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Realistic or Modern Here's To The Night [Trio RP]

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Adventure, LGTBQ Friendly, Realistic, Romance, Slice of Life



Welcome to Miami, FL. Your new home for the next two weeks while on spring break! One of your friends mentioned their family owning a beach house and the rest is history. Everyone packed their bags and next thing you know you’d arrived right here in the sunshine state!

There is so much to do and see in Miami. They have some of the best shopping and beautiful beaches. Try something new like swimming with the dolphins, zip-lining, jet skiing, or even snorkeling. Relax on the beach and get a tan or enjoy the waves, you might even learn to surf while you’re here! Maybe you wanna hit up some of the hot spots downtown for the crazy nightlife or take one of the famous sunset cruises on the open ocean! Miami has it all so get ready for the spring break of your life! As long as drama doesn't get the better of you, of course.

The beach house is a two-story house with the bedrooms located on the second floor. There are three rooms in total so everyone will be bunking with someone! There is a pool on the back deck facing the ocean and the house has its own private access to the beach. It's located about forty-five minutes from Downtown Miami.

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Here's To The Night

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Juniper Winters
Free Spirit

Juniper strolled along the shore, her feet just barely out of reach from the water. She had already settled in and unpacked most of her things so she decided to check out the beach. The sand was warm underneath her bare feet as she walked, occasionally bending down to pick up a seashell and inspecting it every now and then. She'd managed to gather a few she liked enough to add to her collection and stuffed them into the pocket of her skirt. Her eyes flickered from the near-white sand to the waves.

Juni had been looking forward to this trip since it was first brought up amongst her friend group. She had probably been the one to push for it the most and make sure everyone was invited. The beach was her first priority when she'd arrived. There was just something about the saltwater smell and seagulls squawking that just made her smile. Despite the fact that she spent her entire childhood traveling and seeing things like mountains, canyons, lakes, deserts, and more, the beach remained her favorite.

After a while, she decided to pick up the camera that hung around her neck and snap a few shots. Her favorite photos were of nature or of people when they weren't looking. The kind that was hard to recreate because they held raw emotion that seemed unique to the moments there captured in. They were so much purer than posed photographs although she enjoyed taking those too. She walked back over to the towel and sat down on it, tucking her camera into the small bag she'd brought along.

the beach.

feeling excited!

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Definitely a Wine Aunt
Mariana Kipling
the wild child

Soft, pillowy plumes of smoke drifted between the blonde's partially parted, pink lips as she exhaled. They caught the ocean breeze and drifted into the air above her head, dissipating evenly until they disappeared entirely. Her icy blue eyes were carefully covered by speckled wayfarer sunglasses, hiding the obvious signs of the hangover she was working her way through. The previous night was a bit of a haze for Mariana. Though she knew she was leaving for the beach vacation with some old friends the following morning, she couldn't resist the invitation to an end-of-the-semester party. With free booze, several illegal substances, and more handsome men than one woman could ever need, it was like they did everything in their power to guarantee that Mari would show up. And show up, she did.

Waking up that morning was torture. She spent the entire night dancing, popping pills, and downing alcohol like it was water. So when the sun peaked through the blinds of whoever the random guy was that she spent the night with, Mariana could only groan in pain. That's how hangovers go, sensitivity to everything and annoying pain. Nevertheless, she was able to sneak out of bed, redress, and make her walk of shame without so much as jostling the guy she had fallen asleep next to. Now, hours of packing, driving, eating, and hurting later, Mari was perched on a rock at the edge of the white sand beach, smoking a cigarette and watching he waves roll. When Emmett had said that his family owned a beach house, she was expecting something more cabin like with shared bedrooms and a single bathroom. But, in reality, it was massive and gorgeous, with several windows for natural light to peak in and multiple outdoor areas to soak up the sun's rays. And it was all just for them. Who knew that the Prince of their high school was hiding something like that.

Mariana brought the cigarette to her lips once again, inhaling the bittersweet smoke into her lungs and savoring the calming effect it had on her body. Realizing that only the filter remained, she stamped out ash against the rock and, moving to stand in the sand, buried it a few centimetres down. She had yet to see any of her high school friends for their little reunion, but that was quickly about to change. The flash of a camera help but a woman with chocolate brown hair caught the blonde's attention, causing a grin to turn up the corners of her lips. Her footsteps were pretty much hidden by the muffling effects of the sand. So Mari walked almost silently towards the woman, not saying anything until she plopped down on the beach next to her. "Got any good shots there, Juni?"
very hungover
Juniper (@jasmichelle)
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Definitely a Wine Aunt
Emmett Clemens
the prince

"Yes, Mom, I cleaned up. There wasn't a whole lot... Well, I suppose there were some things I didn't get to... Sure, I'll double check... No, I'm not going to send you pictures... Alright, alright. Yes, yes. Okay. Love you too, bye." Emmett quickly pressed the red 'end' button on his smart phone before his mother could say anything else on the other end. As much as he loved his mother, her strict and stern personality was sometimes overwhelming. Em let out a heavy sigh glancing around the main floor of his parents' beach house apathetically. One of these days, his mother would have to realize that he was an adult and she didn't have to micromanage his life anymore. Hell, he was going off to Washington, D.C. to start a politics job soon. Emmett knew he would have to tell his mom and dad sooner or later. But for now, he was going to relax and enjoy the beach.

For the past few years, Em had been attending Yale for political science. Going away to college was both the most freeing and the most terrifying thing he had ever done. He knew full well that his college was prestigious. Even though his application and extracurricular resume from high school were impressive, it was still a wonder to him that he was accepted at all. His parents were satisfied, not really happy and not really upset. Nevertheless, they had made sure everything was paid for so that he wouldn't need to get a job while in college. But one thing his father made absolutely clear was that he owed his college success to them, and would pay them back by graduating at the top of his class, which he eventually did.

By the time the he had returned to the large house after grocery shopping for the first week, the leftover anxiety from a phone conversation with his mother had dissipated. Excitement replaced it as Emmett climbed out of the car, first glancing at the horizon of the ocean then the rather exquisite home in front of him. Even though he had spent nearly every childhood summer at that house, he wasn't really able to appreciate the architecture until he was older. It was absolutely gorgeous, and he could wait to enjoy it with his old friends. Em fished the paper bags out of the trunk and climbed the stairs into the house, realizing that someone must have shown up given the unpacked items that weren't his. Setting the bags down in the kitchen, Emmett couldn't help but grin. It was time for their vacation to begin.
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Julian Anders
Julian had already settled in and decided that a shower was the way to go after the car ride. It was exahusting since he was the one who drove the whole time plus Juniper talking his ear off about...well, he couldn't really remember now. He had really only agreed to tag along after some begging from Juni. Plus if he didn't who would be the responsible one? Not that he wanted to be a buzzkill but he just felt like there needed to be someone with.a clearer mind around on this spring break vacation. People did tend to get crazy after all and he wasn't really looking forward to having to hop ona plane to Miami just to bail one of them out of jail. So here he was, on vacation. Yay.

He stepped turned off the water and stepped out of the shower. The steam filled the air as he dried off and wrapped the towel around his waist. He hadn't realized that he forgot to bring clothes into the bathroom until he was already out but luckily the room was right across the hall. So he slipped out and into his room to change. Once he was dressed he made his way out to see where everyone was at. "Emmett. I was wondering when you'd get here. I was going to head to the store but it looks like you thought of that already," he said motioning to the bags. He grabbed some to help and carried them into the kitchen. "I think Juni and Mari are out at the beach already. Guess they couldn't wait to get some tanning in," he half-joked.

shower > his room > kitchen.

feeling refreshed

outfit here.

emmett @MadiRaiCat;
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