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Fandom Hero University [RP | Closed]

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norn is my wife + goldie is the best daughter

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    the day is finally here! the thought was a fleeting one followed by another, and another, and another. they whizzed around the brain of a very energetic tallulah cove. the mutation quirk she possessed was evident in her appearance. purple smooth skin, pointy ears that resembled fins, lines of razor-sharp teeth, and captivating yet slightly eerie pink and green eyes. most would think someone with these features would be intimidating but truthfully tallulah cove was about the least intimidating person on the face of the planet. her toothy grin was accompanied by a slight sparkle in her eyes as she clutched her shark plushy close, eyes focused on the dorm building in front of her. HU's main building glimmered in the distance. i made it!
    this had been her dream for so many years and she was finally bringing it to fruition. here, at Hero University in sunny Los Angeles, lu was going to become a pro-hero. she tightened her grip on her small suitcase handle and headed inside. the school allowed a few boxes of belongings to be shipped for those not from the city so she had the rest of her things waiting in her room. "oooh i just can't wait to meet my roommate! and classmates! i'm so excited!" she hummed to herself, the sliding glass doors opening for her. typically they were locked and only those with a student id or other authorized access could get in. however today was move-in day so they will remain unlocked until 5:00pm. at that time everyone should be moved in.
    the journey here was not a long one. the one-hour and fifty-minute ride was turned to a two-and-a-half-hour one due to los angeles traffic. that was to be expected. lu was coming from san diego so this trip wasn't new to her. her eldest brother drove her and dropped her off. she had said goodbye to him moments ago. now she was officially on her own. moved out! it was all just so exciting to her. the grin never faltered and she entered the elevator and pressed the button to her floor. she was surprised no one was in the elevator with her, but then again she had no clue just how many kids were in her class. her brain didn't focus on that for too long because the elevator dinged, signaling it had arrived. lu practically skipped out and down the hall looking for room number 5. it was a short walk, as her room was very close to the elevators. using her id she unlocked the door and swung it open, expecting to see her roommate but instead finding the space empty. "aw man!" she whined, impatience creeping in. she hadn't met anyone yet and she was itching for some social interaction.
    continuing into the room, she took everything in. she lay her plushie, snappy, down on the bed to her left. she didn't think too hard about which side she wanted, they were essentially the same. her boxes and her roommates were in the middle of the floor. she knew she should get to unpacking but that sounded so boring. right now she would rather meet someone. leaving her suitcase and boxes on her bed with snappy, she tucked her id in the front of her jean pockets. she threw open the door and turned blindly down the hallway, only making it a few steps before crashing right into someone. she stumbled back a bit, surprised. however, she shouldn't have been surprised, seeing as she can be very klutzy. one time she was texting and ran into a pole. yes she's that girl. "oh shoot i'm sorry!" she blurted, looking up slightly at the person she carelessly smacked into. he was taller than her, which was saying something because she stood at 5'11. he had a head of green hair and a slight tan-line of goggles around his eyes. quickly recovering, she seized this opportunity. she did want to meet someone after all. "I'm tallulah cove! but you can call me lu!" she grinned, giving the stranger and new classmate (she's assuming) a wave.
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we don't evolve, we escape

Jax O'Callaghan


What is the point of goals?
Is it the actual attainment of the goal, or the journey to get there? Is it the view you get to see when you reach the top, or the friends you make along the way?

Well, to be frank, the view from his dorm room windows weren't all that great. And the journey there was full of twists and turns, thanks to Jax's bad habit of wanting to complete all the side quests (aka checking out what's behind every door and rounded corner) before reaching the actual destination.
Saddest of all, it seemed Jax was early to his own party; even after painstakingly unpacking his one suitcase and even a bathroom break, his dormroom mate was nowhere to be seen. It gave Jax no pleasure of course, having the first dibs. First dibs on his bed, his side of the room, and his choice of best access to that great view he was craving: the fire escape window.
From what he remembered, the whole thing was just a mess of rusted, broken metal, looking like it was ready to fall off the side of the building at any moment. Jax smiled as he walked down the hallway for one more tourist trip before his dormroom mate got here, doing what he and his Quirk did best: kill time. Quietly slipping a joint in his mouth, he pictured himself spending his first night scaling a delapidated fire escape staircase to reach the rooftop view. Not a bad sight.

Not a bad sight, indeed. Jax reached down his back pocket for his lighter, spying another figure coming his way from all the way across the hall, dressed prettily in summer shorts and that same brand of white tank top and logo every girl was into these days. He blinked, realizing two things: first, that there was no lighter; he had left his lighter back in his dormroom. And second, that this was no ordinary girl. As the distance closed between them, the first thing that tipped him off were the fish-like fin ears jutting gracefully out her (purple?) head.

Jax quickly did a once-over, feeling the craving starting to set in. Despite the knife-like pair of canines and her surprising height, her friendly, open features gave it away; she didn't seem like the type. Casting his assumptions aside, Jax suppressed his fight-or-teleport-away response, taking advantage of the shark girl's lack of directional awareness anyway, and let the impact hit him, no Quirk involved.

Oh shit-

Jax, who was preparing to feign surprise, got the real deal instead. He stifled a wince as he bit into the stick of his joint, caught off guard at how surprisingly buff this girl was. She was also much taller than he originally thought. The only thing he wasn't wrong about however was her personality; as she flashed him a friendly, toothy smile, fit with a cute little wave and a chirpy introduction, Jax was convinced there was no way in hell she had a lighter on her. But he'd come this far into the act - the only natural conclusion was to see it all the way through!

he answered back, rubbing the beginnings of a bruise on his arm, a slight foreign, Irish lilt coloring his words.
"O'Callaghan. But everyone calls me Jax."

He paused for a moment, gaze glued to the floor as he searched for his fallen, expensive, good roll of kush. His green eyes lightened, finding it only a foot or two away. He then picked it up, muttering five second rule under his breath before finally turning his attention once more to Tallulah.
"Say, Lu,"
he started, an almost sheepish, lopsided grin ghosting the corners of his lips as one hand gripped the back of his beanie and the other gripped the precious joint.
"You wouldn't have a lighter, on you, would you?"

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Talion Gray

Talion stood at the entrance to Hero University, his eyes widening at the sight of the school he would be staying at for four years of his life. He had seen it from a distance many times, but it somehow felt less real up close.

Hero University was Los Angeles’ pride and joy. It was responsible for producing some of America’s greatest Pro Heroes, and was where his father attended before dropping out.

Talion arrived at the university in a black sedan; a congratulatory gift from his parents. In the trunk of his car, he brought a suitcase with his clothes and a backpack with his toiletries. He took the suitcase out, put on his backpack, and made his way over to the university’s entrance, where he now stood with gaping eyes.

His father told him stories about his experiences at the university — the entrance exam, meeting his roommate, combat and rescue training, the sports festival . . . They were all going through his head faster than a mouse on a wheel. He hoped to create his own stories, ones filled with countless of adventures. This is where it all began. It was the start of his greatest journey.

He composed himself, grabbing his suitcase by its handle and making his way over to the dormitory building. As soon as he entered, he was hit with a wave of cool air. A welcome change. Talion was only outside a few minutes, but it was enough for him to break a sweat. He wiped the perspiration from his forehead with his free arm and continued moving forward through the building. After settling into his dorm, he thought about going on a walk around the campus. It would be good to know where everything was before classes started.

Just ahead of him, an elevator dinged open, and a young woman carrying a duffel bag stepped inside. She didn’t seem to notice him, she was already pressing a button to go up.

“Shit,” he muttered, picking up his pace until he was at a jog. “Hey! Wait up!”

The young woman finally noticed him. She pressed another button, and the elevator continued to stay open until Talion finally reached it and went inside

“Thanks,” he said, standing opposite of her, suitcase in hand, breathing faster than usual.
H.U. Dorms
Nervous + Excited
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