts:
Frost Taratekt, an eight legged horror who uses its intelligence and webs to trap pray and drain them of its blood for sustenance. Armor harder then glittering stone of the one world. and a poison coated body the numbs the body and makes it impossible to run.
Yeti, A horrible Demon that lives for the suffering of others. TO cause pain and torment is its greatest pleasure. laughing the entire time it watches you fall into despair
The Drakon. A harbinger of the end. Body of frost and wings that blot out Kalizars light. Scales harder than any beast, and claws that rend the old world to dust as if it was made of snow. The Lord of frost. Nightmare of all living beings left in my world. And the beast I swear to kill with my own hands.
Brought Place:
Home, A frozen wasteland coated in ruins from the old world. Towers of stone climbing into the sky. and vast tunnels beneath winding like a maze.
Home World:
Unatsi, a decrepit ruined world. Coated in snow and ice, suffering for the sins of the world's past. Filled with beasts larger then relics of man themselves. Humanity does not live. They simply struggle to survive. Waiting for the flames of Kalizar.
Chosen Power: To consume anything.
Backstory: Kendrick was born to the tribe of maenhahten as the Second son of the chieftan. He was a man of very blunt words. Only focusing on his work of survival for the tribe. From Venturing out into the snowy hell. To hunting beasts and dragging their carcasses back. He learned the ways of survival from birth, he never wanted the spot of chieftain. He was no leader, merely a warrior who did what was needed for the tribe to live. Swinging his axe, killing beasts, surviving months out in the frozen wasteland alone looking for supplies. This was his life, one he was fine with. But finally one day, fate was not on his side. The end had appeared. On a supply run to gather materials from the old world. The Drakon appeared. a beast that was surely death. Kendrick used a sparkbomb to anger the drakon and fled away. Letting the beast chase after him. Saving his tribe mates. And dooming his life.
...And now. his death

Kendrick was out of breath as he hid behind the large debris. The quaking of the ground and the cold clinging to him was enough to let him know that the beast was still lurking. Waiting for him to show... He looked at his broken weapon: it was made of antlers from a frostworn moose and glittering stone from the old world, yet its blade had chipped like common flint against the beast's scales.

His mission was done. By now the group had ample time to escape to the tunnels and make it to safety. Before Kendrick's thoughts could wander anymore a whimper gained his attention. Turning to his side he frowned. His companion, Skir, A large hound he raised from birth. The beast had gashed him too deep. "Skir...." Kendrick said as he tried to stop the quivering of his hand. Pulling a dagger from one of his pouches he coated it in oil, and used a sparkstone to light it. He gently grabbed Skir and placing his forehead to the hound's. "May Karizar open his wings to take your soul to the burning hall, do not worry friend, I shall be joining you soon, save a spot for me by the fire. You have earned your eternal warmth" he said holding back tears before he delivered a quick stab of the burning dagger to skirs head. Killing him instantly and lettings the flames consume Skir's body, letting the hound pass. Kendrick closed his eyes before hearing a loud roar, breathing in. "And may Karizar take me." He grabbed the oil canister he took with him. And poured it all over his body. Pulling the flaming dagger out of skir. He stabbed it into his chest. Engulfing him in flames before ripping it out. Brandishing the blade and vaulting over the debris with a guttural scream, the flames seared his flesh as pain he had never felt before cloaked him, and yet he had never felt more alive. Waiting for him was the scaled beast, bigger than any he had seen, claws brandished as if waiting for his challenge. He met the beast head on, before all he saw was darkness.

Kendrick gasped as his eyes shot open. Looking around he found himself in a empty void. No burning hall of glory and eternal warmth. No ancestors waiting for him.
All that was there was a woman sitting at a table in some manner of strange shaman garments. Greeting him to the afterlife. And offering, a second chance.
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Aelia Aeldyne

Abandon all hope, ye who enter here
Name : Muir Agspéir Carnán Mac Érenn - "Muir" for short
Age : 297
Height : 183 cm
Weight : 57 kg
Race : Selkie (Waterfall Fairy)
Gender : Female

Brought Race : Fairies

Fairies are spirits of hope, born from the wishes of all living beings. As a crystallization of a single desire, fairies are very driven, and strongly attuned to the world around them, from which they draw power; every fairy's existence is bound to the place where the wish was made, and should this particular location be destroyed or otherwise fundamentally changed, so would the fairy be altered. Fairies have no decisive appearance, usually taking a form similar to that of the species of the being that wished them into existence. A fairy's existence is the embodiment of a certain wish fulfilled, and their purpose is to guide the wisher on the path to fulfill their desire, no matter what it might be. The only, absolute requirement for a fairy to be born is that the wish must be truly held, that it must come from one's heart. A fake wish will do nothing. Every fairy has powers stemming from the wish they were born from - for example, if a man wished to become the greatest painter in the world, the fairy born of this wish would have outstanding artistic abilities, and they would guide and advise the wisher so that in the end they manage to fulfill their wish.

Once the wish is fulfilled, the fairy is given a choice by the world; to continue living as a free existence and be given a lifespan of roughly four hundred years, or to return to nothingness, leaving behind the hope their life brought to the world. If the being who made the wish dies before it is fulfilled, then the fairy will take the wish upon itself, and live to fulfill its purpose until it is consumed by the wish or manages to complete it. Fairies who fall victim to their own wishes are called Banshee, and it is generally considered merciful to put them down for good. Other than by fulfilling its wish or destroying its birthplace, killing a fairy is not an easy task. Fairies heal when they are surrounded by emotion, regardless of what emotion it is (although depending on the fairy's nature, some emotions will have adverse effects, like mutations or effects on the fairy's powers, and a fairy who loses its own hope - shown by losing hair color or equivalent and eyes turning red - becomes a simple mortal but keeps its weaknesses), and cannot be harmed by stone. They are however, mortally vulnerable to salt and iron, especially if the iron is rusty and degraded. As such, the best weapon to put down a fairy is a rusted iron blade dipped in seawater. Fairies can also always be harmed or healed by magic.

Fairies are generally named after whatever place they are born from, and whether the being that wished for them was sapient or not. For example, sentient fairies from lakes, waterfalls and rivers are called Selkies, while nonsentients are called Kelpies. Fairies from earthern places or beneath the surface are called Sidhe and Pixies, and those from forested and lush places are called Conori and Fearenn. Sea fairies tend to very quickly devolve and mutate into ravening monsters due to their self-harming natures, and are called Fomori, or Banes.

It is possible for fairies to have offspring with mortals, and such children are called Changelings. However, the spiritual nature of fairies puts a burden on the changeling, and at a certain moment in their life, they will have to make a Choice, to decide which heritage they want to embrace. If the Changeling chooses to follow their fairy legacy, they will shed their mortal coil and become a free fairy called a Maevann, leaving behind their birth body, that must be given the proper rites (else it will come back as a hungering revenant seeking to consume the soul that abandoned it). If the Changeling embraces their mortal heritage, they lose their fairy traits and weaknesses, and become a full-fledged member of their mortal parent's species although their lifespan is extended by at least a tenfold, and they become unable to create fairies through their own wishes.

Brought Beasts :

Striges are ancient monsters, originating in antiquity and Old Magic. The first Strige was created by a cabal of dark alchemists seeking to forge shadows into a beast bound to their will. Needless to say it went horribly wrong, and the newly-created nightmare beast promptly devoured them. It then grew in power and went out in the world, hunting and killing all manners of people and beasts, consuming their souls and becoming more and more powerful, until it reached a point of enough power it split in two weaker Striges that went their own way. Since then, Striges have spread and multiplied, thriving in the dark and feasting on the corpses they made.​
The usual appearance of a Strige is that of a tall dark horse, skinny, decaying and made of shadows, and sporting a pair of featherless wings sprouting from the shoulder. The beasts are not particularly dangerous during the day, merely strong and fast but pinned to the ground due to their inability to fly under sunlight. At night however, they become able to fly and they gain the ability to surround themselves in silence, giving them a powerful edge in ambushing their prey. Striges attack mostly with their - very strong - hooves, although they generally use their bite for the killing stroke. Since Striges all come from the original specimen that divided itself, they tend to be rather similar all across, although some individuals can develop specific abilities depending on what they feed on.​
Killing a Strige is a difficult undertaking, in no small part because of the beasts' unearthly speed and stealth, although they have a mortal weakness to light and fire, and they are as susceptible to weapons as a normal horse.​
Anthrozoids are monsters of unknown origin, although they are suspected to descend from carnivorous slimes. Little is known of their physiology, aside from a weakness to fire and an apparent unquenchable hunger for brains. The clearest signs of an anthrozoid attack is a string of corpses with empty skulls. They have been observed to regenerate from even the most grievous of injuries, and there aren't many things that can put them down for good, aside from fire, or destroying their very solid skeleton. Likewise, anthrozoids are very stealthy and seemingly capable of planning their attacks. It is unknown how they reproduce, but individuals have been noted to become more and more clever as they age, making them a prime threat if ever detected. The full extent of their abilities is unknown, but they are known to be capable of hypnosis, their ooze is highly toxic and they are resistant to slashing and piercing weapons, as well as possessing great physical strength.​
Even less is known about those gigantic beasts known as Earthwyrms. They dwell in the depths, often in cave networks or in lava veins. They are best left undisturbed. The smallest specimen observed was 60 feet long and almost 10 feet wide, and the largest specimen recorded was over 400 feet in length at least and 50 feet wide. They are apparently indifferent unless provoked, although they seem to consider the use of water or ice magic in their vicinity to be provocation. Their abilities are unknown, but they have shown to have extreme toughness and resilience.​

Brought Place : The Isle of Érenn

This island is green and lush, teeming with all manners of life. It is renowned for its flower fields, its tall hills and its mountain range, as well as rivers, forests and swamps. The climate on the island is rather cold, with short summers and long winters, gloomy springs and grim autumns. Outside of summer, snow and rain are rather frequent, and it is a rare day that does not have a cloud in the sky. In other worlds, this island would be known as Ireland, although Érenn only shares the shape of it. At the center lies a massive mountain range that goes almost all the way north and south, called the Titan's Spine. The mountains pan outwards into forested hills and then plains, until the shores are reached.

To the north, the Titan's Spine splits in two, resulting in a seaside basin that is noticeably colder than the rest of the island, with the sea freezing over being a not uncommon occurrence. The general environment there is akin to that of a tundra, with sparse vegetation mostly comprised of grass, moss and lichen. There are almost no traces of animal life in this area, at least on the surface. Penguins and auks often come by the shore, as do seals and orcas, and the occasional wandering albatross. The entire area is desert of any semblance of civilization and has been dubbed Frostbarrow by the few daring souls who went there. This land is a land of cold and silence, not a land made to be inhabited. The rare explorers who set foot in it described the ambient atmosphere as "absent" and "deathly", as if Frostbarrow was encased in encroaching cold.

The hills surrounding the Titan's Spine are forested, with pines, spruce trees and fir trees in the north, gradually changing to oaks, alders, elms and yews on the way south. In the north, the forests are clear, and tend to spread on the mountainsides, also housing packs of wolves, moose and similar cold environment animals. There are no inhabitants in the northern forests, mostly due to the cold, and the roaming predators. Despite that, the northern hills are the safest half. The southern hills' forests are dense and occluded, run through by gnarly rivers and filled with dark undergrowth. All manners of wicked beasts have made residence in those forests, and the very trees and bushes themselves seem hostile to sentient life. More worringly, the glades and pathways of the forests are littered with strange raised stones, ranging from a couple feet tall to a dozen, generally found in clusters and covered in eerie runes and glyphs and all manners of unknown symbols. No two groups of raised stones have the same symbols or even general shapes, some looking like menhir and others like temple pillars of southern lands. All, however, have in common that it is known that they must be left undisturbed, and that touching them is a death wish. It is whispered that the fairies know what is going on with the raised stones, but they do not tell. The southern forests are blanketed with an invisible burden, an aura of ominousness that intensifies the deeper one goes and the closer one gets to the foot of the mountain range. There, where the forests end and the tall peaks begin, ancient structures can be found, forlorn archways and massive stone entrances leading into tunnels beneath the mountains.

In stark contrast, once one has gone past the gloom-forests and into the tunnels, emerging into the inner mountains is striking. The atmosphere there is pure and calm, giving off an impression of sanctity and repose. Raised stones can also be found in the mountains, although those are unmarked and look entirely natural save perhaps for their alignment. The peaks themselves are barren and clad in snow, but the plateaus between the summits are covered in flowers and soft grass, with gentle streams running through before losing themselves in the underground. The only animal life in the mountains are insects and birds. The mountains themselves and the raised stones seem to be ancient markers, and spirits whisper that the heart of Érenn is the burial ground of the old gods, and that their cults erected the stones in the woods to ward off those who would desecrate the godly tombs. Although... It is only whispers and legends of times immemorial, so the truth might never be uncovered.

The plains and shores of the island are mostly made of marshes and heathlands, covered in tall grass, ferns, sparse trees, ripe with bogs, crannogs and moors, and interspersed with lone tall rocks reminiscent of the standing stone formations of the inner mountains. On the island's edges, the moorlands are uninhabitable, as the saltwater has soaked into the ground, making the soil toxic and barren. A fair chunk of the western coastline is slate cliffs with scattered rock formations that one can easily climb and see the endless sea from up there.

All in all, Érenn is not a welcoming place, but to the rare few who have come to live on the island, it is a land of raw natural beauty and wonder, landscapes that make all who seem them feel small while giving majestic sights of sea, land and sky all at once. It is a place that reminds those who come that no matter how grand the works of civilization are, in the end it is nature who will take it all back.

Home World : Móinteach, a world that in its youth was dangerous, filled with old gods and Old Magic, and men huddled around their campfires afraid of the dark, then as ages passed became civilized and modern, and most of magic was either forgotten or sealed. In the modern days, even fairies had become few and far between. By the time Muir was born, there were no other fairies left, and magic had faded away.

Chosen Power :
[Voice of the Stars] - An unearthly voice that can command to magic and inspire the people who hear, warding them against fear and allowing them to perform feats of heroism, but only when singing.​

Backstory :

"I wish I could hear the song of the stars again".

The first words I heard. One instant, I was nothing, just a fleeting soul in the void. The next, I lived, springing forth from a mountainside waterfall into a garden of flowers guarded by solemn snowy peaks, silvery silence surrounding everything I beheld. It made for a majestic first sight, and I have yet to find any better. Then, as I was sliding down the waterfall into a small creek between patches of violets and buttercups, I saw him. Old and withered, sitting on a stone by the creek, his eyes tired and withdrawn. So frail, so fleeting. A man that'd once stood tall, now wizened and crushed by the burden of old age. I saw the light in his eyes, and I asked him, softly.

"You've come to die, haven't you ? One final wish, and your final rest to be granted in this place where no one ever comes. You've given me your wish... And you're going to leave me all alone. I'll be left without a purpose, with nowhere to go, no reason to live and no reason to die. You're not going to set me free... You're just going to make the whole world my prison."

He smiled, but it was such a sad thing, lips quirking without mirth and sorrowful eyes asking for a repentance that would never be earned. He laughed, his voice raucous and raspy, trembling like a leaf in a storm, and he spoke.

"We - You and I, and all that is magical in this world - are dying. Dispersing, scattering to the winds. Ours is a bygone age, and we are unfit to live in the world that humans are making for themselves. Or perhaps not. I have come here to die, in this you are correct, little fairy. All my life I have struggled to do good things, and I wanted to do one last good. For the world, and for myself. To see the child I never had while I could have, to give a life back to the world for the one I have been granted. And I want you to live, to go out in the world, to sing with the voice my wish gave you, to live among men and be loved by them. To live for yourself, and bring back Hope to the world. I won't be there to see or hear you sing, but I know you'll do just fine."

I tilted my head, taking in his words.

"Your child, huh ? I... can live with that, I think. You should give me a name, though... Father."

I felt sad already. Not a sadness I could put words on, a feeling of overwhelming grief slowly settling upon my shoulders, that I knew I would be carrying my entire life. I listened closely, as he gave me my name.

"A name... You deserve a good name. Ah... I know. I will give you the name of the most beautiful sight I have ever had. The sea and the night sky, from atop the mountains of this very island. Muir Agspéir Carnán Mac Érenn. This is your name, child of a wish born in the heart of the northern wilds."

There was a long silence. The wind blew by, but I heard nothing. The breeze was like a caress, silent and soft, trying to comfort and go unnoticed all at once. The name he'd given me... The name of the sea and the night sky, all the world around beheld from the crown of the savage north. It was not nothing. It was a strong name, the legacy of the island. I gasped softly as I felt the island's spirit brush against mine, telling me of all the old forgotten stories lying here in their mountain graves, the corpses of the old gods made into soil and watered by the tears of the stars, growing unearthly flowers in this garden of silence. I felt the grief of the emerald mother who had once cradled her children and sent them out into the vast world, only for them to return one by one and for her to bury them beneath the stones of her garden, keeping their corpses eternally in her embrace. And I learned that my father was the last of them, and that after ages, the prodigal son had finally come home. And now I also knew his name. It was a daunting legacy that he'd put on my shoulders, one that I would have to bear in a world that I would never be fit to live in.

I looked up to the sky and saw the stars shining far above. They'd looked quietly upon this world for aeons, seen it all. So many little dots of scintillating light hanging up in the night sky. A tapestry of black and gold and purple and silver, a dark canvas strewn with glittering gems. It was a stirring sight. I thought... No matter how daunting the task, I would do my best. That... That was what Hope was for.

"...Thank you", I finally said. "It is a good name."

He nodded. "I am glad you like it, child. I am afraid I cannot give you much more. I can feel my time is up."

He slid down from the stone he was sitting on, coming to lay on the grass, the rock at his back, his walking staff lying besides him. I saw it in him, the fading of the light. He was right. Soon, very soon.

"Hold on. You cannot die just yet", I told him. "I still haven't sung for you."

Myrddin aep Cranndraich, the Wizard of the Trees, opened his eyes one last time and looked at me. "You know the song, I think. Very well. Sing for me, Muir. Sing for this death and the twilight of the Old Gods. Sing for me and my brethren."

He was right. I knew the song. I felt the words come from my heart, from my soul. It was a beautiful song, about a caged bird going free. I would never forget it. It was called the Skylark's Aria. A beautiful name. So I started singing. It was my voice, and it was more. I sang, and I felt the gaze of Érenn upon me. I felt the final breaths of the forest god. I felt the very stars weave their music into my singing. I sang of the little white bird leaving its cage and flying over the world into the starry sky, never to return. I sang and I saw my father's body fade away into the hallowed soil, and a great stone jut from the earth where he'd died, a mother's gravestone to the last of her children. I sang until I could not sing anymore and sleep took me.

When I woke up, I nearly lost Hope. The realization that I would never see him again had hit me. Him, that I was born to live for. I cried, my tears falling in the waterfall I was born from. I know not how long I spent huddled under the cascading waters. Days, at least. Waking and sleeping, maybe years. Érenn, Grandmother Érenn embraced me, giving me her warmth, singing to me with the voice of the lush earth. "Muir", she called to me. "Little Selkie." she told me. "Little fairy." she said. She told me it had been more than two decades that I'd spent in the creek. She gave me her blessing, told me she would protect me, and told me not forget the wish my father had given me for myself. "Go and sing, sing for love and sing for hope. Sing and live and meet the people of the world. Live a life worth living, for yourself.

I told Grandmother Érenn that I would do my best, and I went out into the world, leaving the island behind.

I found men on other continents. I lived amongst them by singing. They
did love me. I lived a long time. I saw them grow, from towns of stone and thatch to cities of steel and glass. I kept singing, and they still loved me, but my hope was dimming. It was a wicked love. There were some who wanted me to give them more than my voice. Little by little, I understood. They did not believe in magic, hadn't for a long while. They did not care about me. They only wanted me to sing because it brought them fortune. I thought I could give fortune to all, but they grew angry, and tried to keep my voice all for themselves. They tried to hurt me. Something broke inside me. I felt my spark of Hope be snuffed out. The world was no longer worth living in. I killed them - what could they do ? I could command to magic, and they didn't. I flew far, back to Érenn. I stood on the cliff far above the seaside, and I sang once more.

All my rage, all my despair, my feelings of betrayal, my feelings of hurt, my loneliness. I sang it all. I sang and I screamed until my throat broke, and I was spitting blood into the sea with every word. I felt all the wrath I'd howled out echo in the world. Deep in the sea, I felt my kin wake, the old fairies of torment and pain, the banes of the depths. I sang until they were wide awake, circling the seas, and I fell asleep. I dreamed of the Fomori screaming the tides' rousal, I dreamed of the seas rising to swallow the cities of men. I dreamed of the ocean surging forth to
destroy them.

I woke up, and saw myself reflected in the waters. White hair, red eyes. I felt nothing. I'd become truly Hopeless. I was empty. I tried singing again, but I could not. My mouth was dry, my voice was hoarse. I could not sing so I spoke. I spoke the words of the Skylark's Aria. I spoke, every word more painful than the one before, and I walked towards the edge of the cliff. This time... I was the skylark, but I had no wings. I spoke, and I found a broken shard deep inside me. One last fragment of hope. I hoped... One last time. I hoped that wherever I would go in death, I could sing again, and bring hope and joy. I spoke the last words of the song.

I was at the edge of the cliff.
I was a skylark, but I had no wings.
I took flight.

I never felt myself hit the waters beneath.


Artist -Perpetually tired - College/Uni student
Ki Liome portrait-WIP-sketch.jpg

Name: Ki’ Liome Sakelri (Pronunciation: KEY-LEE-OH-MAY SAH-KELL-REE)

Shortened name/Nickname(s): Kil, Ki, Lio, Kili.

Age: 20 (Aerzoí years) she is 60 human years.

Height: 6”1 ft / 186 cm

Weight: 198 lbs / 90 kg

Race: Aerzoí

Gender: Female

Race name:
Singular: Aerzoí (Aer meaning “air” and zoí meaning “living being” in greek)

Plural: Aerzoí (Kind of like how plural of deer is just deer.)

(pronounced like AYE-YER-ZOY)


» Aerzoí can live in a variety of climates ranging from bone dry to super humid and wet. They typically don’t live in areas that get colder than 10 F / -12.2 C.
» The climates that most Aerzoí tend to live in though are places where it rains every other week or so, but is dry and sunny most days.


Short description: Aerzoí are humanoids with features based off of flying insects so basically insectoids that don’t look too insanely bug like because they have mostly human proportions.

Appearance mood/inspiration board:


Hair colors:

» Red-blue, pink-yellow, green-blue, purple-black. Most common is green-blue and pink-yellow, and purple-black with red-blue being the rarest. For rarity reference: green-blue is the equivalent of human black/dark brown hair, purple-black is equivalent to brown hair, pink-yellow is equivalent to blonde hair, and red-blue is equivalent to red hair.
» The shade of the colors can range from light to dark.
» The colors are like this because they grow one color from the root but then change gradually as the hair grows out the rest of the way and it switches back and forth. Example: If there is an Aerzoí with red roots and blue ends and they cut their hair, the red would grow out and then blue would be at the roots. The colors alternate in such a way that they always have bi-colored hair. If one’s hair is very long you would see the natural ombre between the 2 colors blending into one another in a repeated pattern.

Eye colors:

» Red, blue, green, yellow, silver/white.
» Silver/white is the rarest eye color.
» Eye colors do not mix to make new colors.
» Aerzoí eye colors can fall anywhere in the spectrum of the colors specified so blue can either be dark blue, mid-blue, or bright neon blue, etc.

Height range:

» 170 cm - 190 cm /5”7 ft - 6”2 ft (Late teens/Adults) with babies starting at about 50 cm /1”7 ft from birth.
» They usually steadily grow taller until reaching adulthood.
» There is no real differentiation in height between males or females as either males or females can be shorter or taller than one another based on genetics.
» Aerzoí reach their full height by the time they are 16 - 20 years old ( for ref 20 Aerzoí years is 60 human years- they age slower so the grow slower too).

Weight range:

» Typically 180- 240 lbs. /81 kg- 108 kg (Adults)
» Some Aerzoí can be heavier depending on how much they eat, but they typically can eat a lot without gaining weight because of having fast metabolisms.
» Aerzoí usually don’t have any fat on their bodies, the weight mostly comes from their muscles.


» Skin color range: Light pink, magenta, Mint green, Pastel Blue, Lavender, Purple, pastel orange.
» The only skin colors that can create another color by crossbreeding to mix the colors are light pink + purple to make magenta and Pastel Blue + Light Pink to make lavender.
» Magenta and Lavender are not naturally occurring skin colors and are only possible by mixing a light pink with a purple/pastel blue.
» Mint green and pastel orange aren’t mixable. Example: If parent A is pastel orange and parent B is mint green, their child will be either mint green or pastel orange, not a combo of the two - same if it was mint green + light pink or pastel orange + light pink, etc.
» Pastel blue and Purple are the rarest naturally occurring skin colors. This makes both Magenta and Lavender extremely rare since they don’t occur naturally.
» Aerzoí skin is naturally very durable as it is almost scale like in nature and acts as armor. The skin is especially hard on their arms, legs, necks, chest/abdomens, and backs. It is softer on their faces, under arms, at the base of their antennae, and on the palms of their hands, comparable to human softness with some small harder bits on their cheeks and ends of their ears. Aerzoí skin hardness is similar to the hardness of diamonds and can penetrate through most other materials if strong enough force is applied. Substances that are harder than diamonds can penetrate the harder parts of their skin, but that would most likely be a man-made or magically made material that could be forged into a knife.


» Their body shapes are humanoid in nature.
» Males are usually more muscular on the top half in their arms, chest, neck, and abs.
» Females are typically more muscular in their legs and hips, while also sporting abs with leaner muscles on their upper halves.
» Their muscles are much stronger than human muscles, capable of lifting up the weight of an adult male elephant.
» Some Aerzoí can have wider frames than others.
» Some females can even have similar muscular deposits to males. It really just depends on their genetics, but most are as described previously.
» Some Aerzoí can have an extra pair of arms, which gives them four arms in total. This is a mutation that happened from gene mixing, it is pretty rare for them to have 4 arms though.
» They all sport a pair of iridescent wings, these wings are different in shape depending on the individual and no two wing patterns are alike (Kind of like fingerprints).
» Their wings can lift up to twice their body weight so that they can fly effectively.
» They all have antennas which also slightly vary in shape and size depending on the individual.
» Aerzoí do in fact have ears. Pointy ones, similar to elf ears. Some are pointier or longer than others.
» If Aerzoí allow their fingernails to grow, they appear to be similar to talons on a bird and are razor sharp and similar in hardness to their skin which allows them to cut and shred through various substances without too much struggle.
» Aerzoí feet are similar in appearance to an insect’s foot and since they are armored naturally, Aerzoí do not need to wear any kind of foot protection.
» Aerzoí are warm blooded and regulate their own body temperatures. Their body temps are only slightly lower than humans with the average being at 95 F /35 C.

Natural Abilities:

» They can fly, and at quite incredible speeds too. The fastest known flight speed for an Aerzoí is up to 150 mph / 241 kmph when flying completely straight.
» Can withstand lots of pressure because of their armor like skin
» Most of the Aerzoí are quite agile, able to dodge and weave through various obstacles while flying. They can reach peak agility by training themselves to that point.
» Poison breath: they can create a gaseous toxin inside their bodies and breathe it out. It takes a few minutes to make it, and they have to have eaten beforehand. It isn't potent enough to kill and is only capable of rendering most living creatures unconscious for certain periods of time that range anywhere from 10 minutes to 12 hours depending on how much of the poison they breathed in. Creatures that also have toxins or are toxic in any way will most likely not be affected by this poison or it will have very little of an effect.
» Because of their own poison/ toxin, they are also immune and or highly resistant to other poisons/ toxins.
» The antennae on their heads are used for telepathic communication as their mouths are only used for eating. They can communicate with any intelligent species regardless of their language. Their antennae sort of auto translate whatever someone is saying accurately, and instead of the other person hearing their voice audibly, they hear it inside their heads. Aerzoí can also set up telepathic mind links and networks to talk with groups of people as long as the people are in the proper range of the Aerzoí. The range is about a half mile.
» Aerzoí can see in the dark and are mostly nocturnal in nature however they can change their sleeping patterns if needed.
» They can also see as far as an eagle at night (Eagles can see something the size of a rabbit from 2-3 miles away).
» Their vision plummets to that of a 20/40 visioned human in daylight since they are primarily nocturnal. To make up for this they use their ears to hear themselves around during the day.
» They can hear above human average. They can hear a sound similar to a dog barking from about 200 ft /60.96 m away.
» Aerzoí can heal faster than humans. Example: Human bones take on average 6-8 weeks whereas it takes an Aerzoí 2 weeks to heal their bones. Any small to moderate scratches or scrapes on their softer parts (face, wings) heal within 2-3 days.
» If a substantial part of their wings or other limbs are somehow cut off, they can regenerate them. However, this regeneration process takes longer than simply healing a broken bone. Aerzoí regenerate their limbs by going into a sort of hibernation after hiding themselves in a cave or other dark place. They come out about 4 weeks later with a fresh new limb that works just as well as the last one!

Other species info:

» Aerzoí lifespan is longer than humans, typically ranging from 400-450yrs (Aerzoí years) .
» A single year for them is 3 human years.
» They are omnivores.
» They can eat almost any food that is deemed as edible regardless of what planet it is from.
» None of their abilities are magic based so using magic against them could probably fk them up pretty bad.
» They can't fly as fast when it's raining and prefer to wait the rain out.
» fire and lava will melt their softer parts and is painful.
Imagine this but salmon looking:
big fish placeholder image.jpg

1 - This creature is a common favorite among Aerzoí to eat.

Creature name: Crithsolarr

Creature facts:
» They fight back.
» Their teeth have the ability to chomp into things 3 times its weight.
» Their meat is oh so delicious, similar in taste to salmon but with more nutrients and protein. Everything it’s added to tastes instantly 10 times better. Aerzoí typically eat Crithsolarr’s meat in soups, mixed with vegetables and grains.
» These guys are huge, gigantic water breathing creatures. (Luckily there’s already a human in there for scale - but they are about that size OwO)
» They are carnivorous and can and will eat any living creature that dares to disturb it.
» Just one of these things is enough meat to feed a whole village and then some.

2 - This creature is a common pet for the Aerzoí.

Creature name: Drixol
Creature facts:
» Land animals
» They can live in almost any climate, temperatures don’t seem to have any effects on them.
» They require only a small amount of hydration and get it from their food.
» Their food is glowing berries (Dricoli) similar in size to strawberries and this food is native to the continent that was brought with Ki' Liome (Keirnlind).
» The tips of it’s ears, tail, and feet are bio-luminescent and do a similar thing to lightning bugs which act as a form of communication.
» They purr like cats do when they are happy.
» They are usually very thin, but some can be thicker if they aren’t active enough.
» Their hair is very soft.
» They have horns lining their back and one on their heads. These horns are retractable and act as a defense mechanism.
» Their hair colors can either be the same as the image, or yellow with the glowing bits being white. The colors don’t represent the gender. Females are slightly larger than males. (Refer to the “average human” placed in the image for scale.

Just placeholder images for now:

3 - This creature is another food item, residing in the ocean as well. Much easier to kill, hard to find.

Creature name: Carberrir

Creature facts:

» A sort of sea slug looking thing.

» Small - refer to the “Average human” placed in the image for scale. (when I draw it hehe)

» This creature has a camouflage mechanism similar to chameleons which can make it difficult to find them.

» They taste like a better version of shrimp.

» Their natural default colors are quite vibrant and they only camouflage when they are frightened. If one is silent and careful, they can perhaps kill it in one go without it escaping.

» They swim fast and are flexible, making it easy for them to slip through one's grasp.

» They have been able to be domesticated and bred for food so that it is easier than hunting them, but the wild caught ones taste better.
It is a country/ continent from the Aerzoí planet.

Ki' Liome brought place.jpg

Name of place: Keirnlind (KAY-ERN-LIN-D)

Description of land:

» Similar in size to Australia but a bit smaller.
» The soil is very fertile, many things can grow and thrive in it without trouble.
» The climate is moderately humid with temps ranging from 20 F to 86 F.
» There is a 4 season cycle of spring, summer, fall, and winter.
» There is quite an impressive mountain range lining the left edge of the continent. The taller mountains are snow capped all year round. There are natural caves inside these mountains and the lower parts are covered in various varieties of tall trees that are native to the continent.
» Hidden in some caves are glowing plants that are native to the island, they have berries (the size of strawberries) on them that are edible to certain animals, but not to Aerzoí. This plant is called Dricoli.
» There is another variety of glowing plant that is a tree. These trees mainly grow further inland and do not grow very tall, on average they grow to about 25 ft tall. Their leaves hang down similar to a weeping willow tree. Their bark house a sap like substance that is known to make someone’s healing process accelerate by at least 2 times. This tree is called the Cycir Tree.
» The land throughout the rest of the continent consists of rolling hills covered in greenery with some small lakes and rivers. towards the right edge of the continent it gets gradually flatter but not too flat.
» Lining the edges of the continent except for where the mountains are, there are beaches consisting of some sand, but mostly rocks with some seashells scattered every so often, the beaches are not necessarily soft to walk on barefooted. The beaches also have some tall beach grasses scattered about because the trees do not grow near the coast line.
» The coastline of the mountains is very rocky with large boulders everywhere and caves hidden inside some of them. There are some flatter rocky beaches, but they are quite hard to get to on foot. One would have to scale the side of some cliffs to get to them.
» There are edible plants that grow there that are similar to many earth vegetables, fruits, grains, etc.
cycir tree.jpg Dricoli.jpg

Home World:
Their home planet is very advanced technologically but also covered in varieties of flora and fauna, some that glow naturally, others that are similar to earth plants. It also has an abundance of rivers, lakes, and oceans. It is an earth-type world with 6 different continents and various islands. Aerzoí are not like humans and don’t go around trashing their planet. They live in unison with it and the other creatures that live there.

Chosen Power:
Illusion Manipulation- User can create, shape and manipulate illusions/hallucinations, causing targets to see, hear, touch, smell, and/or taste things which do not actually exist or cause them to perceive things differently from what they truly are (As described by Superpower wiki).

» Ki’ Liome must snap her fingers to start an illusion after thinking of what illusion she will do.
» Illusions that cause people to think they are in an entirely different place take up a lot of energy to do.
Ki’ Liome in her home lands was the best at killing. Silently killing. She was tasked with hunting for food and came back with twice as much as the others in her village every time. Ki’ Liome wasn’t born very high up in the hierarchy of her world but that never stopped her from striving to be the best. One day, the princess of Keirnlind recruited Ki’ Liome as a bounty hunter and to spy on and kill an underground criminal organization. This organization was smuggling children to work dangerous jobs so that they didn’t have to do the work themselves. The princess wanted this to stop, and that is what Ki’ Liome did. She infiltrated the criminal organization and killed every last one of them, saving the children in the process.

Now, I mentioned she killed all of the organization… However, there was one person left. He had hidden himself extremely well and disguised himself as a palace guard, getting the upper hand on Ki’ Liome. He stole away the princess when they were sleeping and Ki’ Liome woke up in a fright to see her princess being taken away. She ran after them. He ran towards the edge of a cliff, leading towards the ocean. The criminal sliced the princess’s wings with a specialized dagger made from a substance (native to their planet) that can penetrate the skin of Aerzoí. She wouldn’t be able to use them like this. The man held the princess over the edge of the cliff. Ki’ Liome flew after the princess, she was about to fall when Ki’ Liome swooped in and picked her up, but just then, the man sliced Ki’ Liome’s wings as well. She shoved the princess back up onto the cliff before falling. She didn’t fall all the way though, her right hand caught the edge of the cliff. Ki’ Liome knew that she couldn’t just let the criminal have the princess, so while he was still close to the edge she grabbed him by the foot and pulled him downwards toward her. He would try to fly away, but Ki’ Liome gripped onto him and they rose into the sky. It had proven quite difficult for him to carry them both as he was struggling to fly back over to land. Ki’ Liome flipped around on top of him and elbowed him in the gut, causing him to lose his grip on the dagger. She caught it and clipped his wings with it, causing them both to plummet to the ocean. She then took the dagger and stabbed him in the heart while they were falling. He died before she would. Ki’ Liome considered this to be an accomplishment and would die a hero.

Ki’ Liome had fallen from a considerable height, and therefore was too far down in the water to come back up. A Crithsolarr smelled the blood that dripped out of her wings. She was losing consciousness and then… the very thing that she had eaten so many times, consumed her. The most terrible way to go. Imagine getting eaten by the very thing that you eat. Simply terrible. Not even a moment later, she awakened to a very bright blinding white light and found herself sitting in front of some strange looking woman.
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The Clever Paradox
Name: Atticus Kallenback (Kal)
Age: 27
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 163 lbs
Race: Genasi
Gender: Male
Brought Race: Genasi
To sum it all up, they are the offspring of genies and mortals. These children are genasi: individuals with ties to two worlds, yet belonging to neither. Some genasi are born of mortal–genie unions, others have two genasi as parents, and a rare few have a genie further up their family tree, manifesting an elemental heritage that’s lain dormant for generations. Occasionally, genasi result from exposure to a surge of elemental power, through phenomena such as an eruption from the Inner Planes or a planar convergence. Elemental energy saturates any creatures in the area and might alter their nature enough that their offspring with other mortals are born as genasi.

Genasi inherit something from both sides of their dual nature. They resemble humans but have unusual skin color (red, green, blue, or gray), and there is something odd about them. The elemental blood flowing through their veins manifests differently in each genasi, often as magical power. Genasi almost never have contact with their elemental parents. Genies seldom have interest in their mortal offspring, seeing them as accidents. Many feel nothing for their genasi children at all. Some genasi live as outcasts, driven into exile for their unsettling appearance and strange magic, or assuming leadership of savage humanoids and weird cults in untamed lands. Others gain positions of great influence, especially where elemental beings are revered. A few genasi leave the Material Plane to find refuge in the households of their genie parents. As rare beings, genasi might go their entire lives without encountering another one of their kind. There are no great genasi cities or empires. Genasi seldom have communities of their own and typically adopt the cultures and societies into which they are born. The more strange their appearance, the harder time they have. Many genasi lose themselves in teeming cities, where their distinctiveness hardly raises an eyebrow in places accustomed to a variety of different people. Most Athasians believe a given genasi is destined for greatness—or infamy.

Those living on the frontier, though, have a much harder time. People there tend to be less accepting of differences. Sometimes a cold shoulder and a suspicious glare are the best genasi can hope for; in more backward places, they face ostracism and even violence from people who mistake them for fiends. Facing a hard life, these genasi seek isolation in the wilds, making their homes in mountains or forests, near lakes, or underground. Most air and fire genasi in the Realms are descendants of the djinn and efreet who once ruled Calimshan. When those rulers were overthrown, their planetouched children were scattered. Over thousands of years, the bloodlines of those genasi have spread into other lands. Though far from common, air and fire genasi are more likely to be found in the western regions of Faerûn, along the coast from Calimshan north up to the Sword Coast, and into the Western Heartlands to the east. Some remain in their ancient homeland. In contrast, water and earth genasi have no common history. Individuals have difficulty tracing their own lineage, and bloodlines occasionally skip a generation or two. Many earth genasi originated in the North and spread out from there. Water genasi come from coastal areas, the largest concentration of them hailing from the regions surrounding the Sea of Fallen Stars. Genasi mature at about the same rate as humans and reach adulthood in their late teens. They live somewhat longer than humans do, up to 120 years.
Air genasi are proud of their heritage, sometimes to the point of haughtiness. They can be flamboyant, and are keen to have an audience. They rarely stay in one place for long, always looking for a new sky to see and breathe. Air genasi who don’t live in cities favor open lands such as plains, deserts, and high mountains.
Earth genasi are more withdrawn, and their connection to the earth keeps them from being comfortable in most cities. Their uncommon size and strength makes them natural soldiers, though, and with their stoic demeanor, they can encourage others and become great leaders. Many earth genasi live underground, where they can be in their favored element. When they emerge from their caves, they might roam the hills and mountains or lay claim to old ruins.
Fire genasi often get themselves into difficulty with their fiery tempers. Like their air genasi cousins, they sometimes flaunt their perceived superiority over common folk. But they also want others to share their high opinion of themselves, so they constantly seek to enhance their reputations.
Water genasi almost all have some experience aboard or around sea vessels. They make excellent mariners and fishers. Like earth genasi, though, water genasi prefer quiet and solitude; the wide shores are their natural homes. They go where they want, do what they want, and rarely feel bound to anything.

Brought Beasts:
They fast. They strong. They are quite obviously not herbivores.
Thick-skinned, these creatures are capable of deflecting light ammo as well as regular sword jabs. They have enhanced senses of smell and sight, especially used to trace their prey. Hylkemps remain unbothered from afar. However, upon hostile interaction or a breach within personal space, these beasts will attack with no mercy . . usually. Their behavior is similar to that of a lion's. King of their plains, capable of enduring a plethora of biomes regardless of the terrain.
They fast. They strong. They swim faster than a driven vehicle could push.
Churoos are friendly in nature, seldom chowing down on other beings for nutrients. They enjoy tipping over ships, and munching on a delightful array of seaweed. When aggravated, these beasts take no second guesses in pursuing their opponents on land or in sea.
They fast. They strong. Their description is in the picture.
Although seemingly blind, these green lookin' things have other heightened senses such as being highly empowered by echo location.

Brought Place: Theed
Theed was the capital city of Vandor. It was home to the Royal House of Vandor's palace, which was situated on the Palace Plaza. Theed represents an architectural combination of Byzantine exteriors and Baroque/Rococo interiors. Other points of interests included the Palace Courtyard, and the headquarters of both the Royal Vandor Security Forces and the Vandor Royal Space Fighter Corps. Theed also housed several universities.

Home World: Vandor
A generally industrialized and diverse world modeled after Naboo.

Chosen Power: Aerokinesis

Atticus Kallenback was a child unlike any other. He was a genius in mechanical, architectural, and multiple forms of engineering yet to be discovered. He pioneered through his world's newly industrialized atmosphere with ease. Sure, there was nothing like completing university when other beings his age were just learning to drive. Not that he didn't already know how to pilot a ship by then. Alas, no one would have guessed that the young prodigy's clock was ticking closer than ever. But he lived as though he knew.

Genasi were by no means common even in Vandor's diverse lands. Kal, a nickname this guy quickly sported, was born from two of them. The air and fire genasi pairing constantly battled for elemental dominance in the blood flowing through Kal's veins, which genasi knew manifested differently in each of their kind. And for Kal, he managed to live life with a human exterior till his elemental tendencies grew within him. Flames burst from his hands, surrounding even parameters up to his skull in the genasi form. The one that most of his race was born with. At first, his fiery switches were uncontrollable. Though in due time, the young man learned to control his inborn abilities.

Kal managed to live a more regular life compared to that of his few other genasi peers. Ah, in terms of appearance and the subconscious perks on their society. Despite having completed his studies early on, he continued to maintain great connection with an instructor who set him on the course of his life and research. Together, they drove an exponential growth in engineering an empire.

It hit differently when Vandor's Palace at Theed was scorched from an unknown criminal fire genasi. The Chancellor of Defense called for extreme measures. However, Kal negotiated to rebuild the heart of their country in 1 year to battle the proposed genocide condemning fire genasi. Then he was off. The engineer didn't do it alone. He had a team. It was a team of diverse engineers looking to make names for themselves, or redeem past deeds. They followed his lead . . as well as a group of droids Kal manufactured over his past years. The engineer ignored sleep for days, conducting research and mechanical progression at the expense of his own health and safety. Till one day, his signature dome framework was up. Once one building was complete, it didn't take long for the rest to follow. Programmed droids calculated their own algorithmic tactics to get beyond the full job done over day and night. The entirety of Vandor's capital was renovated in two years, following its palace's early completion.

Then, Kal was onto one of his most important projects ever. He was tasked to engineer a security system to protect their land. Their nation's Chancellor of Defense honored the genasi with his latest engineering influence, or what little know to be an act of protection to defend his kind. In any case, the Chancellor continued with yet another tension building timeline. The rivaling country next door over had circulated rumors of an incoming attack on Theed. Did anyone understand that 1 year for a forcefield security system was actually much more challenging than rebuilding a palace with droids? Kal's initial prototype contained many defects, to the point where triggered could either harm or protect the beings around it. Though his time was drawing near. The man barely remembered what a full night's rest felt like. Not when his nation was being threatened under attack. Not when the very empire he built was about to be destroyed. Theed was too kind to fall. Then the day came.

"It works, I'm sure," The Chancellor pointed his nose upward, barely glancing at Kal's contraption. The engineer nodded as troops surrounded the parameter from his and the Chancellor's high view. It didn't take long for a dart to quietly whiz past Kal's head then plummet deep into a pillar with an attached note. The Chancellor didn't seem to notice. Kal pulled out the crumpled note before glancing up with furrowed brows at the grinning Chancellor. "I'm sure you know my plans," The old man evilly announced as his own guards burst through their doors.

The Chancellor of Defense was attacking Theed from the inside out. His plan? To stay guarded in the palace with Kal's forcefield generator. "Traitor!" Kal growled with clenched fists as the guards held his arms. "AM I WHEN MY OWN PEOPLE BETRAYED ME FIRST?!" The Chancellor barked over Kal's glare, "THE NEIGHBORING NATION values my influence. They wait upon my signal to send havoc then promote me as their right hand leader. THEED IS NO MORE!"

Kal burst in flames, easily searing the guards around him in his red genasi form. He broke from their weak grasps, slamming the forcefield generator as it slowly enveloped their room. "Are you trying to destroy the very thing you made?" The crippled old Chancellor man crazily cackled as Kal's hand strongly grasped his neck, "I am immune to your melee attacks." Then, his hand burst in flames as the old man mildly choked. "Are you immune to my flame," Kal shifted his opposite hand, triggering his malfunctioning prototype before it exploded with with a whirlwind of force. The swirling distorted force field spread his flame in a bombing burst all within the silence of his slowly generating security force field, yet to expand beyond their room.

Then that was it. No signal was ever sent to wage war, and the rest of the Chancellors quickly fought back against their peer's attack. Theed was prepared for anything. That's why it was a land Kal loved.

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